Top 10 Worst Fandoms and Groups On the Internet

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1 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Like furries, extra weird peeps. I got nothing against their interests but the only thing I have against is the freaks of the fandom.

Don't get me wrong. I like My Little Pony just as much as any other average fan. There are several episodes that made me laugh, some that made me cry, and some that made me smile. Yes, certain episodes are cheesy, but others are genuinely well-written and you can tell effort was put into the art style.

As for the fandom itself, I strongly believe the fandom is at the top of the most annoying list is because of the radical fans. I'm not talking about the ones who cosplay just for fun, have thoughtful discussions about the show, or even draw the art. I'm talking about the crazy 5% who rule 34 the characters, have shipping wars, and engage in immature behavior at conventions. Show some self control and make our fandom look BETTER, please!

Well, if you use logic...

A year in our time is about 365 days, right? So every year, you get older by one year. Other countries had (or have) different calendars which indicated that one year was NOT 365 days. So for example a calendar from one country could say that 600 days is a year, and that you could be 7 years old when in the US you're actually 40.

What does this have to do with bronies?

It's simple. If you took the foreign calendars and used their time measurement, then you can, in theory, say that you're maybe just 5 years old instead of some 40 year old guy, and therefore partially justify being a brony.

Here I lie watching the Humpbacked Horse and playing Puyo Puyo in my childhood, I was happy for awhile until, I found out that the ponies has covered both of them. I was trying to get away from the modern society and the same people, but apparently I get shoved in my face by Bronies. I remember this one kid in my old school, he was saying the most disgusting and the most disturbing things, and what was he going to do to them in front of my old friends. The pony race has conquered most of the kids with autism, and I hate it because, I don't want to be the last aspie who likes real woman. I was hoping that the show would go by and die, because they are covering my favorite cartoons and games. Every time I see my cousins watch My Little Pony, I have painful flashbacks.

2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

The gameplay was unique and new when the first game came out. But the later games are more of the same or similar thing. The only thing keeping me hooked is the story. But fans blow things out of proportion. They seem to have an attachment to certain animatronics, despite those animatronics NOT BEING REAL (they're characters made up by whoever owns the establishment). And I swear, the shipping are annoying. And don't get me started on the fanart. But the worst are the fans who come up with theories and then treat them like facts. And they think MatPat is their God. Back in 2012, I thought Bronies were the worst, but 2 - 3 years later, I see the Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase, and suddenly I feel like Bronies are alright.

I don't understand how this is #1. From getting on the show Cringe Champions and winning, to screaming like 8-year-olds (which the majority of them are), to managing to cram themselves into every nook and cranny in the internet, the Five Night's at Freddy's fans are just plain idiotic. They want to marry a chicken and then they want to hug a stupid fox? Scott Cawthon probably doesn't care about the monstrosities he has created, so he's not much better. He just milks the series for all it's worth.

Even though I like the games, the fandom is so perverted! First of all they make all this "Fan Art" of characters that are far from appealing, and some of them are about character ships! Who would ship two characters that are out to kill you? Also the fans are so annoying! They are literally EVERYWHERE! All I see in the comments on YouTube nowadays are FNAF roleplayers that ship each other! Who does that Online? You are chatting with a random person on the internet just because they have a FNAF related name, for all you know they could be a pervert! Also most of the fans are not older then 10 years old! Also why do we need so many useless theories on YouTube anyways? Practically the entire fandom is eatching these theories and act like they know everything about this game just because they watch some dumb theories. And last of all, the fandom just begs Scott to make more games, and I say that these are obviously enough games!

The games are good, but the fanbase is the most annoying thing ever. Well, most of it. There will always be exceptions, clearly. They're pretty much ruining the games for me. Plaguing the Internet with EVERYTHING Five Night's at Freddy's related. Cringe-worthy fan art and "theories" for a video game. That's all they ever talk about. A video game. They care more about four FICTIONAL kids that were murdered in a video game than anything else in the real world

Foxy isn't a "good guy" or a "bad guy" because HE'S NOT REAL. He's a character in a video game. They will never be anything more than that. No matter what website you go to, if people are able to chat with each other over the Internet, you WILL find two or more people sending each other death threats because of an argument that started with this stupid theory. I promise you.

Apparently liking Five Night's at Freddy's is something to brag about everywhere you go to if you want to be cool. Play it on your phone in the ...more

3 Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

I love the show, don't get me wrong, but the fandom is horrible. Let me state the reasons, for example, almost driving an artist to suicide because her interpretation of a character was "too skinny." Flooding an actual Keystone Motel's (that was named much before the episode came out) reviews section with their comments about things that happened in the episode. Almost every time a fan comes out with a new character, they will bash it. The homophobic part of the fandom will continue to deny there is a canon lesbian couple. I have also heard that people are leaving the fandom because the creator came out bisexual. R34 and Mary Sues are common in fandoms, so I won't say much about that. This fandom is so terribly strong that even Rebecca Sugar herself had to call them out on their actions.

