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1 Sarah Miller

She's a true artist. If she were born a hundred years ago, she'd have been a painter or something, I don't know. But you can just feel it in everything she does, like she hás to make these things or she'll explode. She's super creative and I've never seen anyone who's ever done a portrait better than her.

I mean, I don't think she'd win Ink Master, since she's just not strategic at all. She may kind of suck at the game, but she's just a ball of raw talent.

Sarah has a great personality, I've known her for years, and she is naturally pleasant and cheerful! Her artistic skills are also top notch. She only reacted like a human being when pressured to anyone's breaking point on the show, and she was so strong to have made it to the final. I think she deserved the win, and her own spin-off series!

Sarah is not only an amazing artist but a wonderful person as well. The show focused on stressful times and I'm sorry more people didn't get to see the real Sarah. Check out her website, follow her fan page, impressive to say the least!

Sarah's pieces are true works of art!
Especially her realistic portraits. Each one comes to life with her incredible technique of shading, depth and overall perception! A true artist!

2 Tommy Helm

Tommy has his own style in a way. He puts his heart and soul into his tattoos and that's what I love most about them. As I watched through the season he has a style that makes it easy to tell he had done the tattoo. I would love to get tattooed by him one day.!

Tommy has been my All Time Favorite contestant from the first show. I was appalled that he didn't win. I still maintain that his work was far better than Shane's on the final canvases.

That viking back piece that he did on the finale got me into ink master and tattooing. Been watching ever since.

I love Tommy Helm's work, he is so versatile. all you have to do is give him an idea and he does a great job.

3 Cleen Rock One

Cleen Rock One is the most versatile, skilled, and technical artist to ever be on Ink Master. And on top of that, he is the overall nicest contestant to ever play the game.

He is my all time favorite artist. I would love to be tattoed by him, I was SOO upset when he lost in both seasons, he should have won for multiple reasons. The MOST versatile artist I have ever watched.

He has been the most adaptable tattoo artist on the show. He always gets his tattoos right and he doesn't lack in experience or anything at all. Plus he just seems like a chill guy overall. How wouldn't he be the best ink master contestant ever?

Clean in my op should have won! He made it to the finale not once but, TWICE! CLEAN is more talented, and adept at his Work at anyone I've ever seen.
I just really wanted to see him win the title of Ink master. HE deserved it all the way!

4 Joey Hamilton

Why is Jime higher than Joey? Jime was a one-trick pony. Almost every single tattoo he did was new school. Joey was consistent throughout the competition as well, but he nailed a variety of styles.

Definitely deserved to win! His versatility is just incredible

5 Jime Litwalk

My favorite Ink master contestant by far. Very well-skilled, plus, not really mean or something. I was so happy, when he won Cristmas special!

Jime got robbed, should have won his finale tat, one of the best new school artists in the game.

Love his new school art

He is awesome

6 Scott Marshall

Scott may be a good tattoo artist, but he's arrogant, cocky, and condescending, and that kind of evil seeps into the tattoos.

Scott may be able to tattoo, but he's an egotistical scumbag, and that kind of evil seeps into the tattoos.

The best artist I've seen in the show, no wonder why he beat the other ink masters in that special episode.
R.I.P. Scott

The best ink master ever! Such a shame he passed away. His talent was above and beyond. My favorite ink master by far

7 Steve Tefft

Met him at his shop! Such a sweet guy. His ink is supreme!

Kick ass artist.

8 Clint Cummings

Clint was a little b! Tch-ass punk, and an average tattooer at best! He definitely shouldn't be on here.

R.I.P. Clint. He passed away from cancer. My condolences to his friends and family.

However put that he shouldn't be there, he's dead and you have no respect for him.

9 Shane O'Neill

I consider him to be the best artist to go through ink master, regardless of people saying all he did was black & grey, he didn't have a single bad tattoo.

He is the best one of all. Shane is a tattoo god.

He is the best one ever. Shane is a tattoo god.

The most successful tattoo artist.

10 Kyle Dunbar

He is one of the biggest B... On the show!

