Top 10 Most Powerful Vampire Diaries Characters

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1 Niklaus Mikaelson

He is a brilliant strategist, easily gets others to do his bidding due to the sheer fact that they're terrified. Has a bite that can kill any vampire and can easily overpower them and werewolves alike. The only advantage that Silas had over Klaus was his mind manipulation. He can also overpower his siblings without question. This begs the question, why did Klaus deal with Damon and Stefan? Oh wait, they needed a show.

He is the best and strongest among all. His strategies are just fabulous. He always wins. He is funny and crazy. If he loves someone, then he will do anything to protect them.

He always wants to be king, but more than that, he wants to be loved by everyone. He fears that he will end up alone, but I don't think so, as he is loved by many.

2 Silas

This list is not good. People vote for their favorite, not strongest. My favorite is Klaus, but I have to admit Silas is the most powerful. How is Damon in front of Katherine, or Caroline over Stefan? How is Bonnie stronger than Silas when Silas cannot die in any way and is the original witch, original supernatural, immortal with psychic powers? He even managed to make Klaus fear him.

He can control so many people at once with his mind, heal, and he's immortal. Plus, he's 2,000 years old. People are picking Klaus because he's their favorite, and I'm pretty sure Silas is stronger than Bonnie, to be honest.

3 Qetsiyah

How is she not number 1? She created true immortality, literally resurrected herself with ease, made Bonnie the anchor, and created a cure for immortality. All of the storylines somehow date back to her. She didn't seem so menacing on the show, but she is definitely the most powerful, gifted spell-casting witch in the TVD universe. I say either her or Dahlia are undeniably the most powerful. Bear in mind, Dahlia herself couldn't even create true immortality. She had to sleep for 100 years for only a year alive.

4 Bonnie Bennett

Not only has she been able to defeat Cade and destroy Hell, but she has also created a whole dimension, something that only Arcadius himself has done before her. Unlike him, Bonnie did not have to die to do it. She managed to trouble and/or defeat virtually every villain in TVD, without ever really having a teacher. Someone who taught her how to practice magic, since Silas manipulated her and her grandmother died almost immediately.

Bonnie arrived where she arrived alone, with her own strength, and without even using her true potential. Since, potentially, she could exercise the same mental control that Sybil and Seline have and go even further, given that those two, unlike Bon Bon, did not create any dimensions, although they had much more experience. Does Bonnie's magic have any limits? Of course, but I think they are far beyond those of Dahlia, Quetsiyah, or anyone else.

5 Rebekah

Being an Original makes her one of the top 5. People are so dumb that they cannot figure this much out: the list is "top powerful characters," not "top favorite characters." She is an Original, has lived 1,000+ years, and is clearly the strongest female vampire (not including her brothers). This much is enough to put her in the top 5.

She is definitely the most powerful (except Niklaus or Elijah). She is the youngest Original, but she is shown to be stronger and faster than Kol or Finn. When she was cursed by The Strix, she managed to break Elijah's neck and nearly killed Hayley.

She could even fight Klaus when he attacked her at the sanctuary in season one. (Also, it's a plus that she is the strongest female in the world).

6 Damon

He went through so much. Even when no one believed him, when everyone thought he was a lost cause, he held his head high. He has changed so much looking back at the beginning of The Vampire Diaries. He made things happen.

He's my favorite character because of his passion and because he believes in himself. He turned his pain into strength, over and over again. That makes him the strongest person ever.

THE BEST. He will die for Elena and for his family and friends. He may not be the strongest physically, but with his intelligence, manipulative ability, strength, courage, and passion, he could defeat anyone.

Damon staked Elijah, defeated Silas, and killed a number of people, vampires, werewolves, and hybrids.

7 Katerina Petrova

Katherine needs to be higher up. She is by far the smartest character in the universe. She manages to evade Klaus and survive for 500 years. Then, when she dies, she goes to hell, wraps the devil around her little finger, and becomes hell's new ruler when he dies.

She is the cause of almost everything that happens to Stefan, Damon, Elena, Tyler, Caroline, and even Bonnie. If we're talking about power, it is her actions that had the most effect overall, aside from those of Klaus, Silas, and Quetsiyah. She should be higher. Unless you're doing an ironic thing where she's 7th because it's a magically powerful number...

8 Stefan

Stefan is serious but with a good sense of humor, and he is a little arrogant. He has strong morals but would do anything to save those he loves. He always thinks twice (except when his humanity is switched off), and he lets people make their own choices.

Stefan has actually finished the transformation first, thus making him stronger than Damon, especially with his switch off.

Stefan needs to be above Damon. Stefan is stronger than Damon. Also, he is the ripper.

9 Elijah Mikaelson

He is awesome. He is an Original, and torture and blood are part of his life. It's amazing. He also has strong morals, but when it comes to his family, he would do anything to protect them: kill, torture, or even consider something worse than death.

He always wears a suit and is a master of manipulation, using sophisticated words.

Certainly stronger than 7-3 and probably Klaus. The oldest Original of the Mikaelson family, he could easily best all of the Mystic Falls vampires and most any vampire. If Klaus wasn't a hybrid, he would easily be number 1.

10 Caroline Forbes

Caroline, the vampire Forbes, is to be feared. She didn't deserve to be Miss Mystic Falls. Elena does deserve to be Miss Mystic Falls! She, Caroline, is full of herself and really selfish in my opinion, and she is rude as well.

If you vote for Caroline, you will be voting for a vampire who can manipulate and kill anyone who gets in her way. Caroline is a vampire. Elena is much better than Caroline.

