Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Romantic Comedy Genre is one of the most popular genre among the Korean dramas! From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.
The Top Ten
1 My Love from Star

Everything is this drama perfectly fits! The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers! And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles! Main characters, kim so hyun & jeon ji hyun do have great chemistry and have outstanding acting skills that match well with each other. They have added little details of their interation in the acting that make every moment look so real and draw us into the drama. Best k-drama ever for me! They really should continue to do other seasons of this drama with the same cast team like Twilight before the US ABC does it. I am sure they will have season2 and so on if they are successful with the remake of this drama in the USA.

The BEST Korean Drama I've ever watched. It's very entertaining. Even though I've watched this drama around 7-8 times, the chill of watching this drama never end. Everything in this drama totally Fits. The story lines, the settings, the plots, the actors & actresses deliver a high standard in the Korean Film industry.
Especially the actors & actresses are highly professional. They know exactly what their roles and are able to deliver everything that scripted to the viewers really well. You can feel the chemistry from each characters. Seriously. Everything that you watched in this Drama is Flawlessly Perfect and Totally Awesome.

I was one of those stupid people that did not want to watch the drama at first, because everybody else was watching it. Waiting was a big mistake. This is one of the best K-dramas out there.

The chemistry between the leads is palpable and every scene is convincing, whether they make you cry or laugh so hard your stomach starts to hurt. I love the little documentary parts at the end and sometimes in the middle of the episodes. The characters are unbelievably cute.

The drama doesn't lag and every scene is on point. Even the side-characters are fun, with maybe the exception of a certain frenemy. In conclusion, this drama is a must-see.

This drama is a masterpiece? You can totally feel the chemistry between the two main leads! It just plucks on your heart strings! Besides, I loved that there was not only chemistry between Jun Ji Hyun and Kim so Hyun, but also the father-son relationship Lawyer Jang had with Do Min Joon! I loved every single second of it. It depicts of two lovers, who fall hard for each other, then fight hard to stay together. It's a definite tear jerker. Although it is ABSOLUTELY hilarious! The things Jun Ji Hyun does! Haha!

I highly recommend this drama. Trust me, this is far by my favorite drama, like, EVER. You will fall madly in love with Cheon Song Yi's brother too, the way he looks up to Do Min Joon, aw, so adorable. The plot is nice, in an easygoing pace, not too fats or too slow. Just watch it, you won't ever regret it.

2 Playful Kiss

It's a story that never fails to hit you. You can watch this drama a billion times and still love it. It shows that love goes beyond even your own expectations. It shows the characters progression of love and the gradual complete acceptance of one another. At times you become angry at their coldness or stupidity, but again it shows you that when you're in love you can become a fool. I love this story. I laughed, a lot, I cried and at times even punched a pillow. The actors did an amazing job in this adaptation as well... I felt like I was seeing the Manga characters coming to life. And Kim Hyun Joong is absolutely handsome and dreamy. Perfect cast, portrayal, and story. Definitely recommend this!

An adaptation of classic manga Itazura No Kiss, Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way. The drama shows our underdog heroine Oh Hani trying to capture the heart of her big time crush Seung Jo who is the school genius. Sometimes we feel like saying 'Hey Girl just get over your crush", but the show has really good moments. The highlight of this drama is surely the handsome lead actor Kim Hyun Joong

I get bored easily watching movies, anime and T.V. series, especially the romantic ones. From the beginning, you know that there will be an happy ending, so what makes great them is both the plot and the acting (and the script). I re-watched this drama 4 times. This story is totally refreshing. An ignorant, funny and dreamer girl falls in love with a beautiful, genial, bored and jerk boy, that rejects her love letter, publicly humiliating her. An earthquake and an old friendship will force the two teenahers to live together: a strock of luck for Oh Ha Ni and total desperation for Seung Jo.

It is a beautiful drama to watch, in every sense. It is a utopian story of the most perfect and flawless life that two young hearts can lead. Ha Ni who doesn't has a mother gets a loving mother-in-law. Seung Jo gets a loving partner who has the right temperament to deal with him.
The kind of fights and sweet moments displayed in the drama are what every one wants in a relationship. They never let you get bored.
And again, there is Kim Hyun Joong in the drama. He is perfect for the chic character Seung jo.

3 Boys Before Flowers

This is one of the first K-dramas I watched. It's a classic and I enjoyed watching it, but I feel it might be a bit overrated in comparison to "My Love from the Star", "Coffee Prince", "Pinocchio", or "Secret Garden".

For me the pace was a bit to slow and I think it would be better if the story had been condensed in fewer episodes. However, this teen drama is just such a guilty pleasure. The actors are gorgeous and the acting is not half bad, although I was a bit disappointed with the leading lady and the second male lead.

In conclusion, this drama is sappy and predictable, but deep down you kind of love it for exactly that reason.

This is DEFINITELY the BEST EVER drama I've ever watched. Seriously, not a single boring plot. Even the first episode will make you want to watch more and more episode until you can't stop. Combination of the four handsome male leads will drive you crazy and the funny character brought by the female lead will entertain you all the way from the first episode to the last! Highly highly recommended!

