The Top Ten Most Quotable Seinfeld Quotes

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1 No soup for you! - The Soup Nazi

Not only the best Seinfeld qoute, from the best Seinfeld episode, but one of the ten best episodes of any show ever!. I also liked Giddy Up, The jerk store called, and Elaine's best Qoute was not The Dingo ate your baby but her trademark Get Out, followed by her chest push.

Very versatile line from a brilliant episode. You can use it in multiple situations.

Even if you don't watch Seinfeld, you have still heard of this quote.

I have quoted this on several occasions, definitely the best one.

2 Not that there's anything wrong with that! - Jerry

This quote shows how the show was ahead of it's time, everyone knows know that there's nothing wrong to be gay!

What would today's society think of that episode?

Over the top political correctness. Love it.

Love love that episode.

3 Serenity Now! - Frank Costanza

Hard to believe that this quote, when said viciously, is a really a good way to relieve stress. But it does. And I use it more than I should. My post content quality indicator keeps going green and then grey. SERENITY NOW.

That's better...

Frank was such a great character as were all the parents. Too bad Elaine's dad never made more appearances. "Master of the house, doling out the charm... " Ha

Yeah. Serenity Now. Insanity later.
I loved when Kramer flipped out in the apartment...

Works great in public when angry.

4 Maybe the dingo ate your baby! - Elaine

This one came out of the blue on that episode. The tone of Elaine's voice matched the emotion perfectly. Excellent quote representative of the best of Seinfeld.

Elaine's tone when saying it mocking the person she was talking to made it a memorable quote.

Loved it... Plus Daphne has an almost Identical call on Frasier!

The dingo's ate yo baby

5 The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli... - George

One of the best episodes (the marine biologist) and perhaps the greatest closing scene and episode conclusion, from that line thru the tie-in with Kramers golf ball!

Cartoon version of this scene on YouTube is great.
And, these pretzels are really making me thirsty now.

I just imagined the old man... Funny!

Just sums up George

6 Yada, yada, yada.

I love every Seinfeld line but Yada Yada Yada... This one is the best!

7 I don't wanna be a pirate! - Jerry

My grandparents had a Mini Schnauzer that lived a long time. I never saw her, but heard she saved my grandparents by sensing an earthquake before it happened (they were living in California at the time). Her name was Tasha.
Born: 1980. Died: 1993

Classic as it gets

8 These pretzels are making me thirsty. - Kramer

No matter who says this or when it is said I always use this. I still laugh every single time this line is played over Seinfeld re-runs it is just too funny. I use this line also kind of like Frank Costanza's stress relieve line of "serenity now". I just use "These pretzels are making me thirsty" when I get stressed out and it just melts away and gives me something to laugh at.

Every time I see anything by Woody Allen, I think of this line.

The best part is when George shouts it out the window.

9 It's not a lie if you believe it - George

Not just a quote - a complete philosophy.

Best line ever

10 And you want to be my latex salesman - Jerry

I use this every time someone does something stupid or performs a clumsy act.

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11 There was shrinkage! - George

This is where I learnt that men experience this!

Hasn't everyone had this issue while swimming?

You mean like laundry?

12 Hoochie Mama! - Frank Costanza

I say this ALL THE TIME! But what about "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it! " by Kramer. Or from same episode, "I feel like a naked innocent boy roaming the countryside." Both referring to the fact that he is not wearing any underwear at all. Classic!

13 Am I crazy? Or am I just so sane I blew your mind? - Kramer
14 I won a contest - George
15 Hello... Newman - Jerry

This is probably the most quotable quote from Seinfeld. You could directly use it towards someone who you do not get along with. You don't even have to use Newman's name you could just say hello whoever in a similar voice to how Jerry talks to Newman.

Yeah, there's one kid in my class, Eric, who I just started calling Newman. He didn't know what that was, until he saw an episode with this in it. Now it's:
"Hello, Newman. "
"Hello, Jerry. "

This is a revolution in my school. You can go to anyone, and then... Just go,
"Hello, Newman. " So funny.

The evil character of the series needs to have a title whenever he enters.

16 You gotta see the baby! - Carol

You gotta see the baby

17 Look away, I'm hideous. - Kramer

Okay, this should be number 2 or so. I LOVE Kramer. He's awesome. So funny. This, or...
"No soup for you"
"But I don't wanna be a cowboy"
Are my favorites. But my favorite of all time, one I use every day,...
"Hello, Newman. "
Or just "Newman! "

They're black as well.

18 Sponge worthy - Elaine

Definitely a memorable one.

19 I'm back baby! - George
20 Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's's delicious! - Kramer
21 DIE DIE! - Elaine

I disliked this movie so this episode really cracked me up.

22 I'm out there Jerry, and I'm LOVIN' every minute of it! - Kramer

I would put this line up higher than #19. One of the best!

23 They're real and they're spectacular - Jerry's girlfriend (played by Teri Hatcher)
24 Giddyup! - Kramer
25 Can you spare a square? - Elaine
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