Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

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1 Band Geeks

It has to be Band Geeks. No episode can top this one. This episode had some of the most iconic scenes in SpongeBob history, the jokes were great and it had the amazing Sweet Victory ending.

While this isn't the funniest episode or the most rewatchable episode, it's definitely the episode that holds a special place in everyone's hearts and really showed how great SpongeBob can get. Band Geeks is the best episode and nothing can top it.

Basically the opposite of both rodeo daze and boating buddies. And that because instead of not giving a crap about squidward, or torture him, they actually help him thus creating the best cartoon song of all time.

This is the one. This episode is not only the best SpongeBob episode, but one of the greatest episodes in the history of cartoons.

Personally, I think that Chocolate With Nuts is the funniest episode and made me laugh the hardest. However, Band Geeks is a very close second in that regard (Patrick's "Is mayonnaise an instrument? " and "I want to do some kicking! " still makes me laugh uncontrollably).

What puts Band Geeks over the top, however, is the unrelenting heart of the episode. When I think of SpongeBob's character, this is the first episode I think of. He is the joyous, happy sponge that is inspired to help Squidward the best he can to help him succeed at the Bubble Bowl. He gets everyone in Bikini Bottom to help, and the result, "Sweet Victory", is one of the most magical moments in any television series. YEAH, FOR THE FIREMAN!

There's simply nothing like Band Geeks. Although it's a very common opinion to consider this the best episode, it's for a damn ...more

This episode is classic!
"That's his... Eager face."
"Is mayonnaise an instrument? "
"The owner of the white sedan... You left your lights on."
"Well maybe we wouldn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to play with big, meaty claws! "
"Oh great! Now the talking cheese is gonna tell us what to do! "
This episode has so many good parts.
My list would be this:
Band geeks
Chocolate with nuts
Pizza delivery
The camping episode
Help wanted
Krusty krab training episode
Graveyard shift
Snowball effect
Opposite Day

Some other good ones are:
Squid's day off
All the mermaid man and barnacle boy episodes
Rock bottom
The fry cook games

2 Chocolate with Nuts

Legit the best Sponge Bob episode ever. This was so hilarious and Best Part was when the guy freaked out about Chocolate and chased them screaming ''CHOCOLATE!''.
Also the part where Patrick says ''I got it, Let's get naked!'' I just blew up with laughter.

My favorite part of this episode is when the chocolate fish exclaims CHOCOLATE! And in the end he asks if he could buy all of their chocolate and Patrick is so surprised he dumps all the chocolate bars out of his pants and even poops out a kisses chocolate. This is the part where I crack up. There is one other episode not on the list that I think is hilarious, and it is Krusty Love, which should replace Best Day Ever. In the end of this episode, SpongeBob is so mad he curses at his own boss Mr. Krabs in front of Mrs. Puff when she looks at a dictionary and her cheeks turn red and Mr. Krabs's mouth grows wide open.

This episode is hilarious, and so well known. It is one of the most awesome and unique episodes in the entire SpongeBob series. Because of a misplaced magazine in SpongeBob's mailbox, him and Patrick become chocolate bar entrepreneurs to become rich like the guy with a swimming pool in his swimming pool. This has some of the funniest moments in the whole series, like when they're having trouble selling them, patrick says (as an idea) "I got it. Let's get naked.", which is a ROFL what moment to me. Also, the fish screaming CHOCOLATE!, which is nowadays one of the most well-known moments to use on the internet, period. There's my opinions on Chocolate with Nuts.

I can't understand what we're doing wrong. Me For You is the greatest SpongeBob apm song ever. Proves that the old episodes own the new ones, especially Employee of the Month, Home Sweet Pineapple, Squirrel Jokes, Culture Shock, Pizza Delivery, No Weenies Allowed, Band Geeks and many others. Band Geeks will always be at the top of every SpongeBob best episodes list. It's top on here and on Nickelodeon's Top 100 SpongeBob Episodes, which was voted by the FANS. Everyone's favourite episode is Band Geeks.

3 Pizza Delivery

So funny! The song spongebob was singing was hilarious. It was the first episode I've seen. I was about 3 years old and I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. But that's not the only funny part, spongebob also talks about the pioneers and demonstrates the movie he saw on the road. I think that's a good excuse that squid ward should eat coral instead of pizza. Again, that's not all. Near the end of the episode ( If you haven't seen this episode don't read the rest of this spoiler! ) a customer makes spongebob feel bad because sponge bob misunderstood the customers order and squid ward throws a pizza in the guys face to make him shut up. Funnier if you actually see it. Definitely one of the best episodes of spongebob out there.