It my first K-drama I watched and had been my best of all K-drama I had ever watched, even though the story line is common as in rich people not ending up with the poor, I watched this drama as if it the first time such thing is happening. Best music played in every scene and the heroine wow she is awesome. She will really get you to watch every episode. Her facial expressions will make you love her, I don't know where she got that from, she is a born actress. My best actress in Korea. Big fun

Absolutely captivated by this show. Lee Min Ho at his best- he totally captured the role of Gu Joon Pyo, the plutocrat who goes about being a big bully. That's until he meets Geum Jan Di, a dry cleaner's daughter, who does not take to his bullying and gives him a spinning kick that send him flying and shakes his world upside down. Also loved Yoon Ji Hoo, played by Kim Hyun Joong. If only we could have a friend who would protect and unconditionally love us like Ji Hoo was to Jan Di. You'll love this show which is funny, heartwarming and romantic.

4 Pinocchio

One of the best dramas that I've watched. There's no single boring episode or dead scene. I can't sleep thinking about what will happen in the end of the drama. The chemistry between the two main is very much felt. You would sink your teeth unto this drama after getting past the first episode which is great because it's not boring unlike other dramas. The plot is not cliche and the casting is perfect.

Pinocchio is not just another Korean drama. The story is very well written, not a single episode is boring and it has some very good characters and the actors have played the roles perfectly. If you are looking for some sappy romantic then this might not be the one, but if you appreciate a drama with a good storyline then this is definitely the one you shouldn't miss. Lee Jong suk and Park Shin Hye have done a great job.

The flow of this drama was really great. I am really excited when I was watching it. Never been boring. Really love the idea and the relationship between lee jong suk and park shin hye. I really hope they are real couple because they look very sweet and cute in this drama. I love it. A big compliment for this great story. This drama was very different with others.

I think this is the best Korean drama I've ever seen. In every episode have an interesting story that make me more curious how was the next episode would be, romantic + comedy + mystery mix into amazing story, there was no boring plot in every episode, so entertaining. Very recommended drama for who love watching Korean drama or Asian drama. Maybe number 1 recommended drama, I think.

5 The Heirs

I'm a huge fan of romantic comedies I guess because they depict what we want to experience in real life. HEIRS for now is my best drama or movie (Hollywood) movies inclusive. All the characters did a great job. I especially admired Kim Woo Bins great acting but best of all was the real chemistry between Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. I've watched both of them in other dramas. they were good but not real. Heirs is the most real life portrayal of love I've watched. My love from the Stars is also very good but the chemistry between the actors isn't as real as Heirs for me. I think Lee Min Ho has the potential of being 0ne of the greatest Actors of our time. I look forward to watching him in Gangham... Can't remember the full title.
Kumawo (one of the many Korean words I've learnt from watching dramas)

It's one of the first hish school kdramas I watched. I wasn't expecting to like it but I got hooked. It was my first Lee Min Ho drama . I was like, wow! This guy is pretty.

There are so many stars in the show that you can get blind P

I didn't like Kim Woo Bin at first with his raised eyebrows P. But I really got to like him as the show progressed. His character has depth. Like how he never knew how to love because of absence of his mother from his life and his tough macho father who doesn't believe in feelings and all. That's why he couldn't express how much he loved the girl. Overtime, he became my favorite character.

Park Shin Hye totally ruined the kiss scenes and everybody knows how audience anticipates for the kiss between the lead couple. But other than that, their chemistry was good, but not great.

Kang Min hyuk OF CNBlue and Krystal Jung as Yoon Chan yeong and Lee Bo Na had such cute pairing! I would have loved to see more of them.

And it was ...more

Okay so this story, half of it's episodes are weird and most people are lost on how the story's flow is actually going. Despite that, this is still a such wonderful story to watch 💖! Although the main woman character in this story which is Cha Eun Sang only get most of her courage and starts to fight back on the end of the story, she's still shining in the other episodes. Kim Tan whom knew that he has to let go of EVERYTHING just for Eun Sang, still accept the option just to be with the girl he loves till the end of their lives. The flow might be quit slow but yet sweet and funny at the same time.

Honestly this was one of my worst dramas ever... I hated the fact that she was with Kim Tan I really was hoping that she would go for Young do.. And seriously I don't understand the plot, it was boring and had too many different lives and perspectives so itt was hard to keep up. Park shin hye was a stone on the romantic parts.. I loved Lee Minho in pretty much every other drama he's ever been in but this one -- not so much. Sorry not sorry

6 Secret Garden

One of the most romantic drama with beautiful action sequence. I watched this as three times. You should watch this, Some scenes are really make us to cry especially when hero treat heroine as worst. But this is highlights for this drama. Opening is so amazing. The heroine is all most one of famous actressin Korean drama as well as movies. Its funny and interesting. If you see any website, television, international ratings for best Korean dramas like top ten and top twenty, there must be some changes and mismatches. But in all ratings, you can definitely find three drama always placed or listed as best on all website, television and any other source. One is full house which is rating one of highest ever in Korean drama, second one coffee prince and third one is secret garden. Then sure, it must be attract by all kind of people. Please watch it and recommend people to watch it.

This is definitely going down as one of my all-time favourite K dramas. At first, I wasn't too sure about the soul switching plot, but I was won over the moment I saw the first episode. Gil Ra I'm will always be one of my fave K drama heroines because she was strong, funny and independent. And yes, I didn't like Kim Joo Won immediately because he was quite rude and assertive, but his character grew on me and I began to understand why he acted the way he did, and his character redeemed himself in one of the most selfless acts ever that I've seen in a drama. Although it had its flaws, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I found myself being very interested in the supporting characters too, which doesn't always happen. Incredible chemistry between the lead actors, many cute moments and the soundtrack was wonderful too. Made me a fan of both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won! Beautiful drama that had a lovely balance of sweet, funny and sad scenes.

