Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters

This list may not be 100% right since we haven't seen the real power of every character.
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1 Meruem

He beat Netero even though he is only a newborn. He was only 40 days old when he beat the man who had spent more than 100 years training with Nen. Meruem didn't even have much experience or techniques and still managed to tear Netero's arm and leg off. Netero was so desperate to win that he used a cheap trick to beat Meruem. It's like trying to beat an opponent during a chess game by slitting their throat. Meruem is not only physically stronger but also wiser than the old man. He was willing to resolve the matter through diplomacy, showing that wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Also, stop posting short, childish comments. Yes, freedom of speech, but there's a mental limit to how much I can endure human irrationality and impatient idiocy.

You can argue that Ging might be stronger, but at this point, I've never heard confirmation of that. Also, considering how incredibly strong Netero is and the kind of training he had to go through to achieve his powers, AND considering that Ging is just 34 years old, it's kind of hard to believe that Ging is stronger than Netero. Just because he travels around the Dark Continent doesn't mean he fights everything he sees. He may have his own ways of surviving there.

2 Isaac Netero

Let's get real. I disagree with these rankings. Netero IS number 1. Hisoka might be stronger, but we never saw Hisoka even hit 50%, so how could we know? Side Note: I also think Killua is being undervalued in these rankings. Anyway, (1) Netero, then (2) Hisoka, then (3) Meruem. This isn't a list of who you like more, it's a list of the strongest. I can't put Hisoka at Number One because we don't know the full power of Hisoka. We just know it could be Number One. We saw what happened when Netero got serious against Meruem.

Netero defeated Meruem, albeit dying in the process, at not even half the strength he had in his prime. He should be #1 or #2, alongside Maha Zoldyck, who is the only person either of them ever lost or stalemated to. However, without knowing the outcome of that battle, it's hard to say who belongs where.

Netero needs to be #1 on this list. Although he couldn't beat Meruem straight up, he used his wits to fight him in a location where the flower would ultimately kill Meruem. He went into that fight knowing he wouldn't come out alive. And if you think about it, he killed Meruem twice because the aftermath of the flower poisoned him again, as well as two royal guards. Even in death, he was victorious. R.I.P., Netero.

3 Ging Freecss

He created Greed Island with his friends, which would require an enormous amount of Nen, creativity, and leadership. The latter is a form of power in its own right.

He detected Pariston's plan to expose his powers but easily thwarted it, much to Pariston's dismay. Haha. He knows a lot and uses this knowledge to his advantage.

He has great people skills. As the leader of the Greed Island team, he also bribed Beyond's personnel to become his subordinate, demonstrating both his cunning and his wealth.

He can simulate or copy anyone's powers.

He is bound to conquer the Dark Continent, for sure!

Side note:

Alluka has infinite powers, but she's not a hunter.

Gon will equal his dad, but he has to grow up first.

He created a world, outsmarts anyone, predicts everything, and is impossible to find. He is super powerful and possesses incredible knowledge about Nen. Furthermore, he is considered to be among the best, if not the best, hunters of the present time, while no hunter even knows the full extent of his powers. Finally, Ging discovers and fights constantly against the unknown, across the world, which may contain creatures and threats as powerful or even more powerful than Meruem. He is the living example of what a true hunter is supposed to be.

4 Chrollo Lucilfer

Zeno was actually planning to sacrifice himself to kill Chrollo. That's how difficult it was for two expert assassins to combat this Phantom Troupe member. Chrollo would have been defeated, but so would a Zoldyck family member. He is undoubtedly amazing. Why else would Hisoka be so interested in fighting him? Oh, and remember that Chrollo is a lot younger than Zeno and Silva.

Seriously, lower than Hisoka and Ging? This guy defeated Hisoka with a game, and he literally told him his abilities and was just beating him too much. As for the run-away part, he said that style matters to him more than victory. Plus, his full potential is still not explored. No one really knows how strong he really is, and the writer has made that clear.

Chrollo Lucilfer has an unknown number of abilities in his conjured book. For those claiming his victory against Hisoka was a fluke, Chrollo was simply using his powers and the setting to his advantage. He aimed for a guaranteed victory. Hisoka is undoubtedly strong, but not as formidable as this monster.

