Top 10 Best Lab Rats Characters

Lab Rats, a creation of Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, takes us into a futuristic world where cutting-edge science coexists with the everyday trials and tribulations of a blended family. From the witty and fiercely independent Bree to the super strong but endearing Adam, and from the highly intelligent Chase to the adventurous Leo, each character in Lab Rats adds a different flavor to the show. But these characters are not just about their superhuman abilities or their quick-witted quips; they're the heart and soul of the series, each with their own unique personalities and captivating story arcs that make them relatable and endearing to the audience.

These characters have navigated high school, dealt with family dynamics, and saved the world - sometimes all in a single episode. They've made you laugh, kept you on the edge of your seat, and maybe even moved you to tears.
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1 Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) is the team leader and the second-youngest of the four. He has incredible intelligence and is so hot and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take control over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic... read more

He is just the best. There is no way the team could have gone without him. He somehow stayed sane even when he was relentlessly bullied by his family. He has earned the best character and rightfully so. He is also adorable and super sweet, even though he is egotistical. (Every character is egotistical it seems though)

We all have to admit the team would never have gotten through without Chase. Adam and Bree were always picking on him. He was the only one, I guess you could say, who was a good brother.

Best actor, Cutest on the show, Best abilities, Hilarious, Do I have to say more?

2 Leo Dooley (Tyrel Jackson Williams)

He has the best bionics, he is awesome even though he gets picked on by Adam. He still fights through it, and he was basically the one who defeated Crane!

He is the best character ever. The only one who knew the truth about Marcus. Even Adam, Bree, and Chase got totally fooled by him. We love Leo!

I feel pretty bad for Leo. He's always the butt of all jokes, and he's also black. He's great.

3 Adam Davenport (Spencer Boldman)

Adam is the most annoying character on this show. He's also overrated. He's a lame Patrick Star ripoff. Patrick is way better.

Adam is funny, awesome, and adorable. He is the best-vote for Adam, he should be #1!

If Adam & Bree are not related, they'd make a very cute couple!

4 Bree Davenport (Kelli Berglund)

She is fun, smart, beautiful, and prankish. She has super speed and takes the time to get to know people and hang out.

Bree should be number 1, and I should be number 2, she's my best friend forever. She's really nice.

I love all the characters in Lab Rats, but Bree is the best of all.

5 Douglas Davenport

By far the best Lab Rats character/villain. Douglas is clever, smart, hilarious. I wish there was more of him. I also wish Jeremy Kent Jackson was in bigger movies like Marvel! (Thx to Jeremy, he's the best!)

Probably the only character I really like.

In my opinion, he is the most realistic.

6 Donald Davenport (Hal Sparks)

An egotistical character was all we needed for this show.

He is by far the funniest character in this show!

7 Marcus (Mateus Ward)

Marcus and Chase are the nicest people that ever met, and two best friends I have. Marcus and Chase are my best friend forever, Adam best friends, Leo best, everyone on Lab Rats best friend.

Sorry, that was the wrong thing to say. I would. Like to date. You, but you're so hot and cute right now, you look so perfect standing there, and I know how.

Mateus I love you so much your so cute I love when you do vine. Co. Did you read. stop the violence. Bullying child abuse.

8 Eddy (The Smart-home System)

He is by far the funniest character and comes in number one for me.

9 Principal Perry (Maile Flanagan)

Couldn't decide between Perry or Donald, just flipped a coin and got Perry.

10 Tasha Davenport (Angel Parker)
The Contenders
11 Spike (Chase's Commando App)

Spike is the best, he should be 1 or 2 on the list.

12 Caitlin
13 Sebastian

Sebastian is my boyfriend. Three boyfriends: Sebastian, Marcus, Chase. Three boyfriends I got.

14 Bob

Mini version of Adam but he can levitate.

15 Taylor
16 Trent
17 Victor Krane

I always thought Krane was the best villain. I know what you all are thinking, what about Marcus? Marcus was an amazing villain, but he only ever did anything under orders. Krane did everything himself. The only reason Marcus is higher is that his actor is better, and he's more terrifying. So between Krane and Marcus, I would choose Krane.

The most terrifying and evil bad guy in Lab Rats history. Well, besides Marcus.

18 Spin
19 Ethan (Garrett Backstrom)
20 Logan (Emery Kelly)
21 Alaster
22 Tank
23 Giselle Vickers
24 Clayton Harrington
25 Mr. Rich
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