If you would ask me to choose any Korean drama to watch all over again, there's no doubt I'd pick Secret Garden! This series was definitely a combination of an epic love story and amazing portrayal of the different characters. Hands down to both the main actors as well as to the other characters in the drama. I found myself laughing my heart out in most scenes (FOR REAL) and of course, I never left my bed because of this series. For like a day. But what really gets me though is that this series was able to make me cry and appreciate each and every twist in the story. There as SOOO many things you need to look forward to upon starting to watch this. I guarantee that you will also feel the same way! (Highly recommended! )

Secret Garden was my favorite drama, and that's pretty special considering I've watch many. Kim Joo Won never actually treated Gil Ra I'm poorly, he loved her very much and he won over my heart. He risked his life to save her and he also gave up all his inheritance to be with her. Her is my favorite character and will forever be in my heart. One part that I did not like, was the last two episodes, I actually really hate it when people get married in dramas and when they were being lovey dovey, well lets just say that they should have left that out, and when they had kids... That was a big nono, dramas should not allow people to get married or have kids, that ruined it for me... sorry. But overall, the BEST drama I've ever watch by a fairly large amount.

7 Master's Sun

This Drama kept me at the edge of the seat for every single episode. Who could think of such a distinctive unique story line. Completely blown away by the script and screenplay. Kudos to the director and story writing team. Needless to say about the lead pair - "So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin" of-course. Their chemistry is out of the world.. Extraordinary.. amazing.. Adorable.. (searching for every word in dictionary to explain). Undoubtedly a cute on-screen couple in K-Drama land. I like this drama very much. I already watched it 'n' number of times. Believe me, this drama is really worth watching. Total fun. I Love it!

This show! Recently watched it. I lovvveed it! Paranormal romance. Girls sees ghosts after an accident years ago. But she touches the guys, ghosts vanish. That's the reason girl clings on to the guy and the story develops from there.

So-Ji-Sub, he is so macho and cute at the same time. He gives me the feels.

And Gong-Hyo-Jin. Oh, she is the one of best female leads I have watched. She has amazing chemistry with every male lead she works with. They are so cute together. I would have loved them to be couple in real life, they are so adorable together.

Overall, amazing and unique script. Different from other popular kdramas you have been watching.

This drama started off with a really good script, even though it borrows from the Hollywood premise of The Sixth Sense. However, the sad thing is that the story went nowhere somewhere in the middle like many other Korean romantic dramas. It went downhill after the male lead was on the brink of death and got to meet the female lead in a different realm. It was a master-stroke for the script-writers but they could not top that and the story went downhill from here. Pity!

I super love this drama... At first I have so many reservation regarding this because I hate watching scary movie or drama. But because my favorite actor and actress are the main character I give it a go. I'm so happy with my decision because this drama was everything and I really love this. The story was very interesting having different scenario that make it more lovable. There chemistry is also great and as always they are the best. They give justice to the role and make it magical

8 You Are Beautiful

This is one of my Top 5 dramas of ALL TIME! The soundtrack is so beautiful that I added some songs to my playlist. Park Shin Hye is so amazing as a religious girl pretending to be a rocker dude. And Jang Keun Suk is so beautiful! He makes eyeliner look good too! You'll get major Second Lead Syndrome and even Third Lead Syndrome if that's a thing (or not. I was JKS all the way! ). If you've ever seen a drama of a girl pretending to be a guy you know that soon the cat will be out of the bag. What happens after each person finds out the truth only leads to further complications in poor Go Mi Nam's life (Park Shin Hye). A must see for all ages unless you're younger than three.

For me, this is my #1 romantic-comedy Korean drama. I watched You Are Beautiful after getting hooked by watching Boys Over Flowers. After finishing You Are Beautiful, I watched it all over again and then again and again... to the point I've lost count I laugh so much whenever I do watch this and very much enjoy the chemistry between the two main characters. Actually, I think the entire cast is great, everyone was so well fitted to the role they played, not only the main ones which makes this my #1 choice, to the point that I ordered the dvd and two cds for the music I also so much enjoy this drama's soundtrack although I don't even understand Korean but never mind that because the songs/music speak to my heart. This also made me a fan of both Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye so what do you expect - I've by now seen Heartstrings, Pinocchio and The Heirs.

This drama is VERY UNFORGETTABLE AND MEMORABLE. I can't get it out of my head, even when I last watched it 4 years ago. I am an addict to this - then and now. Can't believe I was very addicted to it, considering I am not into the romance type of series. But anyways, IT IS LEGENDARY for me. Even up to the end, it never became too grossly romantic like other romantic comedies out there. It maintained its funny trademark, with those moments that you will really find yourself jumping, blushing and rolling off your bed. The characters don't make us fall in love simply by their looks or 'appeal' or charm. They let us fall in love because the actors/ actresses sincerely became one with their roles. Jang Geun Suk totally became Tae Kyung. Park Shin Hye totally became Go Mi Nam/ Go Min Gyu. Jung Yong Hwa totally became Kang Shin Woo and Lee Hong Ki totally became Jeremy! Even if these artists starred in many other dramas, such as that Jang Geun Suk starred in Love Rain, Shin Hye in The Heirs, ...more

