Top 10 We Bare Bears Characters

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1 Ice Bear Ice Bear is one of the three main protagonists in the Cartoon Network show "We Bare Bears". He is known to have fairly short line starting with "Ice Bear", like: "Ice bear wants justice", "Ice Bear likes turtles", etc.

It's clear we all love Ice Bear for his skills, intelligence, sense of humor, and badassery. However, I didn't like how the writers made him look incompetent in an episode where another character was meant to be the "hero." For instance, in "Ice Cave," Ice Bear challenged Ralph to a duel but got caught in a net. Although the episode focused on Charlie, Ice Bear could have easily escaped the net with his claws. I hated that they made him appear almost useless in this episode.

2 Grizzly

I think Grizzly is really underrated and doesn't receive as much love as Panda or Ice Bear. He's very sweet and loves his brothers. He needs more appreciation.

Grizzly is a happy-go-lucky and nice guy, like a battle shonen protagonist, but this is a slice of life cartoon.

Grizz is underrated! He needs way more love. He's caring for his brothers and he's super cool.

3 Panda

Panda is so cute, anxious, and shy. I love his song "Girl Be Selling Sunshine." He's obsessed with the Internet and has a really cool personality. Panda is my favorite, and he needs more love!

Panda might be a jerk sometimes, but he genuinely loves his brothers. He can cause trouble, but he will always try to make up for it, so I like him.

He used to be my favorite. He has an obsession with the Internet, is really shy and anxious, and likes anime.

4 Chloe

She is a Korean genius girl and she loves to hang out with them, especially with Ice Bear.

5 Lucy

I love Lucy. Even though she was only in one episode, she was really friendly, and maybe one day she will return and be with Panda.

6 Charlie

I actually really like Charlie. I don't know why. He's just so cute in an annoying kind of way. However, Ice Bear will be the best character.

7 Nom Nom Koala
8 Yuri
9 Firefight Man

When I saw the burrito episode, I almost cried. It's one of the best episodes from the show. Even though he played a tiny role, it was a good one.

10 Wallace
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11 Darrell

Bring Darrell back! He deserves more spotlight!

12 Ranger Tabes
13 Issac
14 Monsta X
15 Miki Chan
16 Beagle Rat
17 Captain Craboo
18 Yana
19 Chloe's Mom

She is voiced by the same person who voices Lady Rainicorn and BMO!

20 Gluten-Cat

I kind of remember this character but not much, and I wasn't opposed to them.

21 Clifford
22 Kyle
23 Black (Black Bear Theory)
24 Ranger Norm
25 Tom
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