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1 The Bible

The bible is like an instruction manual on how to get to heaven, find love, happiness and even freedom. It's the best book I have ever read. And if your think the bible just isn't for you cause it's too "spiritual" we'll think again there are love stories, stories about war and if your into supernatural kinda stuff well there is even stories of people fighting off demons there are even dragons and unicorns in the bible and it's all true so the next time you roll your eyes at the thought of picking up the bible and actually reading you may want to think twice because reading just one page may actually change your life

The bible is like your own personal guide it helps you with whatever you need and with the bible you have a bigger opportunity to going to heaven and another thing about the bible is that everything in the book came from people of God or from God, and the last thing I want to say is that the advice the Bible gives us is never wrong, or it never fails to help us in times of sorrow or temptation.

So the bible and twilight are on the top of this list? That is my sign that this list is full of complete b/s...

Most overrated book ever. Brainwashed religion "too-much" followers. - ---ChargedZircon---

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2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J. K. Rowling

The hunger games should be one of these I know it's just my opinion but they are some of the most epic books to me. Love, Hunger Games fans everywhere

I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy a lot. I didn't think it was as good as Harry Potter though. - PianoQueen

This is the best
Wizards can beat vampires anyway
Also, no one likes a sparky vampire.
No offense.

The last Harry Potter book was the best in the series in my opinion, but this is the one that started it all.

HP is better than Twilight because HP has No ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS.

TWIHARDS, how is a story about an abusive relationship “cute” or “good” - Lunala

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3 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney

Its about a kid who goes through the ups, and downs in life. He almost learns lessons, but in the end fails to understand them, but he still has a happy ending. It is a comedy series, and in some ways is a guide to school. Enjoy, mostly for readers 10 through 18.

Idiotic and has been dragging on for far too long. Jeff Kinney is flogging a dead horse.

This is one of the best books in history, Jeff Kinney Rocks! One of the best sentences in the book is when Greg said: "I came to my senses a few hours later." I didn't know that sentence meant, but then I realized it meant he felt something a few hours later. Another great sentence is when Fregley said: "JUICE! JUICE! " - TopTenJackson

I love this series - Lunala

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4 Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

If you find this book good... You are clearly an immature/inexperienced reader. There is nothing wrong with escapist fiction but this is an example of why some people ridicule escapist fiction. I read this text at the age of 11, loved it. Now I'm 17 and I would list it as one of the worst texts I've ever read. Clearly, I've realized that because at the age of 11 I was an immature reader. The people who "love" Twilight read it for the ending. They are those who avoid the suspense or the elements that cause the plot to be manipulated. The characters in the text aren't round, ALL are flat. Nothing dynamic about the characters. The text is apparently fantasy... It isn't logic whatsoever. There isn't suspension of disbelief. That is a failure that causes the reader to ask questions like, "Why does his skin shine? " One, a vamp's skin doesn't shine, UNLESS you suspend that disbelief. There are many faults in this text I could go on about. I guess on my free time I will ...more


I love this book. People hate it, and I have no idea why. Some people hate it without even reading it, and that makes me extremely mad. I think one of the best things about Twilight is that it has a happy ending. It is true sometimes it was a bit cheesy but not all of it. The last books genre was horror. I hated and loved some characters. Bella and Edward are one of the best couples of all time. Sorry that you wont change your mind about Twilight.

I'm a teenage girl and I hate Twilight and I always have. Its stupid. Bella is a mary sue who whines over everything and Edward is an abusive SPARKLING vampire who is nasty to Bella. Bella can't do anything without her SPARKLING boyfriend. Jacob is also a stupid turd who should go die - Lunala

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5 The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

These books will last you a lifetime as you can read them again and again and again and then read them to your children, your grandchildren and your dog. Seriously the best books ever written. Tolkiens world is incredibly detailed and brilliantly depicted. Your attention is held from the first page till the last and you WILL lie awake at night wondering what happens next to your favourite characters.

Nothing beats lord of the rings, not even the bible, it is by far the greatest book ever written so many great parts and killer punches, LOVE IT

The lord of the rings is legendary both in film and book, the lord of the rings is amazing, I can obviously see why the bible is top but I think the lotr should be up there as well

Up! Twilight sucks!

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6 The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

I also shared a comment about this book on a different list, but I just have to add. This book has a decent amount of comedy to go with its science fiction, action, adventure, fantasy, drama, and mystery, because I didn't give it FULL credit on the other comment. I burst out with laughter in the middle of my classes. Teachers didn't exactly LOVE me...

Incredible book! Narration is really breathtaking. And gradation from local problems of one person to big political conflict is truly exciting. Read 3 books and could not stop.

Best books ever. No doubt about it. SO fast paced and action packed, plus there is a romantic twist to it, so its amazing for ANYONE. Read It, trust me it will be worth your while!