I adore this episode! There is almost no line in it that's not funny! This is without a doubt the best cartoon episode ever. This episode deserves to win a lot of awards. The song is apsolutely hillarious and the line when Spongebob dances in the middle of the road is also one of the funniest lines ever! Also, the line where Squidward cheers up Spongebob is also really good. Here's my top 10:
10. Dunces And Dragons
9. Wet Painters
8. Krusty Krab Training Video
7. Sailor Mouth
6. Graveyard Shift
5. Band Geeks
4. Perfect Chemistry (the best modern Spongebob episode. It's also really funny, almost like Pizza Delivery)
3. Chocolate With Nuts
2. Rock Bottom

"who cares about the costumer? "I do". "well I don't" (hurricane stops) 'gasp' Sqiudward. Best line ever next to My Names Not. RICK. How is this not number one? It has more memorable moments than any of the other old episodes. This episode has a classic plot just like camping episode or band geeks. The part where Spongebob runs over Squidward with the boulder was hilarious, and the song is simply priceless. This song is loved by all Spongebob fans, and so is this episode. If your a Spongebob fan that instantly means you've seen and love this episode. My favorite episode of Spongebob will always be this. It should be number 1

When will this Band Geeks fever stop? When will the world confess that this is the best SB episode? Pizza Delivery, Rock Bottom, Chocolate With Nuts, Perfect Chemistry and Graveyard Shift are all better than Band Geeks. I understand why Band Geeks is #1, but it SHOULDN'T BE! I don't remember the moment in this episode that's not funny. P.S. Sailor Mouth is also better than Band Geeks. I forgot to mention that. Put this at #1, please.

4 The Camping Episode

This episode is just a present box filled with humor waiting to be opened every time I watch it. The comedic timing is always spot on and the episode has great replay value. There's never a dull moment, with SpongeBob telling Squidward to "Have fun inside" Patrick spitting marshmallows into Squidward's face, the campfire song song, the sea bear scene and so much more. While some episodes do a great job of developing characters and plot like band geeks and dying for pie, this episode is the epitome of what SpongeBob humor should be: charming, witty, and a joy for both children and adults alike. This is why the camping episode takes the cake for my top spot. It is just one gigantic laugh, from start to finish.

Watch the epic tale of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward camping 10 feet from their house! Performing incredible feats such as eating marshmallows on the moon! Playing campfire song concerts! And defending themselves against the dangerous forces of nature using nothing but a circle in the sand!

Best episode ever! All the events work out perfectly and they all have different types of ways to make you laugh. Best of all... The Camp Fire Song Song! Best spongeBob song and best camping song ever! It never gets tiring and I replay it every time I hear it! CLASSIC!

They forgot the last way to attract a Sea Bear, Which is to NOT vote for this episode and if you don't a Sea Bear and Sea Rhinoceros will destroy your Anti-Sea Bear Circle and Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments!

5 Graveyard Shift

This is my favorite episode. This episode is so funny, and the plot is so amazing. SpongeBob SquarePants use to be such a good show, but there was an obvious decrease in the shows quality after the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. I can't believe how bad the most current episodes are. The episodes clearly don't have the same great storylines that made the show so popular more than a decade ago.

While I like Band Geeks more, this one has sentimental value for a very simple and miniscule reason, I just looked forward to it when I was little, this episode was such a treat for me whenever it came on. That and I like the idea of an episode that's just two characters (besides SpongeBob and Patrick) interacting with eachother which was handled in the very unique way of treating it like one of those campfire stories people tell about other campfire stories coming true. Truly a unique and for me, special episode.

Number 14 the night shift, is the graveyard shift in a different way. So you may have mixed it up. Wicth makes this list have 60 episodes. Even though its mixed up, it is a great episode and you can check out the top 100 episodes. My top ten are

10, suds

9, Graveyard shift

8, rock Bottem

7, naughty nautical neighbors

6, clams

5, procrastination

4, survival of the idiots

3, pressure

2, jellyfishing

1, RIPPED PANTS( including the song that makes me feel better

This episode is brilliant. Night Shift has lots of good jokes that make you laugh out loud. I consider this and Band Geeks to be Squidward at his best. The Hash Slinging Slasher story was built up well and I liked the classic ending with Nosferatu :).