5 Hisoka Morow

I think Hisoka is probably the strongest character in the series, next to Meruem. Hisoka seems to have an ability to sense strength and potential. He only bothers fighting extremely strong opponents unless he has to because he's so powerful it's boring for anything less. He wanted to fight Netero.

Felt like Chrollo, in the manga, knew Hisoka could beat him and ran off when he got his power back to set up the fight to ensure victory by borrowing two troupe's abilities and choosing the location to his benefit. After this epic fight, which I hope becomes part of the anime soon, Hisoka realized his mistake in letting Chrollo set the conditions of their fight and vowed not to make that mistake again. He understood that his confidence turned to arrogance and nearly cost him his life. Fighting a guy as strong as Chrollo, he can't be that way.

It seems that Hisoka is equal to, and might possibly be stronger than, Chrollo. I dig Chrollo, but it seems he knew he might not beat Hisoka unless all the conditions were right. Hisoka realized the same thing after he was revived following their fight. He basically vowed a rematch, and next time, he won't give Chrollo or anyone else a "sporting" chance. This is because someone as powerful as Chrollo could beat him, and I think Hisoka's ego got the best of him, which he clearly won't let happen again.

6 Gon Freecss

No way he is the 8th most powerful hunter. He should be rank 4. With his potential, he can probably beat Meruem. When he is angry, he becomes smarter and stronger. Killua should be 3rd because he also has potential and is way smarter and stronger than Gon. But together, Gon and Killua could beat Meruem when they manage to master everything. They make a great team.

He has so much latent talent. If he trained, he'd be stronger than anyone else, and his technique is so adaptable it's pathetic. I would even be willing to say that Gon's technique is more adaptable than Hisoka's Bungee Gum.

Most people might think Meruem or even Netero is stronger than Gon. Well, not necessarily. In the battle between Neferpitou and Gon, Gon transforms into an older version of himself because of his immense rage. Neferpitou describes that form as strong or stronger than the king (Meruem) and it can only be achieved by a really experienced individual.

7 Neferpitou

Gon had to nearly kill himself to gain enough power to defeat her. Plus, Netero himself said he thought she was stronger than his present form. Definitely above Netero, whom even Hisoka didn't think he could beat.

He is the next strongest after Meruem, that is for sure. Even Netero says he can't beat him if they fought. Gon beating him doesn't count as a win, as Gon is considered almost dead at that point too.

Neferpitou is extraordinary, being only a few days old yet capable of striking fear in Zeno and Netero. Her Nen power is so formidable that Gon, Killua, and even Hisoka can't match it. Pitou may not be the strongest, but she certainly ranks above Chrollo and just below Netero.

8 Killua Zoldyck

Killua is far stronger than Gon in terms of strength, skill, and speed. As if that wasn't enough, he has Godspeed. He has a lot of potential. He definitely has the potential to surpass Netero since Killua has only been alive for 12 years... In Gon's enraged state, Killua wouldn't stand a chance, but in the end, it will have to be a draw since there's no one to save him.

(Kinda spoilers)
While not the strongest, Killua Zoldyck is indeed pretty strong. From the start of the show, he was a trained assassin. Now, he wields heavy yo-yos that complement his ability to use lightning. Not only that, but he also has a technique called Godspeed, which allowed him to hit Youpi several times due to being super fast, though it does have a time limit. Not to mention, he has immunity to poison.

Even though Killua didn't pass the test the first time, he is still the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter. He has killed numerous people and remains the fastest, strongest, and most amazing character in the series. He killed a mass murderer and removed his heart.

9 Maha Zoldyck

Maha Zoldyck should be ranked either #1 or #2, alongside Netero, who is the only person either of them ever lost or stalemated to. Considering that Maha didn't age as well as Netero, it's a safe assumption they were both young and in or around their primes during their encounter. However, without knowing the outcome of that battle, it's hard to say who belongs where.

Stronger than Isaac Netero at some point. However, Isaac is claimed to have been the strongest at a young age, which leads me to believe their battle was later in Isaac's life. Currently, he's probably not the strongest character, but at some point, being stronger than Isaac means he was probably the strongest character at that time. Unless there was someone unnamed who was stronger than both Maha and Isaac at the time of their fight.

