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21 I'm out there Jerry, and I'm LOVIN' every minute of it! - Kramer

His face in this scene his hilarious

I would put this line up higher than #19. One of the best!

Best quote ever from Kramer - loved it

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22 I'm Back Baby! - George
23 Giddyup! - Kramer
24 They're real and they're spectacular - Jerry's girlfriend (played by Teri Hatcher)

We are talking about most quotable here

25 You wanna piece of me?! - Frank Costanza
26 Look to the cookie! - Jerry

Seinfeld covers the topic of racism by using a cookie. Whats not to love about that?

27 Can you spare a square? - Elaine
28 She had man hands. - Jerry
29 He is a loathsome offensive brute, yet I can't look away! - Art lover, looking at picture of Kramer

I use this in life, very funny

30 Sweet Fancy Moses - George

After seeing the Elaine dance, I would probably have to say the same thing

Sweet Fancy Moses

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31 Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? - George
32 I'm out. - Kramer

After lasting about one screen minute during the "Domain" episode. Like any line it was all in the timing and the body work (so to speak).

33 Pig man! It's a pig man! Pig man! - Kramer

'not exact quote but still hilarious'

Kramer was gold in this scene! never have laughed harder in a seinfeld episode

34 But the question is, are you still master of your domain? - Jerry
35 It's MOOPS! - George
36 Ugh, I hate people. Yeah, they're the worst. - Elaine and Jerry

Conversation between Elaine and Jerry. - rsflores9

37 She's got everything I've ever wanted in another human being ... except for the walking. -Kramer

Now this is funny!

38 It shrinks? I don't know how you guys go around with those things. - Elaine

"You mean like laundry? "
"It shrinks? Why does it shrink? "

Best line ever

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39 Is anyone here a marine biologist? - Diane
40 Stella!!! - Elaine

I liked how on the episodes the pony remark and the pen how Elaine yells Jerry's aunts name. I laugh so hard every time I hear this. It is like each time is funnier than the last.

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