Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Episodes

This list is a top ten of the best TMNT 2012 episodes based on their action, and their comedy.
The Top Ten
1 The Invasion

This one's the best because it's so dang epic. There really isn't a minute in the episode that could be considered boring. The Irma twist, the Casey-Raph subplot, the Leo-Donnie dispute, Leo's 2003-like near-death experience, and of course, the Turtle Mech. This one pushed the boundaries for the show. It was a dark episode, but appropriately dark, which makes this not only the best 2012 series episode, but possibly the best episode of all time in the Ninja Turtles franchise. And better yet, one of the better Nickeloden cartoon episodes of all time (Band Geeks in SpongeBob is still the best, I said ONE OF the best).

2 Requiem

Splinter and Shredders final fight its sad in the end but still a great episode

3 Vengeance is Mine!
4 The Gauntlet
5 Owari

Leo is my favorite turtle. He kills super shredder
. Even Splinter could not kill him.

This episode is definitely great. Best

This final fight against shredder is in my top 3 endings for a cartoon

6 Annihilation: Earth!

Warning: This episode is so Damn Epic and Suspensive that your brain will Explode.

This is the Best Nostalgic Season 3 Finale Ever. Has this Cliff hanging Awesomeness that TMNT 2003 always had.

The Number 1 Best Episode. Though the ending was a little too Extreme.

7 Earth's Last Stand
8 Dinosaur Seen in Sewers
9 Vision Quest

The best episode - has everything you could ask for. Action, violence, comedy, spirituality - absolute genius!

The turtles are all explored well learn lessons along with good fights easily one of the best

10 Turtle Temper
The Contenders
11 The Manhattan Project

Yes... Except in my opinion, like in Turtles Forever, the 1987 turtles should have met the 2012 turtles. It is bad that the 1987 turtles get their fame for only 2 minutes of the whole episode

12 Karai's Vendetta

I'd consider this one a classic Ninja Turtles episode because there's so much action in it, with the Karai-April chase scene, the Mikey victory dance (Mikey, that victory dance better not last for more than four seconds! ), the innuendo with the eel and Donnie's submarine, the Donnie-April moment (You hear that guys, MY SWEET PRINCESS IS ALIVE! ), the phone ringing in Leo's "we have to be quiet" lecture, and of course, the Karai-April fight. This is really a great episode.

13 Trans-Dimensional Turtles

The Greatest tmnt crossover in my opinion so many references and relations make it great

14 Broken Foot

This episode marks the beginning of a whole season of beating up Donnie, but apart from that, there's some great development of Karai and Leo's relationship that doesn't include weird, possibly incestuous romance. Plus Leo messes up and actually learns and changes as a character.

This was a very action packed episode and lots of people would think that at the end Donnie would die, but you can see at the end Donnie is alive and "well" ( considering that everyone jumped on him after he broke a bone.) This was by far my favorite episode of TMNT.

15 Parasitica

This is the one episode where Mikey comes up in the clutch and proves his worth. This is the best Mikey-centered episode by a mile. And though Leo was portrayed as a bit of a jerk, I couldn't blame him, considering Mikey used his vintage comic book as toilet paper. This was a funny one, and I remember how long it took for Nickelodeon to come up with an air date for it, and it was worth the wait.
Best line goes to Mikey & Leo:

Mikey: How come we never go with my plans?!
Leo: 'Cause they're YOUR plans. Now go!

16 Tale of the Yokai

I think this is unique, because the story and conflict between Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki have already been told to us many times throughout the series, but this time we see it, and it gives us a lot of anxiety because we know that eventually Hamato Yoshi will You'll lose everything, but that's how it should be.

Loved the whole episode... Even the ending was so touching.

TMNT 2012 lacks flashback (sort of) stories like this.

17 T.C.R.I.
18 The Wrath of Tiger Claw
19 Showdown

You have to admit, the Season 1 finale is awesome and has a great suspensive ending.

20 Into Dimension X
21 Beyond The Known Universe

This was a pretty solid debut for Fugitoid, who I've grown to love over the fourth season. This got me back into it after the third season finale, which I HATED, because I thought the ending was too dark for the show's territory and Casey's insensitive remark at the end. But anyway, this was a great one, and the best line is a no-brainer with Raph telling Dregg that "I just got a phone call from someone named 'I Don't Give A Flyin-", as Donnie stepped in to maintain the show's boundaries as a Nickelodeon cartoon. I also laughed when Leo flirted with the girl in the street at the planet they landed on, and her boyfriend came and tried to beat the crap outta him, along with Casey giving a Vanilla Ice shoutout. Great episode, and incredibly funny,

22 Serpent Hunt
23 Mikey Gets Shellacne

It was interesting that Chris Bradford mutated twice, first into Dogpound and then into Rahzar. I was thinking that Baxter Stockman would also mutate into something weird, but that didn't happen until the episode titled "The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman." It was also funny how Mikey's zits kept almost popping. Bad Mikey, Donnie told you they should be super cooled.

-Posted by Jacob Tucker

24 Rise of the Turtles
25 The Fourfold Trap

The turtles are locked up in different traps and have to work together to be free. It has to be one of the funniest episodes! It was so good!

"If I were an evil villain I'd at least come up with something cool like: The Flush of Fear... The Toilet of Terror... Oh! The Dump of Doom! Now that's got a sparkle to it! " - Mikey

Donnie: Mikey! Your awesome!
Mikey: Yeah... I was born with the naturally rare awesomeness

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