This guy is a douche...

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11 Erik Siuda

Dude was consistent, strong and shown to have some creative strengths, I feel as though he got lost though as I never found a connection to him.

12 Ryan Ashley Malarkey

She is the QUEEN of this show, her Black and Grey is second to nobody on the show so far, and she is shown to be capable of so much more in her final canvas and the water color and space tattoo she did earlier in her season.

She's so amazing! She can handle any challenge even if she specializes in black and grey. My goal is to be tattooed by her!

Ryan Ashley is going to be this year's Ink Master!

13 Tatu Baby

She was awesome on season 2. Too bad she went on a downward spiral on season 3.

14 Anthony Michaels

He is one of the best tattooers to compete on this show. The fact that he outclassed design specialist with only 5 years of experience at the time is remarkable.

Considering he's a self-taught tattooer with only 5 years experience, his performance so far has been very impressive.

Consistent, humble, not arrogant but confident in himself. Great tattoos.

Crazy he won with only 5 years experience. Imagine his talent now. Man is a powerhouse

15 Jamie Davies
16 Walter "Sausage" Frank

He is not only an amazing artist, but he is so sweet! I watched an entire season just because he was on it! Well... And because I love Ink Master...

He is definitely the most kindest, sweetest contestant. Plus I love his skill set and name!

This man is my favorite contest ever. His work amazes me every single time

Sausage was Very good.

17 DJ Tambe

When he first showed up, I knew his name sounded familiar. Then I remembered he was the runner-up of Best Ink, and since then I've had high hopes for him, and he did not disappoint. He's done just as good in Ink Master as he did in Best Ink, and I'm excited to see him in the finale! Really hope he and Bubba win!

He knows what he's doing, he has the skill and the experience. He might not be the "nicest" person on the show but honestly it's a reality show.

Damn Dj! Slick tattoos. Master Canvass tattoos were just amazing especially that head tattoo.

He is an amazing artist.

18 Joshua Hibbard

There shouldn't be a more controversial elimination than this one and I'm telling you with common sense, because it's never been talked about in any other episode of what happened during his elimination, we never got details like if he smoked weed before or after making his tattoo, not even on the finale of Season 5. Spike and the show decided to play blind and washed their hands off the entire subject like it never happened. It's even more despiseful that they decided to eliminate him just because they paid attention to something he brought with himself to the competition that it's healthy and non-harmful(I bet that he used it only on his free time), also don't you think that he still has a lot of hidden potential we can watch out of him, which means he deserves to return on a season. He won best tattoo of the day 4 times on Season 5 and won the New years Ink Special.

Hated him in season 3! He was much better in season 5, though. Such a shame he got himself taken out of the competition for violating his contract. He could have easily made it to the finals in season 5, blowing all of those other talentless clowns out of the water.

Josh was one of the most entertaining artists to be on Ink Master. Also one of best in my opinion.

Josh is an uncrowded inkmaster who u loved to hate and his next time up people had respect for the guy. The guy needs to get back on the show. He is a ratings catcher who can connect with early inkmaster fans and new.

19 James Vaughn
20 Kelly Doty

I would kill for a tattoo from her.

She is an amazing artist, who should have been ink master not Ryan Ashley

She's just so cute!

She shouldn't get eliminated gian should have I love ink master

21 Gian Karle Cruz

I really think he could have and should have won. He was one of the most versatile artists, capable of making awesome tattos regardless of style.

Top 5 easily. Most consistent on his season by far and should have won the whole thing

Gian is going to be a ink master champion.

22 Christian Buckingham

Although he was one of the most unlikable contestants throughout his season, I think he did the best tattoos in the finale and that he probably should have won based on those 2 tattoos.

People call him a villain, but at the end of the day, it's reality T.V. for one and for two, he was a strategist that was in it for the game as much as the tattoos which is commendable

Terrible personality, but he definitely has skills.

23 Matti Hixson
24 Kruseman
25 Jimmy Snaz

Just seems like a cool guy...great artist

Favorite ever, and way more versatile and talented than he's given credit for

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