Top 10 Best Plot Lines in Doctor Who

Doctor Who has some amazing plots. These plots are usually long, thought out, and convoluted. These are some of the best. *Note all of these are New Who. It's not that Old Who is bad, it's just I haven't seen enough of it.
The Top Ten
1 Vote Saxon/Yana (Series 3)

Vote Saxon is my favorite. It is obviously the return of The Master. The whole lead-up to this is just awesome. It starts with Vote Saxon signs and news reports.

Then, in Gridlock, the Face of Bo tells the Doctor, You are not alone. This leads to Utopia, which reveals Yana as being The Master. He regenerates into Harold Saxon, and all the fun starts. Just an epic plot.

2 Pandorica Opens (Series 5)

Pandorica Opens was just a great idea. They set it up from Matt Smith's first episode. I just love the idea of all of the Doctor's enemies teaming up to beat him.

3 Bad Wolf (Series 1 and 4)

The first plotline for New Who involves Rose, who becomes Bad Wolf. She essentially becomes an all-knowing being. The Ninth Doctor is forced to regenerate in an attempt to save her.

In the fourth series, when Rose returns, they use Bad Wolf to signal her return.

4 The Stars Are Going Out (Series 4)

In Series 4, the Daleks were making the stars go out. This was mentioned several times throughout the series. The Daleks formed a plan to create the Reality Bomb. Just a classic series.

5 Torchwood (Series 2)

Torchwood was mentioned several times in Series 2. It was started by Queen Victoria to combat aliens. Torchwood then decided to foolishly create ghosts, which would eventually turn into Cybermen.

6 Silence Will Fall (Series 5, 6, and 7)

Throughout Matt Smith's run, the Silence were the most confusing element ever. Silence Will Fall is a phrase used many times. It turns out the Silence are supposed to help the Doctor, not hurt him.

7 The Name of the Doctor (Every Series)

Throughout Doctor Who, the question is asked, "Doctor Who?" The ultimate question.

8 The Impossible Girl (Series 7)

I'm referring, of course, to Clara, known as the Impossible Girl because of how often she dies and comes back. Her main mission was to save the Doctor.

9 Heaven (Series 8)

In Series 8, at the end of every episode, we saw what was said to be Heaven. This turned out to be a trap set by Missy/The Master.

10 Gallifrey (All Series Until Series 7)

Throughout the first few series, we are told Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War. In David Tennant's last episode, Gallifrey returns and attempts to take over Earth. We then question how Gallifrey could come back if it was destroyed.

We see in the 50th-anniversary special that Gallifrey was never destroyed. It was instead just frozen in time by the War Doctor.

Well, that conversation was just reignited.

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