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1 Luffy & Nami

I don't ever see Luffy and Nami separating, even after we have seen the final panel in the last chapter of the adventure. Their relationship is centered around a very deep trust in one another; and while Nami might not be the strongest crew member for Luffy to team up beside, she is everything that he needs in a partner for life.

These two need each other, and have the most to offer the one another. Nami will always tell Luffy what he needs to hear, and Luffy will comfort Nami when she begins to overthink the situation and worries too much.

They don't always see eye to eye, but they come together and work it out. That's what great relationships are built on. Going through adversity together, and talking thinks out. Reconciliation of disagreements and moving forward, trusting the other person to be honest and faithful. There is no life sea these two can't make it through together.

In my opinion, it's the best couple in One Piece. First, their personalities just go together so well. Luffy is impulsive, childish, adventurous, reckless, and brave, but Nami cancels out those traits by being calm, adult-like, careful, and (sometimes) cowardly. Luffy and Nami cancel out each of their negative traits, and they also get along quite well. Second, Luffy is an emotional pillar for Nami. Who does Nami turn to when she has nothing left during Arlong Arc? She turns to Luffy. For the FIRST TIME since she started working for Arlong, she asks someone else for help, and that someone else is Luffy. Also, who gives Nami the courage to stand up to Enel in the Skypeia Arc? Luffy did it. When Luffy shows up on the Arc Maxim, Nami regains her confidence and finally stands up to Enel. Also, when Nami learns why Robin betrayed the Strawhats, she acts happy when she tells Chopper. However, when she confronts Luffy, she reveals her true emotions by crying. This shows the amount of comfort ...more

I adore this ship. They actually complement each other very well. Luffy is a troublemaker, so he needs someone to ground him, and I believe Nami is the right person for the job. When she is in danger, she only calls out for Luffy, and he seems to have a lot of faith in her. Trust, communication, and support are three factors that contribute to a successful relationship! Apart from the shipping topic, nami is undeniably Luffy's favorite girl.

I think that Luffy and Nami will go perfect. They both need each other and are caring. They both have been together for a long time now, ever since she officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy defeated Arlong. Even though Luffy doesn't seemed to be interested in girls, he might possibly someday. Nami even cried for Luffy when she found out Luffy's brother Ace died right in front of him. Although Luffy drives Nami crazy, she accepts that is how Luffy is. They both also argue sometime, maybe frequently. But in my opinion, Luffy and Nami will be great, second to Zoro and Robin.

2 Sanji Vinsmoke & Charlotte Pudding

I never thought a character like Sanji could ever find someone that compliments him. But Oda found a way to pair this character which is amazing. Pudding is such a perfect character for him. They're both perverts, love cooking and most importantly they're actually both in love with each other.
Hopefully, Pudding comes back to the story to give back Sanji his memories. Still waiting for the day when Pudding shows up.

Straight up divine act of Sanji where he rejects her proposal as it happened at the cost of his crewmates' safety and Zeff's safety. She acknowledges it unlike a certain 'love sick idiot', waiting for his approval. She then meets Sanji in a room where he openly showed how he's bullied by the family. Eventhough she was acting all along, she could relate to his suffering as her ownself. Later when he got to know that marrying her was the only option, he approached her for this. She was refusing this pain on him, subconciously feeling bad for him, thinking that if she had shown him his weaker side, he would call her a freak too. When Sanji got to know that he was tricked into his whole family's death and Pudding's other self, he was broken. Later when he went on to the vow part, she already presumed Sanji to hate her for her 3rd eye and kill him that instant, repenting for another failure of relief, but he complimented her and it was the 1st time she stopped acting. Later she openly ...more

This couple finally appeared here lol! Well, whether it's a crack pairing that will someday be canon I definitely love the chemistry between these two. This is the first couple I started shipping where one was trying to kill the other and the other was avoiding to get killed, I don't know but their moments together where we know pudding is evil has the most chemistry of all, and then when sanji complimented her eyes, that's it for me, I started shipping them. As a Sanji fan, I felt like pudding as a woman has the most unique interaction with Sanji, he already did something no one has ever done for her, call her eyes beautiful, now I'm waiting for the thing only she can do for Sanji because if she does, then she will be "The One" for Sanji

Sanji is not there yet, but Pudding is definitely in love with him!
But Sanji doesn't now how she truly feels, she broke his heart and then the one time she was fully honest with him she made him forget... as far as he knows she still sees him as an enemy.
I think that if Sanji learns the truth when they see each other again, then this couple has a very real chance of becoming canon. Oda made them so similar and showed us the dept of Pudding's feeling for him in the last chapter and I don't think he did it for no reason... for me this match is very obvious.
No matter what happens, I really like them and they have become one of my favorite couples in One Piece. So I will keep my fingers crossed!