I'm a Steven Universe fan but 50% of the fandom is just...way too aggressive. They're over-protective of the characters just because Steven Universe portrays them as real and relatable. I mean, personally I think the show is awesome because the story is well-written, the world building is incredible, the characters are well fleshed out and the show is light-hearted most of the time but can go incredibly dark at the same time. But by gods the fans are crazy. People who draw the chubby characters just a little bit thinner and they go insane and send death threats to them. And I remember this one incident where the artist drew a dark skinned character with a lighter-skin tone because of the lighting effects and got flamed and hate messages. Did I mention that one person drew a chubby character skinnier and got like 30+ hate blogs and hate mails? They almost killed themselves. A Japanese artist also got hate mail for drawing Garnet with lighter skin tone. I mean dudes, they're literally ...more

I'm a huge Steven Universe fan but I who-heartily agree that most of the fandom can be annoying. I know people who have yelled at me and threatened to hurt me because I ship Lapidot. I respect that he doesn't like this ship but it really makes me mad when they go out of their way just to try to tell me that my opinion is dumb. I follow tons of steven universe fan accounts and whenever they post one really good piece of really good fan art, there is so much hate against one one piece of art. I follow fan accounts to see good art and even when there are mistakes, I don't just criticize it, I just try to enjoy it. I love this show so much but I do agree that the fandom can be a little tense.

How is this fandom not number one on the list? A better question is, how did the fandom turn out to be so horrid!? After hearing about all of the things these fans have done, I literally became terrified of the fandom. That's right, a FANDOM managed to scare me. Aren't fandoms suppose to be a place where people feel safe enough to be themselves? Apparently not when it comes to Steven Universe. I feel terrible for the sane fans who have to deal with the ones who are insane. Also, the creator of the cartoon shouldn't have to deal with some of the rabid beasts that dwell in this fandom.

4 Anti-Fans/ Haters

They never have any GOOD reasons to dislike something. It's always "Well, the fandom is absolute GARBAGE" typed angrily in the YouTube comments. A bad fandom generally isn't a reason to not like something. And unfortunately, that's the way that most people who hate something tend to react.

If the person has a serious mental condition, such as social anxiety, chronic depression, and bipolar disorder, could take it the wrong way, and, if death threats are involved, possibly commit suicide. All at the hands of a long, lengthy, spiteful YouTube comment.

Sadly, I have multiple friends like this. They don't listen when I try to reason with them why I like something, they start unnecessary, unwarranted arguments for no reason whatsoever. Most of them are completely disrespectful (much like most anti-fans/haters on the Internet, if you ask me), rude, and don't listen to reason.

Some of them aren't bad people; they just want to explain why they don't enjoy the T.V. show, ...more

I'm a former Anti-Fan and a Non-fan but less offensive and less vulgar. But other Anti-Fans can be cruel when it comes to fanbases. Because we Anti-fans must needed to protect themselves from sick fan arts and all that. I'm sure it's pretty much everything why these type of so-called "fandoms" were like Thought Police from George Orwell's 1984 because if you do something simple (like making innocent fanarts), some Anti-Fans bust in to your door and arrest you. I'm actually an Anti-fan who infiltrated other fandoms just to know what the fandoms are all about and how they react or how they enjoyed themselves.

These people are the most insecure people on the internet. If they see a profile picture of a pony, they will flip out even when they have done nothing wrong to them. While there are bronies that force the show down people's throats, these people force their hatred down their throats without any good reasons on why they hate it.

They seem to think that the internet has a perfect place before they arrived even though it was always terrible.

I think the saddest part of the Anti-Fans/Haters group is that often those in said group are part of a fandom that gets a lot of hate themselves. They insist they aren't a part of the screwball minority of said fandom, and maybe they're not, but they're still putting someone else down because of their interests. I have yet to meet a fandom that doesn't have a subcategory of fans that other fans would like to pretend don't exist. I am, in fact, a fan of a lot of the stuff on this list, I just have the sense not to be stupid about it. There are other fandoms listed here I dislike, but I understand that trying to put someone down because of what they enjoy isn't going to change their minds, that hate only begets more hate, and that the person on the other side of the screen is a human being. Even if they're the ones being hateful or idiotic, they are still a human being.

Also, if you think a fandom is toxic, the worst thing you can do is bring more attention to it by raging ...more

5 Sonic Fans

Let's not forget that the Sonic fandom ruins characterization as well. Knuckles is not stupid, Tails is not annoying, Shadow is not a bloodthirsty murderer/Blood Knight who goes around killing people for fun and has no emotion at all, Cream is not sexy and Blaze is not Felix the Cat's love interest... To name a few. And don't get me started on the horrible shipping wars. I'm so sick of that, and none of the 'Sonic couples' are official (Knuckles and Rouge are rivals but that doesn't make them a married couple. Same with Sonic and Shadow). The shipping wars get even worse with crossover shipping, since Sonic and Rainbow Dash never met and he would be much more interested in Amy Rose than some sparkle-poop colored horse that flies over the rainbow.

I dare you to start any "who would win in a fight" type of discussions with these dogs. Whenever a sonic character loses in a debate, these animals will start barking and bashing the opposite franchise; whenever a sonic character wins in a debate, well, these brain-dead will still start barking and attacking opposite franchise. Stay away from these human trash.

I really love Sonic the hedgehog series but I just can't stand the fandom. For some reason, they hate every single game, even those who haven't been released yet! You can't really voice your opinion or discuss about something you like because you will be met with hate immediately. Let's say there will be some fan of Sonic 06 (considered to be the worst game ever for those who don't know) who wants to discuss about the game. Well there you have it, most hated game but it appears some people like it after all. This causes wars every single time because people hate everything there and can't accept the fact someone might have different opinion. I would much rather call them anti-fans. If you don't like something, why joining a group, why spending your own money on the game? If you're not a hater, you won't be welcome in this fandom. I shall enjoy the adventures of the blue blur while staying out of the fandom.

