Top 10 Family Guy Songs

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1 Freakin' FCC

It's a plain situation!
There's no negotiation
With the fellas at the FCC! Hilarious

Hiluriousness! Its only competion is the weed song, which by the way should be number 2. Then stewies banjo song.

This song preaches the truth.

This song is just amazing!

2 The Bird Is the Word

Hate to break it to you, but the Trashmen are a real surf rock band, which makes this not a family guy song.

The Bird is the Word! Don't you know, about the bird, well Peter will tell you about the bird!

B-bird's the word! Hilarious! Should be number 1 - easily! Looks slightly crazy but who cares? Great Family Guy moment!

Peter Griffin is a sore loser! Cancel Family Guy!

3 A Bag of Weed Song

Is it weird that I'm Republican, Christian, disapprove of marijuana and LOVE this song?

I love this song, dunno about an ACTUAL bag o' weed but I still love this song and its catchy tune, VOTE WEED! Come on, it's classic Stew & Bri time.

Love this song... Every time I listen to it I get it stuck in my head laugh out loud

This ones is the top all the other ones are so annoying, I've watch episode 420 10 times today that's how awesome that song is bird the word is ok but kinda annoying after awhile but I still like both

4 Shiboopi

Because the hole song got me singing and dancing right the way through. It is very catchy and fun. I also like give up the toad, bag of weed and road to Rhode Island but this one is the best.

Haha I cracked up when I first heard this and I still do.

It just sounds so good

This song's music was borrowed from a musical I forgot which one

5 Can't Touch Me

If they can make a list of best you can't touch this parodies, I hope this is number 1.

I like this song. It is funny

6 All I Really Want for Christmas

This has to be my favorite Christmas song. I don't care if it's not considered a "classic" in society, it's a classic with me.

Too many to choose from but this is the best!

This one is hilarious.

7 Road to Rhode Island

When you think about the fact that Seth McFarlane voiced this entire song without sounding crappy, you gotta admit how amazing it is. Same for the ' FCC.

I love this song so much! It's so catchy, and Brian and Stewie's voices are so amazing!

It sounds like a Frank Sinatra Song!

8 Mr. Booze

This is a true song! I wish everybody lived by this song and next they have to make a song called Mr. Cigar!

This song is flippin' sweet! The vocals are fantastic and it is so catchy I could die! For me, this one is only possibly second to "The Rose" or "Shipoopi"!

I love this one. It is so true. I don't drink alcohol much. They should of put it 4th or 5th.

It's a great song and very funny. The gospel feel is amazing.

9 Down Syndrome Girl

Stewie's singing voice is just amazing! I love how he just bashes on Chris the whole song. It was classic, and completely Stewie. The hilarious tap dancing was also cool as well.

I thing it should be higher up, because it is just an amazing song but I'm glad that it at least made it into the top ten.

Oh my gosh this song is so catchy and Stewie's voice is so amazing! It was so classy and just all around Stewie!

I'm surprised this is near the bottom of this list.

10 Theme Song
The Contenders
11 Give Up the Toad Now

This one I like because it has the same tune from the song in grease. How does seth macfarlane and the others that made family guy come up with these amazing songs.

12 It's a Wonderful Day For Pie

This one was so good and deserves to be much higher.

I love this song, it gives Family Guy a Disney twist.

Best Disney song ever!

My favorite song ever

13 You Have AIDS

I love this song because it really expresses the true nature of Famliy Guy, which is to make you laugh as many times as possible each show. What would normally seem as a crude insensitive song in the actual world is just perfect for the hilarious animated world of Family Guy

The song got stuck in my head, and anytime I hear the song on the show, I break out in laughter.

Possibly the funniest song to sing to your friends before they go to the doctors.

Funniest song they have

14 Ding Fries Are Done

This and Iraq Lobster. I could listen to them nonstop for a whole month and still be content.

15 Christmastime Is Killing Us

This is one of my favorite songs, not just from the show but from every song. It has a catchy tune with meaningful lyrics. I feel like this should place first in this tier list,

This song is catchy and unique with its dark setting deserves to be higher

16 Butter On a Pop-Tart

Favorite song ever!

Please make it #1.

17 My Drunken Irish Dad

This song is really a great, classic Family Guy moment.

It just tops in my opinion
Seriously if any one disagrees than shut up

18 This House Is Freakin' Sweet

Used to pass lots of gas, Lois ran away. Now we've got 30 rooms. Hello beans, goodbye spray!


This one rocks.

19 Don't Stop Believing

Peter is America's next top model!

20 You've Got a Lot to See

Come on! How was this not on the list already? It won awards, for gods sake! And Brian sounds amazing singing it.

Should be number one, closely followed by All I want for Christmas. Amazing songs both.

Best ever it won awards. It's a very sad episode. Calld Brian wallows and Peters swallows

21 You and I Are so Awfully Different

It's song with both brian and stewie in it... whats not to like?

22 Stewie Everything I Do I Do It

This should be in the top 10. I love this one. Stewies voice is classic and the pictures in the music video are random but funny

I lIke it like that

23 Iraq Lobster

Death to America and butter sauce
Don't boil me I'm still alive
Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster

24 Who Else But Quagmire
25 The Rose

Best tops great song

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