Top 10 Worst Things About School

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1 Homework

Ugh! What a waste of valuable time! Whoever invented homework is definitely sitting in the deep, dark pits of hell right now. It's completely pointless! After being forced to do slave labor for 6+ hours, we have to do more at home?! Complete bull crap! People should make a petition to delete homework from existence so people can be happier in life.

Students don't even learn from this. It just takes away our free time and stresses us out. What's even worse, in my opinion, is when teachers assign an insane amount of in-class work where people HAVE to do some at home due to a lack of time, and act like they aren't part of the homework problem.

Complaints about homework may sound like they're only made by narrow-minded little kids, but if you think about it, homework truly does more harm than good. You already learn throughout your school day. Teachers tell you to study to ensure you're ready for tests and quizzes. You occasionally have projects dumped on you, and you think you're already thoroughly stressed out. You'd think schools have given you enough responsibilities, but no - you get an ultimately pointless assignment for homework. Homework does nothing but cause stress and ruins the plans of many students outside of school. I see absolutely no purpose to it.

2 Bullies

Bullies make things worse at school. I used to get bullied by a group of girls and sometimes a group of guys. The group of girls even took pictures of me, thankfully the teacher caught them and they got suspended. But there are worse cases of bullying where people even commit suicide because of bullying. That's why a lot of people drop out of school because of bullying. Bullying is worse than homework.

I remember this one girl in sixth grade. Ever since she moved to the same table in English and reading class, she started making fun of me because I was shy. In math, she would shout, "Don't talk to her, she's shy." I hated sitting at the same table as her because she was at a table where it was me and her two friends. They always tried to complain about class and try to use me as their calculator. It sucked, especially because they all were stupid popular girls.

She even was moved next to me in science, and we were lab partners. I remember how she embarrassed me in front of her friend by complaining, "I can't work with her. She's too shy." Finally, I decided to tell my friend. My friend wanted to text her from the girl's Facebook. I was scared because I thought the girl who was bullying me would see the message, get mad, and tell everyone rumors about me or try to hurt me more. Soon after, my friend told me she did message the bully. I was scared, but the girl who was bullying me obviously said she did nothing. Soon after at school, it looked like she was going to talk about the message but decided not to. Since then, she hasn't said anything else to me.

3 Annoying Kids

This definitely associates with the annoying girl I have at my school. Her name is Caitlyn. Whenever I want silence while I'm doing work, she just goes ahead and keeps talking to one of her deluded, dead-brain friends and just won't shut up for an hour. What's worse is that the teacher doesn't usually get bothered whenever Caitlyn does it.

To mention something even worse, whenever she says anything really stupid, the whole class, including the teacher, just laughs for no reason, even though her conversations are just meaningless. Whenever I make a joke similar to hers, the class just doesn't laugh but gazes stupidly, asking "What?".

Also, what's bad about Caitlyn is that she is clearly the most popular girl at the whole school. She acts like Beyonce, but way worse! When I was working with someone on my Math test, she showed up with her own test that she had completed. Then the person I was working with hugged her very tightly until she left.

And I know it's not JUST Caitlyn who I'm annoyed at, but there are a lot more whom I can't stand.

4 Mean Teachers

I've been embarrassed by my science and math teachers multiple times. Once, I was so hungry during a test that I took an apple from the jar in my science teacher's classroom. Midway through eating it, she gave me an evil stare and asked if we eat in class, then pointed to the trash can. Although I didn't want to, I threw the apple away.

Later, during lunch, I wanted another apple because I was still hungry. However, my science teacher refused, saying, Keep walking, nope, you're not going to get an apple. You blew it. This experience left me very frustrated. I dislike teachers who behave this way.

Today, when I was in math class, I was doing some work in my notebook. So, when I got up, my teacher asked, Where are you going? I said I was going to get a drink of water because I was thirsty, but my math teacher said, No, I can see your journal from here. Typical! I had to erase my work. I was all like, Ugh!