You know what's worse than dealing with a horrible fandom? Being PART of a horrible fandom. Yes, I am a Sonic Fan, and I have to deal with these losers. This Peanut Gallery always complains about how Sonic has never been good for years and how everything should be like the GENESIS Days. ENOUGH. And o disagree. Let's talk about the recent games. Most people believe that Sonic 06 is when Sonic jumped the shark.

Sonic 06 - Terrible
Sonic and the Secret Rings - Bad
Sonic and the Black Knight - Eh...
Sonic Unleashed - Pretty Good.
Sonic Colors - Awesome
Sonic Generations - Awesome
Sonic Lost World - Awesome
Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric - Terrible

So Sonic is not dead and it shouldn't be killed off. The games are just fine.

6 Pewdiepie Fans

Idiots nowadays are known as a member of the bro army and their idol is Pewdiepie, these idiots see their idol as nothing less than the god of everything! If you even so much as whisper a bit of criticism towards their "lord and savior" you will get enough hate to probably quit whatever site you got that bashing from... but probably from the cringe-worthy statements they scream! I won't post an example of this hate, but even the haters can be seen as insane, just look at the channel known as "Pewdiepie sucks", wherein exist re-uploads of hater videos from people like pre-2016 Malcom1466 and that one guy who said that Pewdiepie is "MOULDING (Kid's) BRAIIINS".

Even though I am a "bro" or whatever (have been since about March of 2012), his newer fans are SO ANNOYING! They stand up for everything he does or people that say 1 damn thing about him, the tiniest thing, they go ballistic. I really do like him, but now that everyone knows about him, it's gotten annoying. I mean, it's so annoying to be in school and a girl (I'm a girl too :p) makes a reference... Just shut up, and thank you.

I am a fan of Pewdiepie's content for a few years now, and the worst part of the Pewdiepie fanbase is that they are literally everywhere. I see Pewdiepie memes on Deadmau5 videos, Monstercat releases and a lot of other videos. This is probably the worst thing about his fanbase these days.

There is a huge reduction in the fans blindly standing up for him and criticising every person who dislikes pewdiepie like they used to back then, but the pewdiepie memes are everywhere. I guess that's the downside of having a fanbase exceeding 60 Million people

There is an episode he posted not to long ago called 'I'm loosing subs'. One person said something along the lines of "Stop whining, you still have more subs than everyone else on YouTube." All of a sudden, they were bombarded with PewDiePie Defenders hating on them. They just become so quick to defend him it's ridiculous.

7 Furries

Before I go into this, I just want to say, I myself am a furry. I know for a fact that what atrocious and repulsive actions that come out of the fandom is just the freakishly obsessed 5% part of any fandom, but they're they are so violent and active that they are what all people focus on, so the other 95% that isn't sick and disturbing goes into hiding. And when one reveals themselves by just simply having a fur as a profile icon everyone on that forum (or blog, page, etc.) immediately jumps on that person and gives them nothing and accuses them for so many things, just for having a fur as an icon, it doesn't madder if they're talking about the subject at hand, they still mercilessly bash on them endlessly until said person kills themselves. It wouldn't be so bad of a fan base if it's dark section of members weren't so violent and huge that people would just focus on them instead of the rest of it. All of the stuff I mentioned above by the way as an example of what happens when a ...more

Don't get me wrong, I love furry's! I'm a furry myself, but the fanbase is just... well... weird sometimes. Like 5% of the fanbase is just sexualizing them.

Cringe. Just accept the fact that you are a human and you will always be a human. Some "furries" (SOME, not all) might use the animal costume as an excuse to commit bestiality, which is NOT okay either.

Ok, look. I'm a furry. I completely understand why some people hate us. I am against bestiality and zoophilia and it makes me sick how some people are so disgusting. However, what also makes me sick is how people judge the entire random just because of the horrible 5% of us who sexualize animals. I am a proud furry, but I still understand people's reasonings. Also quick note, though bestiality is illegal, sex in fursuits is not. AND WE DON'T THINK THAT WERE ANIMALS. That called being a therian.

8 Feminists

Another group that got ruined by a degenerate vocal minority called the toxic feminists or the feminazis. I thought it originally meant someone who believes that men and women are equal. The bigoted misandrists made it lose its meaning entirely. They not only give the other feminists who want genuine equality a bad name, but they also give the entire female sex and the entire left itself a bad name, and I'm >99.99% sure these radicals have contributed to the reason why girls can hit boys all they want but if the boy retaliates they face the full force of societal shunning.

Some men do at least respect some females, females also appreciate that. But some females think that all men are evil, thinking men don't have the right to live. But guess what? Some males do experience r@pe, assault, abuse from females. Not saying that females deserve this, but I'd say everyone doesn't deserve to be treated badly. Men or women.

I am a woman, but there is no such thing as a "wage gap" anymore. That is a myth. Also, most feminists are hypocrites because most of them encourage men who dress up as women to play on WOMEN'S sports teams, which COMPLETELY goes AGAINST their goal of women being superior or whatever.

They don't realize that they're perpetuating the stereotype that women are the weaker sex by getting mad over things for ridiculous reasons. Okay getting offended over something that's seemingly harmless proves that one is weak. They don't realize that they're giving women a bad name. Feminism back then wasn't like this. Susan B. Anthony is probably rolling in her grave. They're one of the biggest hypocrites in history. If a fictional female character is weak, they complain about it, if she's strong, they will still complain about it, if she's gorgeous, they will still complain about it, if she's ugly, they will still complain about it, if she's good, they will complain about it, if she's evil, they will complain about it. Basically they hate all characteristics and personalities that a female character can have. And what bothers me so much is when they complain about scantily clad female characters and if the female character is fully-clothed, they will still complain about it. They ...more

9 Weaboos

I love anime, I did not vote for this because I hate anime. There are so many different kinds of anime it is impossible to hate all of it. What I hate are people who are so obsessed with anime they hate anything that isn't it and/or want to be Japanese. You know other countries can make other stuff that is good as well, try Over The Garden Wall or something. I feel that most people claim to hate anime just because of these guys. Most people who claim to hate anime haven't even seen one and you know why, these people. So please don't vote for this because you hate anime, but vote because you hate the weabs.

