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1 Erza Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail. Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her Nakama's calls that they want help. more.

This voting is for the strongest female character in FT! How can juvia be first? She may be quite strong but come on erza took on both juvia and lissana during the S class trials and won not to mention just after that she defeated one of the seven kin of purgatory (asuma I think... I have forgotten his name).She has armour for every situation and stopped jupiter(that huge cannon of the phantom guild). Heck a year after makarov dissolved the guild in the manga and they decided to reassemble( thanks to lucy )Erza was made the guildmaster! Come on guys GUILDMASTER! Please don't bring your ships into voting for the strongest female character. Erza is known as the titania for a reason afterall.

I think Ezra is the most strongest- well they do call her 'Titania' and it has been said many times in the anime she is fairy tail's strongest female. Erza's actually my favorite character so I could be a little bias perhaps. Even so she has went through so much pain in the past- in that prison, fighting kyoka- tartaros demon, in the grand magic games even though her leg was already injured- fighting minerva etc. and she always got back up. Especially when fighting kyoka even though she was stripped of all her senses and still in agonizing pain. All of this and more makes Ezra the strongest in my opinion. ILYSM Ezra!

Unbelievable that Erza is ranked below Juvia. We're talking about strongest girl. Erza is physically strong with her bare hands and feet. Sorry but Juvia, I don't think she can punch hard. Everyone mostly uses magic. Well, Erza does as well, but look here, just armor and swords, she's already great, give her magic like natsu's, you're dead. She has the defenceless armor, with two swords, she is already great with that.

Titania definitely deserves top 3 on this list, but top one is not likely, because there is still Irene Belserion. With her second origin powers and her magnificent determination, she is always there for fairy tail.

2 Juvia

Juvia is extremely strong, and definitely not given the credit she deserves. She is my favourite character with her light-hearted attitude, and then her strong/brave personality. She needs more opponents where she can demonstrate her power. She honestly should be S class, as when she is serious, you don't want to be her opponent. Her water body will cause her to laugh at you while you struggle to hit her, and then you'll find yourself dead because you looked at Gray the wrong way. Although she is amazingly strong, she isn't above Mira, Ultear, Minerva, and Mavis but who really cares this list is a joke. Go Juvia! Get out there and steal Gray's heart!

Juvia is my favorite character in FT! Her water magic is indeed very strong but honestly I think Erza and Mirajane is physically stronger than her now, though that is base only on what I've seen on the anime and in the anime we rarely see Juvia fight seriously because most of the strong enemies in FT are fought by Erza or Mira. If Juvia could control and manipulate water like Natsu with his fire then I think that she is one of the strongest character in FT, she could even beat natsu if that happens because logically speaking water is stronger than fire, fire requires air to survive but water doesn't depend on any element water wins, though it's is just my opinion. but anyway were talking about FT here I doubt that Mashima will do that, Natsu is still the main character. It doesn't matter anyway, I will still Love Juvia for what she is that's why I voted for her.

A lot of people seem to forget that Juvia WAS a S class wizard for Phantom Lord and inn the S class art, She was the newest member chosen, the only other females that were chosen were Cana and Levy. She's one of the strongest wizards and was the first to use her second origin power 'Wings of Love' which took three competitors out in Naval Battles. She can use her water body to avoid most attacks, can enhance her speed with the spell 'Sierra' and is one of the few wizards that can channel her emotions into battle. The only thing is that she isn't given enough screen time which doesn't allow her character to develop. Lucy and Wendy have both made a lot improvements with their magic since Lucy is the main female character and Wendy is the third female lead (After Erza). To conclude, Juvia is a force to be reckoned with and she will kill for her beloved and has (Keyes/Keith)

People say erza was the youngest S class and thus she is so strong but hey, Juvia was S class in her previous guild which was the strongest guild then for many years --and Guess what she is younger than erza by a few years. Some calculation, Juvia might be as young as Erza or younger when she become S class. If you realise juvia priority changed when she enter FT. She didn't even want to be nominated as S class because she wants to be gray's partner. she was over looked the importance to be most powerful and has deemed love more important. She is truly the most powerful.

