LS- This Site Isn't So Bad.

I know this person is a troll. I'm not trying to feed them. I'd just like to summarize my opinions within a post.

Like I've said in many of my posts, grammar is an important quality. You've exaggerated a tad, though. I doubt people would find you autistic & insane. And, just because you have professional grammar doesn't make you superior. It all depends on how you use it. That is what will determine whether or not your grammar makes you superior. Also, you don't have the right to treat someone like a kid because they use grammar in a way that you don't like. If that person is using grammar completely wrong, that's a whole other thing. But some people will use grammar differently. Toptenners come from different countries. The way they type words is different from the ways of others.

TheTopTens itself
Personally, I think TheTopTens is a wonderful community. It has its flaws & bad users/visitors, yes, but a handful of negativity doesn't make this site entirely bad. There are many knowledgable, humorous, & respectful users on here that make high-quality lists, make funny comments, & make great friends to talk to. As for myself, I spend my time here to take a break from the real world & other sites. I can relax here. It's a place where I feel comfortable & enjoy myself in. I may be obscure as crazy, but I still can feel welcomed.

shows & games
Disney channel is known to be hated on quite a lot, aside from Gravity Falls. It's not the only good one, though. Good Luck Charlie is also pretty funny. A.N.T. Farm isn't so bad, either. Frankly, I don't watch DC often, but I know enough about it. In fact, I don't love Gravity Falls like crazy as lots of people do. It's only okay. I don't think the show should be something people are getting worked up about. Honestly, I don't hate it, but I don't see a reason to love it so much either. Now then, onto some other shows. I've only watched some of Liv & Maddie, & it isn't so bad. I also used to love iCarly. I think it's a good show, while as most people find it bitterly unfunny. Teletubbies, though? I don't know why you would enjoy something like that for your age. I only watched it when I was litttle (Noo-noo would scare me, though! haha) Lastly, the games. It's clear why people don't like Minecraft, but I think it's okay. I don't play it a lot as I do other games, though. I know Roblox isn't just for kids either, but I don't find the game interesting. In fact, I prefer Minecraft. Yeah, weird, I know.

Keep in mind that these are mostly opinions based on the list choices & the list creator (Dubsteplover).

Luxa out.