Personally, my hatred from this fandom comes from my classmates and other people from the internet. They all think that cartoon and anime are very different in the show's target audience. They can't even distinguish what's a western cartoon or anime. They treat cartoons very poorly and they always tease someone or call name like childish and they will tell you to grow up while most of the anime they watch is very perverted like Boku no Piko. I also like anime but I think many people here in this fandom discriminates what the westerns or any animations that didn't come from Japan.

I'm just voting to say my opinion, (I'm Japanese and I love anime but not to the extreme) but in my perspective anime is a medium, like books. It is not something to be generalized and there are so many different genres within. I think that most of the haters of anime are hating on the portion that is too extreme (like Boku No Pico) or hating on the extreme fans. I get where you're coming from - I do think that some of the fandom goes too far sometimes, and that some parts of the anime culture are too extreme. But I think that you should first check it out before hating on it, because there are some anime out there that are amazing. I'm fine with haters but I just want people to remember that 'anime' doesn't have on definition, and certainly doesn't deserve to be generalized.

I love anime so much, but then it gets to the point where everything that's not Japanese completely SUCKS. Then they all act like they want to be Japanese instead of embracing their own cultures. Allow me to provide a true anecdote to verify this point:
So here I am, on the first day of school, with my Mexican friend, the sweetest, funniest, best friend ever, who takes her culture very seriously. I am Pakistani, and yes, I admit I do that as well sometimes. Well, a couple of weeks later, she starts hanging out with a group of people who call themselves Otakus and Weeaboos and are constantly talking about how great anime is. So I watch anime. It's awesome. I love it. But weeks later, my friend refuses to watch ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING from the Western world, and she buys manga instead of the usual comic books we read (we were both big fans of Spiderman 2099). Yeah, I was okay with this, even though it kind of irked me. But then, she told me that anime is the only thing she'll ...more

10 Beliebers

Oh my, this is gonna be fun, being a Justin Bieber hater: this may sound like an oxymoron, but YES, I am that one girl who LOVES music of metal genre and awesome bands like Rammstein, Ost+Front, Judas Priest etc. but CANNOT STAND Justin Bieber. Why? Because, if NOT mentioning pop music just often gets on my nerves, 1. Listening to his whining they call "singing" makes me nothing but burst into laughter, 2. His songs ONLY consist of stuff like "Babe, I want you, I want to take you away" and bla-bla-bla (VERY similar to 1D, which I also hate, but whatsoever), and also, he also said about one victim of Holocaust that if she had remained alive, she would have become his fan. Really?!? And these rabid fan idiots may actually worship him?!? God, I cannot even understand how one can actually worship and stand for THIS, and besides, with such fury they have!

How are believers not #1? They're mostly a group of teenage girls that will defend Justin with their LIVES. If you ask them why they like him, they'll tell you because he's hot. Even if you tell them he's done bad things, they'll say something like 'oh he's Justin Bieber so he can do anything he wants' A lot of them will literally WORSHIP him. One of them started a MASSIVE argument on a YouTube comment section and when told that JB has even spat on his fans he (yes it was a he) says 'and? Jb saliva is delicious' they're all mentally retarded if you ask me. Even directioners are better than them.

Most of the Beliebers are completely brainwashed! Remember the start of the Bieber Fever phase (that some of the Beliebers are still plagued with forever), them sending death threats to Selena Gomez just for dating him, and the messed up #cutforbieber? A lot of Beliebers are just not sane. They treat Justin like he's Jesus, and they think he's entitled to do whatever he wants, even if it's rude and stupid, just because 'he's hot' or 'his music is the best'! And speaking of his music, nobody is allowed to express their opinion on it if it isn't the same as theirs. Hardcore Beliebers, at best, will give you an earful just for saying 'I don't like him/his music'. Beliebers are seriously one of the worst fandoms out there, if not THE worst!

I'm a fan of celebs that are a fan of him, but seriously? I'm gonna try to be nice because I don't want a GIANT fandom attacking me (even though I have directioners, pjo fans, hoo fans, limelights, etc. by my side). I can't stand them. Justin has his issues, and so do the fans. The fans are always in his face and being extremely rude. At the same time, he kinda deserves it. He just seems to be disrespectful to his fandom, and he has a strong one. I'm just stating facts. I feel bad for his fans, but I also saw some things they said that are extremely rude. I feel we need to respect eachother evenly. In every religion, there is some form of the "Golden Rule". And even if you aren't religious, just have some basic manners and be kind. Because some day, your gonna have a piece of your own medicine.

The Contenders
11 90s kids

I like the 90s, I do respect some 90s kids but sometimes they go a little too far. Like comparing the 90s to now, Saying others they have bad taste, etc. Everyone has opinions and please respect that.

Why 90s kids are annoying.
1. Their "cutoff dates" are HORRIBLE. Someone once said that a 90s kid is born from 1989-2001. 2001 wasn't even in the 1990s!
2. They think that Invader Zim, Jimmy Neutron, That's So Raven, and FOP are 90s shows. Seriously...How bad is your memory?
3. They think that 9/11 was the only thing that happened in the 2000s.
4. They think that Angela Anaconda, Rocket Power, and Mega Babies were good! All three of those shows were Horrible and you seriously need to take the rose tinted glasses off.
5. They claim that the 1990s were the last good decade...That crown goes to the decent 2000s.

