Top Mighty Boosh Characters

The most bizarre show on earth has the most bizarre list of characters. Sorry, mostly main characters as opposed to side-ones. Perhaps that can come later...

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21 Toney Harrison

This is an outrage. But Tony isn't an outrage he is really funny even though he can't walk and knows nothing of the crunch.

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22 Spider Dijon

im a drummer you know, i like to drum, and drink tequila and make love then i fall over in the dirt. and when i wake up the next day i do it all again!

23 The Funk

Old Greg is so lucky that he has the funk. Until Howard steals it.

24 Electro Girls

Ultra and Neon, played bt Sue Denim and Dee Plume, band members in Robots in Disguise. Dee is Noel's girlfriend, and Chris Corner, of IAMX, (stars on the front of the magazine Cheekbone, in series 2, Call of The Yeti) is Sue's boyfriend.

"driving along on the plastic dream,
heart beats fast like a tiny machine,
i am elect boy...
i am electro girl"

25 Mrs. Gideon

you can't hang a python! Course you can he's all neck!

Head of Reptiles at the zooniverse and Howardn's love interest. She likes trumpets and bookmarks

26 Jack Cooper
27 Charlie

Has the abilty to hypnotize people making them dance.

he's made from a million pieces of old bubble gum

He decided to spend the rest of his life putting small hairstyles onto boots, monkey nuts, trumpets and spanners.

Eric Philips the crocodile helped him. - DA25

28 Mr. Susan

Mirror balls! Look at them shine! Look at them shine! Look at them shining!

29 Jahooli! the lepoard.

Looked after young Vince while Brian Ferry was on tour. Fed Vince soft tasty meat from a Gazzelle he had zapped with a laser, then had a little sleepy. good times.

30 Big Leg
31 Kodiak Jack

The seedy old bushman who wants a piece of Vince

32 The Beta-Max Bandit

Betamax is a feared obsolete format who takes rule of a small run-down desert village in the episode 'The Priest and the Beast'. It was believed his anger originated from his becoming obsolete to VHS, until he reveals his rage is in reality because Spider Dijon made love to his wife. He vents his fury by killing any men he finds in the village.

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33 Black Frost

A phantom of the arctic, with spikey hair and hands and riduculously moderific red boots. He is the "icey b*****d"!

34 Lester
35 Mark - They guy in the cupboard
36 Pie Face Man

He's also a speedboat salesman who wants to go out with Vince for drinks sometime after the show.

The man Vince thinks owns Pie Face Records but just has a face of pie.

37 Nanatoo

It so creepy and ran a shiver down my spine the first time I watched it.

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38 Extreme Sports Calander

Not you Extreme Sports Calander!

39 Cheeseman

The cheese man is called tommy.

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40 Stu
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