Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Things About TheTopTens Part 1

NuMetalManiak Has to be divided into four parts, with 217 + 218 + 217 + 218 items in length for a total of 870 items. This is a big one folks, grab some popcorn.

1. The lack of respect for artists and their fans: Well you can say this about a lot of websites and communities.
2. I want to see top 50 most popular lists: Might be too much information.
3. People's bad voting tastes: Glad it's in the top 3, it's such an annoying thing that people always vote popular instead of best.
4. You can't erase lists: I guess the reason for that is for statistics.
5. Justin Bieber in every single "worst" list: Clearly someone was offended by the mere existence of this singer.
6. People starting all kinds of worst lists and can't stop hating: Haters get really annoying the more they hate something.
7. You can't see how many votes in every lists: Well there's something that can be improved on.
8. Multiple voting: There is a time limit as far as user lists, otherwise yeah, this is why some items are over-voted.
9. People that make lists when they know nothing about topic of the list: Well sometimes I'm like this, usually not though.
10. "reasons why my opinion is correct" lists: Not gonna bother with this.
11. Only 3 dishonorable mentions: Guessing it's to stop the stupid overhating people sometimes do.
12. All the good lists are taken: Perhaps this should be in the top 10. Hard to find a good list idea nowadays.
13. George W. Bush being the greatest U.S. President of the all time: I remember when this was #1. Just one list though? Grow up.
14. Please type in the number you see below: Must've been during the old days, now we don't have this.
15. Heart Ranked Number One on Almost Every Music List: Don't see this nowadays either.
16. Number 1 is the first thing you see on a list: There is a new option where you can make it a countdown.
17. The London Olympic Games list: Seriously? It's still getting votes?
18. You can only put 10 items on a remix: With honorable and dishonorable mentions, you can put more.
19. They delete your very hard worked on comment: Actually they don't, it's on your own page, but sometimes it takes awhile.
20. Add a picture not being on all lists: Again, this somehow takes time to show up.
21. You cannot change your votes: Sadly, yes.
22. Only having a single vote: No
23. Barney and Dora are ALWAYS number 1 and 2 on worst kid show lists when there are a couple of shows that are actually worse: Some of the voters here need to stop obsessing, hate or love, on kids shows if they know about the internet already.
24. Who are those people in the top left of your screen?: Don't think this shows up anymore.
25. Language barriers: Hate to break it to the staff, but it's liable that people will cuss at times.
26. Biased people: Opinions are for everyone.
27. Top Ten Best Surveys/Quizzes on MySpace is the number 1 most popular list: No it isn't.
28. Immature users: It seems that users are more immature with each passing generation.
29. People don't go on it often: Honestly, googling a Top Ten of something may net a list on this site, so no.
30. Glitches: Yeah I still experience some from time to time, although I wager most have been fixed by now.
31. Terrible Admins: You have to respect that they maintain the site. But there should be some way to petition stuff still.
32. No app: What's wrong with using a browser on your device to access the site?
33. "If you like this than you must be this": Dunno why but I find this funny.
34. Some people put random things in unrelated lists: Iron Man did not die in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., stop voting him.
35. People who hate on certain celebrities: Look, we get it. You're jealous. Sorry your life isn't like theirs.
36. The website design sucks: I still think the old design was much better than this one.
37. Obsession Over Metal: Pff, we have obsession over pop and rap in 2019 now.
38. Not being able to change your vote: This is already on the list.
39. Linkin Park Everywhere: They are not the greatest nu metal band, let's put it that way.
40. Napoleon Dynamite being the worst movie of all time: I don't see it there.
41. Bot-voting: Okay seriously, there are bots.
42. People who treat their opinion as objective fact: Opinions can't be facts. That's a fact.
43. It's stupid: You're stupid for adding this item.
44. Fights: I hate these too.
45. Top Ten List very long approval time: There's no pattern with how long they take. HQ posts are worse.
46. Anything popular is automatically terrible: That shouldn't be the case. If so, Bohemian Rhapsody would suck.
47. Drama: While it's fun to get involved at times, if you're the center of it, it's not fun.
48. Kids shows get all the hate: By teenagers. Seriously. Get some help teens, just watch your favorites and leave others alone.
