Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Shippings

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1 Puzzleshipping

To be honest, this ship is adorable no matter how you look at it. And the way Yumi wants to protect Yugi is super sweet! They play off of each other, making an unstoppable duo and the cutest couple I've ever seen. By far, my OTP and hope it's the OTP of others because there is a lot to it, and sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's angsty and even deep. There is more to this ship than meets the eye.

My friend introduced me to this ship and now I can't stop looking it up. I used to be a replay shipper, but now I have stopped and started shipping this. I re~watch all the episodes when yugi and yami were together, and I think even the creators shipped it. This is the ship that haters have to love.

Yami Yugi is 5,000/3,000 years old. I never shipped them because I never saw anything between them besides a close friendship.

Honestly, they touch each other more than they even look at any other person. My favorite ship definitely.

2 Polarshipping

Okay, how do people not think this is canon? Joey and Mai were dating during the anime!

The most hinted ship throughout the series, beside yugi/yami and tea.

It's ok. I think it would've been better if Mai was closer to Joey's age.

Shipped them since forever with puzzleshipping. 10/10 really cute

3 Peachshipping

They belong together. Yugi always had a crush on Tea, and there are moments when Tea shows feelings for him more than Yami. Post-canon, they would totally get together.

Yeah! They're best friends since childhood and they're always there for each other. I love these two!

Yugi liked Tea and Tea liked him TOO MUCH in season 0! In season 5, she also has a crush on him.

The only ship I ship in here.

4 Prideshipping

Well, at least there may be some hinting that seto is also from the destent past as well? I don't know, I have no idea what the whole drawings on the wall ishizu was showing seto really meant...

I only saw them as rivals. All Kaiba wanted to do was take back Yugi's crown and that was all.

5 Puppyshipping

They both hate each other. I don't think it would work out.

6 Thiefshpping

Their personalities bounce off each other so well.

7 Vaseshipping

Yami and Mana were childhood friends, and they were hinting that they were a couple.

8 Phycoshipping

Yami bakura x yami marik

Easily the hottest ship

Tru love right here

9 Tendershipping

Bakura is Yami Bakura's reincarnation. I know it's not, but it's almost like you're shipping him with himself.

Ryo x yami bakura

10 Tieshipping

All Tristan did in season 0 was try to impress Miho, but she later dissapeared for no reasons.

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11 Heartshipping

This is pretty cute

Ryo bakura x yugi

12 Cheershipping

Duke obviously has a crush on Serenity, and Serenity just seems to never catch on.

13 Roseshipping
14 Bronzshipping

Dude, no. Yami Marik is a dark side of Marik that manifested in him when he was little. Marik has D.I.D and I guess you guys are shipping him with himself.

Marik x yami marik

15 Revolutionshipping

Always found it cute

16 Shrimpshipping

Yes. Rex x Weevil. There are just so many moments with these two. I love it.

One of my all time favorite pairings.

17 Halfshipping
18 Harpoonshipping

Mako does love the ocean...

19 Ardentshipping
20 Wishshipping

Only one that makes sense and could work out for me. They just do above and beyond for each other and always had each others backs. It's just too cute.

It's just cute!

21 Angstshipping
22 Trustshipping

They just look cute together.

23 Rivalshipping
24 Boxshipping
25 Replayshipping

I don't know why I like this's just so cute! I mean, Rebecca with Yugi?! come on! Rebecca literally kissed Yugi on the cheek! She defeated Vivian! I mean, it would be a popular ship if they made Rebecca older, and changed her personality a bit. I don't like her voice that much, she kinda sounds like a brat and I for one, do not like brats! Still, it is a pretty good ship and it is along side of Revoultionshipping which is a popular ship that I ship too. This may make a love sqaure, of Rebecca, Yugi, Yami/Atem, and Téa/Anzu. It could be puzzleshipping (Yugi x Yami), Peachshipping (Yugi x Téa), Revoultionshipping (Yami x Téa), or it could be Replayshipping (Rebecca x Yugi). Still, I love this ship and I won't let anything change my mind of this ship!

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