Top 10 Battle for Dream Island (BFDI) Characters

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1 Leafy

She's still my favorite. She's not a bad person. She is good at heart. She just made an impulsive decision and can go from 0 to 100 real quick. I still adore her.

She only took it because he upset her. After all that she's done for Fiery, he refused to let her in because of one ride, which Leafy disliked. She felt left out, and I was really disappointed when some people saw that episode and put her at the bottom of the list despite what others have done to each other. Sure, it may be, but it was out of sadness. I don't believe that Leafy initially planned to steal Dream Island. If she did plan to steal the island, she would've done it earlier, hacked the speaker box's results, or done something a bit more dramatic. But that scene just looked like she blew a fuse. I mean, I might have done the same thing, and not just me - lots of people would.

I just don't get how a little crime could make someone the worst character.

2 Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball is an overall good, friendly, and smart character. His relationship with Golf Ball is really strong, and everyone likes him.

He is pretty much me. I like the way he can be a jerk and funny at the same time, balancing it perfectly. Definitely my favorite.

Tennis Ball is smart. PERIOD. I feel so bad for him. His friendship with Golf Ball (I ship them) is amazing. And whoever thought of the "I can't climb the ladder" thing deserves to be eliminated.

3 Firey

People hate him just because he won Dream Island. Just because he won the first season doesn't mean he is going to win BFB, and people are rushing to vote him off. You say he turned bland - why not give him a chance to become a good character again? And I'm talking to you, Fireafy shippers - you want Firey and Leafy to interact again, right? Then why do you want Firey eliminated early? At least give him a chance to have character development again. But don't worry, there's not a big chance that he is going to win this time. There are many more characters than there were in BFDI, so what makes you think that he is going to win again?

4 Pen

When Pen got first in the ladder challenge, I immediately loved Pen. His cap is cool. If Pen doesn't win, then I'm going to panic, but he is still in the game, so GO PEN.

Pen is one of my favorite characters. He is cool and has good moments like everyone else.

The reason why I also like Pen is because I love using this object. That's why I'm rooting for him in TPOT!

5 Bubble

Her accent is so funny! I feel so bad for her because of Blocky when he rejoined the game. This is the second reason why I hate Blocky! So mean to Bubble for no reason! What did she do to you? Explain what she did to you! Screw you, Blocky! I also felt bad for her when Pencil and Match demoted her and were stern with her. At least she stood up to that. I understand how it feels when people do that to me. It's really painful. Trust me, you do NOT want to go through that. Another example of abuse.

She is such a funny and outgoing character! She was so robbed in BFB. I love her YOYLECAKE joke! She should've stayed longer. Bubble is very interesting, so she should be in the top 10!

6 Teardrop

TD is highly intelligent and unique (due to how she can't speak). I also love the friendship she has with Gelatin, which is at the top of my relationship ranking (but I like The Blocky, Eraser, and Pen better, lol). Overall, she is pretty amazing and hasn't been up for elimination during the whole TPOT season, even though she is on a team by herself. Also, in BFDIA, she literally got voted out due to some random gang who decided to team up and vote her out, which is totally unfair.

I agree with a lot of things that this person said, especially about the unfair elimination. I don't agree that she's a perfect character, but she is definitely one of my favorites!

7 Woody

He is just great. In the first season, he was just a scaredy-cat. But in BFB, he developed and became one of my favorite characters!

I feel bad for Woody, but at least he got development in BFB, especially calming Flower down. Good job! It was also funny how he was simping on TD, and she kicked him. Both of his eliminations were unfair. Why couldn't he be in BFDIA? Why?

People shouldn't hate him! He's just a poor, innocent little guy who needs comfort.

8 Yellow Face

Everyone loves Yellow Face. He's an awesome character.

Yellow Face is the best because he has no arms and legs.

He is amazing and awesome in any season of BFDI!

9 Rocky

Rocky is just awesome. His agreeing noise is awesome, his barf is awesome, his smile is awesome. Everything about him is just awesome.

I'm surprised that he almost always comes second to Puffball in the prize competition!

Rocky is a funny character. Even though he barfs a lot, he makes me laugh. Rocky is kinda cute, I think.

