Top 10 Fairy Tail Celestial Spirits

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1 Leo

Loke being Leo left him with a strong bond with the fans and with Lucy. The guild all know him too, not to mention he's the leader of the zodiacs, hilarious, sexy and powerful! He's an awesome character and I'm not surprised at all that he's number one!

You can play the Fairy tail online game on Roblox, I tried it and Leo was the best Spirit that I had on it, he beat up a Dark Fire Wizard by himself. If you play it, you'll know what I mean

Leo is the strongest celestial spirit. Not only that but he's had some great character development! The only thing is he's not as funny as he was before!

2 Aquarius

Lucy's first friend! As mentioned In manga chapter 384-385. Previous owner is Layla Heartfilia and one of two of her trusted spirit - the other is Capricorn - able to control water and loves to belittled Lucy's single status. She's willing her key to be broken in order to summon Spirit King and saved the world. This is said to only be achieved if the summoner and the spirit have deep trust and bond with each other. Though she often appeared cold and mean to Lucy, she deeply cared for her and only wants the best for her life. This can be seen in anime when Lucy summon her spirits for a treat with Yukino and Aquarius appeared last just after Loke and demand a laugh. She said she is glad Lucy is not lonely anymore thinking Lucy can't hear her when Lucy did and replied accordingly.

Aquarius deserves to be the first one.
She's strong, and even Lucy says she's her strongest celestial spirit even after receiving Loke's key.

And Aquarius is Lucy's first friend. I was annoyed every time Aquarius starts fighthing with Lucy :3 but It's so cute and funny they look like a little girl.

And uhmm Aquarius sacrificed her supposedly future moments with Lucy when she asked her to break her key and summon the celestial spirit king to defeat her enemy. (Sorry I forgot her enemy's name) to save her friends/comrades in fairy tail.

So at least in this list Aquarius should be number 1.

Her sacrifice is way way better than Loke appearing every time without lucy summoning him. I don't hate Loke but Aquarius deserves to be the number 1 than Loke :/

3 Virgo

Virgo is loyal, strong, caring, and not to mention downright hilarious! She has a strong bond with Lucy and all the other celestial spirits! In my mind she is easily the best spirit.

My favorite! Awesome character. I'm jealous when I meet people who are Virgo! I'm Scorpio so I can't complain but I just love Virgo!

Virgo is loyal, and she doesn't get enough credit for what she does.

4 Gemini

During the Games, going up against the Red Haired Raven Guild Opponant, Lucy puts her final faith into Gemini. One of Gemini's spells was attempted: a spell that had the result of defeating any wizard or any magic without being blocked. The only reason it did not go through was because of an S-class wizard apart of the Raven Guild blocking it. This spell that Gemini performed showed more offense than Virgo has in her tunnel digging.
Gemini also outranks Aquarius with more of a range of abilities. Aquarius can throw water, while Gemini has a much longer and ranged list of powers.
As for Leo, it would be a pretty interesting match between the two spirits, and if the right spells are thrown the double trouble could beat him. After all, the Zodiac Gemini has traits that are meant for leaders. When Leo says he's the leader of the Zodiacs, I'd say the only Spirit who could argue with that is Gemini.
Gemini is incredibly intelligent compared to Virgo and Aquarius, which knocks the Zodiac right up next to Leo�" if not out ranking him.

5 Aries

Aries is just too cute! How can anyone hate her? And I just adore her friendship with Leo. Am I the only one who actually wants them together? I mean, he almost died for her. That's how much she means to him. He was willing to go to such lengths in order to protect her.

I really like Aries for some reason, and she was like best friends with Leo. She's just to darn cute as well

Aries is my favorite

6 Capricorn

He's pretty strong of what I have seen.

Honestly the strongest zodiac.

My zodiac deserves respect!

7 Tarus

Taurus has saved Lucy a lot of times.

8 Cancer

In my opinion, cancer is kind of useless. But only because he does nothing better than cut hair, and once something bad happens, he leaves.

I want him to do my hair!

9 Sagittarius

He's great in combat, his arrow's accuracy is incredible, he has a great working relationship with Lucy and has a great sense of humour.

10 Scorpio

In my opinion scorpions can be as powerful as Aquarius,or even powerful. come on he is boyfriend of Aquarius and can use her like toy.

It the best all round

The Contenders
11 Pisces

First of all Pisces doesn't need water to be summoned in like Aquarius and isn't restricted to just ground attacks because of their ability to fly, second of all, they have a second form which none of the other zodiacs, save in the Eclipse arc seem to have. This second form greatly increases their physical attacks but sadly also adds the weakness to water.

To the person who commented first before me this is for you.

What do you mean? Are you saying that Pisces is better than Aquarius cause aquarius can only be summoned if there's water while pisces doesn't?

But seriously.. Aquarius can easily defeat Pisces cause. Pisces weakness is water which is the power of Aquarius

Pisces is great but I know Aquarius is much stronger than Pisces so they tie or maybe Pisces won or Aquarius form if Pisces has a ability in fish form rather than fly and immune into water in human form I know pisces is stronger than aquarius. and you in eclipse arc mama pisces is stronger. I'm just kidding celestial mama pisce is stronger than him.

12 Libra
13 Celestial Spirit King

He shouldn't even be here. Everyone knows he's the strongest. He's the Celestial Spirit KING so..

This guy has been ranked strongest of all the celestial spirits by leo and aquarius!
How is this even an issue

He is the KING. sure there's there's the leader of the zodiac spirits, Leo The Lion, but compared to the king"mustache guy" Leos just a fly.

14 Ophiuchus

She is cool. It was sad that Kagura beat her immediately, I want to see her more. Honestly I wish she had a human form (non-eclipse) that would be really cool.

Did you see her in the eclipse arc? She was clearly the smartest and strongest of the zodiac.

She is indeed.

15 Horologium

He saved people from so many troubles. Lucy may not have silver keys which can do offensive combat, but Horologium is her best defense and he is very useful.

While his offensive prowess may be limited, his usefulness and defensive ability is amazing.

16 Deneb
17 Lyra

She's really cute and should be seen more!

18 Caelum
19 Polaris
20 Crux
21 Pyxis
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