Top 10 South Park Fandom Couples

South Park is a TV series that was created in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Comedy Central. Due to the high number of males in the series, many fanfiction writers in the fandom tend to age the characters and pair them up together as yaoi couples. A few heterosexual and yuri couples are also popular, but not as much.

This list will feature all the couples from the South Park Fanon Wiki, operated by JVM, and allow you to vote on who is the best. As of the first posting, the pairings are organized by their placement on the mentioned wiki's homepage. This will eventually be followed by all other child pairings, child-adult pairings, and then adult pairings, pending list approval. If this has changed, it means that it has been voted on by someone.
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1 Creek (Craig/Tweek)

Ever since I joined the fandom this was probably the first thing I shipped. They have such a healthy relationship, Craig was always there for Tweek when he was stressing out. They even got married in the furture which I love! They go through break ups, still get back together. Creek is probably my favorite out of all the cannon and non cannon ship.

I love it so much! It's so cute. They are absolutely adorable together. Though it was a fake relationship it doesn't seem fake anymore . Especially since they got married in the future.

This ship is one of favorites. They have a really healthy relationship, they later on get married! Craig have always been there for Tweek, for example when he has panic attacks. Craig also called him names such as "babe" and "honey". They are meant for eachother!

2 Style (Stan/Kyle)

This is my otp and it will always stay that way. They are so cute together and I can find a lot of clips which makes this ship actually work unlike other fan ships. I also think that if Stan and Wendy brake up again, this stan and Kyle will be a better outcome than them getting back together and becoming toxic like what actually happened.

My favourite ship, in season 4 episode 6 - Cherokee Hair Tampons, Stan cared about Kyle so much, he was ready to give up his own kidney for Kyle. Then again in season 6 episode 4 - Fun with Veal, Kyle is really caring towards Stan after he got sick. In season 7 episode 14 - Raisins, Kyle was showing lots of support to Stan after his break up with Wendy. I could give a thousand more reasons why, but those are my main points.

I find this ship so adorable, that I stopped shipping Stendy. Not because I started hating that ship, but it's because I love Stan and Kyle's relationship. Whenever Kyle is sick or whatever, Stan always by his side. Just like when Kyle needed a new kidney, He tries to help him out so he could survive. I mean they are sbf, so what's not their to love?

3 Stendy (Stan/Wendy)

Obviously this will always be on my list. This is the most famous canon ship in the whole franchise. Well other
than that another reason why I ship this ship was because of the older seasons where their relationship was more wholesome, unlike now in the new seasons. Back then where Stan throws up every time he sees or talks to Wendy was so cute! But now it's just them being a stereotypical couple, who's toxic towards each other and rarely talks to each other. Still fourth place in my list.

Stendy was cuter in the earlier seasons. Cause Stan always vomit when he talks to Wendy which I find so adorable! But they did get more toxic in the latest seasons. But it's a cute ship!

It was a really cute ship in the earlier seasons, but as South Park became older it became more toxic especially after raisins.

4 Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)

This is not my top but I think its cute.

5 Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)

Clybe is so adorable. If it weren't for Stendy than it will be my otp.

If it wasn't for the ai episode these two wouldn't have been on the list

6 Kelley (Kenny/Kelly)

My favorite ship honestly. Even after the Tammy x Kenny episode came out, I still preferred Kenny and Kelly. No offense towards Tammy x Kenny shippers out there but I just feel like Kelly saving Kenny from dying is better than Kenny trying to get a BJ from Tammy and dying because of it. Although sadly, good things always comes to an end and the creators ended things too soon. It was starting so well, especially when Kenny tried to make Kelly less afraid by telling her "There's nothing to be afraid of, dear." It's just down right adorable, will always be number one in my list.

This wasn't a bad ship at all. Pretty good.

She saved him from death. It's love

7 Tochole (Token/Nicole)

This will always be second on my list. Personally I think their bond is very wholesome and cute, even if they did got set up to be together. I think the ending of the episode where they didn't care what others think made my heart melt a lot. Cartman did a good job making these two meet each other!

