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1 Rukia Kuchiki

My baby! I hate how Kubo demolished her character and her importance. She struck a chord in me. I looked up to her for so many reasons. She had a serious and wise side, but she also had her cute and gentle side. Role model to follow. I swear every time she came on screen/panel I squirmed a little because of how intense her presence was. I didn't like her just because she was the protagonist, no. There have been multiple times when a character is supposed to be liked but the chemistry isn't there. I LOVED Rukia. Correction, I LOVE Rukia. Her determination and dedication was always such a pleasure to experience. I only wish she was more present towards the later parts of the manga, but sadly Kubo tried to place someone else in her role, BUT he failed because Rukia Kuchiki is that unbelievably precious. I adore her and her will. She will probably forever be my favorite woman in a manga!

One of the few damsels in distress you very much want to save. Thoughtful, dedicated, and yet always there for a joke or a touching moment. Rupiah doesn't feel OP like most other characters in Bleach. Her strength feels more earned than Ichigo's, her victories always close things that involve overcoming emotional as well as physical barriers. As the series drifts from her relationship with Ichigo, it weakens, because it is their dynamic that is more personal and believable than "saving everybody" or to "prove manly pride".

Very much the start and the heart of Bleach.

UGH! I LOVE RUKIA! I can't explain how much I care for Rukia. She is so strong and independent. She is someone that from the first episode I absolutely fell in love with. She was so real and always found purpose in what she did. She always said such wise things that actually moved me to tears. I admire her passion and will. I cried in so many of her scenes, and her relationship with Ichigo is truly one for the books. Their relationship had such heart, such gentleness, and such love. When Ichigo was hurting for her, so was I. I missed her so much when she was gone, and seeing her return made me extremely happy. It was intense euphoria. One of my favorite characters ever!

Like many other people I love Rukia, I fell for her in her immidetly. Tough but sensitive, goofy but serious, caring and humble. She's one of the best heroines ever written and certainly my favourite. Her dynamic with Ichigo is what made Substitute Shinigami and Soul Society arcs masterpieces and placed Bleach as part of great 3. When she got neglected in favour of Inoue and other, well boring/annoying characters, we had series go down the hill. In my heart it will always be IchiRuki, the pair that we read and watched Bleach for.

2 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He's the main character, of course he must be #1(lol, the song too) he is like and all in one package of caring and badass. He cares greatly for his friends, resulting in him fighting beyond his limits for them. Just by that he sucks you right in and instantly takes 1st place in your heart. Even though many other characters are like this, Ichigo goes head and shoulders beyond them to a level that leaves you speechless. He is truly the most interesting and "soul-stealing" character.

I would second him to Yamamoto but he is not on the list (what!? ), but really I think he can get stronger, I mean he have hollow powers, soul reaper even quincy (if you have read the manga, should read it if you haven't) so all in all he si the strongest. Although I would like bit more romance from his side. Go Ichi-Hime!

I like Ichigo kurosaki because he wants to protect even if his life is at stake. Besides he has a soul reaper powers, hollow powers and a quincy power how cool is that. I also like the tandem of him and rukia who also a cool girl

I like Ichigo not because of his strengths or weaknesses. I like his willingness to protect the people he cares most about. Although I wish he wouldn't cry so much when he gets beat up.

3 Toshiro Hitsugaya Toshiro Hitsugaya is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

I think they should (ultimately) make him the closest person to rival Ichigo (the main character) when it comes to power. Dude is suppose to be a genius/prodigy, and he is just cool. Hands down my favorite character. I love DiamondDust Rebellion as it shows how powerful and smart he is. Dude, evaded capture by his own people, and was injured.

Nobody can say no to him! He cute, strong, awesome! He is my 1# favorite character in all of the anime world! I'm a big fan of ice and snow power and when he appear, I was like "! He my type! " In Bleach, he isn't the show-off type and he always so calm... But when it come to protecting someone precious to him, he a BEAST! Go Toushiro!

His sincerity make it worth watching just to see him. He is adorable and has a fascinating back story. I really think that he should have been the main character... Or course I love ichigo, but I find myself sitting through the insane amount of fillers just to see toshiro...

Toshiro Hitsugaya maybe cold on outside but inside he has a warm kind heart, in a episode I saw he was worried about Momo when she was stabbed by her captain Aizen, and Toshiro tried his best to kill Aizen but failed. Who care through because Toshiro is still awesome.