Young Isaac was stronger than Meruem.

Maha is the strongest character introduced in the HxH universe so far. Netero was praised for surviving a battle against Maha (while Netero was considered the strongest man in the world when he came down from the mountains). You should think that Netero in his prime was more than twice as strong as he was when he battled Meruem. So, it could be said that Prime Netero's Zero Hand would have killed Meruem.

10 Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno, Silva, and Chrollo are on the same level. Maybe Chrollo kept up with both of them, but think: not only were they throwing blows for fun, but they also knew they weren't going to get paid if they killed him. Plus, none of them were really trying. Even so, Neferpitou couldn't keep up with Zeno if he tried. Also, think Netero and Meruem are the only ones able to beat Zeno.

This grandfather owns. He barely uses any effort when fighting and is still stronger than most characters in the show.

He is for sure the strongest in the Zoldyck Family and deserves to be in the top 5.

The Contenders
11 Kurapika

Kurapika's resolve makes him more overpowered than people realize. He can literally steal your ability and put you in a Zetsu-like state, rendering you powerless.

Judgment Chain can put restrictions on absolutely anything with the threat of their life, and can be put on anyone. Kurapika isn't #1 material (though he is my favourite), but I just don't get why he isn't at least in the top ten. Come on, if he were in the Chimera Ant arc, he could've completely wiped out Meruem with just one ability. He's also more intelligent than most other characters, and I just don't get why Kurapika's not in the top 10.

Has anyone realized how powerful Kurapika's Emperor Time is, since it allows him to master all six categories of Nen? I have a feeling he could take on all members of the Phantom Troupe alone. Under certain circumstances, his Chain Jail is overwhelmingly powerful. Even Netero could be defeated if caught off guard.

12 Feitan Portor

Feitan's Pain Packer and Rising Sun could probably defeat Meruem if he deals Feitan enough damage. The only way Meruem could avoid Rising Sun is if he knew about it beforehand. Rising Sun is likely the strongest Hatsu in the entire anime, if used correctly.

Feitan Portor can create a small sun on his own. What else do you need to prove that he should be in the top 10? He could kill all the Phantom Brigade members on his own with this attack.

Pain Packer has many forms, and it could be used to kill anyone. It gets more powerful as the damage on Feitan increases, so the only way to beat him is to finish him off quickly. This is rather unlikely as he is quite fast.

13 Silva Zoldyck

He is the king of all characters. He possesses tremendous physical strength, as demonstrated when he crushed Cheetu's head with a single punch, creating a large crater. Killua mentioned that Silva could rip out somebody's heart so fast that the wound would not even bleed. He also has strong resistance to poisons - not even the powerful poison on Chrollo's knife could have any effect on his body.

Silva Zoldyck is a member of the Zoldyck family and also the head of the strongest group of assassins in the world. It's obvious he is above both Killua and Gon.

Dude, rank this one higher. Silva Zoldyck is definitely stronger than Gon and Killua. I thought this was a ranking of the strongest characters, not the most famous ones.

14 Menthuthuyoupi

Menthuthuyoupi should be ranked way higher. He was attacked by four hunters and a Chimera Ant, with Killua being one of them. Despite this, Killua is ranked higher than him on this list. Menthuthuyoupi barely even took a scratch from them and decided to let them all live.

He should be way higher than this. Killua, Knuckle, Shoot, Morel, and Meleoron all fought him, and they still couldn't take him down. The only reason he died was that he became diseased because he saved Meruem's life.

The strongest Royal Guard, he could not be overpowered.

15 Alluka Zoldyck

When she's used by somebody else, she's just the most powerful character ever. However, that makes her more of a powerful weapon, rather than a powerful character, since she needs to depend on someone else to use her powers.

Alluka is powerful because she can kill anybody. Luckily for her, Killua is a great brother. Honestly, if Alluka became a killing monster, she would be on top. Thankfully, she isn't like that because if she were, she would be a straight-up killing machine.