3 Zoro & Sanji

Seems to me that Oda put a lot of emphasis on those two. When Zoro (and Sanji) faced Kuma for Luffy on Thriller Bark, Oda made it more of a moment between Zoro and Sanji, when the crew reunite on Sabaody, he had them meet first and spend time together. When the crew reunited on Wano, he singled them out by making their reunion super epic and flashy. I think he knows fans love their relationship. It's one of the best elements of One Piece. They're also the same age and I think despite their bickering they count on the other to have their and their captain's back and relate to the other more than anyone else.

The trust and respect they have for each other is obvious. They even look out for each other in a very tsundere way. I swear they act like bickering husbands. They make an amazing team and are Luffy's biggest support.

They're both hot, they're both badass, they like to fight, they might be opposite on some things but they see eye to eye on others and have true mutual respect. Despite their differences, I think they see have more in common with each others than with the others StrawHats even more so because they are the same age. I love their dynamic it's one of the best things about One Piece. And Oda seems to be aware of that as he made a bigger deal out of their reunion on Sabaody than with the other StrawHats.

I love this couple. Yeah, we know it's not going to become canon in a shonen manga, but it's still great! These two are such a good match and they always seek each other's company. Zoro barely speaks but around Sanji he becomes so outspoken and Sanji acts like himself around him. I love it every time they are together. Plus they respect and trust each other SO MUCH, like when Sanji said they could count on Zoro on Punk Hazard and when Wanda was saying their nakama were dead, Zoro immediately said Sanji wouldn't have let it happen. But they are proud guys, they will never admit it, No good guys, we see through your pretense!

4 Franky & Robin

People like to claim Franky is not mature but while he is goofy he also takes care of people. His two little sisters Kiwi and Mozu, he stopped them from their downward tale spin of drinking. He straightened out a whole town of gangsters and taught them a productive skill to make a living. He looked after his town and defended them from bad pirates. He is also very responsible when it comes to the ship. He is definitely a guiding figure especially for Ussop. Robin and Franky are like the older guiding siblings of the crew. They try to point the others in the right direction but ultimately let them all live their own lives. Plus Franky catching Robin when they fell and that look they shared says it all.

I love how their personalities contrasted each other. Franky being more brash and boisterous compared to Robin's reserved and graceful attitude. Despite this, they are linked by one of the most plot points in One Piece universe: the ancient weapons. Their past both revealed in the same arc, and bonded closer during the time they were captured. Not to mention the hints and ship teases Oda gives us -- especially with them being the parents in the Strawhat Family. Imagine Franky and Robin having coffee/cola in a sunny afternoon and casually talks about said weapon of mass destruction. Adorable!

I think one of the reasons why some people don't match Robin with Franky is because he's not considered classically handsome like Zoro, Sanji or Law. But he is still cool and I think his personality works well with Robin's. She needs some fun in her life after what she's been through and I think she actually enjoys his antics. It's not like Franky cannot be serious when the situation calls for it. However, even if Oda has given hints and will probably keep doing it, I doubt we'll ever get more than that. It think it will just be implied but never confirmed. But I might be wrong.

Not my cup of tea but I'm not blind. It's been hinted several times in the manga already that they are very close to each other and share a special bond. They're usually always together, have some couple theme going on wearing matching cloths or even flirting with one another. And they both mutually respect one another.
As a matter of fact, I actually don't even like this ship haha. But I wouldn't be surprised if they end up together.

5 Zoro & Robin

Someone needs to explain this paring to me because holy moly its is complete nonsense and so are the comments here. Someone said they don't insult or bother each other and it's supposed to be evidence of them liking each other, well GIRL that's because they never interact in the first place, that's kind of the point. And what kind of hint has Oda has shown, like ever? All the hints he gave us are all Franky/Robin so I have no idea what you guys are talking about. For real,you should put all this obsession in a pairing that has an actual chance instead of making things up about two characters who have so little panel time and chemistry.

