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1 Arizona Robbins

Best character ever. I don't get why people continue to bring up the cheating. Just about every other character on Grey's has either cheated (yes, Callie too. She cheated on Erica, twice), or been the one cheating with. Which, in my opinion, is almost just as bad. And people who complain about her behavior after the plane crash, needs to read about PTSD, they might learn something. Like the fact that her actions is quite common for people suffering from PTSD. So when people dislike Arizona because of the cheating, then I wonder why people even watch Grey's, they have to dislike almost every character, haha. Arizona is the only one who's actually had a "reason/excuse" for the cheating.

Best character ever! I loved her and everything about her (her attitude, smile, mind, looks,...) from the very first episodes and I was so happy when she became a regular so she was even more on our screens. She has truly changed the show for me a really is a great addition to the whole cast.

I feel like a lot of Grey's fans only look at the bad things she has done (for a lot she has good excuses though) but not at all the good she has brought the other characters. She is such a good, kind and mostly loyal friend to many people. Above that she is also a great mother to Sofia.

I'm so happy that this season we're seeing again a glimpse of the old happy, carefree, bubbly Arizona that we all know and love. I'm also happy and grateful that we get another romantic storyline for her and I'm glad it's Eliza because I actually like her a lot to be honest.

Took about 3 episodes for Arizona to be my favourite character. I believe she's passionate, loyal and a good friend too. The cheating, I agree was all to do with the PTSD and common with those symptoms. Also added to the drama of the show! I love Arizona and the actress who plays her. Can't wait to see more of the character in future seasons. Maybe even getting back to the old super magic smile we all know and love!

A lot of people didn't like Arizona but I really respect her honesty, kindness, and humor. I still do like her but lost a little respect for her after the accident. I understand it initially but I think her different behaviors after the accident was a little prolonged.

2 Cristina Yang

Cristina is the most driven and hardworking of all. She knows the right time to let loose and have fun but shes also very focused and every childs role model. She my favorite character hands down and is just so perfect. Her leaving was very devastating and truly messed up the relationship of her and meredith as well as her relationship with owen. She was extremely talented and was exactly what their hospital needed. I say bring Yang back, she was one of the main characters and Greys is definitely not the same with out her.

There's no one like Cristina. She's funny, hard-working and very practical. The best thing is she's portrayed in a way where she delivers the funniest lines in a very dry manner sometimes in very serious situation. I loved the scene where Owen tries the break the door and she lets him fall after they discussed about the details of his cheating. I love the way she says " I am a M.D.. I am a Ph.D. I should be studying for my boards and instead I am crying...because of a boy..." I love how she uses 'boy' and not 'man'...Just awesome.

Cristina is driven towards excellence, but she also knows that it's okay to have fun sometimes. Her and Meredith's friendship was always my favorite, because of the way they are perfect for each other but are also so drastically different. She embodies a strong, female role model for many...let's hope Shondra brings her back!

Christina is one of many of my favorites I cried when she and Meredith had their last dance to the song Where Does The Good Go. I find her hilarious because she doesn't have a certain humor she doesn't have humor and that makes for some really straight forward hilarious moments.

3 Alex Karev

I can honestly say that from the very first episode until the current one I have loved Alex Karev's character. from being a douche to a kindhearted man that wants in his soul to take care of the people he loves and the kids he takes care of. Probably one of the most relatable characters I've ever seen on a television show.

Alex karev is by far my most favorite in this show just because I can relate. He's suck a jerk in the begging and I love how they really developed his character in the later seasons. I thought he would be killed off before George or any one. Karev is by far the best character and is the reason I still watch greys anatomy

I really consider him as the best character fo Grey's Anatomy, he pretends like he doesn't care about anyone but he does the best he can to make to everyone or to help. I really hope he will get his happy end because after everything he has been trough he really deserves it

I think it is funny how T.V. show logic works in the first season we fans thought of Alex as a ridiculous jerk. But basically after the first season he acted as if he didn't care about anyone but truely he does care.

4 George O' Malley

George was and still is my all time favourite character on Grey's! He was kind, funny, humble, brave and a true friend. When he died, it honestly felt like if a friend in real life died. I've seen all the seasons at least four times, and I still cry a river every time Georgie dies. He deserved so much better, and he would have made a great surgeon besides Karev, Meredith, Christina and Izzie. It would be so cool if the last season ended with the five OGs in some kind of way!

I LOVED George. He was so sweet and dependable. He was always there for all of his friends, but no one really understood him as a doctor. Take his family for example. His brothers didn't seem to approve of him being a doctor because that's not the profession O'Malley's do. It sucks he dies, I miss him so much. He was my favorite guy on the show.

