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1 Being Autistic Means You are Evil

That is not true. I am autistic, and, you know what? I was highly praised in school and still am praised today by my friends and family for my kindness and wit. I was one of the most popular kids (even if I doubted it) and even managed to have a couple of girlfriends! The fact that people can say this is just wrong.

This is an ableist, evil opinion. If you think this, you are evil! My poor little brother is autistic, and he is the sweetest little kid on the whole earth.

I have an older brother with Autism, and he's far from evil! If you pick on anyone with Autism, you should all burn in hell.

2 Trump is a Good President

Guys, I hate this. So when I was like 8 years old, I was talkin' with my bestie. She starts saying that Trump is the BEST president. I mean come on! You know he's not!

This is actually a popular opinion. A lot of people think Trump is a good president. But I don't really like what he has been doing. He hasn't deported drug cartels and only deports innocent hard workers. And his idea of the wall is a waste of money and pointless.

This is a pretty UNpopular opinion. Almost everyone I know hates Trump. But we really shouldn't be talking about politics, all it does is lead to flame wars and hate.

3 Gay Marriage Shouldn't Be Legal

As a Christian, I don't accept gay rights but I respect them like I respect the opinion of others, whether I agree or disagree.

Look, I'm not Christian (I'm Muslim) but I don't even think that Jesus Christ hates gay people in the first place.

Opinions like this are why absolutely no one takes Christians seriously anymore.

4 All Music in 2017 Sounds the Same

I guess I must be ignorant because the music they're producing these days is terrible. Everything is mind-numbingly repetitive. There are no real instruments anymore (it's all one-finger synthesizers now - you don't even need to be talented). Danceability is the only component needed to make a song a success, and the lyrical content quality is six feet under. I can't stand what society tolerates as "acceptable" these days in regards to morality. It's been this way for years. I'll be happy once today's music goes the way of the disco era, honestly. Downvote this comment all you want.

5 Cartoons and Animated Movies are for Children

This is only true for Ice Age sequels, preschool shows, and most Illumination movies.

I'm an adult, and I still love cartoons!

6 All Video Games are Sexist to Women

I remember a SJW bashing a game called Lollipop Chainsaw for being "sexist" because the main character has a revealing shirt, when she's actually a really strong character.

Video games are not just for women and girls. I'm a facial hair-like American who can play a video game more than little games. Those who think video games are sexist towards women and girls shall get karma.

That's not true. There are some good pro-feminist video game franchises like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Touhou.

7 Opinions are True

Well, not always, but here's a true opinion that everyone can agree with (at least most everyone): COVID-19 needs to end and should never have happened. At least anyone with half a brain should know that. I just wish that every best opinion in life was that popular, and every worst opinion in life was as unpopular as saying that COVID-19 is actually good.

I like this one. Opinions aren't facts unless the opinion is based on facts.

Say it's 2012, and someone said Obama was going to lose the election. Were they right?

8 Obama Was Not a Good President

Look, Obama is good at communicating with his people, but I'll admit, he is a little soft. He prefers doing things peacefully, which is ok, but he'll get taken advantage of sometimes. Trump is the complete opposite of him, and he isn't much better either.

Incorrect. The "Iran Nuclear Deal" alone makes him one of the worst presidents in history.

He was okay. He wasn't the best, but better than George Bush and Andrew Jackson.

9 There Should Be a Cure for Autism

I notice that there's a lot of backlash against this, so would you mind if I chime in to give you a different perspective? Keep in mind, I'm not autistic myself, but I do have a friend who has autism and struggles with symptoms of it. We've been discussing this for a while, and he agreed that he would take the cure if it were to be available, in a heartbeat.

Now, people think that there shouldn't be a cure for autism since "it will hurt their uniqueness" or "nothing's wrong with them." That's perfectly fine, and no one should be forced to have their "disorder" cured unless they request to do so. I know this is a touchy subject, but there are parents who have a ridiculously hard time dealing with children whose disorders belong in the lower functioning domain. Even higher functioning people tend to have major difficulties in life. Socializing and unstable sleep schedules are big flaws some have.