Another Gender Bender romantic comedy with Park Shin Hye as the Go Min Nam who is actually a nun in training who substitutes for her rock star brother in the band A.N.J.E.L. Jang Geun Seuk plays the band leader Hwang Tae-kyung with thick eyeliner makeup, Lee Hong-ki of F.T. Island as the cute Jeremy and Jung Yong-hwa of CN Blue as the silent n' caring band member

9 I Can Hear Your Voice

The first few episodes wasn't that special for me, but when it reached episode 8/9 the story became gripping and so thrilling that you can't stop. As the show progresses you can see how all the characters develop so much, even minor characters like the judge or attorney Shin. This is definitely a drama with a lot of depth, I think the main theme is not your typical love/romance that we expect from kdramas, rather, it teaches us the value of truth, the importance of empathy and what it means to be human. It would make you think about life and relationships between people in a different, positive perspective, and the best part is that the messages are not forced upon the viewers, but introduced gradually and subtly. I wouldn't say this is the most exciting drama I've seen (you can't beat healer when it comes to action, suspense and romance! ), however this is a drama that has values that goes beyond just entertaining the viewers, and I think that makes this so much more precious.

Of course it is the best.. Not in the sense of romance nor action... But it is best in the sense of making a right vision about social life... I also loved the unique love relation between attorney jang and so ha... And when she told 'I love you as a brother, as a friend but also as a man', I was almost like fallen in love with this outstanding kdrama...and all other characters were performing surprisingly... I was totally inspired by the personality of the co worker of attorney jang, cha... He was also like a hero to me... I love everone in this drama... Attorney shin, the peon so doe hyun( the prosecutor), the judge, and also the girl acting as young attorney jang.. I love this one! Everyone must watch this one

Very different and unpredictable bust most certainly worth the watch. If you enjoy a lot of thrilling plot twists this is the show for you. The lead actress is not the usual quirky likeable girl that you find in kdrama and this makes her motivations much more interesting. What's especially cool is that the romance is not forced and it is only secondary to the plot as there is a lot going on anyways. An addictive watch

Deserves a much better place. I Hear Your Voice has everything you could ask for: romance, comedy, angst, action, thriller, psychological, drama, whatever you're looking for. The actors and actresses bring a superb performance unlike some idols cast for gimmicks. You will definitely find something you'll love in this.

10 Coffee Prince

If you ask me, I will give second place to this drama, My first choice is going to be "full house". I am not sure why the people given six place to this drama. For the heroine acting and Hero's look definitely, this drama must be watched. Gong Yoo is my favorite actor and he doing his work superbly always and especially on this daram. Almost Korean drama portrayed the hero's role as much rich and unimaginable. But this character was nice, enjoyable and realizable, even this drama left some important and beautiful message than love. Heroine is really greatest actor and got lot of awards also. If anyone miss this drama, definitely you going to be miss one good Korean drama. I am sure.

I have watched many shows in gender bender dramas I.E. girl acting as a boy. But this is the best I have watched so far.

Yoon Eun-hye as Go Eun-chan was fabulous! Even I forgot she was a girl. She plays her role to the perfection. She is the reason this drama worked. Otherwise the main storyline would've been ruined if she hadn't played her role so well.

Gong Yoo as Choi Han-kyul. God, I wept with him when he struggled with his feelings for Eun-Chan as he thought Eun-Chan was a boy and he thought he was gay. His feelings are so genuine for her. You can actually feel through his pain and struggle with his feelings.

Lead couple chemistry! 10 on 1 to 10 scale!

My first Korean drama. The actors emote so well that unknowingly you become a part of the drama rather than a mere spectator. I'm not familiar with their names, kindly excuse. The hero makes us weep with him. His inner turmoil is almost tangible. The part where he discovers all his fears and sufferings were for nothing and that he was indeed straight, his reactions are just the right blend of anguish and anger. The supporting cast are the icing on the cake. This is a must watch drama for all Korean drama lovers.

Coffee Prince is the first K-drama I ever watched and it's the reason I am a K-drama addict. Unfortunately, I've learned that not all K-dramas are as good as this one. As most of you know, K-dramas often suffer from long-windedness and a surplus of flashbacks. However, this drama is a true gem. I never felt the need to skip a scene. :)

The character development is amazing. The leading lady isn't a stereotypical push-over, the leading man does not have the stereotypical cold and mean demeanor, and the Chaebol family is not evil. The standard K-drama ingredients are there, but the cliches are funny, instead of irksome.

I loved, loved this drama. The supporting cast was amazing and the drama is just so funny. I recommend this drama to any K-drama fan.

The Contenders
11 City Hunter

This drama will forever will #1 most favourite drama ever. The plot, the action scenes, the sweet lowkey romance, everything was perfect. Lee Min ho had been hotter than ever in this drama, giving one of his best performances as an actor. The only thing which ticked me off during this drama was the during the ending episodes when the romance got way too lowkey and it wasn't even properly implied whether that the main couple had landed up with each other in the end, apart from the lack of kissing scenes. Nevertheless, this drama is a MUST WATCH for every action-romance Korean drama fan.

It's a Lee Min Ho drama, I totally understand that. For the fans is a must watch. The story was nice, based on a Japanese manga I think. But for me, who wants to feel the love chemistry between the leading actors, it's a no. Surely is always a pleasure to watch the handsome Lee Min Ho but I couldn't see the connection between them.

