Top Ten Plot Lines in Doctor Who Season 12

With the finale of Doctor Who Season 12 coming up, we will be looking at the best plots set up in this season. These plots will be a combination of long-term and short-term plots. These plots could be settled this season or in the future. Without further ado let's get into it.
The Top Ten
1 The Timeless Child

The Timeless Child has been developed since the 2nd episode of Season 11. The Timeless Child is a mystery that really worries The Doctor and is apparently why The Master destroyed Gallifrey. We all wonder what The Timeless Child is. Apparently it is The Doctor's greatest fear based on the episode "Can You Hear Me?" I am excited to see how it plays out.

2 The Lone Cyberman

When Captain Jack returned he warned of The Lone Cyberman. He said "Don't give it what it wants." The Doctor has already failed. When The Doctor and crew went to Villa Diodati to meet Mary Shelley. That quickly went sour. Percy Shelley accidentally let Cyberium into him. The Lone Cyberman was looking for the Cyberium and would do anything to get it. The Doctor not wanting anyone to die gave him what he wanted. Now we will diving into the long awaited Cyber War.

3 The Destruction of Gallifrey

On the second episode of Spyfall we figure out Gallifrey is destroyed again. The Master apparently did it a fit of rage over lies told about the creation of Gallifrey and over the truth of the Timeless Child. Let's see what happens.

4 The Return of the Master

The Master returning was huge to me. I feel like they really nailed that return at the end of Spyfall Part 1. That scene is actually my favorite scene of Jodie Whittaker's run. Sacha Dhawan plays the Master perfectly.

5 The New Doctor

This was a big shocker. Their are technical difficulties with this, but I'm sure they are prepared to answer. We may not get a answer this season though.

6 The Cyber War

The Cyber War has been as big question since Season 7 that's never been answered. While this season won't put us directly in the Cyber War it will give us more info about it. I am looking forward to seeing the Cyber War.

7 The Return of Captain Jack

The Return of Captain Jack was very well received by the fan base. While it looks like his only purpose was to warn them of The Lone Cyberman, it looks like he may not be back till next season. I think he will be coming back which is much needed.

8 The Worries of the Companions

The Companions are starting to fade away from the Doctor. We might see one of them die.

9 The Doctor's Past Coming Back

First of all we have The Master coming back, then Gallifrey, then another Doctor, and the "gods". Everything is coming back to her.

10 The Destruction of Earth

This is probably the worst one. Orphan 55 and Praxeus both talk about the possible destruction of Earth. In my opinion the two worst episodes in this series.

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