Although accepting and supporting them is arguably the best thing to do, I believe having a cure for people in the low functioning domain would benefit from having a better life quality in the long term. The major issue is autism is a complex thing, hence it's a spectrum and is widely believed to be genetic (most genetic disorders don't have a cure). We need to fully understand how the brain works before properly introducing a "cure" that's so hard to develop, especially if there's a risk of it "killing" their personality or special abilities.

10 Global Warming Doesn't Exist

The worst opinion ever. Global warming is definitely real. What makes people think it isn't real? The rising of the water levels is enough proof that global warming is real.

People need to do more research. Global warming is making many animals go endangered, mainly ocean and polar animals.

Donald Trump believes that Global Warming doesn't exist. But Trump is an idiot, so I'm not surprised.

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11 YouTube is Dying

This may actually be true, literally, because I was on it for hours and all of a sudden it stopped working. So I came to this list to say this in hopes of warning anyone experiencing this problem. I don't know if the site's down or what, but if it doesn't work anymore, and it's not just me, then it may be dying after all.

It's different from before, but it is still a successful website with a lot of users. It is still one of the most used sites and has been on for 10 years.

I mean YouTube (in my opinion) is when I see all the roblox gamers who do nothing in their videos but scream and try so hard to be funny.

12 Furries are Bad People

Wow. This is just stupid. Literally, every fandom has people that are into weird things, but only Furries are targeted for it.

Not all are bad. I have 3 friends who are Furries, and they are the kindest people I have ever met.

There's a big difference between furries and zoophiles.

13 All anime are sexist to women
14 All Anime is Hentai and is Terrible

The first part is objectively wrong, not an opinion.

15 Cream the Rabbit is Sexy

Exactly, she's only 6, which is way too young to call her sexy.

This is both pedophilia and zoophilia at the same time. That's even worse! Yuck!

16 Frozen is Awful Because It's Overrated

So, COVID-19 is great just because people hate it? That's the same logic people have for hating things like Frozen that are "overrated", just because people like those things. Also, Frozen is underrated and definitely overhated, but not just because it's hated. It's also because people don't like Disney (the company, not the user) again, because it's "overrated". News flash: it's not overrated just because people like it. That's like saying COVID-19 is "overhated" just because no one likes it, even though it deserves to be disliked. But Frozen does not.

17 Hyenas and Other Scavengers are Bad Animals Because the Lion King and the Lion Guard Said So

That's not true. Hyenas actually are a HUGE help to butchers in certain parts of Africa, as their jaws are strong enough to eat bones, like the ones of dead animals that the butchers dispose of.

18 Disappointing is the Same as Bad

Yes and no, but it usually depends.

Hence why everyone hates:

- Liv and Maddie
- Sanjay and Craig
- The Good Dinosaur
- Cars 2
- Breadwinners
- Rabbids Invasion
- High School Musical 1, 2, and 3
- The Fox and the Hound 2
- Olaf's Frozen Adventure

And basically EVERYTHING that's considered overrated or underrated.

19 Calvin and Hobbes is the Best Comic Strip Ever

No, me and my friends' unreleased comics are better.

20 Disney Didn't Make Any Good Movies in the 1970s or 1980s Until the Little Mermaid

Whoever said such a thing in the first place has obviously never seen The Great Mouse Detective.

I find it hard to believe that's actually an opinion.

I like Disney movies, but it depends on which one.

21 Immature is the Same as Bad

Not really true, but it depends on the person.

22 The Good Dinosaur Was Terrible
23 Balto is a Lion King Ripoff
24 Mature is the Same as Good

Some mature people can be quite rude, but it also depends.

25 Fiction is the Same as Reality

Unless there are alternate universes, infinite possibilities.

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