But then my math teacher came up to me and said, Excuse me, really loud. Maybe the next-door class might have heard it. My math teacher said, You don't give me an attitude, young lady. Get to work now! You don't talk to me like that! My math teacher said it really loud, and I could feel my classmates behind me laughing at me because I was getting scolded. I was looking down at my notebook, looking at all the horrible math I had done, while getting scolded at. I was mad. It's not fair.

And plus, my classmates from math kept on annoying me. I said, I hate the building stuff, and then they told my math teacher. My classmate told my math teacher that I said I hate them. That's a lie! I did not say that! But then my math teacher believed them and made me sit in an empty chair next to a guy who really hates me. My reading teacher made me sit by myself like 20 times or more. I really don't like teachers that act like this.

5 Returning to School on Mondays

Two-day weekends compared to five days of school is not at all a fair deal! Here's what I would change:

There should be no homework since it isn't necessary. Six to seven hours of education is enough. Before you make the excuse that it makes you smarter, I ask myself this: When I was younger, did I need to be smart to be happy? No.

Three-day weekends – now, the way I'm doing this won't have an effect on timetables or anything, since how I would put it is that each week, the off-day changes. In week one, Monday is the day off. In week two, Tuesday is the day off, and so on. This would mean four days of school vs. three days weekend, and even then, the schools still have the majority.

Schools, please stop being cheapskates and clean up your act! You're capable of it, and there's no proof you aren't!

Worst day of the week if you have school that day. It's time for another groggy, misfortunate, abysmal day at school on Mondays. It's no wonder I only change clothes early on Saturday. Because it's the same routine every day. It hurts when I have to leave the house just for this misery.

6 Realizing You Have to Go to School Upon Waking Up

I hate this so much! I have to wake up at 6:10 AM just for an "education". When I arrive at that prison, I have to see people I hate. And then, I spend 7 hours stuck in a building, learning lessons that 90% of us won't benefit from in real life. And then I get sent home with 5-6 more hours of homework! Seriously?! You first make me wake up at the crack of dawn, just to make me sit like a caged animal in a building for 7 hours. Then you extend those hours?! I really despise all the people who made schools a hellhole. I hope they are all rotting in hell!

Imagine this scenario: You wake up to a beautiful day outside. You can hear the birds chirping and the soft rain dripping on your window. The scent of delicious, flaky waffles cooking downstairs fills the air. You take a deep, long, happy breath. It's such a good day, such a perfect day. You ask yourself, 'What should I do today? Should I go over to my friend's house, or should I stay inside?'

After a moment's thought, you decide to go downstairs and watch your favorite TV show. It was going to be a perfect, calm, peaceful day...

And then you hear your mom yell, "Honey, it's time for school!"

7 Boring Classes

Science can be interesting when it covers topics like UFOs, space, or the human body. However, we often discuss mundane subjects like rock cycles and cells, which I find sleep-inducing. Social studies seems repetitive. It's always about civilizations clashing, farming, sourcing water, and establishing governments. That's about it.

Math is enjoyable when it's easy and competitive. I recall participating in a fun activity where we solved multiplication problems in the shortest time possible, fostering a sense of competition. However, when math gets tough, it becomes stressful and confusing.

The appeal of reading class largely depends on the novels we're assigned. A good novel makes the class exciting, but a dull one can lead to falling asleep and failing tests. Language Arts is fascinating when we write about interesting topics, making it my favorite subject. However, workbook pages are tedious.

Physical Education (PE) is the most fun, except when we have to run the mile or do push-ups. I also wish there were more art classes.

8 Tests

Finals do nothing but cause stress. They are not optional, which means at the end of every semester, your mental health is likely to suffer from the stress. Teachers can become very strict during exams too. For example, they don't allow you to leave the classroom, not even to use the bathroom. Even if you finish early, you will still be bored, as teachers don't allow the use of electronics after the exam. The most common reason teachers enforce this is to assess what students have learned. However, there are less stressful alternatives, like projects, to demonstrate students' learning, rather than subjecting them to tests with hundreds of questions.

