J.K Rowling


BEST WRITER EVER! Those other authors have nothing compared to her genius. Harry potter wasn't just a book series or fictional world it was and still is a remark of exellence and true meaning of literature. Unlike all the other authors instead of just putting big words in the text from time to time she grips you in her her story so easily that it's even hard to blink because you don't want to look away from her books. She even puts meanings behind everything she writes so it goes to show how much effort she put into writing the Harry Potter fantasies because who knew there was actually a meaning to the first dialogue Snape ever said to Harry. She is also an inspiration to all young minds who never think outside the box because they don't think it would help them but Rowling shows everyone that you can achieve anything with just a bit of imagination.

I love reading classics and thought that modern authors wrote nothing. But after reading the first Harry Potter book, my point of view changed completely. Beautifully written, it contains bravery, sacrifice, love, friendship, deceit, war against evil, and humour in perfect proportion, written in beautiful simplistic language. I am 40 now, but whenever I pick up a Harry Potter book, no matter how much I have read the book before it is always new to me. She fought depression, personal problems and went on to give the best literary series in history, her life story is an inspiration. She has invoked a whole generation who showed a cool indifference to reading to read. She is the best

I used to never even be interested in reading... until I picked up Sorcerer's Stone and I couldn't put it down. Her books are so magical and adventurous and colorful characters bloom a vivid imagination in your mind. There are so many action packed parts of her stories and close calls of getting expelled from Hogwarts. I am reading Chamber of Secrets now and I love it! There is no modern day author anywhere close to J.K Rowling's success. You can tell because even I, used to hate reading and now I am obsessed with her amazing stories!

While I agree the films are great. They are nothing compared to the books. Joanne writes the books in such a way you cannot help being drawn into the world of Harry Potter. Her descriptions of the scenes and the characters in the books are without doubt some of the greatest writing in human history.J. K Rowling deserves to be put among the likes of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and J.R. R Tolkien as the greatest writers in human history.

J.K. rowling is the best author ever. The way she writes! One thing I liked about her books is each character has his or her own specialty and weakness. No character is perfect which makes them very special and unique. Creating all those names and spells was really amazing and difficult. the characterization was done so well that I think I could go and live in the world with all those people. HANDS OFF!

I have two favourite authors: J.K. rowling and Rick Riordan. They are both equally amazing and their writing will forever stay with me. Joanne's books were my childhood, I grew up with them and would never change that even if I could. Rick Riordan was the author who got me obsessed with mythology and I am forever in both the author's debt.
JKR taught me so much.
(I could go on about this forever)

J.K Rowling is the best author ever. She is one of my biggest idols. The way she makes up so many starnage and complicated names. I had a lot of trouble with fitting in at school, I was the Luna Lovegood in my school, nobody wanted to be my friend. When I discovered Harry Potter my whole world turned around, it inspired me, I finally had friends, even though they were only fictional but, I didn't care. Luna, Ginny and Hermione thought me that I can be myself and no matter how many times I read Harry Potter it never gets old. Nobody could ever top J.K Rowling

J. K. Rowling is the best author, in my opinion, known to man! She writes amazing books that are full of detail, information, and magic! Whenever I read the Harry Potter books, I wish I could be in the story myself, and I was proud upon hearing that J. K. Rowling is a billionaire! It makes me so happy to know that all of her books are loved and appreciated by so many people in the world.

I read J. K Rowling's books when I was only 7 years old. They were my life, and I would not be the author I am today without her influence. Her mystical ways of creating an entire world out of a tiny vision inspires me to push myself harder in my writing and I read her books at least once a year. I think she deserves much better than 7th.

Best books and movies ever. They make me feel like I'm in the actual book. Harry Potter amazes me every day. Even if I haven't watched all the Harry Potter movies I know they are awesome. It also makes me want to make my own Harry Potter books. Thumbs up to Fantastic Beasts also written by J.K Rowling. They awesome too. Part of the Harry Potter world.

It amazes me how J.K. Rowling is able to come up with such a such great style of writing. Her world is amazing, with all the twist and turns, put in the spell bounding plot. Harry Potter isn't just the boy who lived. He's our generation.

Welcome to the Harry Potter Generation!

J.K Rowling didn't only write great books, but books that changed people's lives. Her books sum up the true meaning of true love and friendship. She created very realistic characters. You just cannot imagine all her characters are virtual. Love her. Go J.K Rowling! Thank you for everything!

When you read her books you are just transported into a whole new universe! I love Deathly Hallows but all of her books are amazing, I have never read better books before and just thinking of everything! She has inspired me. Harry Potter forever!

She is as good as one could be
I don't know how she is still on no. 4 what a mind blowing work she has done in getting all the names for places and spells and characters. I was just impressed by seeing the harry potter and the sorcerers stone.
I thought that the book would be better so now I loved it.

How is it possible she is number 6. I know this is all a matter of opinion, but she has proven to be at the very least one of the top ten authors ever. It doesn't matter that I'm well, a kid you could say (12) and that she has written a children's series, the number of times her book has been read and how many books there are says that it isn't only kids reading it. #loveJ.K. rowling

Her books are the best I have ever read. They are written in a way that makes you feel like you are in the books. It's not only for kids! My parents have read them and they loved the books. J.K Rowling is the best author of all time she needs more recognition.

She is like the best author she created a world just read one of her books (Harry Potter series) or watch the movies both are great she is not only a good author she is also the most generous women I have heard of I would recommend reading her books or watching the movies

She's the most amazing, inspiring, all around best author in the world, and your argument is invalid. The Harry Potter series is literally my life. She should easily be number one. She inspired me to want to be an author. Go Rowling!

She is the best author in the world. When I read the first edition I liked it so much that it became my most favourite book. And my most favourite is ' Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as it was filled with curiosity

Honestly people! Number four is not high enough! She should be number 2! I love how she never gave up when the companies wouldn't publish her book! She is the creator of many AMAZING characters. Quite simply, SHE ROCKS!

J. K Rowling is amazing. Her ideas are enthusiastic, adventurous full of joy, tricks, romance, mystery and fun. Her books are awesome and you want to keep on reading forever it's just wonderful and passionate.

I have heard that when she didn't wrote Harry potter and the sorcerers stone she was very poor. When she wrote it. It was so nice that one book made her the richest author of the world. The book is amazing.

She is my best foreign author. The way she writes reminds me of Premchand. She writes in such a way that it looks it is real. I wish she write 100 novel of Harry Potter before she dies. - Sumit22

She is amazing! Harry Potter series is the best story I've ever read! I've lot it for a many times now but still, I still enjoy it like it was the first time I've read it.J.K. Rowling is the GREATEST AUTHOR!

J. K Rowling books have a rich and pure imagination that I have seen in a very few book in my whole life. its wonderful how she achieves such a amazing story. One of the best writers I have ever seen.