3 Ultear

Ultear is the strongest for me due to the increasingly magical power that she has. As a child Ultear was sent to an extraction centre to take away her magical power because as a child she almost died having all of it. Even though they extracted more than 80% of her magical power she was almost able to defeat Natsu Dragneel. Ultear surprisingly used her magical power to take over the whole of the prison at force ( the one erza was kept in - Tower of Heaven) while she was at a young age not even 12 years old! She took and manipulated Jellal and everyone Erza Scarlet (the strongest you so call) loved. She did not want to do anything with Erza but to avoid her curiosity. Ultear had recently saved the while of Fairytail and The whole world by making everyone see the future so they can defeat future rogue. A person with 20% of her magical power left still completed the spell and was ALIVE! It was supposedly happen to kill the user but she apparently survived the impact but aged.

Giant potential, extremely intelligent, manipulative but remains an extremely powerful battler (and took part to the magic council)
Masters two type of magic and never got "loyally" defeated. In addition to her reconstruction magic, her second origin and her time travelling she's indoubtly the most powerful female character, if she's not the best overally.

Come on guys, she controls time. She never really gave all of her power in any of her battle, and her abilities to restore the Grimoire Heart ship was outstanding. She would totally make top 3.

I honestly think that Ultear is the second most powerful female in Fairy Tail, only being surpassed by Mavis. I honestly think she would be able to defeat Erza, maybe not easily, but I think she would be able to.

4 Mirajane Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her more.

As you can see, how can juvia be stronger than mira? Well it is because of the votings, popularity is the key here, not the power or strength of the characters.

Mirajane is stronger than erza. Some people say that they get annoyed when people say Mira is stronger than erza. They also say that if Mira is stronger than erza she would have got the title titania. But what the thing is mira didn't use her power after lisanna died. That's the only reason why she didn't get the title titania. At the same time people also say that if erza uses nakagami armour she could defeat Mira. But Mira also has a strong transformation which could let her enemies obey her ordera which is much more powerful than erza. Mira also could also easily defeat juvia.

Mirajane is not only really powerful but she's beautiful and kind as well. She doesn't use her magic unless in a serious situation, especially when someone important to her is being threatened. Mira is also Lucy (one of the main protagonists) role model, mostly because of her kindness and patience with the guild and all its members. Mirajane definitely deserves her spot in the top ten however I believe she's stronger than Juvia at least if not possibly as strong or stronger than Erza.

Okay, so this may sound bias because of my username, but here I go.
How come Mirajane is below Juvia? First of all, she's an S-Class wizard! She became one a year after Erza! She's one of Fairy Tail's "drawing cards" and earned the name "The She-Demon." She beat Freed (a possible candidate for the S-Class trials), Mary Hughes (with the help of Elfman and Lisanna), Racer (Sawyer, if you may), Jenny, Kamika, Seilah, Lamy, and Eclipse Pisces. She was on par with Erza when they were thirteen, and this list is saying that Juvia is stronger than Mirajane?!

5 Mavis

Being the birthplace of fairy tail does not just take heart. She was without a doubt one of the most powerful women. Many think she just had illusion magic, but not just practising but creating magic such as fairy sphere that kept a whole island hidden for seven years. That's not something you see everyday.

Why is FT's first guildmaster sixth!? FT wouldn't exist without her guys!.. Not to mention accordin to the latest manga chapter Mavis too had the same curse as zeref due to using an incomplete spell. Oh and of course.. Fairy law, fairy glitter and fairy sphere. I wonder how anyone else on this list can handle this attacks...

Dude, she's like, the strongest female, because of immortality, fairy law, black magic, blah blah blah, and so much more. she's also the guild master of fairy tail, and no doubt strongest female in fairy tail, and only Irene could possibly be a match for her. plus her design is awesome!

She created and can use Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter, Fairy Sphere and Fairy Heart.