I'm reading this right now. I saw movies 1 and 2, and also part 1 of mockingjay and the book is even better than the movie. books over movies any day.

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7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If I make a list of the best fantasy books ever I will put this book on the third place. First will be the Lord of the Rings and second will be Harry Potter.

This is a trillion times better than twilight and should be in the top five

One of the best books ever written"

This should be higher on the list. the whole series should be

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8 The DaVinci Code - Dan Brown

Just amazing. I love this book, and I'm not Christian or Catholic. I think that everybody should read this book, since the facts make it real and the plot is incredibly suspensful

a very good novel with excellent facts supporting it to make it real rather than fiction

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9 The Giver - Lois Lowry

Read this book when I was about eleven, and I still read it today. It's the kind of book you don't grow out of, and is truly a beautiful story. In fact, this author produces beautiful books as a whole. - jdougg

Read this book! it paints a world with a terrifying cleanliness to it!

It's a must read, for adults and children.

When I read it, it reminds me of the saxophone part in the song, "I'll Be".

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10 Divergent - Veronica Roth

I guarantee if you read this you'll stay up all night. A page turner, definitely. I am currently on book two and I can't wait for allegiant. Who agrees?

How us diary of a wimpy kid before divergent? This is the BEST BOOK OF ALL TIME! This book should have made the top ten!

I love the divergent series its awesome it's my favorite series ever

Its an incredible series that is extremely vivid

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? Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough

If there is one novel you should read it's this! Very well crafted, extremely well-written. I'm not going to spoil things for the potential reader but I will say just this: the ending is a guaranteed shocker. I read the book, not initially by the blurb (although it did gain my interest) - but the reviews; so many established and novice authors raved about the ending. My curiosity was peaked enough to buy it. Tense throughout and once picked up, it's hard to put down. It's clever, dark, twisted... The ending is truly a shocker that will make you intake a sharp breath and will leave you thinking about it for days after closing the book. But don't just take my word or the amazing reviews it has, read it for yourself... - Britgirl

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11 The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

I had read this book more then 20 times and I am reading it again. I just love it. And not only the first book all of the Percy Jackson series books are amazing. Rick Riordan is the best ever!

One of the best books known by mankind! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL! I read it like 5 times! Pure awesomeness! You will defiantly LOVE it! It's a truly beautiful story. READ IT READ IT READ IT!

Why don't you guys just take a second to read Harry Potter and then realize that it's a rip off?! I am NOT saying its about witches wizards and magic but the characters are exactly the same

its god

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12 To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee

This should be in the top three of any category in which it fits. It's To Kill a Mockingbird, no explanation needed.

Such a good book with so many good morals and filled with amazing characters. Should be number one.

Atticus is a good guy and so are his friends. But everyone else is bad.

Most favorite book ever (nest to the bible, of course).

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13 The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

This is by far one of my favourite books. It has humour, love and sadness all packed into one amazing book. John Green's style of writing is amazing in every book he's written but this one just seems to stand out to me. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Overall it's a generally fantastic book that had me right from the beggining. Even my mom couldn't put it down after starting it and that is saying something! Best book ever and you gotta vote for it. If you haven't read it yet I suggest you go to the nearest book shop, buy it and read it because it is amazing!

Some of the books above this book are really bad, some are really good, but this one stands out to me among all the rest.

Not sad. Just pathetic.

Will mwske you cry and cry and cry

14 Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Don't be discouraged by the list Veronica!

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15 Allegiant - Veronica Roth

This book was pretty good, despite being a bit of a romance novel, which isn't what I'm into, but I still enjoyed the book a lot. I loved this conclusion to the trilogy. - PianoQueen

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16 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever - Jeff Kinney​

Really good book and easy to read for children. I read this book and fell in love with it. I read it very fast but still understood it very good book for fun!

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17 Firestar's Quest - Erin Hunter

Not the best Warriors book, but I'd still recommend it. Bluestar's Prophecy is better.

Best book ever! Comes highly recommended... BY ME! - Silverstream101

Redtail ivypool dovewing breezepelt I love warrior books

All of the Warriors books are brilliant

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18 1984 - George Orwell

This work has actually gotten more and more relevant with every security camera and tracking device that is deployed.

This book twisted and warped my mind until I was having a full blown existentialist crisis. Does this book exist? Does the truth exist? DO I EXIST?

A book which leaves readers awed and suspended in thought... Or that's what it did for me anyway. Shockingly relevant. Beautiful.

What is wrong with you people, this book should be #1

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19 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J. K. Rowling

This is actually my favorite book of all time. It was fast paced, not too depressing, but not too happy-go-lucky either, I also loved the style of writing. I totally recommend it! - PianoQueen

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20 Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas
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