Top Ten Best Poor Girl Rich Guy Korean Dramas

The best korean dramas with poor girl rich guy cliché.
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1 The Heirs (2013)

Just finished this drama, and it is by far the best poor girl, rich guy cliche drama. The basic storyline is a love triangle that consists of two super-rich 17-year-old guys and a very poor 17-year-old girl. It's hilarious and also has great romance as well.

I recommend it as this kind of cliche drama. You should totally watch it!

It's a very good drama. At first, you might get a little bored, but then it gets interesting when they return to Korea from the USA. Once you start watching it, you can't stop until you finish the whole drama. I love it.

2 Goong (2006)

My most favorite kdrama along with Stairway to Heaven! It's a must-watch drama when I'm in the mood to be in love. I love Eun Hye and Ji Hoon!

3 Secret Garden (2012)

This is by far the best rich guy, poor girl drama out here. It's 2019, and it's still undefeated in my heart. Trust me, I've seen tons of dramas, but this one is still so fresh in my memory.

It takes quite a few episodes to really get into the main story, but I stuck with it, and it was so worth it. The chemistry between the leads was incredible, and so is the entire OST. It made me laugh and cry buckets. The secondary characters also get the spotlight in this one.

It's one of the most beloved and iconic dramas in Korea, parodied and referenced countless times for a reason.

4 My Princess (2011)
5 Boys Over Flowers (2009)

I'm currently watching this, and I am watching multiple dramas so I don't finish it quickly because it's too good. I want to cherish it and savor the taste of the drama.

I fall in love with Lee Min Ho, then hate him after one episode, then love him again, then hate him again, and it's an endless cycle. Boys Over Flowers is a must-watch!

A classic, really. Heirs basically copied this but included a few differences and changed the characters a tad bit. Revolutionary in the trope of rich boy and poor girl, school bully and new girl. A must-watch for anyone exploring the world of kdramas. If you haven't seen it, go watch it.

6 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

Best romantic comedy drama. Gong Yoo is amazing and his leading lady is very pretty.

7 Emergency Couple (2014)

Best drama that I've watched till now!

8 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

I love this kdrama! It doesn't get enough love, in my opinion. I can see two very distinct scenes in my head when I think of this show. One is when he smacks an egg on his head thinking it's hardboiled and gets yolk all over him, and the second is the dramatic kiss scene.

A great cast of characters in the leads.

This is a cute drama. I love it so much. It made me laugh, but it also made me cry. That's what makes it a good kdrama.

9 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The best rich guy/not-so-rich girl romance ever. It was all about the couple and not about family members opposing because she's not worthy of him or ex-girlfriends popping out of nowhere to ruin their relationship.

It was great because the girl never felt inferior to him in any way. I wish more kdramas would follow this example.

Wow, this is my very favorite k-drama because the lead actress is very strong, and the lead actor is very handsome and rich. I like the plot of this story. It's very funny and very entertaining. Best Korean drama ever in 2017.

10 Inspiring Generation
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11 My Secret Romance

It's a beautiful drama. I love it. It's adorable and funny, and it's stuck in my head. The lead characters are so perfect in so many ways.

That show was awesome. Also heartwarming.

12 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

I really love this drama because the CEO's mother isn't the type of woman who would oppose her son's relationship with a girl who isn't rich.

One of the best romantic comedies ever! My mind is still so stuck on how good it is.

I think it's the best drama that I've ever watched!

13 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I can't put into words how beautiful this drama actually is. I've watched many dramas from Turkish to Japanese to Korean to German to American, but this one is by far one of the most beautiful and breathtaking dramas, showing all sides of true love. Just amazing.

I really hope the producers see the potential in the plot, actors, and actresses to produce a second season. No words. Definitely underrated for no reason.

The ending is so sad, but I am looking forward to part 2. This is the best drama I have watched, with the lead character Wang So, who is cold. Ugh, my favorite.

14 Cinderella and four knights

One of my favorite dramas. It told the story beautifully. The female protagonist is my hero. The characters are well-developed. Great show!

It's amazing! I love the girl. She is funny! My favorite part of the show is when she drinks the rice wine instead of the milk by accident and gets drunk, saying funny stuff. Watch it, it's amazing.

Very nice story, plot, songs, and actors. The actors are very fit for their characters.

15 Dong Yi (2010)
16 Noble, My Love

I have watched many kdramas, lakorns, etc., since I first fell in love with them, and Noble, My Love is one of those that stand out in the bunch.

One of my favorite kdramas of all time. I recommend it to those who have not watched it yet!

Pretty good! The lead was so hot! He was also in Oh My Venus. Such a good drama, such a babe!

17 My Love from the Star

Love can bring people from two different worlds together.

18 1% of Anything

This is a must-watch drama for those who love the rich man, poor woman kind of plot.

Best drama I've watched. Wishing that its episodes lasted longer.

Best drama ever. I love the cast.

19 My Girl (2006)

Really the best! Everything about it! I watched many dramas, but this one is the one where I can laugh even after 100 times watching it!

20 Fated to Love You

So sweet. Love, love, love this drama.

It's really awesome. The chemistry between the leads is magnificent.

21 The Legend of the Blue Sea

Superb acting, interesting storyline. It keeps you hooked till the end.

22 Playful Kiss

I've watched this drama in full a couple dozen times and episodes far more. One of my first dramas, and I fell in love with it. Watching again now as I type. Great romance--he doesn't want to love her but against his will falls hard!

I loved this drama. It's one of the first dramas I watched. I just love how it started in high school with just a rejected love letter. It's definitely a must-watch drama.

This version of Itazura na Kiss is the best one so far! I really liked the lead actor, who's cold at first but gradually melted the ice in his heart and turned into a sweet husband to Oh Ha Ni.

23 Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

AHH, one of my favorites! I wouldn't really consider this a poor girl, rich guy plot, but nevertheless, it's a superb drama. Characters are well-developed, and the twists and turns will pull you in.

24 Master's Sun (2013)

This is one of my top favorites. The acting from both leads and the twist of her having the sixth sense are perfectly cast.

Best drama ever. Love the actors. Their performance is on top. Everything is done perfectly.

25 Me Too Flower (2011)
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