Rocky is adorable! He is the cutest character with his vomit! Even in season two, he was cute! BULLEH! *barfs on me.* Fan favorite!

10 Spongy

He's an adorable character and had some slight character development. I feel like he was a bit mistreated in BFB. He was just angry, y'all!

Spongy can be the oddball. He is helpful in most cases too. I didn't see him winning, but he still is strong, heavy, and fast. He's just not energetic enough, but I still like him.

Why do people vote Spongy off because he's FAT?!

He's a useful contestant and he is so adorable! You wouldn't like it if people voted you off a show because you were "too fat." Even though I'm a slim person, I feel bad for fat people. They get all this hate for such stupid reasons.

The Contenders
11 Golf Ball

Golf Ball is really hated, but she shouldn't be. If other contestants were to listen to what she had to say, they would easily have an advantage over the other players.

Her relationship with TB is something other characters (um... not to point fingers, but maybe Pencil, Match, etc.) could not maintain for long.

Best character. The moment I saw her, I just knew I loved her. She is easily my favorite character. I just can't explain how much I love her. I don't care how mean she is or how bossy and toxic she can be. She is the best.

12 Ice Cube

Icy is a cool character. She doesn't talk much, but when she does, she often slips in the word "revenge," which for some reason never gets old.

She's a vengeful and funny character, so she gets my vote.

Ice Cube's revenge is awesome, and she is funny. I love her friendships!

Although she isn't my favorite character, people are lucky if she's their favorite. I don't know why some people hate her! WHY! Explain! Her elimination was so unfair. Geez, can't you get an AC or something? Or vote Spongy off? Thank goodness someone did. (Pin)

13 Pencil

Although Pencil is my favorite character, I can see why people hate her. She should stop abusing Bubble. Pencil had so much potential in BFDI. For example, she told Snowball that he shouldn't be going around killing people with his finger. Too bad she got eliminated 16th, though. It should've been Spongy. Her friendship with Match was amazing, and her alliance with Bubble and Ice Cube was fun.

This is the Pencil we need. At first, I didn't get why Pencil was eliminated first in BFB, but now I do. I still wish it were Fanny, though. I don't blame her for what happened to Match and Bubble's interactions. I blame the writers. Since when does she do these things:

1. Become a hypocrite by using a contestant to hurt people, especially when they clearly DON'T want to do it.
2. Become bossy, stern, and mean to her alliance members (especially Bubble) instead of helping them in need.
3. Demote her alliance members! Whoever thought of that deserves a big thumbs down!

Since when? The writers just ruined her, that's all. No need for hatred. This is why she is still my favorite character. The same goes for Bridgette in Total Drama. Both deserve way better. Even Dora and Spongy get more play, and they're the worst characters! Next time, before you hate, think about their past actions. Maybe they were forced to change badly. Overall, I think she is a great character and can return with Match for a new season, as long as they don't ruin them like in BFB. We need some more love for Pencil, guys.

14 Needle

Needle is the best character in my opinion. She is lucky because she is in first place on my list of favorite BFB characters. She is really nice and kind too.

15 Pin

Pin is a fun character who is always trying to do the best she can. In BFDI she was just boring and selfish, but now she has totally improved.

BFB 5 could have been one of the best episodes for CoinPin shippers. Pin has always been one of the best characters, and I can't wait to see more of her in TPOT.

Pin is an overall great and lovable character. What's not to like about her? She's smart, kind, and inspiring.

Even though she stabbed the Puffball Speaker Box, she was an amazing leader. But the one cruel spot was at the start of BFDIA 5a.

16 Puffball

She is so cute! And her voice is funny to hear! She is such a unique character because of her abilities.

She is so unique and cute, and her voice is amazing.

Puffball is the best contestant!

17 Coiny

Coiny is definitely the best TPOT contestant. I can't believe he started out ONLY slapping Firey and now has turned out to be this fun, kind, and easy-going contestant. In case you are wondering, I think he belongs with Pin, not Needy.

Coiny is nice and friends with Pin. I like when Pin and Coiny sing together in Just Push Through It.

Coiny sings: We compute, we both execute, even when it comes time, we won't hesitate to let it shine.

