Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Terrible Popular Opinions

NuMetalManiak Another one so soon? Yep. I decided to make another one right away. This one with 61 items at the moment used to be the top featured list, so let's see which opinions are really the most terrible.

1. Opinions are True: Well, can I end this analysis now? Because this is a completely false and terrible opinion already. People who say their opinions are true are the most entitled in the world and like sitting on their fake golden thrones.
2. Obama Was Not a Good President: He had a pretty decent run, except economically where the debt was way bigger than it is.
3. Trump is a Good President: I imagine that people voted Trump to spite the stupid progressive agenda. I'd say he's also better than Hillary anyways.
4. All Music in 2017 Sounds the Same: Please point to me where any two similar-sounding songs sound the exact same.
5. Being Autistic Means You are Evil: The screeching doesn't even constitute autism. What is is an actual disorder that people who are intelligent have. Was Einstein evil? No.
6. YouTube is Dying: Youtube has become a mogul in the social media world, and only people who yearn for the old Youtube with less "changing of everything" are saying its dying.
7. If Everyone Thought the Same, the World Would Be Boring: This is a terrible opinion? Come on, this is a great opinion. There's a reason opinions conflict with one another.
8. Movies Nowadays are All the Same: Do they all have the same plots and such?
9. All Video Games are Sexist to Women: A stupid feminazi would say anything with the word "sexist" in it
10. The Good Dinosaur Was Terrible: I haven't seen this. Also more Disney fans being butthurt.
11. Opinions are Not Hypocritical: Geez, does Disney1994 have to make comments on every item here? There's always a shred of hypocrisy in opinions.
12. Life's What You Make It: And if you make it death well rest your soul away.
13. Disappointing is the Same as Bad: You might want to replace disappointing with overrated as well.
14. Justin Bieber is a Good Singer: I thought we were past the Justin Bieber hate by now.
15. It's Not Wrong to Like Something That's Bad, or Hate Something That's Good, Because Good and Bad are Subjective.: This is an agreeable opinion entirely.
16. E.T. (Atari) Was the Worst Game Ever: There were significantly worse games than this. Even Atari Pac-man was worse.
17. Cream the Rabbit is Sexy: Uhh, this is a Sonic character, okay then.
18. Gundam Seed Destiny is One of the Worst Anime Series Ever Made: Why are so many minor things on this list already.
19. Overrated is the Same as Bad: Oh there it is.
20. Frozen is Awful Because It's Overrated: HAH, take that Frozen haters.
21. Non-Disney Movies Suck Because They All Try to Ripoff or Intimidate Disney Movies: WOW, take that Disney fans.
22. Underrated is the Same as Good: I fully agree with this sentiment.
23. Global Warming Doesn't Exist: It's not that popular of an opinion, only extreme right-wingers who never studied SCIENCE think this.
24. Gay Marriage Shouldn't Be Legal: Yeah, keep to yourself and let them have fun, unless they try to kill you.
25. Gordy is a Rip-Off of Babe: Man, what is it with you guys?
26. Sonic 2006 is the Worst Video Game of All Time: Pretty sure a more recent Sonic game took the cake for worst.
27. The Lion Guard is a Good Show: What is wrong with these Disney fans.
28. Gravity Falls is One of the Best Shows Ever: I really want to know. These fans are gonna make people hate them more.
29. Heavy Metal is Satanic: Ah, here's a good one. Only a few subgenres of metal are satanic, a good amount of other ones, especially CHRISTIAN METAL, are not satanic.
30. The Lion King is One of the Best Animated Movie of All Time: Yo, there's always good animated movies everywhere.
31. Kingdom Hearts is One of the Best Video Games of All Time: I need to play this at some point.
32. Sora Should Be in Super Smash Bros.: Or maybe not. Rabid fanbase hijacking the list again.
33. The Lion King Media is the Best in Everything: If it is, why do I never see it in stores.
