Top 10 Best Supernatural Seasons

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1 Season 5

The concluding season of the greatest story arc in all of television. The ending of Azazel's fifty year old master plan comes to a head in season 5 and Swan Song is the best episode that Supernatural has ever produced. Phenomenal writing, acting, directing, and musical score. Season five is by far the best season of Supernatural.

This is my favourite season, it's a mixture of the best storyline of all the seasons and the best soundtrack and music to it. Dean and Sam are funny and Castiel is cool. There's more than one thing going on and I love the complexity in this season, but it's simple as well.
Best season. Over and out.

2 Season 13

So far Season 13 has been rocking it with its first 6 episodes to me. Season 13 so far is my 5th favourite Season wit Season 11, 5, 2 and 3 being my next top favourites in that order with Season 11 so far, not necessarily based on episode to episode quality but by the overall quality so far. Nice they introduce Jack, an amazing character who I love from the first time I see him. Supernatural has not done this with me since Season 11 with Amara and season 5 with Crowley. Hopefully Jack lasts a long while, after losing Crowley, he could be the Winchesters second man after Castiel like with Crowley and Castiel. Each of these six episodes feel great and I enjoyed all of them a lot. Similarly to Season 11, this show avoids filler episodes or at least makes the filler engaging. If Season 13 can keep it like this, it will probably be my third favourite Season. If it can out perform this by a decent level, it will be my 2nd favourite Season, behind Season 11 or if it can outperform other seasons by a fair margin, it will be my favourite supernatural season which I think might happen, which if I only looked at the first episodes of every Season right now, then Season 13 would be my 2nd favourite with Season 2 being my favourite just only looking at the overall quality of all of supernatural seasons first 6 episodes. Hit it out of the park Supernatural!

3 Season 4

The gay trenchcoat-ed angel came, like really guys. Destiel shippers? Anyone?

4 Season 2

This season is my favourite. This season has consistency of quality, the ability to produce good but mostly outstanding episodes that threw me out of my seat without inconsistency. 2x1, 2x4, 2x5, 2x7, 2x8, 2x9, 2x10, 2x11, 2x12, 2x13, 2x14, 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 2x20, 2x21 and 2x22 are 18 episodes from this season that stood out so much to me in this series from this season, while 2x3 and 2x19 were good episodes to me, and 2x2 and 2x6 were decent episodes. The filler this season was done right, and the main plotline with Yellow eyes was satisfying. This season was engaging, emotional and interesting. 2x20 my 1st favourite episode, 2x9 my 2nd favourite episode and 2x15 my 4th favourite episode are three episodes that made it in my top 10 favourite episodes. A masterpiece kind of season.

5 Season 3

The season gathered momentum around the mystery spot episode, just in bello was exceptional too. After this season the show got a bit stuck up its own arse

6 Season 11

Best Season of this show yet. Overall the first and second half were masterpieces and the nice thing about this season is that it mostly avoided filler. Baby, Thin Lizzie, Our Little World, Plush, Just my Imagination, O brother Where Art Thou, Devil in the Details, Into the Mystics, Love Hurts, The Vessel, Into the Mat, Red Meat, Hells Angel, Don't Call Me Churley, All in the family, We Happy Few (the best episode) and Alpha and Omega) are example of masterpiece episodes. Out of the Darkness into the fire, Form and Void, The Bad Seed, don't you Forget About Me, and the Safe house were excellent episodes. The Chitters was an okay episode. This Season actually had a character that became my fan favourite the first minute I saw her, Amara. Became my second favourite character with Dean being Number 1 the first time I saw him. Season 5 is my second favourite season bit for me season 11 is still the best by an extremely far Margin for me.

7 Season 8
8 Season 1
9 Season 14

While every season of this show has a place in my heart, this season was good, even if at times I had some issues. The first two episodes, eh not my favourite compared to the other starting two episodes of a season, episode 3, 5, 7, okay, episode 9, 10, 15, 16 good, while the rest of the episodes were either damn good or excellent with the Finale though being a masterpiece, my second or third favourite finale of the series. The finale outperformed my expectation by a long shot, being behind Season 5's finale, equal if not better than the Season 2 Finale and better than the Season 8 finale by a bit for me and the other finales of the show. This season started off with very low momentum and it picked up and defied my expectations and surprised me by a long shot in the Finale. To me, this season surpasses Seasons 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 of the show, when looking at the entirety of the Season. I cannot wait for Season 15 of this show, the last one. Bring it on and end strong, brothers! This finale did not disappoint, and I am looking forward to next year with Dean, Jack, Sam and Castiel going against their biggest enemy in the Season. What a way to end the show with a bang.

10 Season 12

So far, to me, Season 12 trumps Season 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 so far and it is only half way through the season. 4th best season to me so far besides Season 3, which really intrigued me into the series with excellent quality episodes that are not so place. Season 5 which to me is a little better than Season 11 to me as the episodes were perfect. Season 6 which was a decent season despite too much plots thrown out at once, there was some intriguing episodes and it had so much potential for Supernatural. Season 11 to me was the best if not Season 5 as it also had perfect episodes and a God and Darkness Arch

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11 Season 6
12 Season 15
13 Season 10

Honestly my least favorite season so far. So much angst, so little actual action trying to get good things done... Not to mention the completely unnecessary death of Charlie! Supernatural writers seem to have a thing with killing off any and all characters that are part of an under-represented group; in this case, female and LGBT+.

I loved this season too, mostly because of how hot Demon! Dean was

14 Season 9
15 Season 7

Currently watching this season. A bit dissapointe that there are hardly any Castiel episodes. And don't forget the most painful death of all happened in this season.

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