This is one of the sweeter couples that I like to support now and then.

This ship is very underrated.

8 Kybecca (Kyle/Rebecca Cotswolds)

I loved their chemistry a lot. Yhe way Kyle build up courage to ask Becca out and the way Becca became less shy because of Kyle is so adorable. They were starting to have a great relationship and the way they ended the episode really broke my heart. I feel like Rebecca's character got forced to do those things on the last part of the episode. It just isn't fair that they didn't make it last some more episodes before the creators ruined it.

I love this ship not as much as others but it's still really cute, Kyle helped rebbe a out of her shell and all the scenes we got of them together was so cute, the ending was such a shame though. But if you check out kyles closet you can see the exact guitar he played for Rebecca, which I find adorable.

SO ADORABLE kyle was head over heels for her an even when his friends called him dumb. They should've been together… or at least she shouldn't have turned out the way she did at the end

9 Heiman (Cartman/Heidi Turner)

If Cartman wasn't a sociopath, these two would be literally perfect together. If the guy ever managed to actually work ok himself and go to therapy, they'd probably end up with each other again.

Even though I kind of like Standy more than the Heiman ship, this would be much More better than Candy, where the ship is with Cartman and Wendy. That is one of the worst, if not, the worst in other people's opinions. I still remember most episodes in series 21, and one of my most favourites is the one where Cartman and Heidi went back together, with Heidi much more fatter and rude. Cartman is one of my most hated characters because of his racism, but this ship turned my opinion all around!

Thank god for this pairing. We don't need Wendy to be Cartman's girlfriend at all. Heidi is a better girl for Cartman. Though Stendy is more cuter.

10 Catty (Cartman/Patty Nelson)

This pairing has so much potential. They can reintroduce Patty and make her a female parallel to Cartman.

Another interesting ship regarding Cartman. The other being Heiman of course.

The Contenders
11 Dip (Damian/Pip)

It's a common yet over looked ship, honestly I find it very cute and I believe that it works. It may seem pretty normal, demon x human ships happen a lot but this one adds a little more character. I love this ship a lot and I believe you might to if you give it a chance.

I find that the two compliment each other well. It may be a little rocky, but it works. It's almost like a lesser version of Creek. Or, something along those lines.

I really wish they hadn't gotten rid of Pip and used Damien more often. This ship has so much potential.

12 Kyman (Cartman/Kyle)

Honestly no offence to these ship likers, But I found this ship really weird. Whenever I search it up it just feels disgusting too see all that. Plus none of them are gay! I see them as friend-enemies. Cartman really pisses kyle off a lot which is really annoying. Calling kyle a jew isn't gonna help neither when kyle calls him a fatso. Id rather choose creek over this weird ship. I hate this cannon because I see this really weird! Cartman has no love intrest in kyle and cartman is dating heidi(Not post covid) Bunny cannon is not that bad but I choose it more than kyman. Because I don't see so much kenny and butters moments. neither on kyman.

There is a strong possibility for these two. Something like opposites attract. But there is some proof with how Kyle always comes back to Cartman no matter how much he pisses him off. Cartman meanwhile try's to help Kyle when dire situations arise and may be acting mean to him to hide his true feelings, similar to how little boys pull girls pigtails when they like them because it's the only way they know how to express themselves.

13 Butarlotte (Butters/Charlotte)

Ah Butters and Charlotte. A ship that I was so attracted by. I really think this ship could've gone better if the boys vs. girls war didn't happen. Butters and Charlotte really had a connection (literally; they call all the time). I think this ship would've done better than it had shown on the series. I would also like to add how Butters was disgusted by the fact his friends wanted him to date a Canadian girl in that one episode yet he decided to put his and his friends' opinions aside to give Charlotte a chance. And the fact that they actually kept callings each other even after the episode was so cute, they really had a connection.

Its canon, cute, and uh canon! uh I think it's better than Bunny at least.