I really think this should get higher than 11. Every thing you read and hear about city hunter, you wont really feel it till you get through it. City hunter has a very refreshing story, is fast paced and it really keeps you on the edge of your seat, the excitement of every part doubles with its epic OST. I was never a fan of Lee Min Ho. Before that, I watched Boys over flowers and honestly, I just felt nauseous and stopped at 20 (no offense to the fans ;) ). But when I started city hunter, everything blowed in my vision and I became one of the strictest fans of him. He really fit the character of Lee Yun Seong/City Hunter. Also Park Min Young, I truely admire her, she did well as the brave and lively bodey shield, Kim NaNa. Overally, the series is defientely one of my favorite 2 Kdramas along with Love Rain (this too was refreshing in every aspect and not a cliche)

This drama definitely deserves to be in top 10. Its plot and story line were just AMAZING. The action and music fitted perfectly and lee min ho as well as kim min young acted magnificently. Some scenes even had me shedding tears but overall, it is definitely one of the BEST dramas I've ever seen

12 Goong (Princess Hours)

Got me introduced to the very beautiful and talented actress Yoon Eun Hye, my most favourite Kdrama, this drama is very special...there were times when I felt that the plot was dragging too much but other that, you are going to love this drama, specially because of the cute, bubbly, and very endearing personality of the princess, played by Yoon Eun Hye, who was the heart and soul of this it for her, and I am sure you're going to fall in love with her.

This drama depicts an era where the monarchy exists together with modern society.
This drama may start out a little weird at first but don't stop there!
It gets better every single second! I loved the the chemistry between the female and male lead. The plot is really insteresting mixed in with a little historical twist, sometimes u really do feel like jumping right off the couch into the screen and strangling Yul's mom. ARGH! She's just the PERFECT evil guy... The female lead is really adorable and quirky, her actions are just tremendously hilarious, sometimes she depicts the character so well that when she does an embarrassing thing, you'll feel really embarrassed yourself!

Lee shin may be a little cold at first, but inside he's a really sweet guy. Yul is just full of calm, warmth and friendliness, the polar opposite of Lee shin, whereas the male version of Shin Chae Kyung. Well they do say that opposites extract, no?

This drama is a drama that tells a tale of, ...more

The story set up in modern Korea with imagined monarchy. Cinderella story like plot where an arranged marriage bring together the poor girl and the prince. Although plot dragged at the end! Watch it for Yoon Eun Hye, her cute and bubbly princess is highlight of this drama

I saw this quite by accident originally but after the first episode, the rest just had to be seen. The story line left me torn most times but in a good way. Definitely recommend this to anyone who saw any of the others on this list. A great Romantic Comedy!

13 Heartstrings

At first, I felt that this drama is just going to be slow and dull. But, gradually as the story progressed it was more than a delight to watch such a lovely drama. More so, because Lee Shin is the perfect boyfriend out there, he is supportive, intuitive, considerate, sacrificing, caring, a sweetheart, handsome, affectionate and the list goes on. This drama gives you the perfect cutesy moments between the lovebirds. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh.. And the music is soulful. some songs do go straight to your heart. Its pure and innocent. All in all a beautiful drama to watch.

(PS: Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye are so cute together, and also this drama made me a Yonghwa fan... He is a really talented singer and guitarist)

One of my favourites! Its really cute that the main leads who once disliked each other managed to fall in love through music. If you're looking for a catchy beat, you should definitely watch this. The soundtracks is one of the best for me! I really enjoyed the display of emotions all the characters had in this show. It's a really sweet show & it definitely made me support yong hwa even more!

This drama at first is a bit boring. I stopped watching this in the middle then watched Heirs. After finishing Heirs I watched this again and found out that the second half is really interesting. It gets really interesting from about the 7th episode. It's a nice drama.

I think I loved this drama so much because I secretly wanted shinwoo and go mi nam to end up together in your beautiful so this was basically like a happy ending to two dramas for me haha. the chemistry between park shin hye and jung yong hwa is undeniable and there's something about this drama that's so light and heartwarming that it's impossible to not like it. will forever be one of my favorites.

14 Dream High

Dream High is definitely up there on my list of my top three favorite K-Dramas. It has at least one aspect anybody can relate to. There's falling into an unrequited love, being self conscious about your body, jealousy, being so dedicated to something you risk your health to accomplish it, and so much more. The second season disappointed me, but it was because I had such high hopes for it due to the first season. However, if it was a standalone series, I would have liked it a lot more. Dream High made me cry along with the characters, made my heart melt at adorable romance, laugh, and put me through a whirlwind of emotions like no other drama. The characters all are amazing singers, dancers, and actors. I may sound like such a nerd because of this review, but please, watch this amazing show so you can understand why I desire for it to be put into the top ten list so much.

This is my favorite Korean drama so far... No k series can win it's place in my heart I have given to it. The whole drama keeps u entertained with no boring lengthy episodes... It has it's own way of portraying the moral of the drama. Life is like a merry go round. Any one can go down in notime. People do mistakes and they have their own chance to rectify it. This is a school based drama and they did bring the exact image of the school students and the school life. So I'll suggest you to choose this drama over any other drama.

This drama is very awesome. I'm surprised this isn't in the top five! The chemistry between so Hyun and Suzy is very great. so Hyun did very great in this drama. Even though, he isn't a singer, he sings greatly. Suzy did well too. The OST in this drama, is very catchy and the musical perform on the stage is very spectacular. The plot is great, fun, and inspiring. I love Kim so Hyun here. <3 you must see this drama...