Yes I love her and Zoro. They are great. Don't say Robin is ten years older than Zoro since age doesn't matter. I know plenty of famous women who marry men younger than them. I think Zoro and Robin are perfect. People Robin is NOT UGLY or stupid. She is sexy and beautiful. She loves books like me and has a slightly dark aura. She has a past so sad I want to cry. She is cool, mysterious, and calm in fights. She is a strong women on the inside and outside. She is kind and only wanted to carry her mother's dream : to live. I know Naming is great but Robin is much better for me. She is my role model

Okay, I get that they have some similarities, so what? That doesn't make them a good couple. They don't talk to each other that much and don't have any chemistry for me. Sure, he respects her like every other member of the crew and its understandable because of her mature personality. Also they don't have that much moments. The only thing that can be taken as romantic is the moment in skypea but in that time zoro didn't even trust her. He did it only because she is a crew member and was the only person on her side around. Also the fact that he said she is a woman looks more like an exuse to save her since he doesn't actually care for genders and that stuff. He did the same with nami in the beginning of the story when he didn't know her. For me they would be very boring as a couple and don't understand why so many people ship them. And most of the time the opposite attracts more. So I think both of them need someone more energetic and positive like Franky and Nami.

I understand how many Zorbin fans are out there, but honestly, I don't ship Zorbin AT ALL. No, this isn't about age, cause, let's be real, age doesn't matter. And yes, I know how great they look together ( post-timeskip ), it's just that they don't have any real chemistry. I see them as just crewmates who deeply respect each other. You people say that Zoro protects Robin, but girl, let's be real here, Zoro protected Luffy and the other member of the Straw Hats a bunch of times. Does that mean Zoro and Luffy are a couple? No. It's just that you people are desperate for romance, so now, you're just shipping all the important characters. If you want romance, try some romance anime. If Robin were to get shipped with anyone, I'd say Franky, although they don't look that cute together.

6 Luffy & Hancock

Sure Luffy may not be into romance but I like Boa a lot and she is such a great female character that I can't help but support it. And I don't think Luffy ever get with someone from his crew. That would be wrong and he has shown no (romantic) interest in any of them.

Hancock is more justified than anyone else in her behavior. There is a far bigger threat hunting her, and she developed the personality so other people don't view her as a weak person taking advantage of her. Overtime, she turned into ice as granma said. Her kicking small animals (they were not hurt if you check the manga) and breaking statues is nothing because she did it for a bigger reason. Bigger reason of protecting herself and her sisters. Compare that to Bon Clay stirring up a civil war for no good reason who fans ended up loving anyway. Pudding who was able to shoot someone after inviting them over as a guest jut because she had insecurities (her insecurity is nothing compared to Hancock's past). It looks hypocritical when Hancock haters make it seem like she's the only one who fans forgave.

First of all Luffy and Nami just doesn't work. Unless you reduce Nami into being a weak crybaby or reduce Luffy to be like any other guy who has interest in girls.

Whether you like it or not Nami x Luffy won't happen. Nami is very mentally strong and after the Arlong stuff she believes in herself, so just making her hide behind Luffy's back... No, just no. I love Nami and Luffy as nakama. Each crew member has different bonds with other crew members but I like thinking that Nami and Luffy's nakama bond is very unique and strong. But in a relationship it just wouldn't work because they are very good and very close and very unique FRIENDS not lovers.

Hancock on the other hand sees Luffy in a completely different way. She loves him and she expresses it. Luffy does know that she likes him but he's just not interested. This relationship works a lot better because they are both aware rather than Nami and Luffy that will probably just continue to be friends and probably won't ...more

I find it hilarious that someone ridiculed Hancock for being "blindly obsessed" even though she is the least crazy lover in One Piece. Pudding gets nosebleed over small things and develops multiple personalities, while Baby 5 literally tries to end herself; ya sure call Hancock crazy obsessed lol that's luna shippers for you. Also, Hiyori literally sleeps with someone she just met. Most Hancock has done is confuse hug with marriage, but that's just her not knowing thing because of her past. Maybe they think Hancock helping Luffy, which only benefitted him, is crazy obsession. I think they don't care that her presence was GodA's gift to him.

