Top Ten Best Steven Universe Fusions

A lovely list of lovely Steven Universe fusions.
Just for background information, a fusion is two characters spliced together into one character.
Do not submit non canon fusions or gemsonas. Next to the name, please add who makes up the fusion.
I do think I added all of the fusions, hehe. Let's just make comments, then.
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The Top Ten
1 Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]

Amazing. Starting, there's the travel of her being a fusion, which was hinted at but not explicitly stated until the end of season 1. She is a pure representation of love, and amazing LGBTQ representation as well. The fact that she Dallas apart multiple times shows that relationships have flaws, and people can argue. Overall Garnet is an amazing character.

(My impression of them because I like them a lot)
Ruby: Wow! Look we are first on the best fusion list!
Sapphire: I know!
Ruby: Do you know why? ;)
Sapphire: Because we are a great couple!
*They flirt a lot after that*

Garnet is the best fusions ever! She's my favorite.

2 Opal [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Definitely my favorite fusion (excluding garnet cause that's not fair) she's got an amazing design, so beautiful, and I love her calming personality it suits her appearance

A beautiful fusion. Also my best friend's birthstone. She is so lucky!

The original Giant woman, our true introduction to fusion, the Catalyst for Perdiot's interest in fusion, steven's first first-hand experience with fusion, and her design is one of the best in the show (even if it does mostly take after pearl)

3 Sardonyx [ Pearl / Ruby / Sapphire ]

By far my favorite fusion! She's strong, but she has this funny, enjoyable personality that me and my friends love. I absolutely ADORE her design as well!

Such an amazing portrayal of showmanship, and an accurate combination of Garnet and Pearl.

Yes she is so amazing

4 Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]

She's my favourite character! I love how Steven and Connie fight as a team, not just one person controlling the fusion.

Love them plus most developed fusion that not already a main character

5 Malachite [ Jasper / Lapis Lazuli ]

Malachite is bad

6 Smoky Quartz [ Amethyst / Steven ]

Smoky Quartz is my favorite because she is so childish and silly! Steven and Amethyst are both so fun loving an make a perfect fusion! Smoky Quartz also has Amethyst's self doubt side that you see a couple of times, showing that she can still be a character with feeling like ours. I love this baby so much! ❤️

I absolutley LOVE smoky! She is my 100% favorite character in the whole show and she deserves to be higher.

Smoky is by far one of the best fusion if not the best besides garnet.

7 Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]

There is no way that this one shouldn't be mentioned. My favorite definitely

The ultimate fusion!

Easily the strongest.

8 Alexandrite [ Pearl / Amethyst / Ruby / Sapphire ]
9 Sugilite [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Sugilite was made up of Garnet and Amethyst, not Pearl? Still the best fusion though.

Sugilite is an awesome savage cabbage of a fusion.

Its Nicki Minaj, what more can I say?

10 Rainbow Quartz [ Pearl / Rose Quartz ]

I think it's probably one of the most gorgeous designs of any of the fusion we've seen. Refined

" We only fuse during an emergency."
Oh really Pearl?

Awesome lookin with some good moves.

The Contenders
11 Sunstone [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire ]

I love the 90's positive mascot attitude. I just hope we see sunstone again with something more useful for combat than suction cup hands. Some people mentioned pizza cutters as a possible idea, and I think that's a good fit, so I hope we get to see that.

Sunstone is super cool I hope we can see her again in the new Steven universe movie sunstone is cool.

Here are the ways to get hit by a car...

12 Rainbow Quartz 2.0 [ Pearl / Steven Universe ]

Needs to be higher he's an absolute delight !

13 Steg [Steven / Greg ]

The true manifestation of a father/son bond.

Because he cool

14 Corrupted Jasper Fusion [ Jasper / Snow Monster ]
15 Bortz [Bismuth / Rose Quartz]
16 Monster Jasper [ Jasper / Corrupted Quartz ]
17 Mega Pearl [Pearl / Pink Pearl]
18 Galaxite [ Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst / Steven / Lapis Lazuli / Bismuth / Peridot ]
19 Paragon Diamond [ White Diamond / Yellow Diamond / Blue Diamond / Pink Diamond ]
20 Turquoise [ Lapis Lazuli / Peridot ]
21 Padparadscha [ Pearl / Sapphire ]
22 Lemon Jade [ Green Jade / Yellow Jade ]
23 Rhodonite [ Pearl / Ruby]
24 Obsidian Quartz [ Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst / Rose Quartz ]
25 Paragon Pearl [ Pearl / Pink Pearl / Blue Pearl / Yellow Pearl ]
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