Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Signs You're a Bad TheTopTens User

NuMetalManiak SwagFlicks told me to do this one. Am I bad user? Are YOU a bad user?

1. You Attack Others for Their Opinions: Otherwise known as an opinion shover, although this one is shoving their opinion away or something along the lines. Basically, attack someone because you disagree with them. This happens everywhere.
2. You Don't Care About Quality: Abusing quantity over quality. You cannot churn out multiple lists in a single day. Maybe that's why a new limit was placed, to prevent this. More importantly, when I make music lists, I ensure that I listen to the tracks well beforehand and rate based on my subjective opinion.
3. You Send Hate Messages Towards Other Users: People, seriously, if you do this, you are clearly obsessed. Don't do this.
4. You Have Unoriginal Ideas: Given the amount of original content nowadays has already been done, it's extremely difficult to find something that is original.
5. You Constantly Abuse Quantity: Ties in very well with #2.
6. You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward Justin Bieber: This hatred was ridiculous.
7. You Make Racist or Sexist Lists: Yeah, and racist and sexist comments too. Or calling out other people as racist or sexist even if the discussion does not pertain to those things.
8. You Provide No "Logos": "argument from reason" right. In an argument, most people stick to their opinion even if they are losing. Bad calls.
9. You Are a Troll: This applies everywhere. Trolls are bad users, no matter where they are.
10. You Receive More Negative Feedback With Each List You Make: Considering we don't get the option to do that anymore, the only place that happens if if someone is obsessive enough to call you out in messages or comments each time.
11. You Make Lists Trying to Dictate What Makes a "Good" or "Bad" User: You are such meta, whoever put this on. No one wins when this person is around, that's for sure.
12. You Define the Community Based On One Person: Or several bad ones, which this place unfortunately has. The select fewo f us aren't that bad.
13. You Make Lists Criticizing Lists That Contain a Different Opinion Than Yours: Read #11.
14. You Have a Relentless Hatred Towards Barack Obama: There's more relentless hatred for Donald now. Forget about Obama.
15. You Add Irrelevant Subjects For The Criteria: Oh yeah, LIKE SOME OF THE ITEMS ADDED HERE!
16. You're Hypersensitive: Hypersensitivity is easy to come by on the internet.
17. You're Bitterly Biased Against Certain Video Games, TV Shows, etc.: Given that most of the users' favorite things here are certain types of media, yes.
18. You Make This List: You make this comment.
19. You Put Princess Peach As Worst Mario Character: I get so tired of the Mario character flamewars on the site.
20. You Overuse Exclamation Points: Overuse of any sort of character to spam a site shows who's a bad user.
21. You Bandwagon: Correct
22. You Abuse the Stats: Do they know they are abusing it?
23. You Say Something Bad About a User Who is Decreased: Decreased? Wow. I think you meant deceased. Not everyone who dies is great though.
24. You're Childish and Bigoted: Applies everywhere.
25. You Have Condescending Wonka as Your Profile Picture: I can't recall who had this previously, JaysTop10List? I don't even care it's just a lame meme picture.
26. You Constantly Insult People For Being "Stat Padders": Maybe if people weren't actually stat padders, these guys wouldn't exist either, you know?
27. People Hate You: Duh.
28. You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward a Good User on the Site: This just proves the badness.
29. You Hate Good Movies: Or you consistently talk about how they are overrated.
30. You Don't Try to Understand Users: Why should I try to understand strangers on the Internet?
31. You Always Make Justin Bieber Jokes: Grow up.
32. You Hate Indie Games for No Apparent Reason Other Than That They're Popular: Popular = overrated to some people. Hmm...
33. You Hate on Perfectly Good Video Games for the Stupidest of Reasons: I think someone is a bit too obsessed with video games right now.
34. You Have a Downright Ridiculous Obsession with a Certain Fictional Character: Describes most of the Mario fandom at the moment.
35. You Hate Things Almost Solely Because of Their Fandoms: And have never actually experienced said thing for yourself.
36. You Call Things "Infamous" Just Because You Personally Have a Negative Opinion Toward Them: This list is really starting to overlap with the Top 10 Immediate Signs You Might be a Douche list.
37. You Get Your Panties in a Wad Over Things that Don't Really Impact You: Lovely comment here.
38. You Never Shut Up About Something You Hate: Which is why things get overhated.
39. You Use The Word "Irrelevant" As An Insult Toward Things: This and "racist" are things people this day and age are using to get out of arguments.
40. You attack entertainment for girls.: Never do this.
41. You use annoying memes: 100% agree with this one.
42. You Have a Sense of Humor: So not having a sense of humor automatically means good TheTopTens user? Get real.

SwagFlicks' original list was pretty good, but like many of the lists I analyze, there are a ton of lame items following it. And I even compared the list as a whole to the other list I analyzed, the one on Top 10 Immediate Signs You Might Be a Douche. How obvious that the lists I analyze on this site are pretty similar.


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