7 Usopp & Kaya

To be honest I think this is the healthiest ship that we have here. I can be sure that Usopp will treat her better than his father did with his mother. I don't know why people hate him but Usopp is good nakama. He is weak now but he will be stronger in the future. Kaya is the only girl that cares for him. I don't ship it, however, I think it's very likely to happen at the end of the story.

In the beginning, I actually thought that they were crushing on each other. That was even before I knew much about them, and I was EIGHT YEARS OLD. If even an EIGHT YEAR OLD can tell, then isn't it true? Plus, who else can you imagine Usopp 'with'? And don't say Chopper! That's just... Discusting. I'm sorry if there actually are fans for that out there... because they are JUST FRIENDS!

Perhaps not the most interesting couple, but undoubtedly one of the most obvious pairings in One Piece, along with Sabo&Koala and Sanji&Pudding. I wonder though how Usopp will make it work if he's always on the ship. I don't want him to leave the crew, but I hope he will not leave her behind with a kid like his dad did.

I love Usopp and kaya she is becoming a doctor just to treat him for when he returns and there still best friends. It's obvious that the reason he loved the going merry so much is because it was a gift from her. Plus usopp even made a snow sculpture of Kaya on the going merry how can you not ship them

8 Sanji & Violet

Sanji and Violet ROCK!
As we all know Sanji is obsessed with women. Sure this can have some really funny moments with Nami and Robin. But the kind of irritating thing is when Sanji refuses to fight women. I know, I know, it's a big part of his character and stuff... But you have to admit it is really annoying when Sanji get's completely defeated by a girl who is actually pretty weak compared to him. But that's how Violet and Sanji are just so awesome.
FINALLY! Sanji's refusals to fight women and his faith in women actually had a positive impact and it actually saved Sanji instead of injuring him. So therefore after years of Sanji believing in women it's only fair that Violet believes in him.

It's true Violet likes Sanji, but it's clearly nothing compared to how Pudding feels for him. Violet had a small crush but she didn't seem fazed by his departure. Pudding on the other hand was heartbroken. That's the difference between a crush and love. Plus I think Pudding is way better for him. She would fit at his side perfectly and would be happy to leave her island...

I think they'll do well together. Why? Well to be honest I think Violet is one of the few who actually likes him, second I think she would be good for him in cases of love. But to be honest Sanji likes every woman so it's hard to say, but in the end the Straw Hats when they go off on their own paths I'm 81% sure Sanji will be with Violet, but we just have to wait and see.

She seems to like him as much as he likes her, and with Nami it is one sided flirtation only. I think the straw hat crew are like brothers and sisters, and any romances just do not work in my opinion. Plus the fact that she can read his dirty mind is funny. They would be a wonderfully romantic couple.

9 Sanji & Nami

I love this ship. In my opinion, the only reason Nami x Luffy is popular is due to the fact that Luffy is the main protagonist and Nami is the heroine. It is really common among fans to support the hero x heroine standard. However, Luffy shows equal concern for all of his crewmates and the only "moment" between the two is when he allows her to wear his precious Straw Hat, which is not considered romantic by me. I support Sanji x Nami because in the current arc (Sanji retrieval arc), it is hinted that Nami might have some feelings for Sanji as well. It is also well - known that Sanji prefers Nami above all.

I really think Nami is special to Sanji and that he would be faithful if he ever got a chance to be with her. Oda has chosen Nami and Sanji for a lot of moments that could be seen as kind of romantic. I think the biggest reason this isn't more popular is because a lot of western fans see him as a playboy, when he's far from. Honestly, the way the current arc is going it would not surprise me if Oda threw in even more scenes between these two in particular. Personally I ship it, and I think they would actually fit really well together. Two people that can be on the same level when it comes to both serious and unserious subjects. Can we all at least agree that they both care deeply about each other? Because no matter how many fans there are that think Nami hates Sanji, they're clearly wrong.

Sanji and Nami has plenty of moments that makes me think Oda treats them differently.

We have the whole wedding scene in Thriller Bark, not to mention another wedding coming up and a quite distressed Nami.

We have them protecting each other, not only Nami getting saved by Sanji several times, but Nami fighting for him too.

She's cried over him and he's cried for her.

In a lot of serious situations they turn to each other because they are both levelheaded and trust the other one's opinion.

They switched bodies in Punk Hazard, but despite Oda making a unfunny joke about it, we got a lot of moments between them.

