Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

For almost half of a century, the Super Bowl has had annual games where two football teams compete for… oh who cares, aren't we all here for the commercials? Whether you enjoy the game or not, the humorous, well-created, and often touching commercials are what bring everyone together each year. Almost 50 years worth of stellar commercials have been shown on T.V. , and this list is the massive community's choice of which one they enjoyed the most.

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1 1984 - Apple (1984)

This commercial may not be as touching or funny as the rest of the commercials, but it definitely had an impact on Apple and the entire industry. With IMDb as a slave holder and Apple breaking everyone free from it, the way this commercial was presented did, in fact, prove that 1984 would not be like 1984.

It started the entire Super Bowl commercial as we know it. Macintosh revolutionary the world of technology,Ads, and Computers.

2 Mean Joe Greene - Coca Cola (1980)

He's not mean at all! This touching commercial shows friendship and bonding better than any Budweiser commercial because not only is the product actually involved, but we get sweet dialogue between the player and the kid. Sharing is the topic of almost all these drink commercials, and boy does this one do it right,

This super bowl commercial was amazing. Hands down my favorite and the best. I love this one.

3 The Showdown - McDonald's (1993)

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan compete in an intense game for a legitimate prize: make the loser watch you eat McDonald's. It made "nothing but net" a thing and truly became a classic that aged like Golden Fries.

4 Terry Tate, Office Linebacker - Reebok (2003)

This is just plain humorous. Terry Tate was sent to an office to tackle and yell at rule breakers, and it provides tons of laughs for those sick of seeing Betty White tackled.

5 The Force - Volkswagen (2011)

This one is an instant classic. A little kid wants to be Darth Vader and attempts to use the force on multiple things, and gets amazed when he thinks he started a Vorkswagen. All this to Darth Vader's theme.

6 Huluboratory - Hulu Plus (2012)

This one is not often mentioned in Best of All Time lists, and it makes me not want to watch Hulu Plus, but it's numerous references to other shows and just the fact that the company is making an evil organization out of themselves makes me not care. This ad is awesome.

7 The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Old Spice (2010)

Who knew Old Spice would work so well with women? It may not have actually aired during the Superbowl, but letting it viral online was a genius decision.

8 Cream or Cookie - Oreo (2013)

Here's my proof that recent commercials still have some steam. It's the age old debate about Oreos with tons of destruction, and in a library for good measure. Genius.

9 Snickers - Betty White (2010)

This was pure Genius

10 Pepsi - Security Camera (1996)
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11 Doritos - Magic Ball (2009)
12 Budweiser Frogs - Budweiser (1995)

Budweiser is known today for their touching animal commercials that have nothing to do with beer, but their classic frog commercial popularized their jingle and provided simple humor.

13 Return of the E-Trade baby (2008)
14 Best Fans Ever - NFL (2011)

It's not quite clear what was being advertised, but come on, what better way is there to get you ready for the Superbowl than a large array of T.V. show characters doing it?

15 Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny meet for the first time - Nike (1992)
16 Puppy Monkey Baby (2016)
17 M&M Superbowl Commercial (2012)
18 Puppy Love - Budweiser (2014)
19 Where's the Beef? - Wendy's (1984)
20 Kim Kardashian's Save The Data - T Mobile (2015)
21 The Brady Bunch - Snickers (2015)
22 ''What’s Up” - Budweiser (2000)
23 Clown - Walmart (2010)
24 Crackin' Gangnam Style - Pistachios (2013)
25 Bolder Than Bold - Butterfinger (2016)
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