Fairy Law can kill a wizard saint
Fairy Glitter's MPF (Magical Power Finder) is 9999
Fairy Sphere can withstand Acnologia's roar
Fairy Heart is an endless supply of power
She's also smart
She's the fairy tactician so..

So mavis should be at 1.

6 Chelia

Most likely stonger than Mirajane, Kagura and Minerva. Possibly as strong/stronger than Erza.

No joke she is unbeatable by the other mid skilled mages. She can also health herself

I think chelia should be above wendy. God slayers r more stronger than dragon slayers. Chelia and wendy match was ended up in a draw only because of time limit or else chelia will definitely win

God slayers are cool

7 Wendy

If think Wendy should Definitely be higher up! She had to protect the city of Crocus against DRAGONS with 6 other tough wizards for goodness sake! She has mastered dragon force, helped defeat the Hungry Wolf Knights, defeated a member of Tartaros, helped take down Nirvana, I mean give the girl a LITTLE credit! On top of that,... SHE'S LIKE 14 YEARS OLD PEOPLE, REALLY! Can't she AT LEAST be above Juvia and Lucy!? Is that to much to ask!? But that's just my opinion!

She was able to rival and perform high enchantments spells that shocked irene. She played a big role in irene vs erza too, without her, erza wouldn't be able to cut through irene's dragon form scales. And also, without her, the magic power or every dragon slayer wouldn't be transfered to natsu if she didn't enchanted. She also saved Juvia's life. And many more. For such young age she was able to keep up with the other dragon slayers.

Wendy is badass you know! Give her more credits! She's a sky dragon slayer! She even had her own alias! Sky Maiden or Sorceress and Sky Dragon! She should be higher than her best friend Shelia!

She got her Dragon Force when she was twelve-thirteen. Natsu was about eighteen when he got his Dragon Force. She had a draw against Cheila in the Grand Magic Games. To be honest, I'd even say she's stronger than Juvia or Lucy with Dragon Force.

8 Lucy

In many of the other comments, I mostly are that "oh, why is she not in the top ten, she is way better than Lucy" or "she almost killed her when they fought! " Now, I'm not glorifying the road she walks on but have you seen the progress that she has made through out the plot. From sticking inside a clock in fear to standing up to steel dragons and calling out Celestial Kings. All these within a year.
People judge her power based in the values of other magic.
Others can barely call out 2 spirits at a time while she had her whole 3 men crew... Of her strongest ones!
All this within a year!
Not only has she grown physically but also emotionally showing great strength in losing everything yet not losing hope. Some say others such as Ezra had a hard childhood, well this was happening to Lucy right NOW at the moment.
I usually won't add this on a review of physical strength but I did so because in Fairy Tail that is what we feed on for our strength.
If you had not realized ...more

Of course Lucy isn't as strong as other major characters such as Erza, Mira, etc. But she's been trying to improve and you can see significant growth. Star Dress form acts sort of similar to Erza's in a way where she can constantly be changing forms, not to mention that the spirits used can still fight. At least for a Celestial Wizard Lucy would be considered insanely gifted, as she can summon more than 2 spirits at a time and possesses 9 of the 12 Gold Keys and Aquarius's powers. She's one of the only Celestial Wizards remaining and is probably the best out of them. Considering she has 9 keys that's a few powerful options to choose from when she's blinking in and out of different Zodiac forms mid combat. Besides power she's also pretty smart and stopped attacking her opponent to prevent the harm of a child, plus has helped boost morality more than other characters.