Tests are ridiculously hard sometimes. I can spend like 1 or 2 hours just trying to finish a dumb subject I hate, only to get a test, which, if I fail, my parents will not acknowledge my work and scream at me? Yeah, no thank you. I don't want to be learning something I despise for so long, only to have to go through the thing all over again.

9 Math

I wish math were an optional school subject, or a grade that doesn't count. I never get all A's anymore because of it. I know there are jobs that require math skills, but since I don't have any, I won't pursue them. From 7th grade and up, math is practically useless. It's also the only class (usually) where I get homework. They expect you to do things in one hour that could take up to three.

Simple math is essential (money, regular numbers, proportions, etc.). But the math that you learn after that is just not helpful in the slightest. I think the school system ran out of subjects, so math was the last option, and people made up random things they called "math." It also doesn't help having a math teacher who CAN'T EXPLAIN IT WELL.

1. It's a subject you'll take all year, every year.
2. Most of it is completely pointless.
3. Math teachers are, in my opinion, usually the meanest.
4. Math homework takes forever, especially if you don't have someone to help you.
5. Forgetting everything math-related that you learned last year.
6. Math teachers expecting you to remember everything you learned last year.
7. Those tests where everyone is done, and you're still on the first problem.
8. Algebra.
9. You're going to forget it all anyway.
10. Having no idea what the teacher is talking about.

10 Grades

The thing I don't like about grades is the punishment I get when getting a bad one! You may say, Oh, that's just because you didn't study well, but NO, it's due to the fact that the things pointed out in homework are the worst things I've ever seen in life. I can do my LA test and get a 62.5% grade (a D) over ONE QUESTION! I bet if my parents actually knew about the grades I get, they would scream at me until my eardrums bleed, and they aren't even worth like 15% of my grade! Grades are overwhelming, and I hate it.

I get all A's on homework (which is something I also hate). My mom's going through my homework, but then, a wild F appeared. Mom: NOAH! Why the hell do you have all A's except for this one in Chinese social studies?!?! Me: But Mom, you're the one who put me in Chinese immersion. Mom: Don't you talk back to me! (I'm, of course, exaggerating this).

In elementary school, it used to be about learning. Now, in middle school, it's just about passing. I slept five hours last night because I was trying to do some dumb social studies project, and I'm still not done! Is that really what I get for taking a break for once?

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11 Waking up early

I am in university and am writing this during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of my classes start as early as 8:00 am, whereas in high school, I was fortunate to have classes that began at 9:15 am. Back then, most classes were in person, and I lived close to my high school. This allowed me to wake up at a reasonable time, around 7:00 am, have breakfast, and get to school on time.

Now, I usually wake up at 6:30 am to get ready. After preparing breakfast, I log into Zoom for my classes. Fortunately, my university is offering online courses this year. I can't imagine how challenging it would be to wake up, eat, and catch a train to arrive on campus by 8:00 am.

I'm a deep sleeper, so there are days when I wake up around 7:00 am. Luckily, I've always managed to prepare breakfast and join my Zoom class on time. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Even one of my professors seemed tired while teaching. He has a young baby at home, so he's probably getting even less sleep than usual due to his parenting responsibilities.

In summary, waking up early for school or university classes is a significant challenge for many, including myself and my professors. I'm just grateful I don't have additional responsibilities like taking care of a small baby, as my professor does.

12 Projects

Projects are one of the worst things I've ever done. I have to focus on my other subjects, and on top of that, worry about the project that I have to do. My mom says that I wait until the last moment to do everything, but I spend 2-4 hours per day on homework! Sometimes I don't even have all the supplies, and yet I waste more time going to the store to buy them!