Nami has worn Sanji's jacket twice.

Sanji is often chosen to be Nami's protector she can be seen hiding behind him from time to time.

Luffy has basically said "I leave Nami to you" to Sanji while he has said "Leave Sanji to me" to Nami. Indicating that he knows they care and worry deeply about the other.

They know ...more

People keep brining in how Luffy x Nami makes more sense while at the same time saying how Nami has shown no interest in Sanji makes that ship unlikely to happen... But when has Nami or Luffy ever shown romantic interest for each other? While we don't know what Nami feels, at least Sanji has an interest in Nami. From what I can tell Luffy has no romantic feelings for anything with the only possible exception being meat. If we compare the two ships SaNa makes more sense at the moment.

10 Sabo & Koala

This pairing is nearly by default. They are shown together all the time and seems to get along, only important members of the revolutionary army who are young good-looking. So of course people ship them! It's not like there is any "rival" to this pairing :P If there was another member on the team (male or female) hanging around, it would be another thing entirely.

Even though they fight a few times that proves their relationship is growing into a love relationship, plus Kola has shown been worried for Sabo when he passed out and slept 3 days straight. hopefully they share some feelings for each other at some point hopefully it will be soon.

Please make this come true, Oda. I really love this ship. They always care about each other and they have shared many cute moments. Koala is like Boa Hancock, they both have dark past so I hope someday they will find their own happiness.

Ironically enough this seems to really be happening considering how Oda has been nicely treating love in the Dressrosa arc. And I approve, this shows that love really can work in One Piece

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11 Capone & Chiffon

Very affectionate and healthy relationship. They are a good match.

12 Zoro & Tashigi

Tashigi was obviously created to interact with Zoro and share an emotional connection with him. Her relationship with Zoro has been evolving, from enemies, to rivals in swordsmanship but now they're coming to terms with each other. Oda has also hinted that Tashigi might have a crush in Zoro. I don't ship this but I like their interactions and how Zoro acts when he's around her. He even made her a bandage while she was passed out in Punk Hazard, before running from the gas. He doesn't admit it but he cares for her.

How do you get Zoro to blush like a child and to reveal his past? Put Tashigi into the mix. There has always been chemistry between these two in my opinion. And I don't think there is a better couple.
Zoro is very possessive, he sleeps with his swords for goodness sake... I don't think he will give up holding them for someone else unless they are someone who values their worth more than he does and Tashigi has already announced the fact that she is going to take them away. :D
No person has brought out a more clear truth from another than Zoro and Tashigi. They get on each other's nerves and argue whenever they meet.
Some of the Best episodes of One Piece have Tash/Zoro screen time.

Zotash is the kind of couple in which you immediately catch the strong feeling that emanates from their first encounter and it emits enormous potential. It's that kind of couple who doesn't need continuous interactions because it has proven to be already solid and tough. Zoro and Tashigi are tied to so many things, they complement each other and the fact that she resembles so much to her childhood friend (what's wrong, after all?) is a clear sign that they are most likely destined to be together. I just cannot see Zoro tied to some other girl, Tashigi is the only one who clearly has a soft spot (you can tell because in her presence she is agitated, nervous and ready to quarrel; and she does the same), is the only one that observes her and the fact that they are enemies is only irrelevant at the end. Indeed, all this makes things even more intriguing and exciting. Punk Hazard has been a clear signal that their relationship is about to evolve over time.

In short, Zotash has all ...more

They're just so perfect, it's just like they were made for each other. But at the same time different, Tashigi's softness and cuteness brings a contrast to Zoro's rough side. The fact that they're a pirate and a marine gives everything an interesting twist. I can't wait to know how their relationship develops! Besides, let's remember Oda confirmed that Tashigi feels attracted to Zoro in the SBS, so this ship is at least 50% canon!

13 Shanks & Makino

Why not? Shanks is really inspired by Roger so I think it's logical that he will end up with a normal woman. Makino has a baby boy now and I hope Shanks is the father of that child. Maybe at the end of the story, Shanks will be just like Rayleigh, quit everything and come back to normal life with his woman.

I would be disappointed if Makino's baby isn't from Shanks after all. Makino is a caring woman and Shanks is a kind man, I think they would work very well

I think at this point Shanks and Makino are pretty much canon, especially after the chapter cover.

I don't know what's so cute about these two... they just showed up together ONCE at the bar with Luffy...

