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This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.


The most original show I've ever watched in all my 21 years of living on this planet, that could never be compared to any other show.
Full of anything & everything you can think of, Family, drama, laughs, tears, love, hate, amazing actors, amazing writers. Once you watch, you literally cannot just walk away from it, it stays with you!
The actors might be sexy as ever, but one thing I can say, they may be sexy but they are some of the best actors I have ever seen. For actors that get thrown some of the situations that they get thrown all the time, they never fail to hit right on the mark!
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins never fail to do an amazing job.

I am SO grateful I was introduced to this show last year. Jensen Ackles has shone in his portrayal of Dean Winchester since Day 1 (and is my favourite, I'm in love with him), but Jared Padalecki's development can't be ignored. I love how much he's grown as an actor! I love the values of family and love this show carries, and I love the bond between the brothers! The day they won the People's Choice Awards was the happiest moment of my existence hopefully their fan base will grow now I hope they sign the show up for at least one more season, I just ca't get enough of J2

An amazing and intriguing T.V. show. It differs from all of the other T.V. shows I've ever seen because it has a mixture of everything. There are moments that make you laugh and smile, moments that have you completely terrified, and moments that have you crying your eyes out. Supernatural has gone nine seasons strong and deserves so much more attention than it has been receiving.

I think that they need to stop the show before they ruin it with some stupid mistake. Everyone has already died 15 times and always find some way to resurrect themselves. They have found their dad. Every monster on the face of the planet has died. End the show so that it can keep its glory. They are pretty much remaking everything and quickly running out of ideas. Sam was the devil at one stage. Just stop the show.

BEST SHOW EVER. I watch a lot of T.V.. A lot. This is the most amazing show I have ever seen. I watch the reruns on TNT too! This is one of these rare gems that most do not discover until its been cancelled. TOO bad it's on the CW. If it were on a major network, it would shine. Although I think some creative license might be messed with. It's one of those shows that starts you out thinking " yeah.. It's cool, it entertained me". Then after the 1st season it's a drug of choice and your addicted. Excellent acting, especially Jared Padelecki as Sam. I loved his portrayal of Lucifer.

Actors have so much chemistry. They can play their roles so well. And what really blows your mind is that Jared padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester is this sunshine of a man that is able to capture the darkness and soullessness of Sam Winchester in season 6. He is also able to capture the role of Lucifer. Misha Collins who is very far from Castiel is just superb. You can't hate Castiel. Great character. Jensen ackles who is serious about this show as the rest of the crew. His emotions bring the show to life. There is so much chemistry and so much talent and the humor is well written thought out and the plot lines will always keep you wanting more. I have a unhealthy relationship with Supernatural.

Supernatural is the best show ever! I am watching it since the beginning and I love Jensen.. He is too perfect to be real.

I agree with everyone. You get that Jared and Jensen like each other and they feel like brothers on screen. I was hooked. The fandom is amazing. The people I have me are amazing. It is a little show on a little network and the influence on your life, when you love it, is huge!

One of the best shows on T.V. today with every emotion of the human spirit woven into plot lines. The scene shots are authentic in every possible detail. You become so addicted to their mission that you have to follow it as part of your life. This show will have a cult following long after (God forbid) it ends. I've watched my DVD's of each season over and over and continue to laugh and cry with the different episodes. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are very accomplished actors for their young age. They have a hell of a future ahead and I hope to see them break onto the big screen!

Supernatural is my favorite show of all time. Jensen and Jared are absolutely brilliant, as well as the fabulous Misha Collins who portrays Castiel. The writing is amazing and can make you go from laughing to crying in 0.2 seconds. I would highly recommend this show!

The show is wonderful, the writers keep it fresh every episode, the production crew is fantastic. And I really like how all the actors on the show respect their loyal fans and connect with them, their compassion to the many charities keeps me coming back every episode

This is the best show on T.V. today, bar none! I can't possibly say enough amazing things about it. The acting is phenomenal, the story, riveting. If you haven't, check it out. - kristinludwig

This show is wow I've only just started watching it and I love everything, the story lines, the characters and their acting skills are second to none, when dean cries, I do! Couldn't have a better show than this

the best show ever with the best actors especially jensen ackles I don't know what happened to people minds not to make this great show number one.

The best writing and most exciting show on television. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles prove that there are still amazing actors out there. This show will hook you and you'll never want it to end!

WATCH IT because it is the best show in the entire world. It is so amazing and the fandom is one big family and the actors are the biggest sweethearts (and childish as heart) you will ever come across

Just love it, great story line, always great acting, and it nice know that behind the screen are real people to care about and care about their fans too. IT'S PERFECT.

Amazing cast and crew, compelling characters and thrilling plots for going on 13 years. Inspires people to fight their own inner demons. Always Keep Fighting! You Are Not Alone!

Seasons 1-3 were awesome, with the brothers dealing with a different mysterious occurrence each week, it was the best thing since sliced bread! There's been some mundane storylines throughout the other 12 series but there's still no other better, so far. Supernatural should be given the recognition it deserves -dp

I can not believe supernatural is so underrated. Every episode there is a new twist. It is wonderful written and the actors are the BEST

I'm just so in love with supernatural since I watched the first episode. And I'm still in love. And it's getting stronger and stronger.

It's really a good show I really like it.Dean, Sam, Castiel are my favorites.I really, really like Castiel. He's the reason I started watching the show.For a long time I couldn't get the CW.But now I can watch Supernatural every week. Keep up the good work guys.

Best show ever. Should not be number 15 on the top ten list.
This show has changed many lives. It is not just about entertainment but really touching lives.

One of the most underrated, yet amazing shows ever. The cast is amazing. The Fandom is loyal, and every time it gets renewed, it's music to our ears!

Finally someone agree's with me this show is amazing by far the best show on T. V and the Cw - xxxAshleyxxx