49. Identical options: I don't understand this one.
50. Prince ahead of Eddie Van Halen on best guitarist list: I remember when this was in the Top 10 too. Not anymore.
51. Most users are around 12 years old: Actually there's an age limit now and most users are between 13-18.
52. You can no longer thumb down comments: Some people ruined the thumbs down anyways.
53. Hypocrites on the top tens: Um, you can find them basically anywhere.
54. Circular reasoning: Wow, a fallacy on this list?
55. Rockland Middle School: I remember this. No one cared about these people anyways.
56. Lists that are approved, but don't show up on the newest lists: This is a major issue that should be fixed.
57. Linkin Park is on some negative lists: Well they're not perfect.
58. Sarah Brightman number on almost every music list: Number on?
59. The 50 items limit on how many new items you can add to lists per day: Whose adding so many items to lists?
60. The comment quality: Depends on what you mean by quality.
61. Trolls: Many of them are not funny nowadays.
62. Spam voters: Already on here as bot voters.
63. Many of the lists are inaccurate: To be fair, a lot of the accurate list ideas are already taken.
64. The new 20 items per page: It is now back to 50 items.
65. If you're autistic, you can get away with nearly anything: What?
66. People always try to mess with us here.: By that you mean people outside this site I assume.
67. Jerks: I'm sure you can find worse people.
68. The List of "Worst LittleBigPlanet2 Members": Who cares?
69. The "administration" has to "regulate" lists: That's their job.
70. Need to vote to comment on an option, need a Facebook account to comment on a list: Odd they still have the Facebook plugin.
71. You can't vote for multiple items on the same list: You can unless it's the best users list, I think.
72. Hackers: If someone actually did hack the site, they might just remove it altogether or completely ruin it.
73. Bad Grammar: Mistakes are usually made. There's nothing wrong with them usually as long as things are readable.
74. Inaccuracy: Already stated in #63.
75. Criticizers that don't have valid points: You have to have good points to criticize.
76. "Worst" Lists Don't Appear in Search or in Related Lists: They actually do now.
77. No matter how hard you try, your vote can't change who's on the top: Well, remix it. Or vote it every day or something.
78. Having to Sign In to Add a List: Well, visitors seem to have ruined things about a few years ago so there you go.
79. Most users act older than they are: THANK YOU. This is so annoying.
80. People who vote for something just so they can comment negatively on it.: Well, there's no other way to criticize a placing.
81. Cant see who's online, how many are online and where they are: You can, usually, unless people don't want it.
82. Justin Bieber is on every list: Blame the guy who puts him there.
83. Banning users for trivial reasons: The reasons are often petty.
84. Only few are checking the mistakes and reporting the errors in the site: I'm one of them!
85. No Hate Week: It's gone at least.
86. People not following what the title says: hahahahaha yeah that happens.
87. Dora the Explorer is 1 on the worst things ever list: Some people need to grow up.
88. So Much Jacob Sartorius Hate: This was recent, but died down rather quickly.
89. The Bar Glitch Thing: I have no idea what this.
90. Seemingly everyone on here is uninformed about the stuff they vote on: Are they?
91. Very Insulting Lists, Items, Blog: Well don't view them if they insult you.
92. There are a lot of haters: You can't avoid haters.
93. People get hate just from having an opinion on music: That's just awful.
94. Sexism: Really? Should NOT happen.
95. Sakura Being on the The Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls List: Some anime lists are unfortunately perverted.
96. It has bad words: Many are censored, although you can't really avoid swearing as I said earlier.
97. Can't delete any voting options: Not sure what that means.
98. It takes forever for pictures to upload: Again, just wait and it'll show. No big deal, really.
99. McFly even on the Best Bands from the UK: Who is McFly?
101. Can't take back votes to vote for something else: Where's item 100?
102. Items on lists that have no business being there: Like this one since this is a duplicate.
103. No flagging comments: Didn't we have this feature before?
104. Half of the lists are garbage: Unfortunate.
105. Double item on a list: Usually a glitch and the duplicate is removed.
106. Mean comments: Oh, grow a pair.
107. Big Brother lists: I agree with PhilTheCorgi.
108. Chinese people getting stereotyped: Never really see that here.
109. Can only vote once: Not something on every list.
110. Too many people like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Honestly it ain't even the best GTA game.
111. Justin Bieber being called one of the most evil people in history, alongside absolute deplorable scumbags like Dick Cheney, Adolf Hitler, Vlad Tepes and Donald Trump: So immature. Trump and Cheney aren't evil either.