I was born in the 90s. However I'm so sick of people thinking that the 90s is the most godly time to be alive and everything in the 90s are the best. They even think kids born in the 2000s have bad lives and have terrible taste in everything because they didn't grow up with the things they grew up with. Which is so asinine. Why do you have to be so egotistical? Nostalgia? Whatever it is, it's annoying and you all need to get off your high horse.

Oh God, yes, I am so glad this is here. I don't just not like 90s kids, I despise them. With a passion. They always say how their generation was amazing and how ours is too obsessed with technology. My friends older sister is a 90s kid and every time I'm at her house and she comes into our room when we're messing about on her laptop or IPad e.t.c Ugh.

12 Minecraft Fans

I played Minecraft again after 3 years. And seriously. The first thing that happened was some 12-year old annoying a moderator because he "wanted to be kicked". Not even after telling him to stop and that it's immature, he continued. You can't help such people.
Also, hearing Minecraft players talking is horrible. They brag about how many diamonds they found. What big buildings they built. And when you tell them you are not a hardcore player with 3 large chests of diamonds they instantly kick you out of the conversation.
The game itself is good, especially for creative minds and parties with friends.

I hate Minecraft. But the fans are a different story. It consists of 5-10 year old nerds who think this game is the best game ever and they also think it's their life. They just go on severs and just annoy people and talk about pointless things. They also talk about FNAF another horrible game. Skydoesminecraft fans have to be THE WORST out of all of them. They keep on saying BUTTER,BUTTER,BUDDER. Squids are evil, kill em with buDDer. If you say "this game is bad" everyone will just start attacking you saying "how is this game bad? It's the best game ever! " or something like that

I just can't stand these people!

I'm a player on Minecraft and have been for 4 years. It IS a good game, at least in my opinion. It shows creativity. But the fanbase just ruins my experience. I go on a server, and people are swearing at each other because someone killed them in a survival games game. People make inappropriate builds on a creative server so they get the giggles. I hate it, and I sadly always have to be the one to go into action instead of usual lazy staff members 'doing their job'.
It is a good game, but the fanbase need to grow up.

Personally, I think that the reason why so many people dislike this fandom is because of the age group the majority of the fandom is composed of and the representations it has (the Youtubers, the squeakers, etc...) on the internet. Looking at it from an objective viewpoint completely pure of its fandom, the game is an interesting concept. I used to be a frequent player until not too long ago, after having discovered this fandom (through my sibling; really, just ask my parents - they hear DanTDM's voice all the flippin' time and it's nigh unavoidable...) and decided "I don't want to look like a part of one of these people; I can't play this game anymore." Seriously, the Youtubers... they're the real catalysts of this fandom's destruction, in my opinion.

13 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

Too obsessive for One Direction, they are very rude to other communities, they always bring up One Direction on unrelated topics about them, they are too crazy for them. At this point this is the worst fandom ever existed.

I don't think the whole fandom is bad, in fact, there are no bad fandoms. There are some One Direction fans that respect opinions and just love their band, not disrespect, I have seen some here on TheTopTens. But some of them are not mean, but don't really use good reasoning other that One Direction has hot members. That happened one time on YouTube when someone commented on a Blink-182 video that the band sucked for having ugly band members and One Direction is better for having hot members. I don't mind if someone thinks One Direction is better than Blink-182, but using looks to justify is not a good way of expressing it, how about musical talent of both instead.

I hate them- I send death threats, hate other artists covering one direction songs, hate when someone says mean things about their precious 1 direction and posts nasty comments to people who have free will to say what they want. Hating girlfriends of 1 d as well. They go over the top in so many ways. And now they have really offended me who is a gleek (not a tweeting one- just love the show). They compared Zayn's departure to cory monteith's death. they have no idea how it felt to lose idol to death. they get to see zayn still through media. Cory is dead and not coming back. Some difference- the pain us gleeks felt is much worse. Disgraceful to think they would actually say that

I was a directioner and because of the own fandom I left. The fandom even made me dislike the boys. They argue between each other. They categorize themselves. (Ex) Larry Stans (some of theses girls are really violent with their words) I've had a couple fights with them so I know from experience. Directioners fight with other fandoms all the time as well. They think that they are the BIGGEST fandom in the world when they really aren't. I actually feel bad for the members of 1D I wouldn't be surprised if they hated their own fandom a bit.

14 Call of Duty Fans

Go to a Call of Duty Facebook page, read the comments, and then prepare a mass funeral for all the brain cells you'll lose.

I more or less still follow the series, and occasionally know some good fans. But more or less they can't tell when a game is good and when its basically a playable Michael Bay film. In fact many don't even touch the story and are actually proud of that. Now that wouldn't be so bad if the reason was because recent stories have been so bad (not including Advanced Warfare because I haven't played it yet), but I think they just don't care to begin with. And they call themselves fans.

Then there's the casual Call of Duty players calling the Call of Duty players that play more often "nerds", something I don't think real gamers would take so kindly.

And when they do complain, its usually about campers or about weapons that do their job "too effectively".

I love Call of Duty, and most of the fans are totally normal. But every now and then you run into Timmy-no-thumbs, the screeching 10 year old who thinks it's the games fault every time he dies. Or perhaps you've run into Sir-Complains-a-lot, the 22 year old who acts like Timmy no thumbs, but less screechy (which, in my opinion, is even more pathetic.) Have you met DJ-Wontshutup? The guy who blasts rap music into his headset and never says anything.