My social studies teacher gave us stupid projects like a state report and a family tree project for our winter break. Like, who would want to know when our family was born, what their names are, and stuff like that?! Also, my science teacher gave us a science fair project to do over our spring break! It takes time to do it, and we only had a week and three days of our spring break!

What's worse is when it's a team project of two people. Usually, one does everything, and one does nothing.

For the one who does everything, it's bad because they know the other one is going to write on the project, so you end up doing everything if you want to get a good mark.

And for the one who does nothing, they either feel bad, just want to help and don't understand why the other doesn't let him do work, or they simply don't care.

13 Learning Unnecessary Topics

I definitely agree with this one. This type of thing really annoys me, especially when you're studying a subject you have no interest in and everyone, including the teacher and the environment, insists it's important. For example, geology. Nobody cares about rocks, where they came from, their reflections, and so on, yet it's considered important! Obviously, I understand the importance of subjects like Math, Spelling, and Food Technology. However, it's crucial to remember that not everything is important.

You are right. I hate how we learn stuff in school that we won't need. I wish school would only teach kids necessary things, like paying taxes, paying bills, and learning how to look after your house in the future. But no, you also have to learn what 100 plus 250 is, which you will not need in the future. School should only teach important things.

Another stupid school rule is not being allowed to defend yourself from jerks and bullies. No, thanks to some people in today's society, we have to cower into a little ball and let them punch and kick at us until the teacher notices. Like, screw you, teacher. We can defend ourselves. Is self-defense even allowed anymore? Not in today's school rules.

14 Bitchy Popular Girls

Most of the popular girls in my school are nice, not rude, and not gossipy. There are two popular girls at my school who are smart and get good grades. They are nice to everyone, popular or unpopular, and joke around more than gossip about other people. This is an example of what popular girls should be.

Thank God, there are no girls at my school that use way too much makeup and are rude. The popular girls are actually nice to me. Most of the time, they don't even dress too fancy or are cake-faced. They make great conversations. Only one or two of them are mean, but the rest are nice.

God, I hate those kinds of girls! They are annoying, rude, stuck-up, snobby, stupid, spoilt, and arrogant as heck, and they keep making a big deal out of everything. Just screw them so bad!

15 Gum Chewing Prohibition

Yeah, really! It's so annoying! Kids will be chewing gum in my class and not even blowing bubbles, and the teacher will still demand that person to spit it out. Such a dumb rule. Like, if you're just chewing something as small as gum, you can still do your work and focus. Duh. And some kids want to chew gum as relaxation or for something else. Teachers are evil!

My teacher said if you're chewing gum in class, they'll be suspicious that you are talking with no voice, asking for an answer, and it's impolite because of the noise you make from chewing. Come on, teachers! Scientists said when you're chewing gum, your brains are getting smarter! Probably not yours, teachers.

They don't allow gum because you can't give it to everyone in the class. Like that's going to happen in real life! Like if I win money in a contest, I have to share it with 30 people just to be fair.

16 Cafeteria Food

This is the reason I always bring lunch from home. Half of the school's lunch is disgusting, possibly not even food. I've seen over two kids throw up over school lunch. Absolute trash. Just as bad as prison food, if not worse. Absolute nonsense. School really can't even get lunch right. What a disappointment.

Honestly, the food needs to be healthier. Pizza and corn dogs, seriously, we need to eat healthier. We also need to be more tidy in our schools. In fact, everywhere needs to be tidy. Sometimes I see food on the floor, and the janitors haven't even cleaned it up! Like, seriously, please add more responsibility in schools! We can't just let somebody do all the cleaning for us! We need to learn how to be more independent because when we are in college, we won't be depending on people to clean our mess. We have to clean up ourselves!