My Favorite Spongebob episodes (not in order)
This one
Chocolate with Nuts
KK Training Video
Pre-Hibernation Week
As Seen On T.V.
The Sponge Who Could Fly

6 Frankendoodle

I love all these episodes on here but this has got to be my favorite. I love it when that creepy frankendoodle speaks gibberish and when Patrick says Finland! It's so random and hilarious!

Finland! Where's the leak ma'am? I mean this episode is so classic. Memorable lines, funny scenes and clever plot make this one of the finest SpongeBob episodes ever.

Yes Finland is the best line in this episode. Comedy Gold! (This is not sarcasm, I love this episode)!

I like the part where patrick says finland and also the part where squidword gets the pencil drewing hair.

7 Krusty Krab Training Video

This episode is AMAZING! This episode is a perfect representation of an actual training video. None of the jokes fall flat and they were really cracking me up. Some of the best parts were the hoopla, POOP, the "I really wish I weren't here right now" button, the emergency part, Plankton refusing to to get kicked out of the restaurant and way more! I love the fourth wall breaks too! This episode is such a classic and is very memorable. I rate this episode an 11/10.

This is the funniest episode with the Krusty Krab. I love how they show SpongeBob as a good representative of a worker and how they show Squidward the bad representative of a worker! HILARIOUS!

It's also funny how Patrick doesn't know what to order and Squidward bangs his head on the cash register after saying to Patrick,"*sigh* Is that for here or to go. Oomph! "!
It's also funny how the "WASH YOUR HANDS" sign is in Spanish in the restroom when SpongeBob is washing his hands!
It's also funny how the narrator says "DAH, DAH, DAH," while the Krabby Patty zooms out and he soon run out of breath.
My 2 favorite moments in the episode:
1. People Order Our Patties.
2. SpongeBob Duplicates: "I'M READY! I'M READY! I'M READY! " *Narrator swats SpongeBob duplicates with spatula.

This is an episode that I will always remember!

What makes this episode so special is that it's a simple joking parody that even kids could understand and relate with even though they've never had a job, and the way the episode breaks the fourth wall is what makes it the most unique, creative, and outgoing of the entire series.

( I think this is the best episode ever! I know every word! ) The fact that it's like a real training video is just like, 100. If you haven't seen this one, you're really missing out, and this should be number 1 on the list!

8 Sailor Mouth

This episode is also famous for introducing many hilarious SpongeBob Edited videos on YouTube, where they replace words with swear words, usually belonging to Tenacious D and Tourettes Guy soundclips. I mean, I still watch these videos to this day. Go watch the Toy Story 2 edits on YouTube (with filters) to see what I mean.

By far my favourite! I find it even funnier now as an adult than I did as a kid. When Iwas younger I thought the noises because in my head I replace the various bleeps with swear words. When I was a kid I thought the dolphin sounds they were making were sea curses, like I thought it was offensive to make dolphin noises but now I see that the noises are meant tobe censorship.
Best line "Hi Patrick! How the BLEEP are you? "

This is my personal favourite episode. No matter how many times I watch it I still laugh out loud. "Hey Patrick how the (dolphin noise) are ya! "
Best part is Mr. Krabs hurting his foot and using all 13 bad words.
Shame they don't make episodes as good as this anymore.

This episode is so funny. That episode was about SpongeBob reading a trash can and saw a sentence that said krabbs is a (bad word) then spongebob said it to all of bikini bottom.
Best to worst:
Sailor mouth
New fish in town
Boat smarts
All that glitters
Plankton paranoia
Truth or square
Ripped pants
Squid Ville
Squidtastic voyage
Atlantis squarepants

9 Idiot Box

This is the most iconic episode of Spongebob. And you know what? It's verything it's should be! Funny, memorable, no unneeded filler, and iconic. I doubt there is anyone who doesn't know about th imagination joke. I did before I started watching the show, and I'm sure other people did as well! That isn't the only great joke even! The boxing boxes needs more attention as well! And for some reason, I rarely see this on top 10s. For me, it will always be my favorite episode. Here is my top 10.