Oh lol this is such a fake list. Both lucy and mirajane with erza are the top 3 most powerful . Juvia in 2nd pft what kin of nonsense is this gosh juvia don't even stand a chance against jackal . Juvia zlso don't even stand a chance against celestial spirit king so if lucy and juvia fights , lucy can summon the celestial spirit king and juvia will lose obiviously lucy and mirajane deserve to be in a way higher rank this is such a fake list lol

No offense, but I think she's way too overrated, like, she can summon the spirits, but none of them can fight better than a mage of medium level, except maybe those that are really strong, like Leo or Aquarius and a few others, plus so what if she has stardress? it's not a power that makes her OP, or even strong enough to stand up to the likes of Wendy, Juvia, or Cana on her own. She's also got too much hacks, like stardress is just a power given to her so she can fight as well, but seriously, you might as well say Juvia can do ice magic by freezing water or healing, because water mages usually do that, and that sort of covers up all that Wendy did in the first season

9 Meredy

Putting aside her Lost Magic which is by far one of the strongest powers Mashima has created, Meredy has shown that she can connect an entire continent with Lucy to provide her with an almost unlimited amount of ethernan, which is beyond awesome (the Spriggan 12 should get her into their files). Then think if as even a one person connected (like a very sick elderly) was dead of heartbreak while they were all connected how the manga ended!

She might not be as strong as some of them, but dhe should get a spot above Chelia for sure at least.

She also deserves a higher place as she is from seven kin of purgatory

Super powerful! I wish we got to see her more after the tenrou arc

10 Kagura

She can't be higher or stronger than Erza, Juvia or even Wendy.

Erza is definitely a lot more stronger than Kagura. With her ability to requip, she can defeat her. And also, when Kagura almost beat Erza, she's already out of control and when Erza got more serious, she beat Kagura easily. Not to mention but she haven't use her strongest armor that time.

Juvia is stronger because she can make her body a water. So Kagura's sword won't affect her body. And she can make her stronger using her emotion.

Even Wendy is stronger. Specially when she used her dragon force to Kagura, no doubt she can win. Remember in Tartaros Arc? Wendy beat the strong man who protect the face and damage it that even many wizards including Kagura didn't.

This list should be called: Most Popular Fairy Tail Girls and not most strongest. For example, she kicked Erza's butt before Erza unlocked her Plot Armor. She stood so long against Erza and was easily beating her at that time. She didn't even try, by killed the 13th Zodiac Key, Libra, and Pisces so easily, without breaking a sweat. Minerva herself admits in the Grand Magic Games that she wouldn't stand a chance against Kagura and Erza. Also, if it weren't for the time limit, she would've brutally defeated Lyon and won the partner match.

People who think she's just a swordswoman need to read up about both archenemy and her gravity shift abilities. She is for sure one of the most powerful individuals in that universe.

She I think she should be higher than lucy wendyand juvia. She was able to stand for such a long time against erza. Wendy, lucy or juvia does' t stand a chance against kagura

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11 Lady Eileen

She is undoubtedly THE strongest female in Fairy Tail universe. Sure, she had 400 years of practice, but this shouldn't even be a competition.

Lady Eileen claimed that she was the Dragon queen and she is one of the spriggan. She also is Erza's mother and since Erza is so strong like hell shouldn't her mom be like stronger?

Men the most strongest female character from the Spiringgan 12. The mother of dragon slayer magic. Also the is the mother of TITANIA!

In my opinion, she's on par with achnologia. All the dragon slayers struggle to kill a dragon, yet in her flashback we see her easily defeat one in the war.

12 Cana

I mean come on. Cana has been nominated for S-class Mage like, 5 times! All Lucy can do for a while is summon a clock and some zodiac people. Cana's card magic is boss. Sure, Erza is still the strongest, I think Cana should be up in at least the top 5.

4th strongest female in the guild. That means, (seeing that there's only 2 people on this list that aren't in FT) she should be around 6 or 5. I think 10 is an understatement. I mean, she saved the guild, and she's the only one who can pull of Fairy Glitter. She isn't given enough credit especially since GILDARTS is her father.

She is the third strongest female, she can use fairy glitter and mavis said she has an incredible power!

I didn't know that's what the author said, and I still, thought she was the strongest! A lot stronger than Lucy or Yukino anyway.

13 Yukino

Lucy is way stronger than her. I don't know if Yukino wil either get star dress or not but it's obvious that Lucy has already been stronger than her. Lucy summoned 3 spirits and the Spirit King! Which is way better than the legendary celestial spirit. Even if Yukino does have fighting skills, Lucy can easily defeat her with a star dress or her celestial spirits.

