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1 Roronoa Zoro & Sanji Vinsmoke

I love this couple. Yeah, we know it's not going to become canon in a shonen manga, but it's still great! These two are such a good match, and they always seek each other's company. Zoro barely speaks, but around Sanji, he becomes so outspoken. Sanji acts like himself around him too.

I love it every time they are together. Plus, they respect and trust each other so much. For example, when Sanji said they could count on Zoro on Punk Hazard, and when Wanda said their nakama were dead, Zoro immediately said Sanji wouldn't have let it happen. But they are proud guys. They will never admit it. No, good guys, we see through your pretense!

2 Sanji Vinsmoke & Charlotte Pudding

This couple finally made it onto the list! Whether it's a crack pairing that will someday become canon, I definitely love the chemistry between these two. This is the first couple I started shipping where one person was trying to kill the other and the other was trying to avoid getting killed. Their moments together, especially when we know Pudding is evil, have the most chemistry of all. Then, when Sanji complimented her eyes, that sealed it for me. I started shipping them.

As a Sanji fan, I feel that Pudding, as a woman, has the most unique interaction with him. He has already done something for her that no one else has: he called her eyes beautiful. Now I'm waiting for something that only she can do for Sanji. If she does that, then she will be "The One" for Sanji.

3 Monkey D. Luffy & Nami

I think that Luffy and Nami would be perfect together. They both need each other and are caring. They have been together for a long time now, ever since she officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy defeated Arlong. Even though Luffy doesn't seem to be interested in girls, he might possibly be someday. Nami even cried for Luffy when she found out that his brother Ace had died right in front of him.

Although Luffy drives Nami crazy, she accepts that this is how Luffy is. They also argue sometimes, perhaps frequently. But in my opinion, Luffy and Nami would be great together, second only to Zoro and Robin.

4 Franky & Nico Robin

People often claim that Franky is immature, but while he may be goofy, he also takes care of people. He helped his two younger sisters, Kiwi and Mozu, break free from their downward spiral of drinking. Franky also reformed an entire town of gangsters, teaching them productive skills for making a living. He has always looked after his town and defended it from harmful pirates.

Franky is especially responsible when it comes to the ship, serving as a guiding figure for the crew, particularly for Usopp. Robin and Franky act like the older, guiding siblings of the crew. They try to steer the others in the right direction but ultimately allow them to live their own lives. The moment when Franky caught Robin as they fell, along with the look they shared, says it all.

5 Monkey D. Luffy & Boa Hancock

Hancock is more justified than anyone else in her behavior. There is a far bigger threat hunting her, and she developed her personality so other people don't view her as a weak person taking advantage of her. Over time, she turned into ice, as her grandma said.

Her kicking small animals (they were not hurt if you check the manga) and breaking statues is nothing because she did it for a bigger reason - a reason of protecting herself and her sisters. Compare that to Bon Clay, who stirred up a civil war for no good reason, yet fans ended up loving him anyway.

Pudding was willing to shoot someone after inviting them over as a guest just because she had insecurities. Her insecurity is nothing compared to Hancock's past. It looks hypocritical when Hancock haters make it seem like she's the only one fans forgave.

6 Usopp & Kaya

To be honest, I think this is the healthiest ship that we have here. I can be sure that Usopp will treat her better than his father did with his mother. I don't know why people hate him, but Usopp is good nakama. He is weak now, but he will be stronger in the future.

Kaya is the only girl who cares for him. I don't ship it. However, I think it's very likely to happen at the end of the story.

In the beginning, I actually thought that they were crushing on each other. That was even before I knew much about them, and I was eight years old. If even an eight-year-old can tell, then isn't it true? Plus, who else can you imagine Usopp with? And don't say Chopper! That's just... disgusting.

I'm sorry if there actually are fans for that out there because they are just friends!

