Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Cold Weather

The Northern Hemisphere is heading toward a time of year with frigid low temperatures. This is the most dreadful time of year. Or is it?

Believe it or not, fall and winter aren't as dreadful as everyone thinks it is. According to, pretty much everything listed below is true.

I am not trying to sound rubbish, but I am trying to have people appreciate cold weather more than they do.

Before you think that this is made-up information that I just got from my mind, just remember that I actually got this information from a website called
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1 Prevents unwanted bug bites & allergies

I'm voting for this on the technicality that bugs aren't around. However, allergies are still a thing in the Winter, but they're not as violent as the rest of the year. You still have to deal with mold, mildew, dust, and other stuff in the home. :( So, yeah, bugs are gone so that's a huge plus. :D

Bugs and allergens typically freeze to death in the cold.

That's true, but I get allergies in Winter.

2 Increases energy

During the hot summer days, classrooms and other indoor places are often kept cold to wake people up more.

3 No pressure of having an attractive body

Since your body will be covered during the cold winter months, you will not need to deal with how presentable your feet are (wearing sandals), how stylish your legs are (wearing shorts), or how good of a shape your waist is (wearing a bathing suit). As a result, it boosts your self-esteem.

That's true because in Winter, you can eat as much as you want and the fat from your body keeps it warm.

4 Better for sleeping

Since insomniacs have a higher body temperature than other people, a colder bedroom (60-68 F) are ideal for sleeping. This applies not only to insomniacs, but to other people as well. As a result from the better sleep, you feel more energized.

I like to cuddle up in a nice blanket during the colder seasons.

5 Reduces inflammation

Since ice packs help reduce swelling on sore muscles, it only makes sense that colder weather does as well.

6 Makes running easier

When your body is warmer, you can exercise better. That's why some people go into a sauna for 10 minutes before starting their workout to get their muscles warmed up. Cold air will just tighten your muscles and it's very dangerous to sweat in freezing temperatures if that's the climate you live in. It's also dangerous to exercise in too much heat for a long period of time. The best temperature to run in would be mid 70 degrees

The reasons why running marathons are usually held in the late fall when it's colder is because when it's cold, less heat stress forms on the body. This makes it more pleasurable to run.

Although for whatever reason, some people run better in higher temperatures.

7 Creates brown fat

Brown fat is a calorie-burning fat that is used to regulate our body temperature when we feel cold.

8 Colder air is fresher & cleaner than warm air

Other than wood-burning fireplaces burning, the cold air of winter means goodbye to high levels of ozone and carbon dioxide often shown during the summer. If all fireplaces were high-tech & all heaters were energy star, then winter would be a great time of year to take nature walks with deep breaths.

9 Makes your brain work more intelligently

Warm temperatures make people shy away from complex decisions because it depletes glucose and other resources used for mental process.

10 Increases your life span

University of Michigan researchers discovered that mice and worms exposed to colder temperatures had longer lifespans.

I hope it's true on humans as well.

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11 Builds character
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