They are a canon couple

14 Bunny (Butters/Kenny)

In my opinion their relationship is really strong and just butters and Kenny together in an actual love relationship would be so adorable, and probably people that also ship Butters and Kenny would probably agree on that their love relationship would work out. I don't care what other people think of Butters and Kenny in a love relationship I just care that I like the ship, and that's my opinion and no one is going to be able to change that!

Kenny and butters are my favorite character and butters show a romantic relationship when Kenny is in his Princess costume and I love when they are bff!

Kenny and Butters are like best friends and Butters sometimes shows intrest for Kenny. It is a cute ship. Kenny really cares about Butters. Honestly it was awkward when me and my friend who were roleplaying as me, Butters and him, Kenny found out it was a popular ship but it is the cutest one for me 0////0

15 Tenny (Kenny/Tammy Warner)

I could see the two growing old together, I really wish we got this in more than one episode.

I wish Tammy was used for more than one episode, she had so much potential

16 Tim-Jim (Timmy/Jimmy)

I really liked this ship even though most people find them as only friends of that it is forced. I find these characters interactions entertaining and cute. There is actually very few fanarts and fanfictions with this ship.

This ship is super adorable. I love their dynamic of nobody except Jimmy understanding what his friend mean when Timmy yells "TIMMY!"

Hmm.. Well, I really have no words for this ship but I can say that I like this ship and it's cute!

17 CartCart (Cartman's love of himself)

This is Cartman we're talking about. Who would even think that this ship sucks? Cartman just have a thing for himself. No questions asked. The perfect person for Cartman is indeed Cartman himself. No offense but I actually think this ship is better than Heidi x Cartman and Kyle x Cartman. I think it's less toxic. I also think that Heidi deserved someone better than Cartman. She really was a good girlfriend. She'll always be one of my favorite girls after Kelly and Nicole!

It's amazing and canon, the most normal thing I can ever vote for.

Let's be serious, who else could Cartman ever be with.

18 Crenny (Craig/Kenny)

Crenny is simultaneously overlooked and and also not, with the abundance of fanon content from its passionate fanbase (including myself), though it's really not up to par with the other more popular pairings. Anyways, Crenny of course doesn't make a lot of sense initially since the show hasn't really shown much interaction between both characters, but regardless (and taking it from the crumbs of their interactions), their personalities fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. There is a WHOLE PARAGRAPH on the fanon wiki on why people ship Crenny and it has its great points. It's REALLY FLEXIBLE to work on as a pairing, and even so, I (well, personally) don't see any toxicity in it and the fandom. These are the reasons it's my current OTP. That is all, goodbye!

They hang out so much together in canon. I can see their friendship growing so easily into something more because of how well their personalities work together

19 Bendy (Wendy/Bebe)

I like this ship a lot. They are really close best friends. Their friendship I just love it so much! They remind me of Stan and Kyle friendship a whole lot!

They are best friends, this ship makes sense. If Stan breaks up with Wendy later on the future. Then Wendy might date Bebe, But who knows?

They have a good friendship and I can see why people ship them a lot, but I only ever see them as friends.

20 K2 (Kenny/Kyle)

I personally don't love it as much but I find this ship so cute. I kind of see it but not much since they don't really talk much. They aren't as close. But it's cute!

This is so cute I can't believe it's at number 17! Kenny and Kyle have a great relationship and I'd like to see that be explored further.

If kyle wasn't such a toxic friend, this might've actually been good.

21 ManBearButt (ManBearPig/Scuzzlebutt)
22 Special K (Kenny/Timmy)
23 Jimed (Jimbo Kern/Ned Gerblansky)

The only dominant ship

24 Stenny (Stan/Kenny)

This is literally my brotp. Stan and Kenny's friendship is so sweet and sad at the same time. I prefer it over Stan and Kyle's friendship since Kyle is a toxic friend.

The most underrated ship in my opinion. These two don't get enough interaction. I want to see more moments between them.

25 Kendy (Kenny/Wendy)

This is my favourite pairing, hands down. I don't care if it's not canon, it is great to me. If you need something to back it up then look at it's prominence in the fandom.

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