112. Zoophiles are allowed to use the site: Very odd.
113. If you lose your password, there's no way to get it back.: Which is why you need to save your own passwords.
114. People always fight each other: But why? Why hold grudges?
115. Godzilla 1954 Being on the worst Godzilla movies: Oh geez.
116. Not every comment gets the most likes: Why do likes matter?
117. Featured lists that lack quality: Hmm, would have to disagree here. Featured lists usually have quality.
118. Not Accepting Opinions: Put this at #1 immediately.
119. Anime haters: Well you can't please everyone. They can of course move on and watch other shows.
120. People who insist on shoving their opinions down everyone's throats: The worst kinds of people.
121. Users are haters: So I'm a hater, okay then.
122. Can't vote if disconnected: Well duh. You don't have internet so it makes sense.
123. How people vote without looking at the lower options first: Hmm, are some of you who add these items actually psychic?
124. People randomly putting Justin Bieber on lists: Well whoever does this is no longer around, thankfully.
125. Trying to Come Up With New Lists: Story of my TopTens career.
126. Too many people like Street Fighter II: I don't see this.
127. Guests can't make lists anymore: Well guests don't get recognition anyways.
128. Some lists have more than 10 items: What's wrong with this?
129. People get judged by their lists and there is no taking it back: I think that's absurd.
130. Bias regarding users: A lot of it happens OUTSIDE TheTopTens, and that's sadder than it should be.
131. Lists made just to insult people or things: Which shows that haters run out of ideas or life.
132. Peggy Lee being higher than Michael Jackson as greatest singer of all time: Uh, no?
133. Number two needing to be number one: Well that's because of some butthurt viewers.
134. Users only care about Britgirl: If that's the case, can this be Britgirl's site?
135. Lots of wrong spelled proper names: Annoying, really.
136. Perverts: This is content that needs to be regulated.
137. Not all item submissions are approved: Which happens if it's a duplicate, inappropriate, or otherwise not relevant.
138. People are hated for the worst reasons: Always petty too.
139. Not having honorable mentions: This item is old, we have these now.
140. People hate on Justin Bieber thinking it is funny, but it is incredibly annoying: What a 2010's trend.
141. You can’t downvote comments anymore: Already on this list.
142. People who comment that say WTF: Why get offended over a mere abbreviation?
143. Hatred between members of the site: Really bad grudges.
144. Comments about X-JAPAN's make up and hair: One of the worst of the old times. X-Japan was just everywhere.
145. Can't tell how many people have voted: You can now. There's 7000 votes on this list as of this writing.
146. People making smart ass comments on your lists: Know-it-alls are so annoying.
147. Too many people hate Navi: HEY! LISTEN!
148. It's dumb: Just like this item.
149. Jackie Evancho is number one on almost every list: Actually somewhat annoying because of bot-voters it looks like.
150. The lists about the Philippines: Used to be a big deal, not anymore.
151. The overrated lists: Some people fail to realize what overrated really means.
152. Modern bias: Honestly classic stuff is so annoying these days.
153. X Japan on Every Music List: Still remember the times when they were everywhere.
154. The idiot who keeps adding Justin Bieber to all the lists: Does he show up anymore? No.
155. Hatred towards metal: Which is as annoying as other hatred.
156. Racism: This and sexism? Not a lot should be allowed.
157. X-JAPAN appearing in almost every top of Japanese lists: So obsessed back in the day.
158. Best male singer in the Philippines doesn't have even a rock singer: Honestly? Specific lists shouldn't be on here.
159. Band haters: To be honest, I hate the site called BAND.
160. Lack of users online: Well, lack of good users is correct.
161. Immature Comments: I like baby thingies!
162. Replies don't get likes: They can now.
163. Too many people think "Teen Titans" has the best theme song: It's annoying.
164. You can't add descriptions for certain pictures: I think you can, actually.
165. Kissing up to TheTopTens: Do I really do this?
166. Dating lists: These are dumb
