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1 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

Nick is my favorite show. It is usually shown as number one on our Foxtel. My sister Olivia, our friends Emma and Kianna, and Denis, we can't get over it. It's jam-packed with excitement!

Hi, I'm Britney's younger sister, Olivia. I have loved this show ever since I was told about it! As Britney said earlier, it is jam-packed with excitement!

Hi, I am Olivia's BFF, and I just arrived at a pool party/sleepover. I missed the pool party, sad! But I'm here for the sleepover. Afterward, we are going to watch Nick and eat popcorn until Olivia and I have to go to school tomorrow!

Hi, I'm Dennis, Britney's boyfriend. Well, not really - shh, don't tell her - but I have a crush on her. I am weird, and she is only a bit weird. It's a win-win. Anyway, I love Nick. I think it's a great experience for learning, and it has driven me from the back seat to the front in high school!


2 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

I hardly watched this channel when I was younger because I was a Disney and Nick Jr. kid, but I remember tuning in after my favorite shows were off and Mickey Mouse came on.

You can't find a better channel out there since 1992. There are countless awesome shows, from Ed, Edd, and Eddy back then to Adventure Time now.

And now, a moment of silence for Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and now We Bare Bears. If we still had these shows, CN would be number one.

3 CBBC CBBC is a BBC children's television strand aimed at children aged from 6 to 12. BBC programming aimed at under six year old children is broadcast on the CBeebies channel.

Incredible! World's End and Young Dracula all the way!

4 Nick Jr.

I grew up on this, so I absolutely loved this and Disney Junior.

It always had good shows, always.

5 Disney Channel

I hardly ever watched it unless something good was on since I preferred animated shows. So, I mainly stayed on Disney Jr., but I love this channel nonetheless.

Disney features shows like Jessie, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, and more! They also have Disney Original Movies like Teen Beach Movie.

It has good movies, and I'm okay with Jenna Ortega directing the shows.

6 Nicktoons

The U.S. channels are better than those in other countries.

7 Boomerang Boomerang is an American digital and satellite television channel owned and distributed by Time Warner through Turner Broadcasting.

This has been my favorite channel since I was about four years old. Cartoon Network (which Boomerang is a part of) is no good anymore, though it used to be.

Good shows. I remember it coming on after Cartoon Network, I think.

Shows actually good cartoons.

8 Pop
9 Jetix Jetix, formerly Fox Kids in Europe, Latin America and North America, was a worldwide children's television programming brand owned by Jetix Europe, Jetix Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group.
10 Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Willing to take risks and respect its creators, Disney commonly puts a lot of faith in its programming. It often greenlights a second season before the premiere. The network has nice scheduling and consistently plays old Disney shows. With a recent surge in quality programming, it's likely the success of the network will continue.

I remember watching this prank show on here, but other than that, I didn't really use this channel because I was a Disney Jr. kid and preferred animated shows.

Disney is supposed to be in the top 10.

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11 Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids, a family of wonder.

12 Kids WB Kids' WB was an American children's programming block that originally aired on The WB Television Network from September 9, 1995 to September 16, 2006. On September 23, 2006, the block moved to The CW, which was created by CBS Corporation and Time Warner as a replacement for both The WB and UPN.

Come on, it has the best cartoons in the world. Put this higher.

13 Teletoon Teletoon is a Canadian English-language Category A specialty channel owned by Corus Entertainment that broadcasts animated programming.
14 Tiny Pop
15 Pogo
16 PBS Kids PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. It has educational shows like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 1969.

Wild Kratts and Odd Squad are what I grew up loving about this channel. I also liked Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

17 CBC Kids
18 Noggin

Best channel ever! I watched so many shows as a kid on this channel! It's sad they replaced it with Nick Jr.

Oh my God, this was an awesome channel. I grew up with it and still love this channel pre-2009.

I don't remember much from this, but I remember it coming on.

19 4Kids TV
20 MBC 3
21 Playhouse Disney

Even though I grew up with Disney Junior, I still think Playhouse Disney is better.

22 Cartoonito Cartoonito is a pre-school brand owned and distributed by Turner, available as dedicated television channels in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy, and also as a branded block of content on Boomerang across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
23 YTV YTV is a Canadian English-language Category A cable and satellite television specialty channel that is owned by Corus Entertainment.
24 Universal Kids
25 Nat Geo Kids
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