George was my absolute fave, he was sweet and funny and charming and killing him off was one of the dumbest decisions ever, if he had left to go to the army, he could have come back a few seasons later as a trauma surgeon attending, oh Georgie, I miss you like crazy 10 years later.

He literally is there for everyone and he doesn't get enough credit. When he was with Callie, I was really bad at him when he broke her heart, but he got out of that situation and developed back into a excellent character. He deserves more credit and I sobbed when he died.

5 Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey is Awesome! She is the only character that embodies what a real Doctor should be. She cares about her patients, her coworkers, as well as her career.

Bailey is the only character that I truly can't imagine Grey's without. If Meredith died, I still think the show could survive. If Miranda left, I'm not sure it could.

Bailey is the only character who doesn't get into huge lawsuits, big fights, or dies.. (I mean, I'm on Season 8 right now, so) She's actually so sassy but that's why I love her

She is one of my favorites, funny and sassy (yeah she made mistakes but not as many as some of the main characters! )

6 Callie Torres

Callie was just awesome and I love her humor she is hilarious and I loved it in the beginning when she pushed Meredith into lockers and talking about the panties on the board. Then Izzie is like " Callie stop she is a small person and your hurting her" I found that to be hilarious

I just think that Callie knows how to keep going. I know That every character has passed through so many hard moments, but I love that she is almost all the time so happy, funny...

Oh my god! Calliope Iphegenia Torres is the best character is Grey's Anatomy. Her Humor, Well roundedness, and character arc is pure gold! I wish she was still on the show.

Callie bacame my favourite character since she was first showed on Grey's Anatomy. I watched it for many reasons, and she was one of the most important. God, I miss her so much.

7 Lexie Grey

There wasn't, and there never will be, a character more loveable, relatable, and just downright hilarious and full of life than Lexie Grey. Her relationship with Mark was one of the most iconic and believable romances, not just on Grey's Anatomy, but on television in general. Lexie's nerdy, adorable, and sometimes amusingly awkward babbling was always enjoyable to watch, and Chyler Leigh's brilliant performance truly helped bring this extraordinary character to life. Whenever she smiled, cried, or even binge ate, the audience and fans were ensured to follow suit. Ever since she stepped onto the screen towards the end of season three, right until her unfortunate and heartbreaking departure at the end of season eight, the beautiful yet intelligent Lexie's presence on the show made those five years of Grey's Anatomy the most joyous and energetic ones in the entire series. While Chyler Leigh's decision to leave the show to spend more time with her family is completely understandable, I ...more

She was so cute and added such a deep meaning to having a sister. Of course, they had to kill her off because Shonda didn't want to have Lexie be more popular than Meredith, and because she wanted to make Meredith's character seem like she had no one left, her whole death only happened because they wanted to 'improve Meredith's development, which I find ridiculous. Lexie seemed like a better protagonist, and I would've preferred Meredith under that plane than Lexie, and don't call me messed up, because these are just fictional characters, people. Lexie had every good quality,

Lexie Grey is such a relatable character. She's clumbsy, socially awkward, competitive but not overly, kind, caring, funny, driven, determined. Her love with Mark is my favourite they are so in love with each other and the emotional rollercoaster Shonda sent us down even though we hated it, it ultimately made their ship better as we just wanted them to admit their love even more. What's not to like about Lexie like seriously she's so sweet and adorable and an amazing surgeon. I wish she didn't die it's not the same without her if reslly isn't

Lexie was the best character on the show ever. She was kind, smart, pretty, and lovable. She is the sole reason why Mark became a better person and good dad. She was nice to everyone even when they treated her like crap. Example: Christina, Alex, Meredith, and even Callie. But, when she wanted to she told them off and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. to be honest I liked her better than Meredith. Her relationship with Mark was better than Meredith and Derek's relationship which really sucked. AIso hated their characters too. Meredith treated her like crap for no reason. Like we get it Meredith, your dad left u. It's not Lexie's god damn fault so, stop treating her and letting your friends treat her like crap. Lexie even helped George study and shes the only reason why he even passed his test which he failed the first time. While he didn't even bother to say thank u and ignored her for his other "friends" who treated him like crap. When lexie was kind and there for him. I imagine ...more

8 Derek Shepherd

Loved Derek and Meredith and though Derek was so loyal and hot. I did think he was a bit conceited but the show isn't the same without him!

Made a big impact on the show and he was so caring and looked after everyone. I have so much respect for him and he deserved better

Loved mcdreamy from his 80s teen movies can't buy me love and loverboy
So funny and classic 80s great movies
If you never saw the movies, you need to watch them.

Hot, sexy, seductive, charming and what else to say...

