Best Jessie Episodes

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1 The Rosses Get Real
2 World Wide Web of Lies
3 Badfellas
4 A Doll's Outhouse

I love this episode best episode ever Ravi wearing his uniform getting hit in the back and nose with a nerf bullet slipping over to sausages and getting covered in ketchup and mustard class. P.s love Ravi boots

I would vote this number 1 because it is scary and just genius.

This one is probably the funniest! Bertrem I so fun in dreams and this episode is relateable 10/10

5 We Are So Grounded

CAN'T Believe they went all the way to Indonesia, I mean like not in the set, but Indonesia is hardly never mention in Disney! #jessielover #ilovedisneysitcoms

I just totally love this episode!

This should be 1 because the laughing is unstoppable in thi episode

6 Gotcha Day

It brings such a new and amazing view on being adopted with the Ravi dilemma, and Zuri's party,. It shows how love and family doesn't necessarily need the same DNA, it needs the bonds of friendship and I guess connection

So great! It was so sweet when the family hug happened.

7 The Whining

This episode was first I thought that Jessie was actually possessed by a ghost.
It totally freaked me out! At the end the ghost was real! I was like! What I didn't like about the episode was that there was the ghost at the end but it never came in any other episode.But the episode was really creepy!

The point is for it to be a parody. I loved it so much. The only thing that was missing was when Jonny wrote a specific sentence in his story over and over again,jessie could have done the same.

8 The Secret Life of Mr Kipling

I love it that Mr. Kipling is Mrs. Kipling. It's awesome.

9 Trashin' Fashion

The episode mainly centers around Luke and Ravi competing for Diamond's interest, Emma's fashion blog, Christina's fashion show, and Zuri teaching Bertram how to ride a bike. One of the first things to happen is Luke and Ravi meeting fashion model Diamond Bloodworth, with both of them them instantly becoming attracted to her and wanting to compete for her interest. Christina offers her sons, Luke and Ravi, a spot at her fashion show, which they accept in order to pursue Diamond's interest, with her being a participant in Christina's fashion show. Bertram, meanwhile, has difficulty learning how to ride a bike, with him driving his bike in a pond. At the beginning of Christina's fashion show, Luke seems to have the upper hand on Ravi in acquiring Diamond's interest. This, however, changes when Luke and Diamond begin their walk down the runway at the fashion show, when Jessie pulls a thread hanging on Luke's pants, which, when Luke and Diamond reach the end of the runway, causes his pants to unravel and fall down, revealing his green panda underwear in front of the audience, with them then proceeding to laugh at Luke. With Luke frozen, holding Diamond's hand in humiliation, Ravi comes out and breaks up Luke's grip on Diamond's hand and escorts her to the dressing room, with Luke falling down and grabbing part of the runway. Ravi then ultimately wins Diamond's interest, telling Ravi "call me." Bertram and Zuri then arrive at the fashion show by their two passenger bike crashing through the fashion show tent. Back at the penthouse, Emma's mom finds out that Emma runs the blog she doesn't like and ultimately gives Emma a promotion to work with her.

10 Beauty and the Beasts
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11 What a Steal

I love how a little kid turns out to be an evil mastermind. Who would've thought?

12 Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening

Hilarious! Connie tried to marry Luke and at the end she acted like being tied to a dolly and taken away happens ALL the time!

"This one was so crazy, and you can't help but laugh over the actress and Bertram's ever-so-true quote, 'let's be honest, this is like the 10th wierdest thing to happen on this terrace'. So true!

I love creepy Connie she does such a great job! Should def be number one. The Connie episodes are the best!

13 101 Lizards
14 Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned

Rosie - I will always be there for you Emma.
Brim - Rosie come on!
Rosie - gotta go Emma!
*emma falls*

This one is so entertaining and fun!

15 Zombie Tea Party 5

I laughed so hard at this episode I loved it when jessie puts the girl helmet on luke

16 Jessie Goes To Hollywood
17 Cattle Calls & Scary Walls

I think this episode is really good and cute! It is even funny.

18 Why Do Foils Fail
19 Jessie's Big Break

Emma:OMG I can't believe jessie is going to be in tournament of ceptors movie!
Ravi:yes I know it's so not fair but she deserves it.

20 New York New Nanny
21 Tempest in a Teacup

Jessie and tony had one wacky quest!

I love the way connie did some very weird stuff to try and marry luke

22 We Don't Need No Stinking Badges

I love this episode so much! I love it when the rosses do something outside the house.

23 Zuri's New Old Friend

It was dead funn whenever that playground dinosaur fell apart, especially at the end and Kippling.

I need an Nana Banana in my life.

Had a good message and was one of the better episodes and the subplot was funny

24 Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'

They made a South Park reference by saying, "She killed Kenny the koala! "

25 G.I. Jessie
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