She is obsessive, a control freak, and talks a lot. But she is lovable, and she values friendship.

The Contenders
11 Alaric Saltzman

He is an Enhanced Original vampire made by Esther, who made him stronger than Mikael, hence equally if not stronger than the Originals.

As an Original vampire, he took down Rebekah and Caroline. Then he proceeded to take down Klaus, Damon, and Stefan.

Because who else do you know who is human and comes back to life so many times... Like really.

12 Dahlia

Dahlia is supposed to be number one since she IS the strongest person in The Originals and is way stronger than Niklaus Mikaelson. Dahlia is seven times stronger than Bonnie with Expression, and we don't really know what she's FULLY capable of. A snap from her can wipe out an entire village.

Ehm hello, Dahlia could easily beat Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Freya, and Mikael. She was truly immortal when she bonded with Klaus, and she could mind-control every human she could find.

She is a super-powerful, 1000-year-old witch whose powers shouldn't be taken lightly.

13 Freya Mikaelson

A thousand-year-old witch (and a firstborn, who are supposed to be more powerful in this family), she demonstrated her great power more than once. It was said that she was a very powerful witch, but she's been pretty underused by the writers.

She is strong enough to be in the top 10. What is this? Caroline, Stefan, and Damon are in the top 10? Top 10 is easily filled by the 6 Mikaelson siblings, Silas, Qetsiyah, Dahlia, and Bonnie Bennett.

Mentored (enslaved?) by Dahlia for a millennium, she deserves to be right up there in the top five.

14 Elena

Elena should be one of the top people on this list because, through all of what her friends and family have been through, she's been the only one that seemed to be surviving the best. She is the most valuable person in The Vampire Diaries.

What makes her so strong is the fact that she's been against the most powerful creatures as a mortal and a vampire, and she is still the ultimate survivor. She's the best.

She has doppelganger blood. Didn't you think she would be on this list? She has been able to take care of herself. She fought with Katherine and won the fight. She was able to bring Caroline down to her knees and has the most powerful source of power: her blood.

15 Hope Mikaelson

She should definitely be at the top of the list because of what she is. I mean, she's part vampire, part witch, and part werewolf. No one can beat that. I mean, think about the powers she has right now (without even triggering her vampire side!) She has super strength (that of a vampire's, I'm assuming. We've seen that she's stronger than Rafael), super agility (a power both vampires and werewolves have), super healing (vampire level), she's able to turn at will (a power only vampire/werewolf hybrids have), and she's far more powerful than any witch we've seen.

16 Kai

He found his way out of the prison world with his own loophole. He came back from the dead in Season 8 and also escaped hell. He is a siphoner, witch, and vampire, which makes him very powerful. He can steal anyone's magic. He almost killed all the Gemini Coven members and absorbed the traveler's spell in just seconds.

He literally killed the main character, Elena. The only way to get Elena back is by killing Bonnie Bennett, which is a tricky way of killing people. He is a smart character. When he absorbed the traveler's spell, he could throw someone in the air and explode someone in blood. He mentions this in the Mystic Grill when he captured Elena. More will come soon in Season 8.

17 Kol Mikaelson

He has a great sense of humor and a smirky smile. He is arrogant but also has a soft side.

Kol is wild, reckless, sadistic, and Klaus is afraid of him. Enough said in my opinion.

Should be higher. How are Stefan and Damon above him? Good actor.

18 Arcadius

Should be number 2 or 3, being the creator of hell itself. He is considered the first psychic but not the most powerful. The most powerful is Silas, who should be number one considering his mental powers can take down the Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson.

Satan, Cade, Arcadius, the Devil, whatever you want to call him? He is a witch that helps people, but moody people hated him and manipulated the people who like him. They burned him on a cross, but he channeled it to make hell.

Arcadius is the most powerful character of the VD universe at the moment. He is the literal Devil. They needed to use his own power (the doomsday bell of doom) and destroy Hell to kill him.

19 Davina Claire

Only one who ever took down Niklaus on her own (other than Mikael). Even after she was back to being a regular witch, she was strong enough to sever Klaus's sire line. She even knocked out like 30 vampires in one swish of her hand.

The harvest girl. She broke Klaus' sire line. Freya could make Lucien a normal vampire by using her power only. She deserves to be in the top 10.

Powerful until she died and was reborn, but she still has enough power to keep a vampire Original on a bracelet.

20 The Hollow

She is overpowered and can beat anyone. The only reason she's not alive right now is because they separated her body parts so she won't possess Hope. Any witch would fall to their knees. Vampires and werewolves also.

She is probably the strongest. To be honest, I like Klaus the most, but the Hollow and then maybe Cade.

21 Mikael

As the original vampire that kills vampires and has enough power to kill the original hybrid, HE'S GOT TO BE TOUGH.

I'll say that he's the strongest of the Originals. He should be number five on the list after Silas, Qetsiyah, Dahlia, and Freya.

He is the person that even Klaus feared. This is enough to make him in the top 5.

22 Marcel Gerard

He almost decimated the entirety of the Original family, was a part of the Original family, and single-handedly took down the Strix. He technically became the most powerful vampire/hybrid of all time and even had the New Orleans coven at his feet.

He is the Beast of the prophecy!

23 Damon Salvatore Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series.
24 Hayley Marshall

She was pumped with enough wolfsbane to kill a pack, yet she endured it and was able to move with little to no difficulty.

She is quite cool and she is a hybrid!

25 Esther Mikaelson
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