Lucy is way stronger than her at least. Afterall lucy got 10 gold keys. And she also have Aquarius & Loke's Keys.
Libra's power is not that strong compared to Aquarius or Loke..
And the 13th Gold Key (I forget it's name) got easily defeated by Kagura well it's not kagura's fault that yukino didn't used it from the start...

Yukino Aguria should be one of the strongest females in Fairytail. Although Lucy was stated as strong Lucy doesn't know how to use her power and the potential she has properly. Yukino has been able to summon the Legendary Key known as the Ethucis which is the strongest Celestial Gate key. It possesses all of the celestial spirits magical power not only that yukino has two other keys known as Libra the strongest Celestial key itself. Libra has Gravity magic the same magic that Natsu couldn't defeat while in the Fairytail island. During the Battle with Kagura Yukino first used two of her Celestial spirits Libra and Pisces. Kagura was able to defeat them but even though, Yukino had enough magical power to still summon Ethucis!
The Large beast wasn't able to defeat Kagura just because she had to use Large amounts of her Magical Power to summon the LEGENDARY CELESTIAL SPIRIT! She would have used Ethucis at the start but wasn't sure.

14 Grandeeney

Come on people she's a firkin dragon. The dragons are OP as hell. As a dragon she could easily take on all other females in the entire series, they are just so over powered

I was going to select Erza but then I saw Grandeeney as an option. She's a dragon. She should be number 1.

15 Flare Corona

I admit she's strong, but Lucy would have kicked her butt if it wasn't for Flare's guild cheating. But I do feel sorry for Flare...

Her hair. End of story

16 Ul Milkovich

She will always be one of the strongest females ever. She should be one of the 10 wizard saints. If she was still alive she'd be a match for any one of these women.

17 Minerva

She might not be the strongest anymore but her power can not go unnoticed. She was smart and powerful and new people's weak points.

I think Minerva is stronger than Lucy. When they fought, Minerva nearly killed Lucy

She is very mean I don't care what anyone says.

Way stronger than lucy

18 Brandish Myu

She never truly took advantage of the range of her power. She is for sure one of the most powerful people in the story.

She could literally kill you in in an instant if she wanted to.

Definitely underrated, with her extremely powerful mass maneouvering abilities.

19 Dimaria Yesta

Her strength came from anger which is why the storyline showed her as weak. But her power is undeniable.

Unless you can enter her paused time world, you would be defeated in a second.

Definitely 2nd strongest. No debate watch her rank skyrocket once people see her in the anime

Can basically turn into a god. Need I say more?

20 Irene Belserion

Okay, I'm serious on this one. Most people don't read the manga so they don't know but seriously- Irene is up there. My opinion says she should be higher than Erza.

If every other girl, apart from Brandish and Dimaria, teamed up they'd probably still lose against her. She's so strong Mashima didn't have a way for her to lose apart from suicide.

Hmm I think she should be in top 5 because ya know the episode when she touches Erza's sword it dissappears?

Probably stronger than Brandish and Dimaria, who are no doubt respectively the 2nd and 3rd strongest girls in the series

21 Kyôka
22 Meledy

She should be number eight! She can attack if anyone feels pain

When Juvia and Meledy fought, Meledy could slide her swords through Juvia even though Juvia's body is made of water!

She grew up alongside Ultear, she should be strong

She has feelings for others after Juvia told Meledy about how Juvia loves Gray

Why is she below Lucy?

She is already ranked #7. I don't understand why this is here, the only thing it does is misspell her name.

23 Lisanna

Lisanna is more powerful than her ranking gives her credit before. She doesn't use it well, though.

Yeah, she deserves more screen time.

Man, she's so underrated, she's on par with lucy, beat that Lucy fans

24 Levy

She was in the s-class trials when Lucy wasn't! How is she #36?

25 Sherry
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