10: Squidville
9: Band geeks
8: Frankendoodle
7: Krusty Krab training video
6: Artist Unknown
5: Dunces and dragons
4: The camping episode
3: Pizza Delivery
2: Chocolate with nuts
1: Idiot box

This is the easily the best episode of Spongebob ever. It teaches us to have an active imagination, and be creative once in a while, and not be a washed out Squidward. My top 10 is...

1. Idiot Box
2. Band Geeks
3. Christmas Who?
4. Dying for Pie
5. Squid on Strike
6. The Camping Episode
7. Sailor Mouth
8. Imitation Krabs
9. Survival of the Idiots
10. Spongebob B.C

Also, how is Dying for Pie not higher?

I absolutely loved this episode! It's not just the absolute hilarity of Squidward's confusion, but when Squidward kicks the box and then suddenly the epitome of pure terror suddenly comes blasting out of the box. It just didn't make sense in a really hilarious way, and Spongebob and Patrick's responses are priceless. I love this episode and I enjoy to this day.

An incessantly funny episode of the show that I never get tired of watching. Of course, everyone knows about the whole "Imagination" thing...but personally, I think the best parts were when the main characters were actually USING their imaginations.

"Look out! I'm almost at the finish line! Whoo-hoo-hoo! "

10 SB-129

Here is an introduction to SB-129: SpongeBob and Patrick want Squidward to go Jellyfishing with them but Squidward sneaks behind them and gets in to the Krusty Krab while accidentally locking himself in the freezer for 2000 years. Clone of SpongeBob named Spongetron welcomed him into the future while Squidward asked him why is everything chrome. Next he wanted to go back to his own time period and uses a time machine and goes to the past but was a wrong destination and met SpongeBob and Patrick as if they were animals. Next he went to a world where he thought he would be all alone but later realizes he wants to get out as he finds the time machine to travel back to the correct time period.

It was close between Band Geeks and SB-129. weird, both focus on Squidward.

I went with this one because of how surreal it is. Time traveling to the future where everything is chrome, and there are hundreds of SpongeTrons. Going to the past and finding prehistoric SpongeBob and Patrick. And "ALONE".

The whole idea that Squidward actually misses SpongeBob even though he hates him is very nice.

Band Geeks had more humor and probably a better ending, but this one was so fun to watch.

I thought this one was hilarious, really cool with a lot of neat scenery. Squidward's even funnier than SpongeBob here!

An incredible episode that both combines incredible humor with surreal effects to create a masterpiece. This of my favorite SpongeBob episode ever.

The Contenders
11 Shanghaied

The ending was great! It had Squidward wishing he had never met SpongeBob and Patrick before in his life. His wish came true, and him, SpongeBob and Patrick get eaten by the Dutchman.

When they get eaten, SpongeBob and Patrick are still introducing themselves to Squidward, which makes this episode funnier.

Probably one of the more underrated episodes of SpongeBob which makes it awesome that its this high up on this list.

SB: So you want it to look good AND scary?
Patrick: No, I think he wants it to look so good that it's scary
SB: Or maybe by making it look so scary you forget that it doesn't look good!
Patrick:... I don't get it...

Such an awesome, quotable episode!

This is my second favorite episode, behind the perfection that is band geeks. There's so much humor jam packed into every line and it's just a constant laugh fest while watching this. I honestly can't understand how people don't have this episode anywhere on their top 10s, and most people don't.

I love this episode because as evil as The Flying Dutchman is, even HE doesn't want to have SpongeBob and Patrick as slaves forever because they annoy him. The look on his face when SpongeBob and Patrick ruin his ship over and over is just priceless.

12 Christmas Who?

This is one of Spongebob's best specials. It also carries some genuinely entertaining patchy segments, which I don't see often. The premise is original, which is hard to do considering every show has a Christmas special at some point. It's hilarious, contains a great musical number, and is one of the most enjoyable and heartwarming episodes of the show. Maybe Band Geeks is better, but this should be higher up.

Very good episode. And the very first Christmas to me song is really amazing! It got stuck in my head and it shows how good season 2 is!

It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday!
Not your normal average everyday!
Sounds like someone filled my old colar tree!
Spongebob, Patrick why'd you do this to me?
The world feels like it's in lovery!
Go away before a harm you bodily!
This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me!

