Atrocious Animation #1: I See London... (Total Drama)

Turkeyasylum The episodes begins with Sierra blogging from her pizza box laptop, saying how much she loves Cody. When she asks herself what else could be on there, Noah imitates her blogging (The only good part of the episode starts here) in a hilarious way. The camera pans over to Owen making "nose shakes" (don't ask me), and accidentally squirts some on Noah, laughing from the imitation. Chris interrupts and says the contestants must skydive to the mext location. However, the plane was a parachute short, forcing Noah to jump with Owen (also funny). The cast lands in London, by a double decker bus, which they get on. Chris explains the mediocre challenge: catching a fake "Jack the Ripper". Gwen and Courtney are bonding in this episode. Oh yeah, and I forgot Al was kidnapped by the Ripper before the challenge. The teams than mjst go to the Tower of London, and during this, Sierra stops Cody so she can kiss him. They get kidnapped. So the rest of Team Amazon arrives in a room with a torture device. Heather must get stretched flr Amazon, and Tyler for team Chris. The teams both get their clues, but team Chris forgets Tyler, who gets kidnapped. Gwen and Courtney say they would handle the next part, looking for a clue in a room, and Heather gets kidnapped waiting for them. Both teams find their clues, and team Chris goes to the right place, and Amazon to some punk club. Team Chris (or what's left of it) goes to the bus. Owen gets the ripper down, and Gwen and Courrney kidnap Duncan. Team Amazon is declared the winner, and theam Chris gets Duncan on their team (Chris was looking for Duncan, that's why Amazon won). Then, a finally developing Noah is booted off because of Al. Of course, you finally begin to develop someone, only to replace them with someone who already won?!?! What an awful endong. And Gwen kissed Duncan at the end, to make it even worse.

Awfulness rating: 64/100

Envious Ending 20/20, Plot Holes 14/20, Horroble Humor 5/20, Treturous Twists 19/20, Catastrophic Characters 6/20. Next: One Coarse Meal of SpongeBob SquarePants


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