Again, the vast majority of the fans aren't like this, but these terrible players are so memorable that people have begun to think that ALL fans are like this, which isn't the case at all.

I see all these people complaining about violence in video games yet they don't complain about Mario and Zelda when they have violence as well, but don't get me wrong, I'm a Nintendo fan. The only reason why I'm voting for this is because of the worst kind of memorable moments...see the one about the Call of Duty Facebook Page comment for more details...

Who SERIOUSLY enjoys violence with nothing else? Call of Duty, or Call of Duty for short is not a good game. Consider also that the average player of this game is barely half of its age rating, and you wonder why this fandom exists. Violence does not equal fun!

15 Donald Trump Fans

I agree on this choice so much. Trump fans are some of the most ignorant, hypocritical and downright deranged people in the world. They will go around saying that Trump is the "best candidate ever" and worship him like he is a god. At this point, I don't see the value of having a man like Trump being the President of the United States. He is a disgustingly racist and sexist man who can never take "no" for an answer, makes fun of people with mental disorders (like Autism) and denies the fact that he let another country interfere with American politics, which of course is an act of treason. His supporters always give me a headache and since I live in Pennsylvania, that is often.

Seriously, this election is such a nightmare! Hardly anyone even likes the candidates, and the worst person you could possible imagine is most likely going to become the president. Why do people like this person who is trying to promote violence and sexism!? Not to be a feminist or anything, but I've heard some of the things he's said, and it's obvious that he has no respect for women. I actually know someone in real life who's a Trump supporter, and he thinks he can touch and insult women as if they're just objects.

With some of the things he says though, it's almost as if he doesn't want to be the president. Of course, I wouldn't hate him so much, if it wasn't for the fact that people actually agree with some of the things he says! Whoever votes for him is an idiot, and should of paid some attention in school instead of smashing up some smarties and inhaling the powder, or whatever weird things these idiots do nowadays. I'm not even kidding when I say this, I am unfortunate ...more

How can you even support him in the slightest? He constantly contradicts himself. He says a biggest lies that get recorded on camera and later he denies that he ever said any of it even though there is obvious proof that he did. He is basically against any minority and being part of the LGBTQ+ community and having a bunch of LGBTQ+ friends in America, I'm terrified. I'm terrified for my friends who have to live in that country and I'm scared for the world. I'm scared that if someone like Donald Trump can become president in America, something similar could happen here. I can not imagine in the slightest how anyone could support someone like Trump and anyone who is a fan of Trump is someone I never want anything to do with.

They call everyone who even slightly disagrees with them "libtard" or "triggered" and claim to be thick skinned, but once someone criticizes Trump they scream and cry like infants. If they're taking part in what's supposed to be a civilized debate, they'll resort to ad hominem attacks and bring up topics that have nothing to do with the original subject. Not to mention that the man they revere has proven himself to be an absolute racist and misogynistic, as well as an absolute hypocrite. And let's not forget when he denounced war veteran and hero John McCaine and stated that he wasn't a real hero. In short, Trump's little fanbase is one of the most delusional groups of people who always come to his defense, including when he does things that are just outright disgraceful.

16 Hetalia: Axis Powers Fans

Hetalia is a good show, in fact, it also can slightly educate you on history. I even have friends who like the show, and not all fans are crazy and force opinions (an example being fans (mostly fujoshis) screaming at you because you don't like a ship and they call you homophobic for it). But there is a big fat proportion of fans who go feral over you not shipping certain ships. And don't get me started on the FANFICTIONS. Some are okay, but the further you dive into websites you'll eventually find people normalizing pedophiles and other horrific things. One thing I'd also like to add is that some people hate characters SO MUCH that they are threatening certain flags to touch the ground. No country deserves any of that.

- some dude online

I actually enjoy Hetalia a lot. Especially because it's convenient and I learn a little bits of history from it. But the fandoms are a bit intense. Well, I don't mind if you ship the most weirdest things or the most common ships but don't hate other people for their opinion. Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone has to like it. I don't care if you hate yaoi ships or hate this chrarcter for being annoying, it's your opinion and share it if you must but don't bully people into liking or hating it too. That's how you repel people from liking the actual anime and the anime is just a fun thing to watch. It's perfectly enjoyable without extreme fans and haters interrupting my experience by forcing me to like or hate something. So please the extreme fans or haters, respect others and cool down.

I LOVE Hetalia. I've watched every season and special out there. But what frustrates me the most is reading the fan fiction the fan base creates. Apparently it's totally ok to write the characters as pedophiles or rapists, and even as serial killers, as well as overly possessive dominants over their ships. Also, flags of the world should never ever touch the ground. Ever. Not even the actual characters themselves toss around their flags the way the cosplayers/fans do in photos or artwork. It's offensive, and far from the way the show is scripted to be. Those that love the show as much as I do should steer very clear from the fan base if they don't want to be annoyed. It makes me sick and sad.

So I love Hetalia, and consider myself part of the fandom. One of the main joys is partaking in all of the weirdness. I see why people would be freaked out by it though. I mean, I'll totally pray to Lord Doitsu and stare into Romano's super animu eyes, but I understand why some people wouldn't be into...that.

Even considering this, I've actually found a lot of the Hetalia fans to be really nice people in general. While on Tumblr or the Wikia page, I really haven't seen anything negative. The community is actually pretty friendly compared to other fandoms such as Call of Duty.