Lots and lots of people think that either Band Geeks or Chocolate With Nuts is the best Spongebob episodes, but like Jem Reviews, I disagree with both of those statements. But unlike Jem Reviews, I believe it's this. Let me explain. This episode, first thing's first, has the best Patchy segments of the SERIES. Better than the ones in Friend Or Foe and Party Pooper Pants. AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SPONGEBOB EVEN MADE A SPECIAL! The Spongebob segments are no worse. The jokes are funny, the message is put in perfectly, and there's so much Christmas cheer and so many funny jokes. Christmas would not be complete without the Who, and that is why I find this the best Spongebob episode ever. 10/10

Squidward made SpongeBob look like a fool to everyone and made him cry...I hated that! Well at least he tried to make Sponge B. happy by pretending to be Santa.

13 Help Wanted

Ultimately what established SpongeBob, Steven Spielberg, and Nickelodean's future as a whole. Writing this 3 days till Xmas 2014 and I was bummed when they stopped making new episodes but that was because of the movie thatz coming out February :D

This episode was completed in 1997, but didn't air until May 1st, 1999. Happy 20th anniversary, SpongeBob!

This was the best first episode that this show could've given us!

The first SpongeBob episode ever, what a true classic.

14 F.U.N.

I love this one because (you guys might not agree with me) it shows plankton wants friends more than success even though he did try to steal the krabby party formula, he really wanted a friend more.

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me
N is for anywhere, anytime at all, down here in the deep blue sea.

F is for FIRE, that BURNS down the whole town
U is for uranium...BOMBS!
N is for no survivors...


This is a great episode where SpongeBob actually likes Plankton, I think that Mr. Krabs really likes Plankton and doesn't know it.

I am trying to do the top 20 introductions but not the top 5 yet! My goal is to get to 5 likes in one of the introductions and then I will do the top 5

15 Wet Painters

Once when I was like five I was watching this episode, my dad making dinner behind me in the kitchen and I got to the part where Mr Krabs busted they asses
Krabs: Did you get paint on me first dollar?!
Spongebob and Patrick: Yeah...
Krabs: And then did you draw over it in crayon?
My dad burst out laughing and I thought 'oh he was just looking at some adult joke he can't be laughing at spongebob' and it took me like 10 years to realize that my 50 year old businessman dad was broken by a show about a sponge

When I was little, this episode was my all time favorite! It still is. This was one of my favorite jokes. Patrick puts in a dollar in the vending machine, comes back out. Spongebob begs Patrick to take it out, but he puts it back in. Comes out again, but then Patrick puts it back in. Comes out, back in. Comes out, back in. This joke is unforgetable.

Definitely my favorite episode.
Brings back so many memories just to watch this episode.
Ever Time I look at this list I cry because you can really tell people have good taste in spongebob episodes.
Season 3 was definitely my favorite season overall.
R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg

Patrick: SpongeBob! We're not cavemen! We have technology. *slams a computer on top of the dollar*
SpongeBob: It didn't work
HAHA a classic quote!

16 Krusty Towers

This is a great season 4 episode and season 4 had such episodes like Funny Pants, Squid Wood, Goof Neighbors, and All that Glitters is NOT gold those are good episodes NOT

People say that the show has declined in quality since the movie. And it's generally true. One coarse meal is the worst Spongebob episode ever made. But this is one of the post movie episodes that's just as good, if not better, than the old episodes. I like the hotel motto and the employee elevator. Especially because Patrick only wanted rocks brought up to his room.

What's this episode doing at forty three? I love the part when Squidward makes SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs redo his hotel room. It's hard to say, but I think this episode should at least make the top ten episodes.

I just LOVE how Squidward humiliates Mr. Krabs after how much pressure Mr. Krabs put on him. Mr. Krabs so deserved all that torment he got cause I was rooting for Squidward the whole time!

17 Rock Bottom

Those bus drivers must have something against spongebob lol. It's HILARIOUS watching spongebob get more and more frustrated as the bus keeps leaving him behind

Why does no one ever talk about this episode? It's so different from most of the other spongebob episodes but equally as amazing, even better actually. It actually scared me when I was a little kid, and that's impressive given that it's a spongebob episode. Plus all the jokes and everything that's going on are so well executed. This is a true example of how amazing classic spongebob was.

I LOVE this episode of SpongeBob it's definitely my favorite Patrick left SpongeBob by himself downtown laugh out loud and his expression when he saw they were leaving Bikini Bottom was priceless!