9 Meredith Grey

Meredith is my least favorite character in the entire show, it is ridiculous how they killed off the Lexie, and everyone else, just so she can be pitied and pampered the most, Meredith is whiny, and mean to everyone else, it is also ridiculous that they killed Derek just so they could Meredith show up Amelia. Meredith is annoying and now she is trying to make Riggs stay away from Maggie, so she can have him to herself, let's be honest, they'll probably kill Maggie AND Riggs to also make Meredith's character a heck of a lot worse, Meredith is literally the worst character ever, and I thought Maggie was annoying.

She's my least favorite character. I saw Ellen Pompeo in Eternal Sunshine, and she was actually really good. But then I saw her in this and... well, let's just say she changed my mind. She was super passive aggressive and is always kicking people out of her house.

I really like Meredith. She is very brave. Meredith has almost died multiple times, had to deal with her mother not appreciating her, and losing a number of loved ones. Meredith is a very strong and amazing character.

Meredith is my favorite. She is super badass and strong. Meredith will always be pampers. She is the Grey in Grey's anatomy.

10 Mark Sloan

Mark was awesome! He was a womaniser but when it came to Lexie, he was very loyal. He was an amazing friend (other than sleeping with Addison but as it got MerDer together, we'll forgive him! ) with both Derek and Callie especially! When he found out about his daughter Sloan, he was very sweet and helped her with the baby. He was an amazing Dad to Sofia. His death was very sad and his speech to Lexie was heartbreaking. Mark Sloan was one of my favourite characters!

Where do I start? Mark was my all time favorite character in the entire series. He was always there to keep me laughing, and was so caring and loving. The fact that he came to Seattle to reinstate his friendship with Derek is incredible, and the McDuo is my favorite friendship in the whole show. Definitely my #1 pick!

My all time favorite character! I loved it when he stitched his own face because there's no plastics better than him! Was excited to see him be a father. But they ruined it.

Arguably the best made Jackson into the man he is. Fell hard the probably the best looking of the grey sisters. And by far someone that shouldn't have left

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11 Denny Duquette

Denny is always trying to help, yet he died. He did leave Izzie but wanted her to be happy. He came back to her and she decided to send him away. When Izzie had a very small tumor and needed to see Denny to make that very clear with Derek, of course, Denny showed up. He is special and makes me cry every time I see him die on that one episode.

I miss Denny so much! Even though he wasn't in the show for very long his death was so tragic. Also, I adored him and Izzy as a couple. He was so charming and I loved the sense of humor he had. His bravery and positive attitude despite his difficult situation was so inspiring. Him and Izzy could have had a great life together!

Denny was so sweet and charming. His story is tragic and cliff-hanging at all times. A lizzie-denny relationship would have been so cute and I dearly miss him!

One of the most loveable person of this show. Denny was very a good guy and even though he wasn't a main protagonist, Denny remains an important one. Love him!

12 Izzie Stevens

I personally adored isobel stevens. She was so positive and spunky and brought out the kindness in everyone. She changed Alex and transformed him into the man he is today. I always am waiting for an epic comeback or an izzie and jo stand off. Bringing her back would create so much drama and bring back good feelings from the past. I admit that the way she left the show wasn't the best but hey she came back for him and begged for forgiveness and Alex didn't. Meanwhile she forgave him for all the crap she put up with because of him. Izzie I love you to death please come back.

I love Izzie. She always saw the goodness in people and bring out the goodness in people. She never gave up. That is the true character of Izzie. She is a real fighter. From her backtory as a child who grew up in trailer park and fought to be a surgeon. She's a real inspiration. Someone whi has suffered a lot in life and still see the positive side of it and almost always end up winning. She is THAT kind of character. That's why I hate the way she was written on her last season. And the way she exited the show. It is so not her character. I'm still hoping that she will come back and wrap up her story. A good exit that will give this character a justice. Because she deserves better. Her relationship with Alex deserves better. But I know that is quite impossible. So here's me just thinking that her story ended in season 5 with her getting-off the elevator to be with George.

Izzie was my favorite character! She always tried to stay positive, she always said with she was really thinking. She was cute and gorgeous. Her and Denny were my favorite couple of all Grey's Anatomy. Seeing her leave was a very sad moment for me. I heard that Katherine tried to come back to the show but that Shonda didn't want to. Even if the rumors saying that she is rude (wich I can't believe one word) are true, she is still an amazing actress and her coming back would be amazing! I absolutely adored her.

I loved Izzie Stevens but it kinda made me agitated the way she left and ignored Alex before she left. And I hated the way she would come back a few times and pretend that nothing happened. Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress though love the movie "Jackie and Ryan" she plays Jackie in the movie who falls for a train hopper.