7 Roronoa Zoro & Nico Robin

Yes, I love her and Zoro. They are great. Don't say Robin is ten years older than Zoro, since age doesn't matter. I know plenty of famous women who marry men younger than them. I think Zoro and Robin are perfect. Robin is not ugly or stupid. She is sexy and beautiful. She loves books like me and has a slightly dark aura. She has a past so sad that I want to cry.

She is cool, mysterious, and calm in fights. She is strong both on the inside and outside. She is kind and only wanted to carry on her mother's dream: to live. I know Nami is great, but Robin is much better for me. She is my role model.

8 Sanji Vinsmoke & Viola

Sanji and Violet rock! As we all know, Sanji is obsessed with women. Sure, this can have some really funny moments with Nami and Robin. But the kind of irritating thing is when Sanji refuses to fight women. I know, I know, it's a big part of his character and stuff. But you have to admit it is really annoying when Sanji gets completely defeated by a girl who is actually pretty weak compared to him.

But that's how Violet and Sanji are just so awesome. Finally! Sanji's refusals to fight women and his faith in women actually had a positive impact, and it actually saved Sanji instead of injuring him. So therefore, after years of Sanji believing in women, it's only fair that Violet believes in him.

9 Sanji Vinsmoke & Nami

I love this ship. In my opinion, the only reason Nami x Luffy is popular is due to the fact that Luffy is the main protagonist and Nami is the heroine. It is really common among fans to support the hero and heroine standard. However, Luffy shows equal concern for all of his crewmates, and the only "moment" between the two is when he allows her to wear his precious Straw Hat, which I do not consider romantic.

I support Sanji x Nami because in the current arc, the Sanji retrieval arc, it is hinted that Nami might have some feelings for Sanji as well. It is also well-known that Sanji prefers Nami above all.

10 Capone Bege & Charlotte Chiffon

Very affectionate and healthy relationship. They are a good match.

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11 Roronoa Zoro & Tashigi

Tashigi was obviously created to interact with Zoro and share an emotional connection with him. Her relationship with Zoro has been evolving from enemies to rivals in swordsmanship, and now they're coming to terms with each other. Oda has also hinted that Tashigi might have a crush on Zoro. I don't ship this, but I like their interactions and how Zoro acts when he's around her. He even made her a bandage while she was passed out in Punk Hazard, before running from the gas. He doesn't admit it, but he cares for her.

12 Sabo & Koala

This pairing is nearly by default. They are shown together all the time and seem to get along. They're the only important members of the Revolutionary Army who are young and good-looking. So, of course, people ship them! It's not like there is any "rival" to this pairing. If there were another member on the team (male or female) hanging around, it would be a different story entirely.

Even though they fight a few times, that proves their relationship is growing into a love relationship. Plus, Koala has been worried for Sabo when he passed out and slept for three days straight. Hopefully, they will share some feelings for each other at some point, and hopefully, it will be soon.

13 Koza & Nefertari Vivi

Duh. Vivi and Kohza are perfect for each other! Stop shipping Vivi with Ace. I repeat, stop shipping Vivi with Ace. Ace and Vivi don't have chemistry. They don't even look cute together. Besides, Ace is mine. He belongs to the fangirls. He isn't getting shipped with anyone. Although, Ace does look kind of sexy with Nami.

Kohza and Vivi are a great couple. While yes, they are cute together, I don't ship them just for that reason. They have had each other's backs ever since they were kids, and they both have a strong romantic connection. Plus, they even each other out well.

14 Trafalgar D. Water Law & Nico Robin

They're just perfect together, both physically and mentally. They share the same dark humor and personality. They are taciturn, smart, and mysterious. They form such a good team - in the Dress Rosa arc, but also against Usopp when they turn him mad.

In some episodes, we can see Robin reading at night while the others are sleeping, and Law has circles under his eyes. They're both close to Chopper: Law because of his medical skills, and Robin because of her maternal instinct and her love for books. In fact, Law just seems to be Robin's male version.

There's just a little difference between them: Law hates bread while Robin's favorite food is sandwiches, but that's not really important.