Over all, people in the fandom are pretty nice...but seriously...we're weird as hell.

17 Undertale

I am sorry Undertale. Sorry for your sudden popularity. The game itself has lots of amazing contents, an interesting fighting system and one of my favorites: the choose-your-own-path thing and different endings. But exactly that popularity has ruined Undertale's fandom. People want to have sex with skeletons? How on earth is that possible. The other half wants the same thing with a robot. Also, there's the OCs. For some reason, it's always the OC part of every fandom that ruins it. Can't people just make normal, balanced OCs that are not the fan-favorite character with eyelashes and different hair?

Heartwarming game, hideous fandom. Once, I searched online for a Toriel sprite for a little drawing I wanted to make. Seriously, just a sketch of her in her chair reading about snail pie. I was bombarded with cringe-worthy lewd images of this lovable old woman portrayed in multiple sexual positions. I immediately closed the window in hopes of unseeing the seen... But that would be asking the impossible. I absolutely hate this fandom for the most part, except for a small people that do not shove this game into people's butts.

The game itself is wonderfully pulled together, with a heart-warming story that'll make you want to play it again, or make you want to find all the different endings and quirks to the story. I myself was, and still am a fan of Undertale, but I have to admit that the fandom is TOXIC. Sure, not everyone on there is a hardcore sans fangirl or the like, but there is enough of them to make normal fans and other people turn away. It's a shame too, the majority of the fan art is beautiful and portrays the game itself in a epic way, but most of it will be overlooked due to the 'fans' that make everyone cringe.

This is where I draw the line. I absolutely adore the game, but the fan base ruined the fandom for several of my friends. And the people who want to bang any of the characters like Sans are just sick to me. If you have a crush on him, that's fine. Plenty of people have crushes on fictional characters, but becoming overly obsessed isn't ok nor healthy for that matter. Anyone who sexualize
the characters are sick twisted people who should be ashamed of themselves. With everything inside the fandom such as shipping wars and constant OC's, it really ticks me off that a beautiful and well thoughtout game could become so frowned upon by anyone, even the creator.

18 Internet Tough Guys

Literally. These guys on YouTube are out of control. I use my opinion, and they come at me saying like, "How dare you hate on (Insert terrible person)? They're like my favorite! Say that one more time and I'm coming to kill you.

These people are just losers that just want people think they can bench press a car. When in real life, they can hardly even lift a TOY car.

The bunch of kids who put USMC trainees in their avatars and send death threats at anyone who has the slightest disagreement with them. These 3 year olds are the reason YouTube comments are so cancerous.

Do you mean the people who send death threats (Hate them) or defend you and other people from those jerks in a similar way (Ok, their hearts in the right place at least).

19 Creepypasta Fans

Oh good Lord, this fandom. I used to be a part of this two years back, and I admit I still occasionally check the SCP Foundation to see what's new, but it's just lost its appeal. If you look past the edginess, you see that quite a few of the popular stories were, in fact, even before they got shipped together so much they lost what little horror they had in the first place. Most of the good stories I remember were not the "classics".

But the worst part is the kids who think this is the underbelly of the internet, that they're all cool and edgy for being down here. Now, I know I haven't seen the darkest depths of the 'net, but I've sure gone a hell of a lot deeper than reading stories about a guy who kills his family for no damn reason. In general, if there are lots of people at the bottom of the 'net, you're not really at the bottom of the 'net.

Creepypasta is a very dark side on the internet based on myths, haunted video games, disturbing videos, and possibly to appear in the news. I recommend reading once of the first stories, like Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned, The Slenderman, Laughing Jack, or Eyeless Jack, for a good start. To start off on being part of the Creepypasta community/Fandom, you need to have a favorite creepypasta character to socialize with others in the community, or either cosplay your favorite character as well! To populate the fandom, you can easily share it to your friends, and hopefully they can decide to fit in.

Hnggg... Oh, Jeff... What have you done, my guy. nothing' wrong with being a fan of Jeff the Killer or Clockwork or Nina or the like, but oh boy, are they just... Not interesting characters. they aren't, they really, really aren't. And they've basically infested a lot of the talk regarding Creepypasta in general. It tends to drown out a ton of the genuinely good ones. It's gotten to the point where many outsiders genuinely think that all Creepypasta are bad, which just isn't true. There's a ton of really creative, interesting, eerie, well-written stories under this label. But because of the predominance of the proxy fans and the Killer fans, those stories have sort of faded into the discussions amongst more involved fans, such as Abandoned by Disney and Ted the Caver. Thank God for Room Zero rightfully pulling them out into the limelight.

The main reason this annoys me is because people out over Aika Village, which is not even meant to be creepy. I know the real story behind it. The owner had schizophrenia, which causes her vision to distort and blur. She told her life story through a dream town. She used Hypno K.K because it sort of sounds like a fading memory. The first house is her childhood. She used to talk to flowers as a child. Then mannequins are her pretend friends. The dolly with the axe is Aika. The axe is her trouble and suffering. She killed her dog in rage, because her vision distorted more as she grew up. Aika is not evil. Poor Hypno K.K deserves more love.

20 Youtube Commenters

Well, I am Youtube Commenter and that's true. Most people offend some other people so much just because of some things that I did'nt know about. Also, they even respect some other things that are really bad. Like for example, Pamtri. Pamtri has the worst 3D animation in Youtube and they pretend to give respect (because they used their "praise" as a joke or something like that).

Also, some commentators also warned us about the videos that are super scary and they give some scrub links as a caution.