4 Kisuke Urahara Kisuke Urahara is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He's hilarious. He's also underrated, as without him, they would not have had been able to defeat Aizen. He's also pretty strong to take him one in Chrysalis form, and definitely deserves a top 10 spot.

He's always shady and mysterious. He's smart, strong, funny, and knows about almost everything.

Amazing headband of justice in place! Amazing armour of justice protect me now!

He is very mysterious but he's really awesome. He might be joking or he might be serious. You never know.

5 Byakuya Kuchiki

I like his stoic nature, ever since the beginning. I was bummed out first, 'cause why use such cool looking dude as evil, but then the whole Soul Society thing happened and now, he gucci.

Come on guys, he is so good. His beauty, his grace, his prudence, his excellence, his voice, his PRIDE... He is perfection. He is infallible and great. I am obsessed with him. Apart from personality and appearance, his powers are the most beautiful and undeniably one of the strongest. He is without a second thought my favorite bleach character and in the top five of favorite anime characters. In addition to his impeccable existence, he strongly reminds me of Itachi Uchiha from Naruto who is my favorite character from all the anime series I have watched...

Byakuya is one of the coolest characters ever! Bleach is a series that has tons of cool characters like Kenpachi, Uryu Ishida, Chad, Toshiro, Renji, and of course our main protagonist, but I think Byakuya is the coolest.


1. He looks so cool. Those cool things in his hair just totally match with his Captain's vest.

2. He can turn his Zanpakuto into multiple tiny blossoms that can totally demolish you.

3. His Bankai is just way worse than that. Why? Imagine yourself inside a room where the walls are made out of those exact same blossoms and they all come after you. Not a pretty picture.

He's not only just an awesome captain from the Soul Society, but he's also a caring older brother to Rukia. This is best shown at the end of the Soul Society arc. That talk they share still managed to tug my heartstrings and bring a tear to my eye.

Byakuya, along with Rukia, is my favorite character in the series. Nough said.

He's just epic, the way he fights, the way he makes decisions quickly, he's cold as hell and at the same time defends his pride and Soul Society, I totally loved that moment when Ichigo saw Byakuya for the first time, and was about to attack Byakuya, but then suddenly, without any warning at all, didn't even see him move at all, just sliced his back up and crippled his soul in half. The way he moved, he didn't even move his arms. So epic I swear to god, and the way he drops his sword and says "Bankai" you just know it just got serious.

6 Sōsuke Aizen Sosuke Aizen is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He is the perfect antagonist he is smart and does everything in order to achieve his goals he is mysterious and very unpredictable a real master of decieving. Part of that is that he feels lonely and bored at the top with all the abilities that he posses and also due to his personal beliefs about soul society , the world , the royal palace and of course "that thing" the soul king. I am sure that in his twisted mind he sees himself as the nessesary evil that the world needs but doen't know it yet

He's a really greatly crafted character, one of the most charismatic villains ever. Well... is he really a villain? I wish we would find out more about Aizen and his true feelings. He made watching anime and reading manga a really amazing experience for me, definitely my best Bleach character ever!

He is probably my favorite villain of all time. I live his personality and power levels. He keeps getting stronger and ends up helping Ichigo at the end of the manga. That fight was pretty lit.

Best villain ever... Bleach became a worldwide massive hit just for him... And his grin... Aizen wherever you are now... Want so say thanks for making bleach such a hot anime.

7 Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

In terms of sheer raw power kenpachi is probably the strongest... A beast...a true monster. He is also a very complex character. On one hand a maniac who loves battle, the more extreme and violent and closer to death the better. On the other hand someone who takes in a baby in a horrible world and raises her by himself Into a happy child who obviously loves him. He truly is awesome

He's an unstoppable force. Kenpachi is a top 5 badass of ANY anime ever made. He became captain without even learning his bankai. He's never been bested in battle. Kenpachi getting stabbed and sliced feels like he's being tickled. He even puts bells in his hair so his opponents don't lose track of him, because he's bored of kicking so much ass!

He is cool, very powerful and at the current Arc or final arc bet Unohana which is stronger than or equal to yamamoto so it seems that he's one of the strongest or else the strongest character in Bleach!

Everyone loves hollow ichigo and how he loses control and fights all out, but the thing is for Kenpachi fighting like that is a jolly good time to him.