Unfortunately, parents might say "CHILD ABUSE!" because kids are actually cleaning up. Then, when kids throw trash, curse at people, bully people, harass people, and do all the other terrible things, they wonder why they do all of these things. This is why we need to be a little more strict. Not too strict to the point where you can't do some cool things like having fun with your friends, but strict enough so that kids know how to look after themselves, become healthier, and don't leave their trash and stuff everywhere.

17 Ineffective bullying policies

The victim, for self-defense, is often punished with or without the attacker receiving equal punishment. In law, with sufficient evidence and reason, self-defense is excusable. This makes no sense to me.

Same here. This fat, ugly boy named Gaten was bullying my friend the whole entire lunchtime. He grabbed her butt twice, and the teachers didn't do anything. She then slapped him twice, and she got a week in in-school suspension.

Look, you middle-aged, 40-years-old beautiful mademoiselle, these idiots over here are bullying me. I hope you will lecture him or send him to the principal's office. If you don't do anything, and I see him next year, I'll make a rampage!

18 Arrogant Rich Kids

A kid in my class named Jaye is annoying. He or everyone gets dramatic if they do something to him on accident. He must have drama because he is an arrogant rich kid. Don't believe me? He goes to China or Japan about three times a year. Oh yeah, he can go to a bunch of other places too. Like jet/plane shows. He goes to those seven times a year!

Yeah, one time in drama we played a game where we had to say two truths and a lie. Someone said, I've been to Vegas eight times, California four times, and New York seven times. Then someone guessed California, and she said, Yep, I've been to California six times.

I don't get iPads, so everyone at my school is like, What?
I don't have an iPhone. Everyone is like, What?
I don't have a flat-screen TV. They're like, What?
I don't get everything I want, and they're like, What?
I don't get to be a brat.

19 Teaching Methods

This is much an obvious statement here. Anytime I refuse to do a subject or make a reasonable summary about it, the teacher just replies, 'Do it or else you'll have bad grades or fail,' or 'It's the government's problem.' Like, man, I know that, but it's not always the same problem! Plus, I hate it whenever they consider every single subject important, even though some have no point being described as such.

This is the main issue with Science. I like the subject, but the way they teach us is boring. At least we get to do group experiments now to at least brighten up the dull class.

Why can't we just watch a video instead of reading about stupid stuff? And have thirty-minute breaks between classes?

20 Being Excluded by Your Crush

I have a crush on a girl in my grade. I started liking her in 5th grade, but it was just small. It got bigger in 6th grade, but I kept it secret. In 7th grade, I was bragging about it a lot. During the summer to 8th grade, I started realizing that this might be embarrassing her, and I realized what I did was wrong. So I toned it down in 8th, and kids liked me for it. They were happy I was being smart about it, and not bringing it up every day.

(Story and crush tips below)

My crush invited his friends and one girl to the amusement park. My bestie and I don't really like this girl because she hogs all the boys' attention and gets mad if other girls talk to the boys she's with.

So, they went to the park with rides, and afterward, she started posting pictures of them together. He won't even follow me back on social media. He only did once when I connected with him through video games.

P.S.: To connect with your crush, try video games. If you don't have a console, there might be a mobile or laptop version available.

21 Detentions

Yeah, detention sucks. But you can downvote this comment all you want, usually the kids that talk when the teacher is talking and are a distraction and cause trouble kind of deserve it, don't you think? The kids that are late to class don't really deserve it unless they're late a ridiculous number of times. Maybe in your school, it's different, but in my school, the kids that get detention get it for a reason but are too blind to see it. Just think about why you got detention before blaming everyone else. Chewing gum? You're not supposed to do that. They say it a million times. You did it for the thrill, didn't you? I'm not a goodie-goodie but I'm not a little brat that causes trouble just because I can. I'm prepared for the downvotes.

I remember I got detention twice. It sucked, especially because when I would complain to the teachers about it not being my fault for being late to class, they would still say it was my fault. I remember the second time, I could hear the teacher mocking me with the class (I was getting my library books out of my locker, which happened to be by that class). But yeah. It's embarrassing, especially after I promised my family I wouldn't get another.