This drama is amazing! It mixes singing, dancing, and performing arts all together to make an awesome drama! The music is actually catchy, and love the characters! Kim so Hyun was especially amazing, and Suzy did great too! I love the school setting, and how all the characters meet!

15 Emergency Couple

Totally loving it! It's kinda of miserable in some of the scenes, but it's hilarious too! It's about a divorced couple who met after six years and work together in a same hospital. JinHyuk found himself falling again for Jihyo but Jihyo started to develop feelings to their cheif. Instead of being childish like how he did when he's younger, he take care things with a mature thoughts and they started to understand each other. Not only that, they started to find out the reason of their divorce and tried to fix that. Jihyo then slowly discover that JinHyuk started to understand her and she started to understand him. It have a great and realistic ending too! And don't forget this drama inspired me to be a doctor!

This is what I'd call a romantic comedy! It is absolutely hilarious & there were times I laughed so hard till I had difficulty breathing. The romance story here is really cute to me seeing how they're still fated to like each other. The confusion & jealousy was amusing to me. The main leads have a really good chemistry and I hope they'll act together more often!

It is a mix of everything and that's what makes the story unique and exciting. It has moments that would make you feel sad, happy and even feel in love with the two characters. What makes me love it more is how the story showed a realistic life between a married couple and the problems newlyweds usually have and how (despite the struggles) the love survives.

So funny! Perfect mix of comedy and best of all believable romance! Watching the characters grow, change and mature into better people and then become a better couple was great. Both leads were wonderful actors, and this show had a great mix of sexy chemistry. Anyone thinking of watching will not regret!

16 Fated to Love You

I really like this Korean drama. When I started watching the first episode I really got hooked on it. I even sleep very late just to watch it. I have been watching it for 2 straight days... The actors really portrayed their roles very well. I really love them Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. The story is really tear jerking I never cried this much when watching dramas its like a roller coaster ride. I was sobbing on certain parts of the drama then laugh. The feeling is very overwhelming to the point after finishing the episode I Googled the actors. I wish they will have another comedy romance drama together. I love lee gun because he is so funny but he loves Mi Young very much... More movies and dramas for both of you!

Warning: You are about to cry your heart and soul out
From the moment I read the summary of Fated to Love You I was hooked! I found Lee Goon's laughter annoying at first and still did at the end but the rest of the drama made up for it. I tend to watch a drama and start another on near the end of the first on because I get bored of it. Not with this one! I have never in my existence been so emotionally invested in a drama that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It physically hurt to watch it. I watched it from beginning to end non stop. I most definitely recommend this drama!

Although it doesn't seem attractive at first because you'll probably hate the main actor hair style but as time goes by you'll definitely fall for him. He's so handsome and fresh when he (Lee Goon A.K. A Jang Hyuk) cuts his hair short. And also his laughter, are probably the kind of laughter that you'll remember for the rest of your life. I couldn't help but to also laugh when he's laugh. I love him so much. And the the main actress, Jang Nara, fits perfectly with that innocent and baby-face-look all over her face. Fated to love you 짱!

The best Korean drama I've seen so far, and I've seen many. All other (K-Dramas) have not measured up to Fated to Love You. The different emotions on display in the movie really draws you in and makes you feel as though you are experiencing the joy and pain of the actors. Everything about this movie is so right: Choice of actors is superb (sexy, gorgeous, and oh so talented), fashion is great, music is excellent, story line is excellent, romance and sexually tension great, scenery great, directing excellent, editing flawless…what else can I say, Ioved, loved, loved, this movie.

17 To the Beautiful You

This drama is my favoured drama of all those I have watched. I loved the fact that the girl attended a Boys School and already has shown how strong she is. Both the male lead and the second male lead are very handsome and very admirable. I love the second male lead the most because he is the most funny and adorable person in this drama. This drama shows jealousy very evidently between the girls childhood friend and the male lead making this story even more exhilarating to watch. This is truly a great drama which deserves to be in the Top Ten.

This was the first Korean drama that I've ever watched and I'm so glad I did. Choi Minho did such an incredible job in this one along with Sulli. The story is never dull or boring. Each episode is exciting in its own way, just the plots on its own excites and never disappoints. Lee hyun woo was the comic relief, and a really good one at that. His innocence and liveliness really adds to the whole fun plot. The drama gives you all the butterflies. It's so funny how things play out for Sulli(goo jae hee) I'm not sure if I spelled it right. Oh and Exo has a guest performance, now what else do you need to convince you to watch it? MUST WATCH

My madness for Korean dramas started with this very beautiful drama. I owe my friend a big time for introducing me to Korean dramas. They are short and to the point. No unnecessary stretching of episodes. I adore Korean guys. Hope one day I am lucky enough to travel to this country. I am truly amazed by this place's culture, food, people and just everything about it.

It's funny not because it means to be funny, but because it tries so hard to be cool and it just ends up plain cheesy. However, that trait in question contributes more to its charm than its downfall. The second lead is adorable. If you can't stand the flat-faced acting of the main male lead, hang in there for the second lead. He's perfect.

18 Marriage, Not Dating

Marriage, Not Dating was one of the funniest K-dramas I have ever watched. The best thing was that it never forgot that it was a comedy. It had serious notes and drama, but it was always well blended and never far behind was the humor. Not to mention, you have to watch it for the splendid Han Groo, who does an excellent job playing a 'noona'. I was immensely surprised to find out she was only 22! This drama was cute, heartwarming, soul wrenching, hysterical look at love and you shouldn't miss it.