Youtube have weird sense of humors back in the day until now and it was weird in general.

Honestly this is all Google's fault. If they never bought YouTube 12 years ago none of these hateful atrocious immature racist & homophobic commenters would have ever come to existence in the first place. It makes me so sick to my stomach that everyone is able to get away with it in the comments. If you did this type of behavior on Facebook or Instagram you will be banned with in just 1 day.

YouTube comment section is a good thing ruined by people (like most things). The people tend to argue opinions, be nasty about people, reference memes, put random things in capital letters and start telling people who hate something they adore to jump off a cliff. Trust me, go on the comment section for a video called "I Hate Undertale" and you'll see why half of the percent of our kind our morons.

There are actually parents out there who will let their young children with horrible grammar and judgement onto YouTube without caring what they watch. These children will complain about things that are nonexistent and have not learned about logic yet, so they will use awful arguements to support their claims.

21 Homophobes

As a catholic. I will never understand the hatred against gay people. Sure, the bible says it's wrong but god and Jesus would still love gay people if they are nice and do nothing wrong. And god would be ashamed of his children for being so awful to people people for something they cannot help.
Besides. Most of these bible bashers would be cheating on their loved one, having sex before marriage, drinking out of moderation, getting angry, getting envious, gambling, over eating and committing other sins yet still think they're holy and think gay people will burn in hell. Idiotic, people.

I actually put this on the list not too long ago, this honestly needs to be higher. These idiots go bashing on people for being gay/lesbian claiming it is against the bible and it is satan's work when they are going against the bible themselves, sending death threats, shoving that being gay/lesbian is wrong down our throats, trying to make stupid excuses like gays/lesbians are not allowed to have kids thinking that they will make bad patents and I could even list more.

This is also an embarrassment to all phobias everywhere and gives them a bad name.

This is the dumbest thing ever. I myself am part of the lgbtq+ community there is no reason to hate people in the lgbtq+ community. Just because someone is different doesn't mean they should be hated on. It's so dumb. And the excuses for it aren't even good. The bible doesn't say anything about being part of the community it says "no man should sleep with boy" which means no adult should sleep with a child. People just blow it out of proportion. Plus doesn' t god love everyone equally?

Extreme homophobes are bad.I mean The polar opposite of an extreme homophobe is just as bad, a homo who has to go everywhere, shove it in people's faces and has yet to have anything that isn't rainbow colored. On the other hand though you have nazi genocidal "burn all the gays" *cough westboro cough cough. This country (America at least) lets its dissidents have opinions, but don't be annoying or hateful about it and (maybe) we can all get along, maybe...

22 Warrior Cats

I used to be in this fandom and it's TOXIC, the shipping wars are literally WARS, if you ship differs from someone else's you're immediately exiled, the worst part of the fandom is the lemons (smut) like this is a children's book series about CATS, it's disgusting. Also scourge is an edgy, emo badly developed character but half of the fans love and ship him, and will defend him relentlessly. Like most fandoms it does have its good parts like stunning animations but the small number of toxic fans really are toxic.

I've never heard of this, I didn't know if this was an anime, something like those cat Valkyrie teenage girls, so I decided to look it up myself. Surprisingly, the franchise being a book was one of the last things I expected. I don't know anything about the fandom, but seeing it in the first page makes me think it's not going to be the best. I'll see what makes this fandom "bad". Though I'm not interested in cats at all, I rather have human characters instead of animals.

Calm your pants down, the problem is the fandom and the stupid names, what! A cat named CandyFang, cats don't even know candy. Also people on YouTube, there is a 78% of chance a person comment pretending to be its stupid oc and also its stupid oc's name as channel, also a thing that made me cringe today was a huge picture of warrior cats characters, one distracts the other saying a cat was eating other cats, then swallows the cat whole. People also over love Jayfeather and SpottedLeaf, I like both and the books but what... they are cats...

I've got a few friends who are in this fandom, and they just keep trying to make me read it, I just don't like this type of book genre okay, no hate on these books, but I am a person who loves historical fiction. Then there is that issue of them pestering me to read it, just stop already, I tried to read it, but ended up returning the book to the library and never touching it again. No hate, but I don't like the books.

23 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

Almost every fandom I'm in are so hateful... And Nintendrones are no exception. They hate everything that isn't Nintendo and they bully someone who likes something else. I think Soul Calibur is the best fighting game cause of it's creativity and vividness. But then people in my old school hated me for liking Soul Calibur over Super Smash Bros, but I like Super Smash Bros, but it's just an opinion. They need to calm down.

Raise this higher please. I used to be a huge fan of Nintendo but now I can't stand the fans anymore, especially the YouTubers Mizzah Tee and CGRundertow. They're both entitled jerks who don't respect anybody who likes anything other than Nintendo and they completely diss the haters. I know, people are entitled to their own opinions, but at least try to put yourself in the shoes of other people and stop telling them to "shut up."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda, but the Nintendrones can get a tad bit annoying. I am considerately a Nintendrone, but some (which I would say about 25%) are usually rude kids about the age of 7-10 (not to offend the people of the age) that are what they self-proclaim as "pro gamers". They will call everyone that doesn't know about the game they are talking about noobs or stupid. The only reason I am voting is for that 25% (an estimate, just some sort of an accurate percent) of people.

I would like to point out that a lot of Nintendo fans are not douches. I'm a Nintendo fan, and even I like a bit of Star Wars Battlefront from time to time (but just the first one).

24 Weeaboos

So bad it's here twice

That's how bad they are

They're here thrice

25 "Tough Guys"
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