Alluka Zoldyck is a little girl and isn't aware of her powers yet. If she were older, she would be ranked higher, but she's just like the Death Note. She needs someone to use her to be strong.

16 Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi doesn't even try with opponents that are difficult for others. He's smart, his Nen ability is too far overlooked, and the fact that he gets respect from his father and grandfather is significant. Plus, Chrollo hired him because he knew he would get the job done. And if you're someone that the madman Hisoka looks to as a friend, you're pretty powerful.

We don't see enough of Illumi to truly understand his power. He should be in the top 10 at least. You can tell how powerful he is by the way Killua reacts to him. Killua is his brother, so he knows how strong Illumi is, and Killua is pretty fearless.

There is no way Killua is stronger than Illumi. He says he will kill Hisoka, and Hisoka isn't someone you should mess with like that. Remember episode 19? Killua was so scared of this guy. Illumi should at least be seventh.

17 Shaiapouf

Shaiapouf is a Royal Guard. What is he doing ranked so low? He should be at least in the top 10. He is definitely stronger than Hisoka and Gon & Killua. He could probably even beat Pitou if it came down to it.

How is Leorio higher than the Royal Guard?

Why are people sleeping on Pouf? He is so strong. The only thing is, he is way too loyal. However, that loyalty also makes him one of the strongest, in my opinion.

18 Tonpa

His extra layers of fat allow him to defend against most attacks easily.

I'm convinced he's not human, maybe a god, but that's still underestimating him.

Goku is trembling.

19 Kite

I believe Kite deserves a top-ten spot. He has such a crazy yet wonderful Nen ability that we only saw a little of, Crazy Clown. Although it's random, he managed to amaze us with only three of what his Lucky Slots can provide: Grim Reaper's Dance with his fearful scythe, the rifle as a quick and practical weapon, and last but not least, the ability to survive even the most cruel situations (e.g., fighting a Royal Guard with only one arm). This is an ability in his Lucky Slots that we don't know much about, except that it helped him survive his deadly fight with Pitou, although it came with a cost. All that, and we only know three or four of his slots (if we counted the mace). It thrills me to think of what the remaining five slots could possibly have.

Kite is incredibly strong. The idea that a blind girl who doesn't even fight is stronger than him is absurd. He effortlessly defeated a squad leader ant and nearly two entire squads. I would place him right below the royal guards but slightly above Zeno. Definitely, he does not deserve the #21st place.

20 Razor

Razor broke Hisoka's fingers and destroyed his Bungee Gum just by throwing a volleyball, and this was while his power was split between the 14 devils. If he is at full power and going all out in combat, he would be devastating. His mere presence scared the Phantom Troupe.

If you have read and watched Hunter x Hunter well, you would know that Razor is at least more powerful than Hisoka.

It took three of the strongest characters to just catch a ball he threw!

21 Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger was Gon's and Killua's teacher in the Greed Island arc. She was able to easily defeat an opponent that took both Gon and Killua a whole day to conquer.

Are you guys serious? Biscuit is as strong as Youpi. According to the official chart by Togashi, she's ranked in the top 5, just below Netero and the three royal guards! This voting is very wrong! I think they're voting for their favorites, not the real thing!

Rank this girl higher. Stop voting for famous characters. Vote for the strong ones.

22 Beyond Netero

Surpassed Netero some years ago.

Stronger than Netero, his father.

23 Pariston Hill

Pariston is arguably one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He managed to rank first in all but one round of the election and eventually won the chairmanship, calculating every step from the very beginning. Pariston's abilities are yet to be revealed, but having been chosen as part of the Zodiacs, Vice-Chairman of the Hunter's Association, and a Triple Star Hunter, plus having joined Beyond Netero's party, he must be a capable and most likely a powerful Nen user. Despite often commenting on how weak he is, he actually has enough confidence in his strength to covertly threaten Cheadle, menacingly stating he would seriously "make fun of her" if she were to create a boring Hunter Association. Furthermore, Ging speculated that he wanted to make the area still filled with Chimera Ants his own "playground".

24 Leorio Paradinight

He's a king and he deserves everything he wants!

Because Leorio is Jesus.

Vote to number 1.

25 Botobai Gigante

Closest to Netero in ability.

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