It's awesome! It made me cry, laugh and be angry at the same time. I also think that the lead actors are very attractive. I mean, it's nice to watch a movie series that has attractive actors. My opinion though. Nevertheless, it has a great story plot and I would recommend it to you people!

Awesome, awesome awesome! Really enjoyed it from start to end.
For me it was unlike any other Korean movie I ever watched! From the editing, directing, production, story and so many terms I don't know, It was fabulously constructed. I would recommend it 1000% with out any hesitation. I wish more dramas like this would be produced. Keep it up producers!

This drama was awesome! I loved it. Sometimes the actors were frustrating because of the common "not explaining yourself" scene in many dramas. The ending was awesome. The way story unfolded was awesome. It was really funny as Well. Recommend 100%!

19 Rooftop Prince

A love that transcends hundreds and hundreds of years within time. And a king at that. Too cliche? Then how about this: this king is witty, amusing, and smart and finds out that the people he's met so far in the contemporary period are reincarnations of the people related to him within his time. And this hint is a step towards the death of an unknown loved one within his time - perhaps the trigger to everything, and the reason why he can meet his lover only in a different time period (heart-wrenching/cleansing. Bittersweet).

This should not be here, this should be at least in the top 5, this drama is such a yes-yes drama. It's so great, funny, and I just can't get enough of it. The 4 main actor was so great, they even made me laugh so hard that I notice a tears coming from my eyes. They are so handsome and the story plot is so great, but I hate how the ending went, I thought they can be together, but well they did not end up together. But no worries, the ending is still great. It made me cry by the way

This should be at least in top 5! I mean, Its amazing how you can be so carried away with how the leads act. The heartbreaking scenes just does it and then you're broke too. there are funny scenes too. When I was watching this I wanted to skip episodes and get to the ending because its just exciting. You'll find yourself like that. I know it.

I agree this should be in top 5. I have never laughed, cringed, cried nor had my heart raced so fast from suspense as while watching this drama. It starts a bit slow for me, but it definitely grows on me. It builds steadily and strongly towards the end with a thrilling last episodes that's simply golden. Watch it!

20 My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox

THIS is one of the best drama ever. So seamless and very funny - and absolutely brilliant actors as the two main characters. They're not just pretty faces staring at each other languidly and dripping in cheese so that we forget that there is no plotline! (I'm looking at you, Heirs! )
Ah, what the hell happened to Korean dramas! before such dramas came by the dozen and now, the last drama that I can remember watching that was actually great was Healer, and it came out in 2014!
Sad Face

I have always loved the fantasy dramas with little bit of comedy and romance in it. And this show was totally 'it'. Shin Min Ah was awesome in it! In lots of kdramas, girls play cute and bubbly roles but they come off as more annoying than cute. But she was perfect for the role. So adorable!
I just wished Park Min Woo had more of chemistry scenes with Min-Ah.
Overall a great show. Worth watching!

Oh! How I LOVE this show. Dae Woong is the best boyfriend one could ever have. He loves the adorable gumiho so much, he's willing to give his life in order to save her. That's true love. Great ending as the couple remain together - Dae Woong and his foxy girlfriend! Wish they would have a sequel to this show.

Shin Min Ah is always great in whatever role she takes, may it be comedy or drama. I am looking forward to her doing another television drama. MGIG showcased both her comedy and drama prowess... I fell in love with her in this drama...

21 Hi! School-Love On

Why is this not in the top 10? This is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. Even though their is a major age difference between the lead roles the did seem to act and feel like they were 18 year olds. Mostly in the beginning it shows how different how everyone is from each other. Bullies, Nerds, Dumb People, Loners, etc. But towards half the show it begins to evolve into everyone showing compassion and love for each other even though they may just be friends. In the end I like how everyone was able to become friends even for their differences.

I watched this whole drama in three days and I cried so much. It's crazy how I could get so strong feelings after only three days.
It's one of those bright and happy dramas that ends really well with everyone being happy, even the bad guys.
I really liked all the characters and I shipped all the couples. The students friendship and love was just so wonderful, it always made me smile.

I had been watching the heirs before and that's a very good drama too, but it didn't end well for everyone and the whole drama was very dark and sad.

This was just the type of drama I needed

I watch this drama about 5 times and cried every single time a sad scene came on! The characters were funny and Kim Sae Ron, Woohyun and Sungyeol as well as the other actors did incredibly well to portray their roles. The acting was very natural and made you laugh, cry and smile the whole time. For me there really wasn't a boring episode during the whole series.

As it was my very first Korean drama, it still holds a special place in my heart.

I DEFINITELY recommend 'Hi! School Love On' a drama for beginners or for all levels!

This is one of my favourites! It has really unique and amusing characters which definitely got me hooked onto this show. The storyline is really unique and cute and the characters fit it perfectly. It unfolds the past really well and its always got me thinking since it started with a flashback with a few clues. Definitely a must watch! You all will be sure to be intrigued by this and feel emotions youve never felt before. I cried at nearly every episode, especially at the last few when the tables turned for one of the leads. Friendship, love and so much more between these high schoolers that will get you thinking about life.

22 It's Okay, That's Love

I am completely mesmerized by this show! One of the most underrated shows I believe. I totally fell in love with Jo in-sung and Gong hye Jin after watching the show. The suspense, drama, emotions in this one is spot on. Can't decide who was the best as everyone seems to have done an amazing job. And what do I even say about the OST- it's so good and perfectly matches with the situations that they get stuck in your head. Breaking the cliches, this drama will sure be difficult to top for me. Highly recommended!