14 Zoro & Nami

Yes, this is a very good pairing. Based on their zodiac signs, their a perfect match. Zoro is a Scorpio, Nami a Cancer and Sanji a Pisces. They're all water signs, so either Zoro or Sanji is a good match for Nami. Very interesting love triangle, remains me of the countless times Zoro throws an insult like "love-cook" towards Sanji whenever he flirts with Nami and then a fight begins. I've noticed Nami uses Zoro as a shield/protector often and it's a fact Zoro has saved her life more than any other in the crew. I dare say in any dangerous situation, Nami depends on Zoro more than any other. I like the idea of the person with the worst sense of direction being together with the person with the best sense direction. I see them as a pair of Tsundere, their fights just demonstrate their passion for each other.

I feel like these two are a very good choice. They both complement each other well and both of them are like guardians to Luffy. What's more, it has been shown many times that although they can argue a lot, there are still times they agree on and can talk without biting each other's necks. Not only that, they also show a lot of care for each other than one would think. Like the time Zoro was seriously trying to navigate when Nami got sick, even telling her to get sleep while he "takes care" of it. Or the time Zoro was deeply injured, Nami and Chopper stayed by his side. Interesting is also the fact that Nami just knows very well which buttons to push to make Zoro angry (like that time in Whiskey Peak about the debt..). Luffy and Nami are more like siblings only.

I just don't get why people like nami x luffy and zoro x robin. I just really can't see those pairings at all. Ever since I've started reading the manga, it has always been zoro and nami for me. The thing about the trust between luffy x nami and zoro x robin seems to be more like friendship to me. I mean they seem more like bestfriends rather than lovers whatsoever. I just like the fact that nami and zoro fights every damn time and how they drive each other crazy. Besides I just really coudn't see luffy with anyone at all and that robin is more like a mother or an elder sister to her crewmates.

I don't get why people ship Zoro with Nami. They are so mismatched in term of personality. They don't really talk or spend time together on the ship but when they do they act like annoyed siblings. I don't really ship Zoro with anyone because he's so focused on, you know, swords and booze but I think shipping Zoro with Tashigi or that chick from Wano (forgot her name) make more sense anyway. I get that shipping is all about personal taste but I find this one very hard to understand and after reading some threads I didn't get the impression many people ship them either because I don't recall anyone mentioning this pairing during any of those stupid endless debates. But I believe it used to be a bit more popular years ago, maybe when less characters were part of the one piece world.

15 Law & Robin

Simply perfect together. They are my favourite male and female characters and their characters match perfectly: both mature and a bit obscure, but can drink tell support and understand each other. Robin is a very smart woman and she is clearly fascinated by Law, who is one of the smartest characters so far. For this reason I can't ship Robin with characters like Franky or Zoro, who are cool and funny but definitely not as intelligent as Law.

I totally agree that they are perfect for each other and I think that non of the straw hats are going to get together with someone on the crew. Robin and law even have similar pasts and robin has a lot of moments with him even though it's not like her. But that just tells use that they should be together.please make them be together in the end as a happy couple Odia

They're just perfect together, physically and mentally. They share the same dark humor and personality. They are taciturn, smart and mysterious. They form such a good team -in the dress Rosa arc but also against Ussop when they turn him mad haha -. They also seem to not sleep the night -in some episode we can see Robin's reading the night while the others are sleeping and Law has circles under his eyes-. They're also both closed to Chopper, Law because of his medicine's skills and Robin because of her maternal instinct and her love for the books. In fact, Law just seems to be Robin's male version. There's just a little difference between them, Law hates bread while Robin's favorite food are sandwiches, but that's not really important x)

I love them together! They have a lot in common. They both love dark things, have morbid remarks and they have the same dark humor. They are quite, intelligent and mysterious. And I think they both love cute things (Chopper and Bepo? )! Plus Law is taller than Robin and they only have four years of difference! And I love the scenes between them in the Punk Hazard and the Dressrosa Arcs! I think they're meant to be together!

16 Kohza & Vivi

Duh. Vivi and Kohza are perfect for each other! Stop shipping Vivi with Ace, I repeat, stop shipping Vivi with Ace. Ace and Vivi don't have chemistry. They don't even look cute together. Besides, Ace is mine, he belongs to the fangirls, he ain't getting shipped with no one. Although, Ace does look kinda sexy with Nami.

