Top 10 Things that Make a Cartoon Episode Bad

Well, this list has been a long time coming. In this list, we will be going over all the things that can make a cartoon episode bad, from stuff like having too much filler, mishandling a serious subject, having a character act horribly, and facing no consequences for their actions, and much more.
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1 It goes way overboard with being disgusting or disturbing

My favorite example would be Family Guy,Sanjay and Craig, and especially Breadwinners. Looking at what kids of today find funny I worry for the next gneration, growing up doing stupid things and having no good sense of humor

For me, the South Park episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever" comes to mind.

2 It tortures a character for no good reason

Pretty much every Squidward torture porn in a nutshell where an episode punishes or tortures a character for literally no good reason.

This happens to Meg especially.

This has loud house written all over it proof Lincoln Torture Porns

Pokemon's "Go West, Young Meowth" ironically is one of THE ultimate examples of this one

3 It mishandles a very serious subject matter

This definitely should be number one. Family Guy does this crap so much and it's one of the main reasons why I hate that show

I just dislike it when people make jokes out of serious things.

4 It copies or rips off a better episode and makes it worse

There are way too many to name just a few examples Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy horribly ripping off Imitation Krabs, Sanjay and Craig's Fat Baby ripping off Ren and Stimpy's Son of Stimpy/Stimpy's First Fart.

5 It has a character does horrible things or acts horribly towards another character and gets no comeuppance for their actions

Those episodes where one character acts really horribly towards other characters in an episode and faces no punishment for their actions such examples "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and every Patrick's a prick episode.

I can't believe Gary didn't went crazy mad on Patrick at the end, did Patrick brainwash him?

That episode in the thumbnail has to be one of the worst SpongeBob episodes.

Lots of modern family guy episodes do this.

6 It wastes a good idea
7 It's too mean spirited
8 It has too much filler
9 It tries too hard to be funny
10 It has a bad ending
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11 It has characters that always do things the hard way
12 It drags on jokes
13 It has one character acting too out of character

Episodes where a character acts like the complete opposite of how they would normally act

14 It stars a minor character who isn't strong enough to carry an entire episode

Two episodes from South Park that come to mind is Pip and A Million Little Fibers both star a secondary character that aren't capable of carrying an entire episode.

15 It has needlessly added characters

While I do agree that Chloe wasn't a good character, her addition kind of makes sense on a logistical standpoint. The Fairy Counsel banned fairy babies (meaning no new fairies) and any new godkids had to share fairies with existing godkids.
However, that doesn't justify her being a one dimensional character. Still, I know what I'm saying when I say I'd rather have Chloe over Sparky any day.

16 It teaches bad lessons
17 It features a celebrity as the main focus
18 It features two awful characters and expects the audience to cheer for one of them

Just an example "Demolition Doofus" where Mrs. Puff tries to murder SpaongeBob after he cripples her then doesn't show even the slightest bit of remorse.

19 It's too boring
20 It has too many plot holes or unanswered questions
21 It revolves around a character who's considered bad

So? This gives us backstory to the character and why they did what they did.

22 It overshadows the characters
23 It has a bad plot
24 It kills off one of the main characters and replaces them with someone else

A big example of this entry is the Family Guy episode "Life of Brian".

25 It has characters that are dumb
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