I totally agree with everyone on this thread. This drama blew my mind. It has become my favorite drama of all time. The chemistry between JIS and GHJ is incomparable. I have never seen anything like it. Jo Insung was my first Korean drama crush but after watching this drama, I wanted him to date Gong Hyo Jin for real. Everyone on this drama showed amazing acting. The storyline is something that interests me a lot and the dialogue was the best ever, brilliant, honest, and at times, in your face. I can't get over this drama. I think I have to watch it again.
And yes the OST

I like this drama so much that I can't move on... Even in just the 1st episode UNTIL the end, you will truly enjoy it. You will never be boring in every single seconds PROMISE!
Perfect pairing! I think that Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin is so perfect as a couple. I want them again to make another romantic comedy drama. I recommend you all guys to watch this drama. It's so enjoyable and has a good story..

How can this drama be on the 38th place? How? This drama made me cry in one second and laugh inthe other. I mean I was laughing, crying and was angry... In short I was feeling all of the emotions possible in this world. Love the drama and the twists in it were just... Shocking. A must watch, despite it's flaws (I don't see any flaws in Korean dramas and this drama is no exception but people keep saying that it has some flaws... So yeah! Whatever! )

23 Kill Me, Heal Me

It's one of the best k-dramas that I've watched. It has all the ingredients, from romantic, comedy, happiness, sadness, angry, forgiveness, etc. Plus it has social message about child abuse and how it impacts the children's life in their future, just because the parent's selfish matters. The plot is good, not boring and flows naturally.

And, of course, it has one of the best chemistry I know from the leads in k-dramas. Two thumbs up for Ji Sung (Cha Do Hyun/Shin Se Gi, & his other 5 personalities, including the "cute" Ahn Yoo Na) and Hwang Jung Eum (Oh Ri Jin). They are awesome and very compatible for each other, started from Secret Love days. Also, other casts are played their parts well. Daebak!

This drama is by far one of the greatest korean dramas out there.. it's really funny, sad and relatable at the same time. You learn a lot about multiple personality disorder and you really become a part of the story, the main lead did an excellent job in playing different characters and it was amazing - the plot, the cast ecerything just AMAZING. Personally I think it's a must watch and I recommend it to everyone I know. This is totally underrated and deserves a much higher rank then this. The soundtrack was great and the chemistry between the main characters was outstanding!

Watch it! (And then come back here to vote it up because this amazing drama deserves to be on the very top of everyone's list). You will fall in love with all the main characters including all the sub personalities. Great cast, exciting plot and sizzling chemistry. You will laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your nails, love whole-heartedly, hate bitterly and cry your eyes out. Even the sound track is great. Ji Sung's performance is simply unparalleled. Seriously this drama just about tops everything that's out there, except my undying love for Do Min Joon.

The best drama I've seen so far! Great story line. Ji Sung totally nailed his character. PSJ's acting is great as well and so funny. It took me several tries to get passed the first few minutes of episode 1 because I initially thought that the drama is too violent for my taste, and the drama may have been put in the wrong category. So for those who felt the same way I did when beginning to watch this, do not despair! This is a great drama and very good actors. You will surely live this series as well as I did!

24 Flower Boys Next Door

The plot was very different to the dramas I usually watch. Enrique is really the most adorable thing on the planet. Kinda felt bad for the second lead (like I always do in almost every drama), but I fully support the canon because they are very cute together. I was slightly annoyed by park shin he's character when she kept on pushing Enrique away. The second pairing was also great as they seemed to be made for each other. Loved it!

This show is so good and funny. Never got boring and was very very funny. The main male was so funny I loved his personality. Ended really well not leaving you wondering what happened to other characters in the show.

I think it should be in top 20 maybe...
This drama is seriously the best! Park Shin hye is a really good actress and I just fell for Yoon Shi Yoon's charakter here...
Enrique is so funny, sweet but not just a casual sweet flower Boy as always in anime or something...he is just so smary and manly at the same time... I just watched this drama and now I love Yoon Shi Yoon and his charakter here so much that's just unbelievable! I Think that's my new favourite drama or one of the favorites...L O V E T H I S

Cute storyline! The plot and characters here were unique. I felt that it could be better but I really enjoyed watching this!

25 A Gentleman's Dignity

A gentleman's dignity is an amazing drama. I just finished it recently but the plot, whoever the writer is it is amazingly written. It has everything. Heartbreaks, love, and comedy packing it all together. After I finished one episode I couldn't stop myself from watching the other. It's literally the best of all the drama's that I have watched. Chemistry between each character is breathtaking. And since the story revolves around life of four couples facing completely different relationship problems. It doesn't become boring. It is a MUST watch.

I like this drama because its not just the story of one couple but 4 couple which is very interesting to watch. Different couples that are somewhat connected. The chemistry of each couple are superb. One of the drama that will keep you wanting to watch more and more..

I've watched almost every drama in the list but the only drama that I re-watched is this drama. The chemistry, the story line, the characters, the setting, the actors, the script, everything is amazing. It's like the epitome of a perfect rom-com.

The playfulness of Kim Do Jin and the naive nature of Seo Yi so is a perfect combination. I laughed and cried and cannot stop watching this once I started. The supporting cast also has a good chemistry as well. Two thumbs up!

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