Worst Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Characters

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1 Bendy

Definitely the worst annoying character along with Goofball and Cheese.

He's the worst imaginary friend ever! He's even worse than Goofball.

He blames every single imaginary friend. I wish he could die.

2 Duchess

This is the worst character besides.

She's even worse than Bendy.

She has the ugliest nose. It's shaped like a faucet!

3 Cheese

CHEESE SUCKS! He doesn't even have a personality. He just repeats like a robot that he likes chocolate milk. He is ugly and gives everyone nightmares.

Why is everyone adding Bendy as number 1 as the worst character? He only broke a vase, a window, and stole a stupid cookie!

Bloo stole Frankie's bus and ran everyone over. He broke Madam Foster's bust, destroyed the house to prove that Bendy stole a stupid cookie, never listens to Mac, blames everyone for his mistakes, sees everyone as a servant (especially Wilt), ruined Wilt's socks, made Eduardo cry, lies, cheats, starts crying if something doesn't go the way he wants. He stated in the episode "Goodbye to Bloo" that he is going to kill Mac and visit his grave every day. He asked Frankie to jump in the swimming pool and pretend she can't swim so that while the shark is eating her, he will jump over the shark, etc.

Bloo is sadistic like Berry, breaks house rules like Bendy, blackmails like Terence, makes everyone else do his chores, and sees them as servants like Duchess. BUT NO ONE CARES. Why? Because Bloo is funny. Bendy is funny too. You only saw him in one episode. He has a cooler design than Bloo who has no legs.

Bloo deserves a spot way higher than Bendy, somewhere after Berry and Cheese. Cheese should be number 1 because he is the worst character ever invented.

4 Terrence

An absolute menace who makes even Eric Cartman look like Jesus in comparison (at least Cartman's behavior is a source of laughter, which makes him more likable)!

He is supposed to be number 1 because he is a malicious jerk. He is worse than Bendy. He even tried to get his little brother grounded. His attitude is like Bendy's.

He is pure evil. He teamed up with Duchess and tried to get rid of him in episode number 1. He needs to be removed from the first episode.

You're my least favorite character.

5 Extremeasaurus

Meanest imaginary friend on the block.

6 Fluffernutter
7 Bloo Bloo is one of many lovable and eccentric characters in Cartoon Networks "Fosters home for Imaginary Friends".

I think we've all had that moment where, back in our childhood, we cherished a cartoon character so much for his fun demeanor and energetic nature and loved that character to death more than any other character in the cast.

Then that moment leads us up to adolescence and adulthood where we look back and realize that the cartoon character was not as great as we used to perceive them. Basically, BLOO is the prime example of this.

While he's nowhere near as bad as Bendy or Duchess, he hasn't aged well with me and the rest of the FHFIF fandom. He is pretty much a spoiled brat who only cares for himself. They really toned up his selfish jerk attitude in later seasons.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but Bloo is simply dead to me now. Nowadays, I prefer Wilt and Eduardo over him. They're far more mature and nicer than Bloo ever will be.

8 Berry

OH MY GOD! I HATE BERRY WITH A BURNING PASSION! She's worse than Duchess! She tries to stop Mac from coming over to see Bloo and is also a snot and a stalker!

She is spoiled, mean, whiny, and just a B*TCH! She also forced one of the imaginary friends to move with her obnoxious "THIS SEAT'S TAKEN!" when she wants to sit with Bloo.

As for Bloo calling her a different name that rhymes with Berry, great job! Thank God she's only in 2 episodes! Berry needs to be at least #2 and Bendy at #1. DIE, BERRY, DIE!

She's a creeper just like Michael Jackson from 2005. I like Michael Jackson, though. I don't like the one from '05.

9 Sloppy Moe
10 George Mucas
The Contenders
11 Crackers
12 Peas

He's that stupid little green lad in "The Big Cheese" spin-off, who's not Jackie Khones.

13 Frankie

She's always angry and screaming for no reason. She never shuts up!

14 Goofball John McGee
15 Coco
16 Mr. Herriman

He has never done anything good. He locked the others out of the house in the random code episode.

I have my own rules, but at least I have some dignity.

Mr. Herriman is too strict. While I do value rules, he's such a perfectionist.

17 Eurotrish
18 Goo
19 Madame Foster
20 A Pickle Jar
21 Mac
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