8 Gin Ichimaru Gin Ichimaru is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

As a person, he's better than anyone in the whole anime. How is Hitsugaya at 2nd position and Gin is at 9th? He hated Aizen much more than Hitsugaya and did everything for love in a very calm and smart way, unlike Hitsugaya who just lost control and got defeated like a fool. Gin understood from a very small age that he will have to do a lot of work to be able to defeat Aizen and he became his subordinate. Becoming allies with the person you hate the most, for the sake of love, now that's badass. Plus he's very smart too, he graduated the Shinigami university when he was just a kid. Yes, he looks evil, real evil, but that's because he always keeps his eyes closed. But, the moment he opened his eyes, he looked more like a hero than Ichigo. Gin should have been the one to defeat Aizen. He didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Gin is my absolute favorite character of all time. The only thing I don't like is that the majority of the fanbase seems to think that, in his case, the ends justify the means. And, really, they don't. Part of what I love about Gin is that he ISN'T a good person. Yes, he was trying to avenge Rangiku (it's not even a spoiler anymore; everyone already knows), but he certainly didn't have to be such a dick about it. Screwing with Rukia's brain and cutting Hiyori in half were completely unfounded. He had no reason to do it. He just did. And, despite loving both Hiyori and Rukia (and Inoue, in case you're wondering), Gin will always be my favorite. Oh, and one more thing: GINRAN FOREVER!

Gin, I believe, is practically one of the smartest characters. He is able to understand and analyze things perfectly. He also seems to have a lot of killing instincts inside of him that he was able to show when he was with aizen. But the thing I love most about gin, is his cold, cunning smile and short but sharp comments (he makes you wonder what he is thinking). He is the most well made character in all of manga and if he was real would have my most utmost respect.

Gin's eyes are my favorite color. Neon blue with a tinge of green.
Gin's a complex character, and many would start off seeing him as cruel, maybe even creepy.
But as you advance through the story, you would find out lots of thinks that leave you mind blown. In the end, all he did was care about the person that he loved. Not to mention that Gin is the only person other than Ichigo that came close to killing Aizen.

9 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Grimmjow is the freakin best and the only to defeat ichigo more than once, also he has the bad ass attitude that every one loves. Finally Grimmjow has the awesome blue hair and that's why he's the best

Grimmjow is the king of the king, the rightful beast and ruler of Hueco Mundo! (As he calls himself). He doesn't care what you are, if you stand in his way you get crushed. In my opinion, he was actually the best espada.

He is just so hot! He should be in 3rd place after Ichigo not Rukia! I mean she is okay but GrimmJow is still better!

The anime hasn't done justice to him,and we never saw more of him since the final battle with Ichigo,especially since he was having that transition to becoming an ally of Ichigo and was becoming so damn likable alongside him. Apart from that,his appearance is so cool and we want more of his interaction with Ichigo.

10 Ulquiorra Schiffer

Ulquiorra should be 3, not Rukia! He should be because he is maybe the strongest Espada and Arrancar, regardless of the numbers. Also he is maybe the most emotionless badass and the most powerful and emo anime character! He can't be fooled easily because he has no problems and no love. He is also one of and the most formidable rival Ichigo ever faced! Ulquiorra is also at peace woth the fans because even if he is evil and tried to kill Ichigo, he managed to find peace with Orihime by knowing and finally understanding what a heart is, even if it is not physically visible. The best villain-turned good in anime!

Powerful Arrancar and Espada, Emotionless badass, Loyal follower of Aizen and the most formidable rival of Ichigo. He managed to find peace in dying and finally understanding and knowing what a heart is. He managed to slay Ichigo emotionlessly but died anyway cause Ichgo's the main character and Ulquiorra's just a villain so with a flick of a finger, there, he was just... Gone! If Ulquiorra lived on with his finally understanding conscience of what a heart is, he would have been Ichigo's ally if not, he would finally awaken to not follow Aizen's stupid goals and act as a slave,

Ulquiorra even if his not a real soul reaper , he is actually the one who has the perfect appearance to be the angel of darkness or death . He is the closest thing to an ultimate dark being like a master of the night . His character shows an elder being who has seen enough to be as childish as any human or hollow . And of course he totally kicked Ichigo and uryus asses without breaking a sweat , even if the show had to make Ichigo defeat him afterwards . For any person with some pinch of darkness in them am sure they were brokenhearted with an absolute beauty like ulquiorra gone

Out of the many characters that died in bleach, ulquiorra did not deserve to be one of them. There was many times where he could've torn the protagonists up, but he didn't. He was kind in a way (for a villain-he saved uryu from being killed by hollow ichigo and he was gentle with orihime). He defeated ichigo with ease, but since strawberry's the main character and everything has to go his way (just to prove how OP the main character is), ulquiorra ended up being sliced, diced and disintegrated (and his death was so sad) T^T

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11 Renji Abarai Renji Abarai is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Renji is one o the best characters to ever be in bleach. He has a really good personality and even when he is in high-stress situations he always thinks rationally. He is also very kind and forgiving shown by him forgiving byakuya for literally trying to kill him. He is also the very first 2nd in command officer to achieve bankai. He also makes it clear that "tittles" don't matter to him by looking up to ikakku who is only a third seat when he was a 2nd in command officer and also having the courage to fight his own captain. Renji should definitely be at the top.