167. Remixes: It's the only way you can express your opinion on things already made so no.
168. That the owners wife got to all the good ideas first: That's...interesting.
169. Voting for a boring singer: Vote for anything boring, pretty much.
170. People who comment only bad things: Need to get lives.
171. A good handful of users on here are too young: And aren't as educated.
172. The List for Best Things About Justin Bieber: Was this the catalyst for the hatred on Justin Bieber?
173. Pointless comparison lists: Well, yes.
174. You can only add pictures to items on your own lists: So what?
175. Spam items: Usually these are just comments, but I have a list where someone is doing this now.
176. You can't see how many votes each items have: Each individual item you mean. Well there's a percentage.
177. You should be able to delete your own comments: You can now.
178. Too much hate for Justin Bieber: Too many items about Justin Bieber at this rate.
179. Seaford Middle School: It has to do with the list because some kids had egos and put their friends around it when no one cares.
180. Morons: We're just thinking of derogatory names for people at this point.
181. People giving Michael Jackson the sympathy vote because he died: Oh man, do I remember this.
182. Policy: Hmm...
183. Everyone thinks they can boss you around: You're not the boss of me, pal.
184. KS Chitra garbage on every list of celebrities at number 1: I don't know who this even is.
185. Blind hate: Otherwise known as hatewagoning.
186. Bugs: Get the cockroaches off the screen, please.
187. Spoiled users: Think they can get away with anything.
188. Fanboys and Haters are Everywhere: What do you expect for a site full of opinions?
189. Ads About Gossip: You can disable ads in the settings, you know.
190. Nickcom Haters: So much cartoon stuff exists on this site.
191. Some teenager who sings for little girls is rated as more evil than many genocidal freaks that have satirized humanity and destroyed millions: Yeah yeah we get it.
192. When you add a thing on the list they delete it: Not really, it comes back after awhile.
193. It's poorly designed: The new overhaul wasn't necessary.
194. Notorious B.I.G. isn't #1 on the best rapper list: Stop whining and vote until he's #1 then.
195. You can't change your username: This is certainly a problem.
196. Marion Davies ranked Number 3 as Best Actress: Who is this?
197. Chris Daughtry rated #2 on all time favorite American Idol Contestant: Okay these items shouldn't be relevant to this list.
198. This List Who Has the Worst Things About the Top Tens: This Item Which Says This List Is Bad.
199. The Amount of Hate for Cuphead: Heard it was a hard game. Get good at it.
201. David Duchovny: Again, where's #200? Maybe that's a worst thing about this site.
202. People who add comments who think the person they're commenting about will see it: Baiting, in other words.
203. Manny Pacquaio ranked as #2 greatest boxer of all time: You know there's a different list for this kind of item.
204. Gackt is Everywhere: I will never know who Gackt is.
205. It took so long for someone to make top ten video games list: No it didn't.
206. Frozen Haters: Pretty overhated right now.
207. That you only see the top ten lists you created: You see every list by clicking on the right links, what's the deal.
208. Gunther: Like Gackt, I don't know or care enough about this guy.
209. Michael Jackson in every music list: Should NOT be on death metal lists or the like.
210. The dumbest comments get the highest approval ratings: The "savage" ones are stupid and are just farming likes. They deserve jail time.
211. Visitors can no longer add items to lists: Well just get an account. All you need is an email address.
212. Spam lists: Do these exist?
213. New members with bad names: Well, yeah I guess so.
214. The Tea Leoni is better than Gillian Anderson crap: Should I know what this is?
215. People who only know the most popular Japanese bands like X-JAPAN and Dir en grey: Both bands are overrated.
216. People who made personal message just to insult and tell you that you are dumb, narrowminded, etc: Should go away.
217. That piece of crap some people call Rhydian: More people I never know about, yay!

Continued in Part 2. There's a lot of these.


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