13 Addison Forbes Montgomery

(Her name is Addison Forbes Montgomery- she dropped the Shepherd) Addison was an amazing surgeon and great teacher. If you payed attention to her in the second season you would see she was in a bad marriage with a husband who was obviously in love with someone else. And then she has fertility issues which (in Private Practice, the series focusing on her) eventually leads to two failed rounds of IVF which she pushes through to adoption. Also in Private Practice we discover that Addison had an interesting childhood (Bizzy and the Captain). Yet Addison pushes through all of this and more troubles to find her happiness.

Addison is my favorite character of Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. She is so strong and so brave through all the stuff she went through with Derek leaving her after she sleeps with Mark, to Derek being in love with Meredith, and leaving her for her. I feel connected to Addison because I have been hurt many times in my life, and so has she. It sucks she only has been in a few episodes of different seasons here and there. I love Kate Walsh, I think she is a beautiful woman, and is an amazing actress.

Maybe I've just been reading too much fan-fiction, but she is such an amazing character. At first, she seems cold and mean. However, as season 2 progresses, we get to see the real Addison. The one that is breaking apart because her husband likes a different woman and we get her side of the story. Yes, she did cheat on Derek, but he was cold and forgot about her; he even sent Mark over for her anniversary! In the end, we see Addison is not just Satan, she is a strong, sassy, and brilliant OB/GYN and surgeon who has kept going and acted like everything was fine even as her personal, and especially romantic, life is in turmoil again and again. Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery is the perfect example of a beautiful, strong, and all-round amazing woman.

"I don't like her. She is extremely annoying and way too overrated. I only watched PP for Amy but I skipped over Addison. She is my least favorite character and does not deserve getting all these fabulous reviews. She was on like 2-3 seasons and she's already a queen like no sweetie."

14 Owen Hunt

Three dimensional character that can drive storylines forward and take them in other directions if needed. Enjoying the scarred character that hasn't lost his humanity.

Agggh, can't believe that his character has survived over all of the tragic losses! UGH!

He yells too much!

15 April Kepner

Whenever April came on screen the show it just seemed to instantly get 10 times better. She went through so much and still managed to always be so nice to everybody. On top of that her friendship with Arizona was so great too. I thought that when Izzie left and Lexie died that I'd never like a character as much but April is leagues ahead of every other character. I cried so much when she left even though she lived and now without her it's like something is missing.

People need to stop hating on my bby April like what has she ever done to you. She's quirky, funny, awkward, weird, smart, ambitious, compassionate, and an overall caring person. She's really different and unique and she's not afraid to show that and she doesn't care what other people think about her which I really love and admire

I love April! She has been through so much and doesn't get as much credit as she deserves. She's also funny, super nice, and just overall a great character!

I disagree with everyone that sees April as very annoying. I understand it sometimes but most of the time I see her strength and kindness!

16 Jo Wilson

"Jo Wilson is a beautiful surgeon who deserves the world. Who can resist her beautiful golden brown hair. You can go wrong with her spunky attitude and humor."

Love love love Jo. Find your power.

They are wasting such a great character and actress on the show

17 Amelia Shepherd

Amelia is the better shepherd. She is very well presented in both private practice and grey's, funny, gorgeous, intelligent and very strong. Absolutely love her

She's the best. She struggles every day with too much problems, and despite this she's brilliant and always stronger.

Amelia is smart and funny and is overall the best character on greys.

Not even a competition: hilarious, great backstory, great personality, and a great character to watch progress.

18 Eliza Minnick
19 Teddy Altman

Best couple was her and Henry, and she probably was one of the most genuinely good people on the show. I miss her in the show, but love her probably as my favorite, because her relationship with Cristina was amazing and she's such an underrated character!

She was great! She really knew how to teach, she was nice and beautiful and Henry was perfect for her!

She is honestly so great, and isn't selfish like most of the doctors on this show. She is just great! Sad that shes not on anymore

Love love love Teddy.

20 Richard Webber

Richard will always be the chief. Such a great character. He's the man who holds that entire hospital together even when he's not the official chief of surgery. Honestly the moment that solidified him as the GOAT was when he confronted Gary Clarke in "Death and All His Friends". The Chief is the best.

The one person who holds the team together as a father figure to meredith and chief of surgery

21 Ben Warren

He also was an attending anesthesiologist and gave it all up to be with his sweetheart, Miranda. How sweet! He is such a nice guy. He is the best step dad to Tuck.

"He might've made a crucial mistake with the C section in the hallway, but his heart is there. He is a great husband and step dad, and did deliver April's baby.

He is so muscular. How does he have a job that requires so many hours and still have huge muscles. He is extraordinary!

22 Bokhee

She has been in every single season, and though she doesn't talk much, she does her job extremely well. Her eyes and ears are better in the OR than everyone else. All the attendings are getting the correct tools because the actress that plays Bokhee is a retired scrub nurse.

23 Preston Burke
24 Tom Koracick
25 Ellis Grey

Full on badass

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