Top 10 Most Unexpected Deaths On Doctor Who

Beginning in 1963 and being restarted in 2005, Doctor Who is one of the most prolific sci-fi series to date, being over 50 years old with hundreds of novels and comics based off it. This being said, it is nearly inevitable that the show would contain some on-screen deaths (Of the characters, not the actors, thank goodness.) Most of these deaths were probably expected, but some of them came completely out of the blue. In this list, we count the ten most shocking deaths in Doctor Who, from today and yesterday. Oh, and if you're a new fan to Doctor Who, proceed this list with caution it contains some spoilers.
The Top Ten
1 Danny Pink

Danny Pink, formerly known as Rupert Pink, was known throughout Series 8 of New Who for being Clara Oswald's boyfriend. He even helped out the Doctor a few times. In the penultimate episode, Danny and Clara are having a conversation via cell phone when Danny crosses a street and suddenly stops speaking. Clara worriedly tries to talk to him to no avail. Suddenly, a different voice, that of an aging woman, shakily informs Clara that Danny was run over by a car.

A little side note: Danny was later reincarnated as a Cyberman after exploring the Nethersphere. However, this was not a happy ending either, as he ended up back in the Nethersphere. He had the chance to send himself back into the world through a portal, but he instead sent a young boy he had accidentally killed while serving in the military in Afghanistan.

2 Osgood

Osgood, who first met the Doctor after a series of paintings in UNIT's gallery were broken from the inside, was a scientist who worked with UNIT. She later confronted Missy, a female incarnation of the Master, in the 3W Institute. They took the villain hostage inside Boat One, their personal ship. While she and some other UNIT members guarded her, Missy eventually rid herself of her restraints and killed Osgood and the other guards.

It is rumored that Osgood will reappear in Series Nine of New Who.

3 The Face of Boe

Although it was implied that the Face of Boe was the aged and immortal Jack Harkness, the Face seemingly met a final demise. The ancient being was kept in a special tank that helped him live since he could not breathe in oxygen. In the year 500,000,000,053, his tank finally broke, causing the Face to die.

Legend had it that the Face of Boe would speak an ancient secret to an old friend. This friend turned out to be the Doctor, and the secret was "You are not alone," which predicted the return of the Master.

This was one of the most eventful deaths on the show. I remember that one clearly.

4 Mrs. Moore

Another member of the Preachers on a parallel Earth, Angela Price, better known by her alias "Mrs. Moore," worked with the Doctor in infiltrating the main base of Cybus Industries. While they were investigating a dead Cyberman, Moore turned her back and was subsequently electrocuted by a Cyberman.

5 Rory Williams

This companion of the Doctor, and Amy's husband, actually died twice: once in a hallucination and the other time he was completely erased from existence. Both deaths were unexpected.

The first time, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory were challenged to pick between two worlds, both of which were fake, by dying in one world and waking up in the other. This happened to Rory involuntarily. While under attack from an ancient alien race that had taken residence in elderly humans, Rory was zapped by an old woman and consequently vaporized, with enough time to say goodbye to Amy. Thankfully, it all turned out to be a hallucination, and Rory was alive after all.

However, the next time Rory died, he wouldn't be so lucky. The Doctor and friends were rebelling against the lizard-like Silurians when he was shot and killed. If that wasn't enough, Rory's corpse was close enough to a crack in time that he was erased from the whole of time and space.

This second death also turned out to be temporary. Rory's soul was trapped in an Auton-engineered Roman clone of himself (long story). After that, the Universe was reborn, and Rory's life was back to normal.

6 Suzie Costello

Okay, technically, she's not directly from the Doctor Who series. In the first episode of Torchwood, a BBC spin-off of the New Who series, a series of murders occurs in Cardiff in which the same weapon is used. At the scene of one murder, the Torchwood team used Suzie's "resurrection gauntlet" to briefly raise the victim from the dead. It turned out that Suzie was behind the murders and planned to use the victims as test subjects for her device. She attempted to kill Captain Jack Harkness, not knowing he was immortal. His subsequent gunshot wound almost instantly healed, allowing him to kill Suzie. (She would come back to life and die again, but that's another story.)

It was later revealed that Russell T. Davies, who penned the episode, tricked viewers into thinking Suzie would be a recurring character and killed her for the element of surprise. What a shame. At least this character deserved her death.

7 Rickey

In an alternate universe, Mickey, a companion of the Doctor and boyfriend of Rose Tyler, was known as Rickey and was London's most wanted (for parking tickets). Belonging to a group called the Preachers, Rickey's goal was to warn the public of Cybus Industries' shady dealings involving kidnapping. On the night of his death, Rickey met Mickey and tracked down a Cybus unit to Pete Tyler's mansion, along with Mickey and his fellow Preachers.

Once there, they met with the Doctor, Rose, and Pete (Rose's dad, who died in her own universe) and fled from the invading Cybermen. While trying to divert them away, Rickey and Mickey fled in opposite directions. They soon met each other again, only to be separated by a tall fence. While he tried to climb it, Rickey was electrocuted by a Cyberman.

8 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald was one the companions to the 11th and 12th Doctors. Her actor is Jenna Coleman. Her first appearance is "Asylum of the Daleks" and her last is "Twice Upon a Time".
9 The Hostess

On a tourist train on the crystal planet Midnight, the Doctor and a busload of other passengers were terrified when an unknown creature began knocking on the vehicle's walls and took over the body of Sky, one of them. The thing used the body to repeat the words of the other passengers, eventually hypnotizing the Doctor into repeating her words. Most of the other tourists thought Sky had been freed and the creature was now inside the Doctor, but the Hostess knew that it was all a plan to escape getting killed.

In the end, the Hostess dragged the entity outside, where the planet was bathed in highly unstable UV rays. This caused the duo to disintegrate. "The Hostess... What was her name?" --The Tenth Doctor

10 Adric

He was a regular companion for quite some time. Childish attitude aside, his death IS the most memorable and surprising in Doctor Who. It changed the game, showing how even regulars were not safe on the TARDIS.

The Contenders
11 Amy Pond
12 Rose
13 Lucy Saxon

Imprisoned for killing her husband, the Master (a.k.a. Harold Saxon), Lucy was eventually released only to witness the resurrection of her evil husband using her biological imprint and a number of human sacrifices.

Oh no! The Master is back alive with a vengeance! However, Lucy revealed that she had prepared for this moment and she and some friends concocted an antidote that could reverse the effects of the resurrection rite. The explosion that occurred when the two substances combined destroyed the prison Lucy was being held in and killed everyone inside, including Lucy. "Until death do us part, Harry!" --Lucy Saxon

14 Katarina

This character was introduced in 1965 as a Greek maid who was taken into the TARDIS to be rescued from the ensuing battle famously known as the "Trojan Horse" battle. She then appeared in the next story, a whopping twelve-parter involving the Doctor's hated enemy, the Daleks, chasing the Doctor across time and space to acquire a special substance that would allow them to use a disastrous weapon, the Time Destructor.

At one point, the ship that the Doctor and friends were using crashed on the prison planet Desperus, where a weak prisoner named Kirksen boarded the ship and took Katarina hostage. In a final attempt to rid her friends of Kirksen, she opened the airlock, sending both of them into outer space.

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