Top 10 Worst Cartoon Moms

You know the type - those animated matriarchs who make you scratch your head and think, "Wow, did she just do that?" They might be abusive, neglectful, or just plain terrible at parenting. Whether they're constantly putting their kids in harm's way or their actions just make you cringe, these characters have people talking, and not in a good way.

So who are the worst cartoon moms? Will it be a classic cartoon mom who's been around for decades? Or maybe a more modern character whose problematic behavior is still fresh in everyone's minds? You get to be the judge. Vote for the choices you think deserve to be at the top of this list.

Some of you might argue that these moms are just flawed characters in fictional stories, while others believe they represent deeper issues in society. Either way, you've got a say in this, so let's see who ends up as the most questionable cartoon mom of all time.
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1 Lois Griffin - Family Guy Lois Patrice Griffin is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Family Guy.

Ah yes, Lois. If you've watched even a single episode of Family Guy, you know how badly Meg gets treated. Her ego is so inflated that her and Peter's offspring are often put in danger in the middle of all this, and after getting renewed after its second cancellation due to high DVD sales/Nielsen ratings on Adult Swim, she became even worse at it.

She used to be a good mom in the older episodes, but she abuses her children, especially Meg. On the other hand, Peter is a lot worse.

2 Agnes Skinner - The Simpsons

Agnes Skinner, a rare case where the subject character is an adult, is an abusive mother to Seymour Skinner (err... Armin Tamzarian), treating him like he's still a child and embarrassing him in public on numerous occasions, including saying that Skinner's bladder is "full of urine" at Moe's Tavern in front of Homer and pals, and grounding him for not answering the door.

3 Mom - Futurama

She physically abuses her sons by slapping them.

She's an awful woman who abuses her own sons.

4 Lady Tremaine - Cinderella

She may not mistreat Drizella and Anastasia the way she mistreats their stepsister, but they don't exactly seem all that close to one another either.

She's not Cinderella's real mom. She's her stepmother! She is Anastasia and Drizella's biological mom.

She treats Cinderella like a servant and also abuses her.

5 Liane Cartman - South Park

She not only spoils her son but also lets him get away with it when he says and does something wrong.

She's the reason why Cartman acts out by spoiling him.

6 Miriam Pataki - Hey Arnold!

And here we are, the worst of the worst... NUMERO UNO... Miriam Pataki. My gosh, she is AWFUL. The nine below her at least have some redeeming qualities, but she is just straight-up treating Helga like trash, and oh yeah, she's basically the closest you can get to an alcoholic with a TV-Y7 rating. I don't think anyone in the whole wide world likes this character.

7 Ma Beagle - DuckTales
8 Mrs. Turner - The Fairly OddParents

Mrs. Turner, while not as dumb as her husband, is still pretty bad. Oftentimes, the two would do stuff together and leave Timmy with the verbally and mentally (and even, albeit rarely, physically) abusive babysitter Vicky. Despite ten seasons of torment for Timmy, one even having to share the fairy privileges with a girl who does not need a fairy in the first place, she's never the wiser.

Along with her idiot husband, they're both terrible parents. At one point, they purposely made their son cry and filmed it.

9 Marge Simpson - The Simpsons Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family. She is the wife of Homer and the mother of three children in the family.

The final of the trilogy of "Egotistical Mothers in Adult Animation" is arguably the worst... MARGE. SIMPSON. While Lois Griffin may be abusive and Peggy Hill annoying, Marge Simpson has impacts on not just her family and close friends, but often times, the ENTIRE TOWN. Namely stuff like causing Itchy & Scratchy to be censored, destroying private property (a burlesque house), and banning sugar.

Because of Marge, Lisa is always ashamed of her family. Hopefully, Lisa doesn't turn out like Marge because Homer is STUPID!

10 Charlotte Pickles - Rugrats

Starting off (if you're one of those who read from the bottom) with Charlotte Pickles, who's barely a parent at all, often dropping her daughter off at Didi's house when she and Drew are working. This seems fine at first, but then you realize she's always working and Didi's even less competent (we'll get to that later). She also got facial surgery in All Grown Up!, making her look creepy.

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11 Peggy Hill - King of the Hill Margaret Joseph "Peggy" Hill is a fictional character in the American animated series King of the Hill.

Speaking of egotistical moms, we go from suburban Rhode Island to rural Texas, and we meet Peggy Hill, who has very few positive traits to balance the negative ones. For example, Peggy constantly butchers the Spanish language, with one incident almost getting her sent to jail in Mexico. She also is a bad "friend" to Nancy Gribble and even the already jerky Minh Souphanousinphone.

12 Mrs. Muntz - The Simpsons

Nelson is poorly neglected because of her.

13 Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball Z Chi-Chi is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Too study focused, less focused on her sons' well beings.

14 Doris - Caillou

Caillou is a spoiled brat. Horribly spoiled.

15 Frances Gibbons - The Mighty B!
16 Linda Stotch - South Park

She nearly killed poor, sweet Butters by drowning him.

17 The High Priestess - Samurai Jack

If you watched season 5 of samurai jack, then you should know that she really acts like an owner to her seven children then a mother. She basically trains them abusively, she doesn't care that 6 of her daughters died, (Ashi living). She only cares to fulfill Aku's desire, kill samurai jack.

18 Delia Ketchum - Pokémon

Delia Ketchum doesn't care that Ash goes on adventure for several days with some friends just to catch some pokemon. She's similar to Dora's parents, but in pokemon. She really should be more concerned of her son's safety.

19 Didi Pickles - Rugrats

Oh... Didi. You're even WORSE than Charlotte, despite managing to pay the rent to a full-size house in California with both the parents having lackluster jobs (she being a child psychologist and Stu being a failed inventor), she does not know how to even raise her own kids, by age 1 Tommy was already lost and by age 10 Tommy was allowed to wander the streets by himself with no parental supervision.

20 Dexter's Mom - Dexter's Laboratory
21 Francine Smith - American Dad!

She's not really a good mom:

- She can't cook.
- She feeds her children a dead boy in the vacation goo.
- She humiliatingly dumps a bucket of chowder on Steve in front of people.
- Hailey nearly died from damaging her kidneys.
- She teaches Steve how to shoplift.

Francine tells Stan to be nice to Steve and appreciate him for who he is. But she does the same thing herself. What a hypocrite she is!

22 Beth Smith - Rick and Morty
23 Spoiled Rich - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Spoiled Rich literally taught Diamond Tiara that you need to bully people to get your way, and verbally abused her for not winning an election. An election run by other students.

24 Akemi Hinazuki - Erased
25 Luann Van Houten - The Simpsons

Number 9 goes to Luann Van Houten, Milhouse's mom. At first, she was just an ordinary side character who happens to be the mom of Milhouse, but after the entire divorce stuff, her character went downhill faster than Happy Days after Fonz jumped that shark. She's now a complete tool to her (ex-)husband, and later on, it's revealed that Milhouse was inbred by Luann and Kirk, who are blood related.

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