10 Reasons ZaDR (Zim and Dib Romance) Sucks

Actually, I think the R stands for Rape. *rant warning* If you are a ZaDR shipper, kindly stay away from me and, for your own sake, this post. I shouldn't have to say this but, this is my opinion!
My God! This ship is so rage inducing. I HATE it with a burning passion. It has got to be the worst ship in existence. It is absolutely disgusting, effed up and perverse. You haven't seen a bad ship till you've seen this one. *warning* DO NOT LOOK IT UP!

1) It is pedophilia.
Really, I could stop here. No more explanation should be needed. Zim is almost 2 centuries old, and even though that is still considered 'young' by Irken standards, my point still stands. Zim is a fully-grown, adult Irken. Dib is a flippin' 10-12 year old KID! Same goes for ZaGR (Zim and Gaz Romance) *gags* I hate that ship almost as much! Oh, and can I just say…how idiotic it is that some of these fanfics (even some of the decent, non-ship ones) have Zim "aging" with Dib so they'll be the same height. So dumb.

2) Zim and Dib hate each other.
They literally want to destroy each other. That does not equal a love/hate relationship, kapeesh? Though most of the fanfics don't even involve love in the slightest. It's mostly just Zim and Dib screwing each other constantly and doing all kinds of disgusting things to each other. And NO, I have not read any but I did read the Uncyclopedia article on ZaDR. It was both disgusting and hilarious. Yep, that's twuuu wuuuv, guys. NOT! Kill me!

3) Dib is clearly straight.
As shown in Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom and, arguably, Tak: The Hideous New Girl. In the former, several girls are seen fangirling over him in his fantasy. And in the latter, it's hinted he "liked" Tak before he found out she was an alien (but even that is a stretch). Also, Dib trying to say that Zim was "jealous" is not a ZaDR hint. It was just Dib taking satisfaction in having 1-uped Zim with regards to Tak.

4) Zim (and all Irkens in general) are devoid of romantic/"loving" feelings.
I mean, except when it comes to snacks, they love those. And destruction, they love that too. Oh and, I'm pretty sure Irkens are asexual, as they do not reproduce naturally and therefore have no use for romance/sex (see point 6).

5) Romance is practically nonexistent in the Invader Zim universe.
It's not even relevant to the show, or its characters.

6) Jhonen has stated that Irkens do not have genitalia.
As technically they are "clones". By that logic, and since Dib was/is supposed to be a clone of Professor Membrane, we can deduce that Dib also has no genitals. In any case, Irkens not having genitalia means they do not produce the hormones necessary for physical attraction and, in turn, romance. Not to speak of Dib, who's at most 11 years old and prepubescent! Take that, flippin' fangirls.

7) It ruins the idea of love.
God, I could go on and on about this one. Love is…so many things, but definitely not this. Sure, you can sometimes have a strong dislike for the people you care about (and not just in romantic relationships, duh. Our friends annoy us as well). Just, not like this (ZaDR). Please, do yourselves a favor and find some other OTP. Or go watch Fifty Shades of Grey if you think abuse and constant screwing equals love. At least the characters in that movie are physically attracted to each other, not that that has anything to do with real love. Ok, I'm gonna stop now.

8) It ruins the show.
For me at least, sometimes. Whenever I see ZaDR crap, whether it's in stupid comments or in fanart that I'm unfortunate enough to come across, it completely disgusts me to the point where I think, "Screw it, I hate this show cuz the fanbase sucks!" It's really stupid of me, I know, to let a stupid, totally non-canon ship ruin something for me. But I dunno, something about seeing this crap will just get me associating ZaDR with the show. Only instead of liking it, I LOATHE it and it makes me sick! See how it spreads like CANCER?!?

9) It ruins ZaDF (Zim and Dib Friendship or Frenemies)
This is kinda a personal reason. Don't get me wrong, I know that ZaDF is not in the show and I know it won't ever actually happen canonically. The status quo must be maintained and such, and IZ is awesome the way it is. But I just like the idea of these two douche bags becoming vitriolic best buds or something (there are decent fanfics on it). I can get behind the reasoning and appeal of the enemies-to-friends dynamic. I even knew two girls in high school who absolutely HATED each other and backstabbed and fought, but ended up the best of friends. It happens sometimes. But my God! Why ZaDR?!? I guess what really bugs me is it seems a majority of the fandom ships it (at least on DA, but I shouldn't be surprised). Screw the fandom.

10) I don't know about you guys but in my opinion, alien-on-human romance is disgusting and stupid when said alien looks like a little green roach. Seriously, WTH?!?

Yeah, just needed to vent that somewhere. If you are a fellow ZaDR hater, I hope my rant has provided some catharsis for you, as it has for me.


AAAUURRGH! This was an absolute PAIN IN THE BUTT to get posted! I had to delete my original post because after I went in to edit it, the stupid thing wouldn't save or let me submit!
So, here is a new revised post. I added a bit and tweaked some parts that I thought needed rewording. - visitor


Well clearly you didn't read my comment lol - visitor

Please give a reasons why Weinerham (Randy x Howard) sucks. I swear it's much worse than ZaDR! - visitor

And it has the word 'weiner' in it... - TwilightKitsune

Oh my god, yes, thank you SO much for posting this; I couldn't agree more. I absolutely HATE ZaDr as well, but not as much as ZaGr... Jesus that one gets under my skin. These delusional fans who think that will EVER happen is just, sad and pretty dumb. ZIM is literally a very short and small adult. They're completely ignoring the pedophilia in these "ships", like you said just aging them up to make it look good. But, we know it's never happening in the series/new movie, so that's what keeps me pretty calm about it. Now this is just my opinion but, IF Jhonen did not make ZIM and Tak arch enemies and would kill each other if they had the chance, they would have to be the most logical couple in the series. I can name tons of reasons but, this is really focusing on how people actually think ZaDr and ZaGr is canon or whatever.. - uhhi

Yay! Another ZaDR hater :)
And yes, I agree. If you're going to have a canon ship in any series, have the characters be in the same age range and the same species. Unless it's an alien species that looks human in all aspects except skin color or some other minor thing. Otherwise you could argue it's like bestiality or something, (not exactly but) you know? - visitor