Top 10 Strongest Cobra Kai Students

Here are the top 10 strongest Cobra Kai fighters.

As a martial artist myself, I can relate to the show, good and bad. I came up with the top 10 fighters, in an accurate manner. The list goes down from strongest to weakest. So, 1 is the strongest, and 10 is the weakest.

These are just the students, not the sensei. Also, these are all the three seasons, with everything that happened.
The Top Ten
1 Miguel Diaz

I liked him at first in season 1, but at the end he became jealous of Robby and bullied him at the tournament. It literally took me until the middle of season 5 to like him again.

He was the best during Seasons 1 and 2.
He lost his skills during Season 3.
He has one or two more months, and all the others might be ahead of him by the time he does.
I'm talking about Miguel in Season 3, not in 1 or 2.
You saw him struggling a lot, and it was because of his legs.
I'm not biased, but this is true. Currently, he is sixth in the rank system.
I'm happy that he beat Kyler though.

2 Robby Keene

He lost most of his skill in Season 3.
Because of that, Sam and Hawk surpassed him, but we might see him get more powerful later.
He still had enough skill to beat Shawn and his gang, but only did so by striking first.
So, I think that Robby would be good at number 3.
He also managed to match Miguel with an injured arm.
He was probably superior to Miguel in Season 1 with the injured arm, because Miguel won by pulling on it.

Robby took down Tory along with the entirety of the Post S3 dojo without being touched. He learned an entire other style, fought Hawk to nearly a draw in S4 while severely nerfed, took Miguel down a Prom, and even had the upper hand against S5 Miguel until Miguel got the Flashback main character power.

3 Hawk

He is already very powerful. He joined a bit after Miguel. He was seen as the Second best fighter in Cobra Kai during seasons 1 and 2, behind Miguel. He became Kreese's champion student and continued to lead the dojo until Robby arrived and took away his position.

Now, I put him over Robby because Hawk constantly trained and improved his fighting style, while Robby did not train at all.
I saw how rusty Robby's Karate became when he attacked Johnny in the end.
So, for now, Hawk takes the lead.
Also, a lot of people are contesting him with Sam, but Sam landed only one kick on Hawk in Season 3 because Hawk was caught off guard when Sam and the Miyagi-Do's attacked.
I love how he wrecked Brucks in Season 3.
Being bullied despite being innocent is unforgivable.
Hawk is Number 1 for now.
I'll update the list again as season 4 comes and finishes.
I could not find his image, so I put this Hawk in instead.
This looks cool though.

4 Samantha LaRusso

Sam is a well-rounded fighter.
She is on par with Hawk, but Hawk beat two people at the same time, and they had Demetri in an armlock, which Sam didn't do. If Hawk did any different feats, I definitely would have put her on number 1.
She has shown to be stronger than Tory defeating her both times they fought.
I give her number two because of that.
She does have enough feats, though.
I think that she would work well in rank number two.

Probably best female fighter,better than Hawk in my opinion. She has the most experience from all kids!

5 Tory Nichols

In Seasons 1 and 2, she was the 3rd best student at Cobra Kai, behind Miguel and Hawk. She got upped from her position to the second-best when Miguel lost to Robby and got severely injured.
If she was in Season 1, she would have probably been stronger than Hawk and Sam.
She would have been ranked 1 if she wasn't introduced in the middle of season 2.
However, it's a miracle that someone who was only in the show for one and a half seasons got to this high!
I can't wait to see her next season!

6 Doug Rickenberger

Now, I'm not sure that you saw him at all.
He's that guy who was fighting Chris in the house fight, and who Hawk threw to the glass table.
He is a minor character, but it's surprising how he is this high.
Watch him closely!
He almost kicked the tree down from the fighting smart lesson.
He almost beat Chris and overwhelmed him in the house fight; note that he also managed to get the upper hand on him in the arcade fight, which Mitch couldn't do. He was the guy, who jumped on Chris and started by choking him.
So, I would believe that he deserves this spot.
He has more feats than Kyler, so he is higher.

7 Kyler

Now, the top bully sadly also earned a spot here.
He apparently managed to beat Mitch. Mitch is the student who got kicked out of the dojo after losing to Kyler in Kyler's recruitment match.
Mitch was a powerful Cobra, though not as good as Hawk, Tory, and Doug. Miguel in Seasons 1 and 2, yes. But now, Mitch lost to Kyler, though I think it's because he underestimated him.
Where does that place Kyler?
Above most of the students!
With that being said, he sadly got in the Top 10. I didn't think that he would be back.
I'm happy that Miguel beat him, so he is still stronger than Kyler, at least.

8 Chris

Chris is great. He is one of the most powerful Miyagi Students.
His current rival is Doug from Cobra Kai, but I put him lower than Kyler because compared to how long it took him to beat Mitch, Kyler beat him without much effort.
Doug managed to get the Upper Hand on him most times.

He is good enough to beat Mitch, though.

9 Mitch

Mitch is a powerful student. He was in Cobra Kai.
Sadly, he lost to Kyler, probably due to underestimation.
For example, he did a tornado kick to Chris during the school brawl.
With Kyler, he did 3 underhand strikes, which is easy for a wrestler to block and dodge, a crescent kick, which he dodged because he hit too high, and a front ball kick, which was also too high, so Kyler dodged and then tackled him, finally finishing him with a choke.
But, considering how he lost, I put him at 9th.

10 Demetri

He is not that bad, and somewhat a decent fighter, but the thing is, he is a way too slow thinker.
He beat Hawk because Hawk underestimated him and Hawk was caught off guard by Demetri blocking his strikes.
He doesn't really have many feats, so I put him at 10th, but at least he is stil in the top 10.

The Contenders
11 Devon Lee
12 Kenny Payne
13 Raymond "Stingray" Porter
14 Shawn Payne
15 Piper Elswith

This girl made to the semifinals using her combination of gymnastics and karate!

16 Stingray
17 Aisha Robinson
18 Bert
19 Bobby Brown
20 Nathaniel
21 Mikey
22 Brucks
23 Big Red
24 Edwin
25 Dutch
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