Renji is such an amazing character, caring and he would do anything for Rukia, even though he doesn't admit it that much. During the Renji vs Ichigo fight, when Ichigo cut Renji's rubber band, that kept his hair, I cried like a little baby. Renji screaming and begging Ichigo to protect and save Rukia. He's a lovely character and I can't understand why he's no in the top ten.

I love Renji! He is funny, cool and powerful! I totally agree with the last comment! Renji is the most under rated but best character ever! If anyone thinks that Toshiro is better, well you are INSANE! Renji is the best and everyone is jealous of his awesomeness!

He is by far one of the best characters in bleach he's funny, grumpy, caring and just all round tough. I just think they've done a really good job on his character.

12 Yoruichi Shihoin Yoruichi Shihoin is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Best female character in bleach because of funny and great personality. She is thoughtful, badass, awesome and beautiful. She is in general my third favorite bleach character...

Her strength and abilities never cease to come in handy, especially when paired with Urahara's inventions and ideas. You've got to love her in her Coraline-esque cat form or whilst playing a very bloody game of tag.

She needs to be a stripper in Bleach, because she doesn't care about public nudity.

She is just so badass I mean she didn't care when she whent face to face with Aizen and when she fought soi fon she didn't even want to.

13 Orihime Inoue Orihime Inoue is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Orihime may not be a fighter but that's how she was created because she was meant to be the healer of the team, the most normal girl. When people say she's useless I can't agree with that because she has helped her friends since the beginning of Bleach it may not be in a significant level of ichigo but its shouldn't be forgotten that she actually was useful. People should understand that not everyone needs to be a fighter or insanely strong to be considered useful.

She should be in the top five, few people recognizes her character as evolving which is a shame- I can be orihime sometimes, smiling to hide something hurting inside, anyways, the only negative I think is too much exposure of her cleavage, I meant, she is shown like a bimbo, but she is actually not, she is very perceptive and smart.young woman.

She has a pure heart. She is brave. She has amazing power. She tries the most not to be a burden for her group (she even has chosen to give up on fighting to not be a liability to her friends). Her love for Ichigo is beautiful. And she developed her powers very well.

Orihime is a perfect example of how a seemingly cliched manga charecter can turn out to be something completely different. She has great character development, unique powers and complex and deep relationships with most of the cast.she seems to have deep sense of empathy with all sorts of people making it harder for her to attack making her seem weak to many people despite her obvious I love her chemistry with ichigo. Best manga couple ever

14 Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

I like her very very much! But I still can't choose between rangiku and orihime! I find them. The most beautiful girls in bleach. When I 'll see anime I think I'll choose the right one

After seeing her and Gin, who could possibly hate on her? Plus I love her relationship with Shiro!

She is the best. End of story.

Love her so much

15 Shunsui Kyoraku Shunsui Kyoraku is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He is very powerful, cool, and his sense of justice was very good, and he is also very funny.

He's too funny! Always with a smile, and always drunk!

He is the sexiest! Awesome and powerful

Funny and very very chill!

16 Retsu Unohana

A character so powerful, that she even can intimidate captains like ukitake and kyoraku with a smile on her face. She also is probably the most skilled swordsmen/women in bleach. I forget if it said that she had mastered a few hundred styles of sword play or something. When bringing Zaraki Kenpachi back to full power, she utterly destroyed him at least 10 times. In the manga, it only showed maybe 3 times, but kenpachi said that he lost track. Knowing him, he could loose track after 1. I say at least 10 because kenpachi needed to increase to an extreme to finally kill her. Note that she destroyed a kenpachi who had been the only person to defeat three captain level Quincies when they first appeared. Then he was almost killed by fake Juha, this would have made him even more powerful.

I love how on the end she becomes this fight loving women.

I've been waiting for this twist a long, long time.

Nice character but her death was pretty bad.