Kohza and Vivi are a great couple while yes they are cute together but I don't ship them because of that, they have each other's backs ever since they were kids and they both have a strong connection to each othere in the romantic since. Plus they even each day other out well

They grew up together! They love each other. Kohza protected Vivi when she was younger. The care about each other.

Who ships them? This couple is like a crown pushed into a garbage can. First of all Vivi is with ACE.

17 Corazon & Bellemere
18 Smoker & Hina

Simply amazing! They understand each other well, and were mates during their training years, plus who would ever be good enough for Smoker other than Hina

Smoker and and Hina are two close friends who always have each other backs and I think that they have good chemistry between them I would love to see them end up together. They would be one awesome marine couple

Smoker and Hina would be one of the best couples ever. Their old friends and always have each other backs. One Piece could use a marine couple

OOH these two would be adorably funny together! Hina would be the boss of the relationship, of course!

19 Zoro & Perona

Well in all honesty, I believe it's an amazing ship because over the 2 years they spent together there was a mutual respect placed in a bond between them. Also there were also hints of her showing affection and she did heal him out of her own will. Mihawk obviously didn't care and he could've gotten rid of her and etc; In the end Perona blossomed into a beauty along with her affection with Zoro

I sincerely felt that this couple is the clumsiest and also the cutest. In my opinion if Tashigi would get scrapped already, Perona and Zoro would become almost instantly the most awesome couple. I'm also expecting Perona to join Luffy's crew. Second after this, at a somewhat close distance is of course Luffy and Boa/Nami/Robin... who says we can't also have a harem for the MC?

Where has it ever said that Nami and Zoro end up together? If you have some proof of that, I would love to see it, along with any other couples that are supposed to end up together. Personally, I can see Sanji with either Zoro or Nami, for different reasons. Zoro I don't see with Nami at all.

I ship these two sooo much! Ever since I saw a fanart made of the two of them, I've been shipping these two together in my mind. Zoro's stern demeanor would be the perfect complement to this girl's childishly sarcastic demeanor. They'd have so many hilarious situations together.

20 Roger & Rouge

Of course Roger and Rouge they are married and cannon and their son is Fire Fist Ace for God Damn sake!

I really wished we would have learned about them and their relationship!

21 Smoker & Tashigi

Well I'm not a big fan of Tashigi but I'm a fan of this pairing. I think they're cute together.

Give me pleasure! Their relationship is similar to father and daughter!

I actually don't have a great explanation, it's just cute(r than Tashigi with Zoro)

22 Ace & Vivi

Why? It could have been nice, but Ace is dead and they had no significant scenes together in the first place. Seriously, I don't understand how people can support a pairing in that context. There was nothing between them and now we're 100% sure there never will be. That's just stupid. I'm sure Vivi will eventually find someone.

I think they are the best couple ever! I mean how could you not love them? When they talked and laughed next to the fire was simply amazing! Also when they were buried in the sand, he ran to her first. And I think she likes him, too. They make so much sense!

Even though they had little time they still made cute moment like when they were at the fireplace and how ace ran to her first when they were burried in the sand, how he helped her burry the skeleton and how he understands how important the country is to her. even though ace died I still see them together

I hate this couple, they only knew each other for a probably not even a week! it feels like a god damn disney movie where they fall in love at first sight except it's the people who ship them at first sight!

23 Bartolomeo & Cavendish
24 Usopp & Nami

I love this ship, they both have been shown to invest huge amounts of trust in each other, and let's be honest, pre-timeskip they were as far from the Monster Trio as it got. They are both used to fighting on wits and deception and they are very emotionally connected, as seen on Thriller Bark where Nami rushed to his side. I absolutely love this ship!

I know, I know, Kaya, but seriously, these 2 would be pretty cute together as well...they just seem to get each other and before Robin, I feel like they were the parents of the whole ship...

I LOVE THEM, why is this not more popular? If there wouldn't be the Kaya-thing then I'd totally want them together...they are like a better LuNa version since they have more developmend...

Well if kaya wasnt introduced, this pairing would be a huge competitor for Luna.

25 Sanji & Vivi

I didn't know people actually used to ship Sanji with Vivi. I just can't see it happening

I prefer Sanji with Monet & Vivi with Luffy, no thanks!

Vivi is with Kohza.

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