Top 10 Best Ultraman Shows

From the classic Ultraman that first ignited our imaginations in the late 1960s to the more modern iterations like Ultraman Z, these shows are packed with thrilling action, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable characters. They've not only kept the spirit of tokusatsu alive but also managed to attract new generations of viewers with their unique blend of science fiction and adventure.

Maybe you have a soft spot for the cosmic battles and compelling character development in Ultraman Tiga? Or perhaps the innovative narrative and impressive special effects of Ultraman Gaia have caught your eye? And we can't forget about the latest series that constantly raise the bar for the Ultraman franchise with spectacular visuals and intriguing storylines.

This is a space where you can celebrate the Ultraman series that made you feel like you were a part of their amazing universe. Whether it's the compelling character dynamics, the awe-inspiring battles, or the riveting plot twists that appeal to you the most, it's time for you to decide which shows truly embody the essence of Ultraman.
The Top Ten
1 Ultraman Tiga

It's so amazingly heartwarming, and inspires people of all ages to be optimistic. Honestly, I personally believe Ultraman Ginga is the greatest Ultra-Warrior Tsuburaya Productions has ever conceived, but Ultraman Tiga often puts romance and life lessons that are touching into the spotlight.

Brings back a lot great memories when I was 3 years old watching and seeing Tiga give golza an melba a whooping in first episode love it some much even went jumped off the arm rest of the sofa, thinking I'm fly kicking melba haha hah! and in every episode cheering him on his fights, copying Tiga's finishing moves.

To me Tiga stands out as an Ultraman and as a super hero in general, definitely the most memorable show of my childhood.

2 Ultraman (1966)

Just started watching in 2018! Loving this retro-show...

An Ancestor. Without him, there is no Ultraman

It was my first Ultraman series I've ever watched and it's one of my favorite

3 Ultraman Gaia

My oldest brother likes toga, middle bro likes dyna, so I just like this naturally and in this there isn't agul to spice up the show.

4 Ultraman Great / Towards to the Future
5 Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Mebius is my second favorite ultra!

6 Ultraman Nexus

First series I watched this as a child, didn't understand it until now, so naturally he's my favourite.
And the fact that his design is different and his true form is the strongest of them all.

A show for older audience, allowed me to watch without getting scolded! Really is a good show!

Because this ultraman is for older audience, it has a darker story.

7 Ultraman Cosmos
8 Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Dyna is my most favourite because he's just so epic!

9 Ultraman Orb
10 Ultraseven
The Contenders
11 Ultraman Taro

Those who watched Ultraman series 50 years ago know that Taro was meant to be the ultimate development of the series. Leo, the next, was from other story path.

Top ultraman of his generation. Clearly created to be the special one (son of two prestigious ultraman leaders)

12 Ultraman Geed

An awesome story line. Hope they make more movies with Geed! I love his forms! Especially the one from the first movie it got! He is literally the son of the powerful Belial!

He is son of Belial and he can form into a lot of ultraman form such as Primitive.

It has a good plot. And he has an intresting transformation shout. You go, I go, Here we go

13 Ultraman Leo

The part that goes "Ultraman Leeeooo! Leo, leo, leo, leo" always makes me sing along

14 Ultraman X
15 Ultraman Ginga
16 Ultraman 80
17 Ultraman Ace

Amazing monster designs, cohesent plot, Yapool's actually a really threatening villain, excellent callbacks to other series, the greatest Showa theme song...what's NOT to love?

18 Return of Ultraman
19 Ultraman Taiga

Truly a wonderful tale of a son who grows up with a burden that he doesn't really mind : the quest to become as good of an Ultraman as his father Taro.

20 Ultraman Powered
21 Ultraman Max
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