Top 10 Best Merlin Characters

A rundown of the best characters from The T.V. programme Merlin. Feel free to post a comment.
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1 Merlin

Merlin... oh Merlin he is the best. I watched the show maybe five times and the first four I was in love with Arthur (I still am). But the fifth! I loved how sassy, sweet and kind he was. And as 'Dragoon the Great!', 'Clotpole', and when he pulled Arthur's pants down... Colin Morgan portrayed him perfectly. There's just some charm about him, honestly, that places him right above Arthur.

All the Merlin characters are amazing. But Merlin is definitely the best among them all! Colin just made Merlin memorable...

All series. Awesome actor and really cute.

He is awesome, sassy and respects women.

2 Morgana

Katie McGrath portrayed her well. We may not completely agree with her ways but we'll always understand why she did what she did. It breaks my heart to see her suffer so much. Truly a multifaceted character.

She is amazing. Women crush everyday and the character development is astounding. Like no offense but the only reason Merlin beat her was because he was the chosen one and because she was broken.

By far the best. Shows the way we humans truly change. She is really so cool and Katie MCgrath is awesome. I mean SHe has the most character

Really interesting and complex character, portrayed very well by the amazing Katie McGrath.

3 King Arthur Pendragon

The Once And Future King. I love him (he's juuust below Merlin for me). He's hilarious in a rude way that somehow makes everyone laugh. And when he falls into the horse dung... all of his banters with merlin and how he calls Merlin the laziest manservant ever but still will die a thousand times for him. He's absolutely amazing and we can clearly see his character evolution through the series that just makes him even better!

Although Meelin is clearly a close second, Arthur Pendragon is deserving of the title, best Merlin character, he is hands down the most attractive and charming. While the show couldn't go on without Merlin, it also couldn't go on without Arthur considering it revolves around Merlin saving Arthur's ass. Arthur's changes so much throughout the seasons without ever really maturing and let's be honest, I totally ship Gwen and Arthur. Arthur is also self confident without being to big of an ass. He stands up for the people he loves, and did I mention how completely oblivious he is.

Yep, he gets my vote. Arthur is one of the best characters on the show if not the best. He changes so much throughout the series and not too obviously he is also a good friend to Merlin, because although he is just a servant in the eyes of the counsel and the rest he bothered to help him save his mother's village and he helped save his life many times. He is also a great king and sees things differently with his farther he also didn't hate Merlin when he realised he had magic he was just disappointed and confused as to why he'd been lying all this time? Also him and Gwen make a great couple and even though she is just a servant according to the rest, he sees her for much more and he is also still accepting of her after he thought she cheated on him. Arthur is also talented and is extremely good with a sword and is good to and with his people he is very few of the kings who have believed in equality.

To me, Arthur is the best character and it absolutely broke my heart when he fought Uther and Merlin had to lie to him. He has changed a lot throughout the show and I really like that, although I do miss the time when he was prince because things were so much simpler. I really wish he didn't have to die, but the ending was sadly beautiful...

4 Sir Gwaine

He's strong, courageous, and brave. Overall wonderful, and with his cheeky sense of humor added. My favorite line he ever said was 'Well, that's great. I had a dream of apple pie that tasted of cheese'. Love him!

He might seem a bit dull to some, but in the end it is always him who seems to be the bravest and most loyal.
He also has a big heart and cares deeply for his friends, which makes him loveble

He's my favorite character he makes me crack up, Eoin Macken did a very good job, and is one of my favorite actors today! Vote people!

Series 3-5. Definitely the cheekiest of the knights. Good fighter.

5 Guinevere

All series. Very kind and sweet and lovely wife to Arthur.

6 Sir Lancelot

The noblest of them all

7 Gaius

I think Gaius is really underrated. All of his special moments are outshone by Merlin and Arthur, but when he transforms into a goblin in season 3! His awesome-ness just slapped me in the face. He was such a wonderful father-figure to Merlin, and without him Merlin would have either: a) rotted in a jail cell for his whole life for killing Arthur, b)get his head chopped off because he did... something, c) got burned at the stake as Dragoon the Great, or d) lived the rest of his life in depression since Arthur died.

All series. Acts as a father figure to Merlin.

Gaius is my favorite character above Uther (don't ask why I like Uther I just do)

8 Kilgharrah (The Great Dragon)

Whats not to love about this character?

9 Nimeuh

Series 1. Very evil sorceress who, if Merlin hadn't killed her, could have worked with Morgana as they both hated Uther Pendragon.

10 Sir Leon
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11 Mordred
12 Sir Elyan
13 Morgause

Morgause is one of the best and smartest villains on the show. She is at first appealingly good but then changes her opinion when she sees that Arthur is still siding with his farther and realising that the Plan had failed. She is also a good friend and sister to Morgana she is also selfless and powerful but good in what he does for her sister. 😀

14 Aithusa

Whoever says she turns evil... no she doesn't. She just tries to help Morgana, but she doesn't understand that Morgana is evil.

Series 4-5. So adorable when hatching and when next to the Great Dragon but unfortunately turns evil.

15 Sir Percival
16 Freya

She's pretty and I know it's a fictional show but she sadly died. She would've been a perfect future husband for Merlin.

17 Emrys
18 King Uther Pendragon

Series 1-4. Although he is techinally good he unknowingly is the key of Camelot's downfall.

19 Mithian
20 Lady Catrina
21 Goblin
22 Alator
23 Gilli
24 Daegal
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