15 Shanks & Makino

Why not? Shanks is really inspired by Roger, so I think it's logical that he will end up with a normal woman. Makino has a baby boy now, and I hope Shanks is the father of that child. Maybe at the end of the story, Shanks will be just like Rayleigh, quit everything, and come back to a normal life with his woman.

I would be disappointed if Makino's baby isn't from Shanks after all. Makino is a caring woman, and Shanks is a kind man. I think they would work very well together.

I think at this point, Shanks and Makino are pretty much canon, especially after the chapter cover.

16 Eustass Kid & Trafalgar D. Water Law

This is a very popular pairing. I'm very surprised it's not higher on the list.

Kid seems very interested in Law and can't take his eyes off of him.

That is one hot pairing, I'm telling you.

17 Roronoa Zoro & Perona

Well, in all honesty, I believe it's an amazing ship. Over the two years they spent together, there was a mutual respect that formed a bond between them. There were also hints of her showing affection, and she healed him of her own volition. Mihawk obviously didn't care, and he could have gotten rid of her, and so on. In the end, Perona blossomed into a beauty, along with her affection for Zoro.

I sincerely feel that this couple is the clumsiest and also the cutest. In my opinion, if Tashigi would get scrapped already, Perona and Zoro would almost instantly become the most awesome couple. I'm also expecting Perona to join Luffy's crew. Second after this, at a somewhat close distance, is of course Luffy and Boa or Nami or Robin. Who says we can't also have a harem for the MC?

18 Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge

Of course, Roger and Rouge are married and canon, and their son is Fire Fist Ace, for God's sake!

I really wish we would have learned about them and their relationship!

Obviously, they are married and had Ace!

19 Sabo & Portgas D. Ace

I think that this relationship could work pretty well. I mean, Sabo was the first person Ace opened up to. Until Luffy, they shared their secrets and dreams only with each other. Maybe the whole "brotherly thing" was a beautiful way to express their love from a young age. I could see them together as grown-up adults who fell for their best friend. Super cute, and they're both super handsome! Love this pairing.

20 Marco & Portgas D. Ace

My favorite couple! The way Marco was devastated during Ace's death. The way he is a firebird and Ace is fire. Marco is calm to match Ace's passion. It's a fated match! (I could actually see it happening if only Ace hadn't died early on.)

This yaoi pairing is really popular! I think it's third after ZoSan and LuLaw. I'm shocked it's not higher.

21 Smoker & Hina

Smoker and Hina are two close friends who always have each other's backs, and I think they have good chemistry between them. I would love to see them end up together. They would make one awesome Marine couple.

Simply amazing! They understand each other well and were mates during their training years. Plus, who would ever be good enough for Smoker other than Hina?

Smoker and Hina would be one of the best couples ever. They're old friends and always have each other's backs. One Piece could use a Marine couple.

22 Smoker & Tashigi

Well, I'm not a big fan of Tashigi, but I'm a fan of this pairing. I think they're cute together.

23 Portgas D. Ace & Nefertari Vivi

I think they are the best couple ever! I mean, how could you not love them? When they talked and laughed next to the fire, it was simply amazing! Also, when they were buried in the sand, he ran to her first. I think she likes him, too. They make so much sense!

Even though they had little time together, they still had cute moments. Like when they were at the fireplace, and how Ace ran to her first when they were buried in the sand. He helped her bury the skeleton and understands how important the country is to her. Even though Ace died, I still see them together.

24 Bartolomeo & Cavendish
25 Usopp & Nami

I love this ship. They both have been shown to invest huge amounts of trust in each other. Let's be honest, pre-timeskip they were as far from the Monster Trio as it got. They are both used to fighting with wits and deception, and they are very emotionally connected. This was evident on Thriller Bark, where Nami rushed to his side. I absolutely love this ship!

I know, I know, Kaya, but seriously, these two would be pretty cute together as well. They just seem to get each other. Before Robin, I feel like they were the parents of the whole ship.

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