Is this the one with the amazing bus stop-candybar-situation? Hilarious. And the accident they speak, and the symbols at the toilet... It is a BLAST every time and ressembles all the genius that relies in the simple stupid world of spongebob

18 Big Pink Loser

Phone: Is this the Krusty Krab?
Patrick: No, this is Patrick. *hangs up*
Phone: *rings and Patrick picks it up again* Is this the Krusty Krab?
Patrick: No, this is Patrick!
Phone: *rings as Patrick picks it up a third time* Is this the Krusty Krab?
Patrick: NO, THIS IS PATRICK! *slams phone down* I'm not a Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob: Um, it's the name of the restaurant.

This episode is not my favourite but it has the funniest moment: Phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, this is Patrick" phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, this is Patrick" phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, THIS IS PATRICK! "

This episode was good until about halfway. Patrick ruined the "I broke it" joke, then started acting like a big jerk. Still, the beginning was pretty funny, so I won't say it's one of the worst.

My favorite parts are when SpongeBob got smaller and squeekier at the beginning and the phone scene with the lines "Is this the krusty krab? No this is patrick! "

19 Something Smells

When I saw this episode it made my day! My favourite bit was "Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end." Yeah! The 4th best episode ever!
Here are my top ten
1# I Had an Accident
2# Hall Monitor
3# SB-129
4# Something Smells
5# Valentines Day
6# The Paper
7# Party Pooper Pants
8# Tea t the Treedome (WATER)
9# Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
10# Frankendoodle

Easily my favorite episode. Every character gets an iconic moment. Patrick with "Look at it! " And the ugly barnacle story, SpongeBob with "ugly, you gotta be kidding! " And "I'm ugly and I'm proud" and even the classic "DEAAAUUUAAAGHH! " Line from that random guy in the movie theater. An unforgettable classic.

All the episodes are fun. However, as I read through all the comments and read about the tale of the Ugly Barnacle, I laughed aloud. For me, that's proof that "Something Smells" is THE Funniest to me. I'm gonna go rewatch the episode right now!

I REALLY love this episode so much! Patrick tells a story about an Ugly Barnacle, SpongeBob screams "I'm ugly and I'm proud! " and the guy at the theatre (Fred) said "Not at all boy. *sniff* *sniff* DEUUEAUGH! Those are the best lines ever!

20 I Had an Accident

When Patrick is playing the video and his limbs explode off of him and then it happens to him in real life. The tree wearing a scuba tank. They ran out of staples and had to use glue and tape. THE IRON BUTT! This episode is loaded with gems!

"Next time is won't just be my butt, it could be my forehead or an armpit."
"Or your other armpit."

Ha ha this is my favorite episode ever let's make a list. 1 I had an accident 2 camping episode 3 kraborg 4 pizza delivery 5 squids day off. 6 sandys rocket 7patty hype 8 as seen on T.V. 10 SpongeBob meets the strangler. Vote for I had an accident!

"That's not crazy talk. This is crazy talk! -crazy talk- Sorry! " Best line ever! By the way, why isn't this episode higher on the list?

Sandy, we'll get SpongeBob outside to see their's nothing to be afraid of. Patrick, and that's when I punch him right.

21 Sand Castles in the Sand

Guys, just because this is in season 6 doesn't mean it shouldn't be higher on the list. The plot in this episode has numerous gags and some of the best animation of the whole series. It feels like a nice simple plot with an amazing story. If I tell you there's an episode where SpongeBob and Patrick make sandcastles, you're gonna want to see it. Its full of awesome action and keeps your attention. :D

This was one of the few good episodes in Season 6 which was quite possibly one of the worst seasons of the series. In fact, what's really shocking is that this is one of the BEST and most CREATIVE episodes in the series.

The sand castle part made the episode. The beginning and end was annoying though. But, The middle (Sand Castles made up for it). I wish the writers made episodes like this instead of making crap.

How is it that SpongeBob takes literally over a million times to get a simple drivers license, yet in this episode he drives a tank and pilots a fighter jet perfectly? This episode rules by the way.

22 No Weenies Allowed

Hey Writers I got a message for you and please if your reading this make if happen create an episode where Spongebob and Patrick try to get into a nightclub but they can't but when Plankton plans to destroy it after Mr. Krabs hid the formula in there, Spongebob and Patrick must enter and stop him while going undercover but hilarious things happen on the way in the nightclub and it should be called The Undercover Clubbers. Sandy should be in it where she helps them and a fish parody of 1 Directon should be in it and Pearl and her friends should be there and squidward. This episode rules and this should be a homage except without the muscular wrestler dudes who agrees with me?