Why is Pen at the top? He doesn't have the charm and humor Coiny possessed in BFDIA.

18 Blocky

Blocky is pretty cool. I love the Blocky Funny Doings International ads because they are incredibly funny and humorous.

I like Blocky because I love Blocky's Funny Doings International. Blocky's Funny Doings International makes me laugh.

Why do people hate him? He's just a cool guy who isn't made for killing people.

19 Snowball

Snowball is an interesting character. Even though Snowball was kind of a jerk during BFDI, it was because he was focused on the game.

He is even nicer during TPOT and BFB. Snowball has some advantages: he's strong and cool.

This guy is extremely underrated. Sure, he's a jerk, but he just acts so stupid and goofy that he's bound to screw things up in the stupidest ways possible. That's what makes him funny.

And who can forget the most legendary line ever said in BFDI...


He was just putting the game into his head too much, but he is nice outside of the game. I mean, he helped Rocky before the game started. I guess the game just got to him.

20 Black Hole

Black Hole is like Tree but sadly outclassed. I do see potential but not finalist material. He just seems unfitting to be a balanced character. He is a good character - chill, relaxed, and never shouts. He just does whatever people want in some situations, which is appropriate. He is a reason how Four was summoned (paired up with Flower). If he gets more screen time, I can see him becoming a great character.

I love this character because he's big and... well, a black hole. He is basically one of the most liked characters, and he sucks up stuff, which is pretty cool. So yeah, he's my favorite character, and I'm into space stuff. Speaking of that, I'm actually working on my own space show with my own style with all planets, some stars, and NO ODD-SHAPED THINGS, but there are a few exceptions like... OK, that's enough.

21 Flower

Flower has been one of the most developed characters, from being almost disliked by everyone to winning an actual season of BFDI. She really deserved the win, as she really deserved it.

Flower is mixed, but I think she is alright. BFB After-Split kinda ruined her, but I do see some development later on if she gets featured in more seasons.

I just wish they could develop her even more as a character since she is a popular and infamous character ever since winning the BFB.

Flower deserves to be this low or lower! I really hate her and her way of being a bully and trying to win Dream Island!

22 Fries

This guy definitely deserves to be mentioned here. He's a pretty slick guy who experienced lots of deaths during BFDIA (e.g., being kicked into an incinerator and poisoned by a bug).

Regardless, he is a pretty cool character who definitely deserves to be mentioned here.

23 Eraser

Needle is a pointless slapper, Teardrop has no character, and we know that David and Rocky are home characters. However, Eraser is next level. Maybe he was supposed to be a kid of Pen and Snowball, but that didn't really work out, NOW DID IT? All he does is copy whatever his clique does and is SUCH a follower, making him THE worst character in my opinion.

The best character in the show.

Hilarious one-liners, good interactions with Pen, TD, and all of his teammates...

I love this guy.

Hands down the best contestant on the show!

24 Loser

Loser is so great. I feel bad for what happened to him in BFB 7. Screw you, Fanny! If she had shut up, none of that would have happened. You guys should have voted for Clock instead! Just because Loser said something that nobody believed, oh, now is the time to hate him! Why?

Funny and popular, and always knows what to do.

Super nice (or is he?). We know in BFB 7 he lied. Maybe he does it for attention... we'll never know.

25 Match

Sure, Match was derailed in BFB, but she did redeem herself in BFB 11. Too bad she was eliminated in the next episode. Again, Match doesn't deserve the hate, guys. Like Pencil, Match had potential in BFDI. She had lots of funny moments, like her conflict with Pin and when she slapped the Announcer for calling Pencil "Pence Pence." And her likes are, like, amazing. See? So much, like, potential. Yet, some people think Pencil is less mean and can redeem herself more often than Match. It's not true, guys. She's still my second favorite, though.

The only reason why I still like Pencil more is because she was the most derailed. Match apologized to Bubble, but sadly, Bubble didn't forgive her. I love her and Pencil's friendship, and I think they have the opportunity to be in a new season if the writers don't screw them up. Like Pencil, Match is just misunderstood, which is why I think we should stop hating her. Thanks for listening!

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