22 Physical Education

PE makes me think I'm useless. A football has more chance of turning into a unicorn than being kicked by me. And seriously? Five minutes of running without stopping for a sixth grader? My friend and I would probably get a heart attack if we didn't walk the whole way. And so what if I can't hit a ball with a bat?

I can do at least 50 push-ups and sit-ups without a problem, but I can't run for five meters without getting tired. My PE teacher is also so strict. We can't even sit down after we finish running for an hour. At least I'm good at drawing and art.

PE teacher: We're gonna do the infinity mile run!

Everyone in my class except me: YAY!

Me: Noope.

PE teacher and everyone in my class except me: Shut up.

I'm the only kid in my class who hates PE. Whenever we have PE, the kids will always be like Yes! and I'll always be the one saying Nooo.

I was bullied very badly just because I hated PE. One time, all the cameras inside of the PE room were broken, and the PE Teacher had to leave for 10 minutes and told us to do what we wanted. But some kids who bullied me got a chair out, tied me very harshly to it with ropes and duct tape, and tape stronger than duct tape. They also put duct tape in my mouth so I couldn't call for help. Then they all started throwing balls at me very hard, even bowling balls! Everyone else who wasn't bullying me laughed and recorded me crying. There was a shower in the PE teacher's office. They took me there and washed all the blood, and then they started hurting themselves. The PE Teacher arrived and the stupid bullies blamed it on me. So then the PE teacher told the principal, and I was expelled, and now I'm getting homeschooled.

23 Mandatory Uniforms

My school has big problems when it comes to uniforms. We have to wear 'predominantly black' at all times. Our shoes, our clothes, everything. Our socks have to be either navy, black, or white. At least we didn't have to wear ties or some disgusting sort of design stuff. And what's more sad is that I'm currently in ninth grade, and ninth grade doesn't do casual clothes events anymore.

It's one of the reasons why being an Asian kid sucks. If you live in the West, except the UK or certain countries, you can wear whatever you want. But if you live in Asian countries, you'll be out of luck. You are not allowed to enter school if you wear anything other than the school uniform. I think it's unfair because, just like skin color, humans should be unique. They're not minions. It's a myth that uniforms shield you from bullying and help you get better grades. It's so inaccurate. I never got bullied by other classmates when I stayed in tuition classes where they allowed us to wear anything, but I got bullied by some students at school and was called stupid, idiot, etc. I'm also not good at grades either, especially in Sinhala. So, uniforms are not useful!

24 Teachers

Teachers aren't that bad, but sometimes they get annoying. It ranged from a substitute teacher not answering me, to the teacher telling us to stop talking, and then closing the chat over me saying that I'll talk about it later. A student could keep interrupting me when I'm clearly speaking, and she will side with that student. I've seen some annoying times, but they weren't as bad as other things from this list.

Some teachers are kind, some are not, and it's not always okay. My favorite teacher is the one I have at Media Arts. She is kind and lets me draw online because it associates with the subject itself.

Oh my god, these heartless excuses for human beings are the biggest hypocrites known to man. Say, for example, a teacher is explaining some rules to a bunch of year 8s on the first day of school. They told the students not to shave their hair off, yet the teacher's hair is clearly shaved off for everyone to see.

25 Homophobic Kids

In my school, if you're gay, everyone will immediately hate you, and you'll be the least popular, unless there's another person who's more gay. I'm trans, and everyone in my school absolutely hates me for it. Everyone calls me disgusting.

I know plenty of people in my class that are respectfully bisexual and gay, and I completely support them. When a homophobic person said he did not like gays or bisexuals, everyone in the class ganged up and got mad.

To anyone who hates or knows someone who hates because of the Bible, look at your shirt. Is it made of more than one type of fabric? Oh, that is a sin. In God's eyes, all sin is the same. Don't judge, as that is also a sin.

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