SpongeBob: ugh! Sandy what happened?
Sandy: you ran inside and slipped on an ice cube.

At the hospital:
SpongeBob: I slipped on an ice cube and got covered in boo boos.
Doctor: Boo boos, eh? I think you go to that hospital (points to weenie hut general).
SpongeBob: Wennie hut general?

Reg: Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?
Fish #1: How tough am I? How tough am I?! I had a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning!
Reg: Yeah, so?
Fish #1: Without any milk.
Reg: Uhh, right this way, sorry to keep you waiting.

You can't hide what's inside!
You callin' me a liar? I ain't callin ya for dinner.
Best quotes of the episode.
Seriously, this should be at least top 20.

23 Ripped Pants

I really liked how this episode tried to teach a great moral about not having to change just to spend time with someone. The running joke gets overused, but that's the point and it's not the audience who suffers for it, but the characters within the show. Not to mention the song, it's one of my favorites of the show right there with Sweet Victory. But why this episode is my favorite is because I'm a Sandy and Spongebob shipper. This episode just oozes with shipping fuel. I know Spongebob is said to be asexual, but I don't care! I ship it.

I know I shouldn't mope around I shouldn't curse, but the pain feels so much worse, cause winding up with no one is lot less than a burnt from the sun, or sand in your buns! Now I learned a lesson I wont soon forget, so listen and you wont regret, Stay true to ya self don't miss your chance and you wont end up like the fool who ripped his pants!

This is by far the best episode, that inspongeaic episode was the worst episode EVER! In fact, none of it is funny, thomas is twenty times better and ed edd n eddy is millions times better. And one thing good about this episode is the song, I loved it, but the new episodes were not the superworst

Great funny episode with a moral to the story and the song at the end is the best of the series. Easily top 5.

24 Dying for Pie

This episode is awesome. It is my personal favorite because it is so clever. It rises an interesting question, as well. What would Squidward do if today was SpongeBob's last day? You'd think he would celebrate and dance over SpongeBob's grave when he had gone, but Squidward is genuinely be kind to SpongeBob, and he's actually shown to care about his actions if they hurt someone. This is quite the characterization for Squidward!
And the episode doesn't stop there. It has brilliant humor and SpongeBob's obliviousness added majorly to the humor. It's a great episode, contributing to why Season 2 is my favorite season.

This is arguably one of SpongeBob's strongest episodes. Its one liners ("eleven times"), its comedic timing (Every explosion is time to be surprising and hilarious, especially the ending scene), and the risk the story takes. The first time watching, it's almost convincing that SpongeBob might die. Hilarious jokes, great plot, Squidward's kindness. My personal number 1. Should be up there with band geeks.

This one is a CLASSIC PEOPLE! It has a message to it and it's so sad when SpongeBob says he will die due to the carelessness of a friend. That is so sad my heart feels so heavy whenever I watch that part. Love this one is my favorite HOW IS IT NOT #1?! Needs to be

If it weren't for rock bottom, this would be my absolute favourite episode. Just the scenery alone with SpongeBob and Squidward sitting between a wall is some of my favourite scenery in any cartoon.

25 Survival of the Idiots

This is the episode where Spongebob and Patrick get stuck in Sandy's tree dome for the winter. This episode is hilarious. The part where sandy rips Patrick's head off and the "who you callin' pinhead? " are some of the funniest parts in the series in my opinion. I think this should be in the top ten. All the episodes from the first three seasons were the epitome of clever, relateable, and perfectly executed humor. The rest of the seasons had some good episodes and are entertaining but the first 3 seasons were some of the best things to ever air on television.

This episode is great, it is one of the very few spongebob episodes where I'm laughing pretty much the entire way though. Chocolate with nuts, the camping episode and Sailor mouth are others that manage to me laugh as much. don't get me wrong, band geeks remains one of my favorites, along with pizza delivery and a few others, but these are just super funny episodes.

Who are you callin' Pinhead for voting for this? Nobody, because it's so dang funny! There are a couple of funny episodes in Season 4, but the rest of 4 and up are all terrifyingly horrible. Not funny at all.

"Which one a' you is the real Dirty Dan?! " "Uh... I am." Classic Patrick stupidly walking right into getting maimed by hibernation Sandy.

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