17 Uryū Ishida Uryū Ishida is a fictional character and major figure in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Maan why is he so low? He was very popular back then when Bleach was on it peak?

I really adore and love him so much, up until now.

He makes Thomas H Norstein from Digimon savers relates to him so much. Both of them are came from a wealthy family, their relationship with their father are very complicated. Both of them lost their beloved mother when they was really young. Both of them are hella genius and cold headed so they're clashed with a hot headed main character(Marcus Damon & Kurosaki Ichigo). Both of them ever side with a villain for a good deeds. Despite they're cold, but they're care deeply to their dearest friends. Both of them are very gentle to the girls. Both of their rivalry with the main character are in a friendly way mixed with funny arguement and funny sarcasm.

Give him some love please. I mean he watched one of his relatives die by the hand of a hollow, and yet the soul society knew about it but didn't stop it. He's a great character that's been through a lot. He deserves more.

Uryu has been my favorite character since I started watching Bleach. He's very practical, and he gets the job done with intelligence. I also love his exchanges with Ichigo and Renji especially because they always crack me up!

He is smart and has kind heart. He stays calm even in critical situations and knows how to handle them tactfully unlike many others who just fight with no plan at all.

18 Soifon

Deserve to be in top 10. Her attitude is best

Cold hearted kick ass

19 Shinji Hirako

God of the smartasses! Very classic & suave character design with the trench coats, ties & hats.

Was very vital in Ichigo's training to control his hollow powers, which later helped him defeat Grimmjow.

After everything the Soul Society put them through, he Kenai & Rose returned to being captains.

Shinji hasn't done much since the fight against Aizen. I hope his importance sky rockets at some point. ✌

Brought some mystery back to Bleach. To this day his enigmatic smile and design that reflects an Egyptian pharaoh makes you hope he'll still have something important to do yet.

One of the most unique and complex charecters of all time. He definitely bring out the extremely perceptive and mature personality of an exiled x captain in the most uncliched yet alluring manner.Also, his relationship with hiyori is intriguing as it seems to be as deep as it is complex. I wish bleach would dwell more into their past

Shinji is cool. Really chill. I like his getup. His story is tragic & he was once a captain. A CAPTAIN! Shinji all day.

20 Riruka Dokugamine

Feisty and good-looking.

21 Nemu Kurotsuchi

I like her cause shes the only soul reaper who at the same time is also a mod soul. Her and kon would be best buddies

22 Yasutora Sado

Strong, unique and underrated. It's unfortunate they've put him on the sideline and haven't given him any plot driven story lines. I would like to learn more about him and see more depth.

I don't get why Sado gets a lot of hate. He has a big heart which I did important to a fighter

He has such a big heart and strong fists.

Damn, he's underrated.

23 Coyote Starrk Coyote Starrk is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

My surname is Stark! That's all... By the way, he could totally fit in in Game Of Thrones! He has the right name, hair and eyes (some have light eyes).

So good evil character you want him to be good guy.

A great character from Bleach.

Should be on the top 5

24 Shūhei Hisagi

I like how Hisagi's personality goes directly against his appearance. He looks punk, but he's actually really cool-headed. He has a really cool as Shikai. And he seems to get severely injured a lot, yet manages to pull through every time. Might be just me though, but my heart nearly broke when I saw him dying during the battle against Aizen.

He's really calm and level headed despite his punk style and it's so cool the way he feels the need to hold back. He fights for justice and follows his own path. His zanpakuto is awesome, not to mention he cooks, plays guitar and has an adorable schoolboy crush on Rangiku.

His Shikai was amazing and it really amazed me. Reap Kazeshini. The character was just nicely written.

He looks bad ass but he can actually be really calm.

25 Momo Hinamori

Momo by far had the greatest character development in Bleach. The way she still continues to look up to Aizen after his betrayal shows her true dedication to him and makes her one of the more admirable characters in the series. I unironically cried when Aizen betrayed her poor soul as well as when Toshiro had to deal with the incredible pain of stabbing her.

I was surprised to find out she got 6th place in an official popularity poll. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in loving this character. Momo definitely needs more screentime and it would be nice to finally see her in one of the movies.

She really is gentle and kind hearted and there are times that I wished that she had a strong back bone to be self assertive when situation calls for it. I wish she had some oppai then I might have liked her more to make her my waifu like other characters in the series.

She just makes others worry about her. Every Bleach character would be so much happier if she just dies really. And she's so weak, how did she become a lieutenant?

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