34. Balto is a Lion King Ripoff: OH MY GOD SHUT UP DISNEY FANS.
35. Big the Cat is a Bad Character: It's weird, because the guy that voiced him was also the voice of Duke Nukem.
36. Charizard is Overrated: In a way he is, but I still had one. 4x weakness against Rock is very bad though.
37. Eeveelutions are Overrated: I really never cared for Eevee.
38. Harken is a Better Fire Emblem Character Than Karel: Okay how many of you are familiar with Fire Emblem? I know I'm not, at least not at the moment.
39. Hyenas and Other Scavengers are Bad Animals Because the Lion King and the Lion Guard Said So: This list is dead.
40. Honey Badgers are More Heroic Than Hyenas Because the Lion Guard's Characters Say So: Man, this list seemed great, until the Disney fans came in and ruined everything.
41. Every Hero in Popular Culture Should Join Forces with Simba and Other Pridelanders in a Crossover: I just...WOW.
42. Every Villain in Popular Culture Should Join Forces with Scar and Other Outlanders in a Crossover, and Have Spotted Hyenas as Their Minions: Forget about the item here. Let's talk about 42, which is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. 42 is a composite number with two digits, a 4 and a 2. The number is significantly more interesting than a crazed Disney fan on this list putting all sorts of items here.
43. People Should Only Care for the Cute Animals. All Non-Cute Animals are Evil and Not Worth Conserving.: Okay, WHAT IS THIS ITEM?
44. Disney Tells the Truth from It's Portrayal of Animals and Society: Disney? Animals? Where am I now?
45. Fiction is the Same as Reality: No, you SJWs want to live in your preferred fictional worlds as a full-time escape from reality. Or worse, actually try to integrate others into your ordeals.
46. The Lion King is a Great Movie: Yeah, I agree, this movie is actually overhated.
47. Tails and Cream Should Be a Couple: Hmm, so Sonic fans are trying to compete with these Disney fans.
48. Sonic and Rainbow Dash Should Be a Couple: Probably already worse, considering this crossover ship.
49. Mufasa is the Best Father Ever: Best father material goes to a lion who dies halfway in the movie, after his son willingfully disobeys him. He should've disciplined Simba more.
50. Mufasa's Death is So Sad: You know what's sadder? Disney fans hijacking this list.
51. There Should Be a Cure for Autism: There should be a cure for sheer, rampant, arrogant, stupidity.
52. The Most Misunderstood Animal is a Pitbull: What's this item. And what's with the comment here?
53. Dogs are good animals: I actually don't like them.
54. Dogs are nice: "Mountains 'r nice" - random creature from Chrono Trigger.
55. Disney Didn't Make Any Good Movies in the 1970s or 1980s Until the Little Mermaid: Stop. Get some help.
56. Nickelodeon's Schedule Has Variety: Not a whole lot of variety exists on TV nowadays. You can always just stream your favorite shows at your leisure instead of complaining about it here.
57. Zelda Ocarina of Time is the Best Game Ever: It is hideously overrated, not as much as Majora's Mask though.
58. Undertale is the Best Game Ever: And this certainly spawned something that made it overrated.
59. Mario Odyssey is Ruined Because of Peach: Wonderful, now the Mario fandom has invaded this list.
60. Heavy Metal Isn't Music, It's Just Noise: Then don't listen to it, middle-aged moms.
61. Metal is All About Screaming: The vast majority of my favorite artists are less guttural screams and more about soaring vocals. If metal is all about screaming, then why do I hear other instruments? Get a reality check.

Fun list, after that gargantuan analysis I did literally just yesterday, I decided to do a shorter one. Sadly, the Disney fans, and to a lesser extent the Sonic fans as well, made this list terrible by adding in really dumb items.


Terrible post. That's a terrible opinion there. - Skullkid755

Darn Disney fans - TwilightKitsune

Might not take your opinion serious Skullkid755. Anyways, this post makes lots of sense. The Disney fans are one the worst fanbases ever - Userguy44