Homework Flaws


The concept of homework is great. The teacher teaches a concept to the students, and they will need to know how to solve problems from that concept and put it to use with a bunch of problems. Except this is a horrible way firstly, we need to see the approximation of the time between the class and the homework: 3-5 hours. That's a long time, and students will probably forget some principles of the concept. I believe we should give out homework BEFORE the concept is taught to increase the amount of thinking required to do it. Then, a exit ticket should be given to insure that the students understand the concept.

Secondly, the amount of homework: We all know how it is, the teacher gives out a bunch of homework, and you stay up all night doing it. The teacher grades it, and gives you a C- Unfair, right? It is. the teachers expect you to memorize everything they taught you but we all know that memorization does not equal understanding. So this should be changed. a max of 2 pages should be homework so we don't stress the students out but enough to challenge them. The problems should be a different variety each time to enhance what the have already learned and what they don't know.

There we go. Two flaws of school. Expect more in the future, but i gotta go now, my homework is waiting. see you next time!



If you think that's unfair, wait until you get into college 😥 - Mcgillacuddy

I wish reading this post and commenting was my only homework today.
I just wait until after supper to do it. My school doesn't give out a whole lot. - Skullkid755

Fascinating post. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A lot of homework is very detrimental for students considering that they have a lot to balance in their lives in some cases. Homeowork is necessary though a lot of people including myself do not like it. Man and college is supposed to be worse. - visitor

HW is like torture to most people, so why not make students do things them makes them want to learn? - ARandomPerson