Top 10 Ideas for a New Diginet

This is sort of like a sequel to my top 10 best Diginets. Anyhow, a Diginet is basically a channel that can be viewable via a TV antenna without cable. With this, we have the major networks and diginets. Feel free to add your ideas.
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1 A kids network aimed at older children and teens

With the closures of Qubo and Light TV, one is desperately needed. Sure, PBS Kids and Smile exist, but they don't produce programming for older kids (8 to 17) as the cable networks do. Why not create one for older children who are not yet adults?

I had an idea for this network to be owned by Scripps, but given Qubo's shutdown, I think Fox Television Stations could produce a kids' network. They are the only major broadcast network without a kids' network (excluding ION). Why not revive Fox Kids?

There seems to be a missing link between channels aimed at little kids and adults. Qubo and Light TV filled that gap. While Qubo also aired shows for younger kids, Light TV was more aimed at teenagers and aired a daytime cartoon lineup for the whole family.

2 A major channel owned by Sony

A new major broadcast network owned by Sony would make sense since they are the only major film studio without one. The name STN or Sony Television Network would be fitting. As with every other major network, there needs to be a block dedicated to e/I programming. Why not have CBeebies as the block? We don't need another Litton Entertainment block or another one with Xploration Station stuff, so why not have CBeebies be the operator? NBC had NBC Kids, so what's stopping them?

3 A 24-hour cartoon channel

We've talked about a children's network, so how about a 24-hour cartoon channel? This could be a sister network for MeTV. It could be like pre-2015 Boomerang and air everything pre-2000s. Let's be honest, three hours on Saturday and 90 minutes on Sunday isn't enough for an avid cartoon watcher. So why not have a 24-hour variant? Just don't do a Laff and air the same six shows every day.

4 A news channel

A news channel would be cool for the diginets. As long as it isn't Fox News or CNN, we should be fine. Since one of the most neutral outlets is PBS Newshour, PBS News would be a good option. I've heard Scripps is planning something with the ION stations involving news. So who knows.

EDIT: Scripps does now.

5 A Litton Entertainment network

Before criticizing the idea, this might be the way to end Litton's rule of terror. Litton has produced some interesting shows over the years such as Critter Gitters, Did I Mention Invention, and Culture Click. Since being e/I is one of Litton's more infamous qualities, it would be like PBS Kids and would completely fulfill the requirement.

If a Litton network did come into existence, this could mean the end of the Litton blocks and a possible return to Saturday morning cartoons!

6 A BBC network

When comparing BBC America to BBC One, it feels like a drastic difference. BBC America just feels like Court TV Mystery but British. Why not open up the BBC Networks as a major local channel? ION did it with Qubo, ION Plus, and Shop ION, so why not let the BBC open up BBC One and the rest of the BBC Networks for American audiences, with BBC America acting like ION Plus?

For a BBC channel, I could see the following:
x.1 - BBC One
x.2 - BBC Two
x.3 - BBC America
x.4 - CBeebies/BBC Four

The last two subchannels could vary.

7 A channel aimed at girls

There once existed a girl's network in Britain called GirlPop. Now that GirlPop is gone, someone like Sinclair could open up a girl-oriented network. It could be the American home of Ruby Gloom and a spiritual successor to Kidsclick. You could even go the extra mile and have a nighttime lineup aimed at adult women.

8 An Ion Plus revival

ION Plus could be revived as a national feed for ION since The CW did it with The CW Plus. If Scripps decides to make ION more than just the same show being played for 15 hours, then ION Plus could be the home for ION content in smaller markets. Or better yet, make ION Plus the syndication service and ION a major TV network, similar to what Fox does with Fox and MyNetworkTV.

This could work, but we would need more independent stations for it to be feasible.

9 An anime network

This might not be as needed as the others, but what if Saban owned a free-to-air anime network? They did own a free-to-air block called Vortexx. I chose Saban because they aren't as "woke" as Funimation but aren't as overprotective as 4Kids. Viz Media could also potentially be an owner of the network. It could be like a 24-hour Toonami network.

One concept I had was a sister network to MeTV known as MeTV Extreme, an anime block aimed at the Sh┼Źnen (young male) group. Think Disney XD meets Toonami.

10 A gaming channel

I'm saving this idea for last because I'm not sure if it's necessary. This might be better off as a Saturday night block for TBD. It would be cool to see TBD/The CW/MyNetworkTV stations owned by Sinclair broadcast E3.

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11 A horror network
12 A classic script channel from 1950
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